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    As Chen Xi and Jin Yi got closer and closer, the starship soon arrived at their destination. 

    At the same time, the largest space base in the machine family at the junction of the inner and outer universes is now more lively than ever. 

    It can be said that the robots were angry on the base closest to the earth, and the robots base next to the wormhole were happy.

    After all, it was a human, a human being was coming towards them.

    They would be able to see the human teenager Chen Xi r, and they were really happy when they thought about it. 

    After this news came out, and because of the special geographical location of this base, whether it is the inner and outer universes, almost all the machine races who were able to go out and catch up in the inner and outer universes have gathered there. There are many starships on the edge of the base, and there is no star harbor location to stop at. At the same time, in the wormhole not far from the base, new star ships arrive every day, and star ships continue to gather here in all directions of the inner universe. It can be seen to the naked eye that today’s congestion is not the highest peak.

    The robots that arrived at the base early, although they still couldn’t see the human teenager, in the waiting atmosphere full of expectation, knowing that the human they want to see was getting closer to them every day, still makes them full of happiness.


    At the same time, the social platforms on Starnet have been extremely active recently, and the most enviable among them is the account whose coordinates are displayed at the base of the sky screen. Tianping base, the name of the largest space base of the robot clan next to the wormhole, implies that it is a barrier like a net. It is the first line of defense in the inner universe and the strongest barrier urgently established at the beginning of the discovery of the wormhole, in order to prevent the possible invasion of powerful enemies in the outer universe.

    Although the results of later explorations in the outer universe surprised them, all the defense functions of this base were of no use. On the contrary, the robots expanded their territory in the outer universe, and we’re now on the other side of the wormhole and within their sphere of influence, they had to establish a new one, two, three, four, five…lines of defenses.

  In short, the most enviable thing in the entire star network today is the machine family whose coordinates are at the Tianping base. The group that was so envied than the machine family that performed missions in the Special Earth Reserve. 

    On this day, the star network suddenly burst out a satellite image, on which was an icy building constructed of a steel lair. The hideous and cold appearance made people wonder how evil and terrible the devil lived inside. 

    The words written with the picture said: ‘It was not easy to get a picture!! Big news, this is the residence built for Chen Xi, hurry up and download the picture! ! Before it’s discovered by that dog mastermind! !’

    And below this one, one reply after another quickly appeared. 

    –Really? Saved image, thank you! 

    ——Regardless of whether it is true or not, save it first just in case! !

    ——Oh my God, does Chen Xi like this style? Ah ah ah! so cute! 

    ——I haven’t seen this building before. I screened the pixels and found no traces of synthesis. I’ll believe this for the time being. 


    –Thanks landlord! Great original picture! By the way, is this building built in the central area where the main brain lives? Ah, I really want to see it with my own eyes. 

    ——Don’t think about it upstairs, the central area will not let people go in casually. By the way, a dog is better than the master brain! ! 

    In the next instant, this revelation post disappeared without a trace on the platform, and not a single trace was found. 

    The enthusiastic robot races who were originally discussing in that building collectively were stunned for a moment, and then in the next moment, countless inquiring posts appeared on the platform, and the enthusiasm went up a few steps. 

    –what happened? Was it true just now? Is that revelation true? ! So it was blocked? ? 

    ——Is it because there were too many scolding masterminds, so it was blocked? 

    ——Aren’t there a few posts on various platforms cursing the mastermind recently? Which one do you think was blocked so quickly? In short, I believe that it saw the news. I’m laughing holding my saved picture tightly.

    ——Fuck, share the ball upstairs, look at me! ! 

    -Please share one! 


    When the star network is in full swing and the robots in the Tianping base are looking forward to joy, of course not all the robots in this world are happy, and the most unhappy are the ones that were sent out to perform tasks in the outer universe. Those robots couldn’t go back easily. 

    The other machine races who had a longer time performing tasks in the outer universe, were farther away from the inner universe, the more unhappy they were. 


    As a result, in the huge star domain occupied by the intellectuals in the outer universe recently, various high-level intellectuals under the jurisdiction of the intellectuals have recently discovered that the intellectuals responsible for supervising their races are not in a good mood. 

    Although they don’t usually see much of the Zhizu who seem to have no emotions when they are in a good mood, this time the appearance of those intellectuals was too obvious, the swooshing cold air is simply the same as before. At times they can sometimes see a look of boredom in those dangerous and indifferent dark red eyes of the Zhizu, as if they were an eye sore and unpleasant to see their existence.

    At this time, all the races were scared enough, and they acted clever as they were trembling, and they didn’t dare to do any unnecessary things at all. 

    Even some races that are usually rebellious, it was rare to be quiet at this time. 

    After all, no one wants to challenge the bottom line of the Zhizu starship at this time. 

    Isn’t it good to be alive? 


    In the complete opposite of the emotional atmosphere of the inner and outer universes, the starship that Chen Xi was riding on finally reached the Tianping base. 

    At this time, Chen Xi realized that their destination might have arrived before Jin Yi notified him. 

    There was no other reason for him, it was just because his star-scape wall was turned on several minutes ago, and the originally empty and beautiful starry sky was replaced by dense starships.

    Chen Xi couldn’t help but walk to the side of the starscape wall and looked at the endless starship team outside, with no end in sight. The shock in his heart was beyond words. During this period, he learned for an hour every day, which made him deeply understand the current era. At least he knew that today’s robot family has a population of more than 500 billion and how much is 500 million. This is a huge number for Chen Xi, who once had no more than 10 billion people on earth.


