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    After learning about the existence of the Dyson sphere, Chen Xi no longer opposed the proposals of the robot race, no matter how luxurious the facilities, and whether the expensive gadgets are necessary or not, Chen Xi only needs to consider whether he likes it or not, or just wants it or not, because he knows that just relying on things that are only for him, he will never spend spend as much as a Dyson sphere no matter how extravagant it is. 

    Alas, it seems that the level of boredom has taken another step. 

    The technicians of the Robot Race were very happy to see Chen Xi’s cooperation. They were very motivated. Every time they came up with something that Chen Xi might use, they felt that their sense of accomplishment increased. At the same time, the space base, which is not known how many light years away, also started to move with the blueprints they sent back. 

    The magnificent buildings of the steel lair, the specially customized starships, all kinds of cool speeding cars and flying machines parked filled into an entire parking lot… we’re all formed one by one. 

    Chen Xi’s life in the starship has also taken another step. Generally speaking, there is more equipment to serve him in his room, and the food he eats every day has risen from the taste and flavor to artwork. 


    Any small dessert, the rich layering and superb taste in one bite, are breathtaking, not to mention the unbearable beauty when they are placed on the plate. In short, they absolutely surpass the level of top pastry human masters.

    Chen Xi stayed leisurely in his room. At this time, a whole wall in his room with a large area turned into a transparent form, and the outer space scenery could be clearly seen. It was an excellent star scene.

    This was the function he discovered when he watched Jin Yi’s introduction of the Dyson sphere last time, and then he asked Jin Yi for permission. Whenever he is in a good mood, he will look at the scenery of outer space.

   While looking at the starry sky in a daze, Chen Xi suddenly heard the movement of the door opening behind him. He turned his head to look, and immediately laughed, and directly greeted the person entering the door, “Jin Yi, you are here.” 

    However, Jin Yi’s gaze was fixed on Chen Xi’s bare feet on the floor. He stepped forward quickly, picked up the person, and then put him on the bed to sit down. 

    Jin Yi sighed lightly, picked up the plush slippers by the bed, and put them on the white and clean feet, and then gently placed the slippers on the ground, and at the same time, he had already sent a command in his mind. On the starship specially designed for Chen Xi, a temperature control system must be added to the floor. 

    Chen Xi looked at Jin Yi squatting at his feet, and felt a little guilty, because it wasn’t the first time this happened, but he just forgot. 

    But despite his guilty conscience, Chen Xi was not afraid, even after seeing Jin Yi’s appearance, he was still in the mood to stretch out a hand to pick up his chin, and then said to him: “Don’t be so stern, come on and smile.” 

    Jin Yi was easily provided with a handsome face, looking at the positions of the two of them, this posture was full of teasing. Jin Yi’s light golden eyes stared at Chen Xi, and finally a smile slowly appeared on his face.


   Jin Yi’s face is that kind of handsome and stylish that doesn’t have any flaws. On ordinary times, he had a particularly cold temperament shown in those light golden eyes, he looked extremely cold. In short, he was a very indifferent brother. At this time, Chen Xi picked up that face from a condescending position, but then he was shown a smile that was mixed with indulgence and doting. Chen Xi’s heartbeat couldn’t help but miss a beat.

    However, before he could think more about this feeling, Jin Yi had already stood up, and the chin that was picked up by Chen Xi’s fingertips had also left, and his tall figure enveloped Chen Xi again. 

    Chen Xi couldn’t help but rubbed back, muttering in his heart, why are they all so tall. 

    But he was eighteen years old, he could continue to grow in the future, Chen Xi quickly put this issue aside, then asked, “How long will it take to get to the base?”

    “At this current rate, it would take about 45 earth days.” 


    Chen Xi put his feet on the bed, shaking his feet back and forth in the plush slippers, and then looked at Jin Yi and said: “Jin Yi, can you help me sort out some courses suitable for me?”

    “Huh?” Jin Yi’s light golden eyes looked at Chen Xi. 

    “That’s…I just feel that playing every day is not good, so I wanted to learn a little bit.” Chen Xi now has gone through the initial crazy play stage, and has settled down a little bit. He couldn’t stop himself from playing games at the beginning. Moreover, more than ten years of good student life and family education have left a deep mark on him. Even though he knows the current situation, no matter how much he plays, and how much fun he has in his daily life. His heart was filled with a slight guilty conscience, and so in order to get rid of this guilty conscience, Chen Xi decided to study a little bit every day. 