    It was the first time that had ever seen this scene that could give him that kind of intuitive experience of a huge race, but why didn’t he see the base yet? 

    Chen Xi, who had been curious about the space base for a long time, couldn’t help standing on his tippy toes and looking into the distance, but he still didn’t see anything that look like the base. 

    At this time, the door was knocked lightly, and then Jin Yi opened the door and walked in.

    Jin Yi, who opened the door, saw Chen Xi’s bare feet at first sight. He walked up to Chen Xi in a familiar way. He picked him up, and touched his little white feet. 

    “Haha, itchy, it’s not cold. The temperature is adjusted to a higher level today, and it’s not cold at all.” 

    The temperature in his hand confirmed that Chen Xi was right, and Jin Yi did not speak. 

    Chen Xi looked at Jin Yi curiously: “Are we going to the base? Why haven’t I seen the base?” 

    Jin Yi said, “There are still three hours and twenty-two minutes to arrive at the base. You can sleep first.” 

    Three hours? Chen Xi’s eyes widened in astonishment. He couldn’t help but look at the starscape wall again. It took three hours to arrive. Knowing the speed of the starship, he felt incredible. If there is still a long way to go, how could there be so many starships outside? 

    Knowing what Chen Xi was thinking, Jin Yi explained: “They are waiting here to see our starship.” 

    “See… the starship?”

    “Yes, the space base we went to is about the size of several planets combined, and we will only dock at one of the star ports, so even if they are all waiting on the base, there are not many stars that can see us at all when the ship lands, so they are simply waiting outside the base.” Jin Yi has a clear mind about those robot races. 

    Chen Xi opened his mouth and suddenly didn’t know what to say, because he suddenly realized that he seemed to underestimate everyone’s enthusiasm for him as the only human. 

    Later, Chen Xi did not choose to sleep and rest. Instead, he stayed in his room and looked up at the Star View Wall from time to time. The two-in-one tablet in his hand was showing the relevant content he found out, and among them, the most popular one was a live broadcast of the robots in the starships outside. 


    Seeing that the scene of the starship he was riding in the live broadcast slowly getting closer, and the refreshing and enthusiastic comments below, Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile knowingly. 


    At the same time, in the central area of ​​the Tianping base, the core general control room, a figure who has been sitting there for an unknown number of years quietly opened his eyes. 

    It seemed that there was something worthy of happiness, and a smile line appeared in the golden eyes that had always been indifferent. 

    After a long time, a beautiful voice sounded like a natural sound, “Let’s go and meet my baby.” 

    After his voice fell, this figure was enough to make all creatures unable to move their eyes, he left his position where he has not moved for decades, and the corners of the loose robe gently brushed over the handrails carved with exquisite patterns. 


    More than three hours went by, but knowing that there are so many people waiting for him in the base, Chen Xi is still a little nervous, and he can’t help thinking, what if he saw a sea of machines after he got off the star ship? He has never dealt with that kind of scene before. 

    However, Chen Xi’s nervousness as if he was about to give a speech did not last long, because after seeing the fully enclosed aircraft he was traveling, he realized that he actually didn’t have to face those robots directly.

    He has to say that at this moment, he was relieved. 

    In this way, Chen Xi, accompanied by Jin Yi, sat in a fully enclosed aircraft, and then was escorted by combat aircraft at the front and back, and their group flew out of the starship exit. 

    After leaving the starship, a wider scene was clearly reflected in Chen Xi’s eyes. Because there was no atmosphere, there was a vast and clear starry sky above, and a flat “continent” below.

    This “continent” is entirely made of metal. For the most efficient utilization, it has high-rise buildings, suspended flying bridges, and numerous incredible buildings full of a sense of space and science fiction, he felt that all the shocks are worth it. However, every road, every bridge, every window, and the top of all buildings are crowded with robots who were trying to wave at him. 


    Wherever the aircraft was going, he could feel all their sights below, moving with his aircraft. 

    And looking down from the aircraft, it was simply a sea of ​​hands. 

    His aircraft flew all the way, and he watched this scene all the way. 

    Shocking is no longer enough to describe Chen Xi’s mood at this time. 

    He didn’t speak for a long time along the way. 

    After the aircraft flew for an unknown period of time, he suddenly noticed that there was a clear boundary in the area ahead, because after a certain line in front, the streets and buildings were all empty, and they were no longer full of robots.

    Chen Xi suddenly understood something. He looked at the robots below, still huddled together desperately waving their arms at his aircraft, while looking down at the two-in-one tablet in his hand, the live broadcasted the aircraft he was riding on. However, because of the opaque material of the aircraft, the picture seen in the live broadcast is only a silver-gray color, and no one can be seen at all.

    Thinking of all the shy and introverted machine races he had come into contact with, thinking of all the efforts they had put in to get a glimpse of him, an inexplicable impulse suddenly surged in Chen Xi’s heart. When he recovered, he had already spoken. “Can the windows of this aircraft become transparent?” 

    Jin Yi understood what Chen Xi meant, and after reconfirming, he switched the aircraft’s protection mode, so the original silver-gray opaque windows of the aircraft became a transparent color. 

    Chen Xi tentatively leaned over to the window. At that moment, he could feel that all the robots below had stagnated, and then the next moment, they waved even more crazily. 


    Chen Xi showed a smile outside the window, and also raised his hand to wave at them, and then left the window. At this moment, the aircraft also flew into the central area, and the crowd of robots outside quickly disappeared behind. 

    Chen Xi just responded to the enthusiasm of the robot race, and now he is in a good mood. He is nestled next to Jin Yi, even humming a song to prepare to go to his new residence. 


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