    Of course, Chen Xi didn’t really want to study hard, he only planned to study for one hour a day, and then spend his remaining ten hours to play, anyway, his time is still long, he has been immortal, so even if he only learns one hour every, as long as he lives long enough, he will become knowledgeable one day.

    Chen Xi has already figured it out now, his life now has no end, in fact, there is no need to overindulge, after all, if you are tired of all the fun now, how can he can he last his long life in the future, although it is hard to force  coming from the AD years, he who really lived a hard life realized that he would not be like the other human beings who were born in the interstellar age and felt that life was too boring. But in any case, the combination of work and rest is always good. 


    After understanding what Chen Xi meant, Jin Yi couldn’t help but feel surprised and amazed. In fact, Chen Xi’s choice was also the same path that many humans would choose pure entertainment in the interstellar era, even if it’s just the beginning, no matter how obsessed they are, it will not last for a long time. There will always be a boring day, choosing a deep exploration in one direction will eventually achieve success. This kind of happiness will come more profoundly. 

    So in the New Year, many humans who chose to have fun at the beginning will have one or two deep hobbies in the later stages. 

    Jin Yi originally thought that at Chen Xi’s age, it would take a long time before he felt bored with those entertainments, and then embarked on this path, but he didn’t expect that Chen Xi would have thought about this so early. 

    Jin Yi was surprised for a moment, and then there was a deep smile in his eyes. He said, “Okay, I will send it to you as soon as possible after finishing it.” 

    And Chen Xi’s eyes stared at Jin Yi’s smile for a long time, and then turned his gaze away, it’s really a foul. 



    More than forty earth days passed. In the pleasant entertainment time, Chen Xi can hardly feel the passage of time. Only an hour of study time every day can make him feel that time has slowed down. But one hour was too short. In general, he didn’t feel any pain, and passed directly, and the impact was minimal. 

    At this moment, Chen Xi was lying on the bed with his two-in-one tablet. Suddenly, he seemed to see something interesting. He couldn’t help but laugh twice. While smiling, he asked Jin Yi to come and see, “Come and see. This is so funny.”

    Jin Yi came over and leaned to look at Chen Xi’s tablet. 


    However, Chen Xi was dissatisfied with this distance and pulled him closer, “Come here, look, it’s funny.” 

    Because of Chen Xi’s pulling, Jin Yi had to recline on the bed, leaning side by side with Chen Xi. At the same time, he looked at Chen Xi’s tablet and saw it from the beginning. The big data system as the main brain has already let him know the follow-up, but he still smiled in cooperation, “It’s funny.” 

    “Haha” Right, don’t go, watch with me, there is another good-looking one here.” 

    Chen Xi said, rubbing his head on Jin Yi’s chest, forming a very comfortable and intimate posture. 

    Jin Yi looked at the little boy who took the initiative to nudge into his arms, and the golden eyes that had always been indifferent, at this time there showed a special fluctuation, he couldn’t tell what it was, but it was soft and persistent. 

    In this way, the two layed close together and watched funny videos for a long time. Sometimes when he saw videos that are too funny, Chen Xi couldn’t help but put his hands into Jin Yi’s short black hair and pull gently, but after realizing this. Chen Xi would take his hands back with embarrassment. 

    As for all Chen Xi’s actions, Jin Yi just smiled, indulged and spoiled him. 

    In fact, Chen Xi also discovered that it may be the chick effect, or it may be that Jin Yi is the person who has come into contact with the most in this strange world after waking up. As time goes by, the more he gets along with Jin Yi, the closer he gets, he would act like a baby to Jin Yi unconsciously. 

    Although he sometimes felt a little weird after reacting like this afterwards, he still couldn’t help doing it again. As time passed, Chen Xi decided to just give in.


    However, after thinking that Jin Yi should always be by his side like this, Chen Xi felt relieved again, and let go of his closeness and dependence on Jin Yi. 

    But speaking of it, he really feels that Jin Yi’s face is getting more handsome as he looks at him recently. How could there be such a good-looking being in the world.

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