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   When the huge steel lair appeared in his field of vision, and as the aircraft approached, it became more and more majestic, and he could feel the coldness and ferocity, Chen Xi’s breathing stopped. 

    Even though he had already seen the design drawings, when the real thing really appears in front of his eyes, the feeling is absolutely different. Chen Xi’ felt reluctant to blink when he looked at the building. 

    The aircraft stopped in front of the building, because this area had already been equipped with a protective cover, which was a comfortable environment suitable for human survival. Jin Yi turned on the aircraft, let Chen Xi get off, and chuckled: “Quickly, go and see your new home, baby.”


    At this time, Chen Xi had already bright eyes, touching this and seeing that from time to time, and knowing that this was a gift for himself, he walked into the steel lair without knowing where the entrance was. 

    This building, which was caught by Chen Xi at first glance, was later modified by the technicians of the robot family, is not only in line with Chen Xi’s aesthetics, but also full of surprises inside. There was an ice pool iron bridge that looked like it came out of a magical world, and there is a scary passage that seems to lead to a monster’s nest, but when he opens the doors that were perfectly integrated with the environment, he found a comfortable bedroom and a cool game room. It can be described as the perfect atmosphere and comfort.

   Chen Xi watched for a while after his eyes were satisfied, and wanted to run out to find Jin Yi to share his excitement, but when he ran into the hall, he did not see Jin Yi, but instead saw a figure that could make anyone unable to move their eyes away. 

    It doesn’t seem to be a figure that should exist in the mortal world. If he stands there quietly, he can take everyone’s breath away. He has a beautiful face, his golden eyes are indifferent, and his long golden hair falls behind his back, and falls to his ankles, floating slightly behind him. As if he is a god in myths and legends. He also has a divine sense of overlooking everything with an indifferent aura. The moment anyone sees him will be unable to resist their impulse to worship and awe, but he didn’t dare to offend him.

    Chen Xi stared blankly at the figure that seemed to be in the myth and legend. It took a long time to come back to his senses. He withdrew his gaze a little uncomfortably, subconsciously trying to find a familiar figure around him. 

    Chen Xi didn’t realize that when he did this, a smile appeared in the indifferent eyes of the golden figure. 

    Then, a beautiful and ethereal voice said to him: “Baby, what are you looking for?” 

    Wait, baby? 

    This familiar name made Chen Xi unconsciously look at the extremely oppressive figure again. At this time, Chen Xi seemed to have discovered something. His eyes couldn’t help but widen slightly, and finally settled on the same golden cold eyes of the figure.


    Jin Yi said that only the eyes of the mastermind are golden. 

    After a long time, Chen Xi finally cautiously tentatively said: “Jin Yi?” 

    After watching Chen Xi’s figure with his eyes full of encouragement, the deeper the smile in his eyes, he stepped up and walked over with his gorgeous robe behind him, as it left a beautiful arc.

    He walked to Chenxi’s side, took Chen Xi’s hand, and said: “You finally found out, let’s go and rest.” 

    Chen Xi was still a little confused, he was subconsciously led by the other party, but in this situation, his brain was still thinking hard, trying to sort out the situation, he said: “Is this  your main body?” 

    The godlike beautiful figure said: “That’s right.”

    Chen Xi remembered that Jin Yi had said that he had a ray of consciousness from the main brain, and his body was sitting in the base, so this one in front of him was also Jin Yi? 

    However, before Chen Xi could fully understand this fact, the figure holding him had already pushed open the door of a bedroom and led him inside, and then reached out in a familiar manner, and put his hand on his collar, “Go take a bath and get some rest.”

    The completely strange appearance and totally strange voice made Chen Xi subconsciously dodge back when the other party untied his clothes. 

    This act of refusal caused the god-like figure and Chen Xi to be stunned for a moment. 


    After regaining his consciousness, Chen Xi looked at the other party’s golden eyes a little bit sceptical, and a little apologetic, and explained in a low voice: “I am, I’m not used to it.” 

    Chen Xi knew that the other party should be Jin Yi, but at this moment, this strange image still made him feel like he was facing a stranger, and this stranger would take off his clothes as soon as he came, which really made it difficult for him to control his subconscious dodge reaction. 

    The golden eyed figure looked at Chen Xi darkly for a while, and then turned to smile, “It’s okay, you are not used to it, so… you should be used to this.” 

    As his voice fell, Chen Xi heard a sound of movement from the bedroom door, and then a warm body pressed him from behind. After Chen Xi turned to look, a surprised smile appeared on his face and said loudly, “Jin Yi!” 

    It turned out that the figure who opened the bedroom door and walked in was Jin Yi with black hair and golden eyes and a handsome face. Seeing his familiar figure, Chen Xi immediately felt relieved. 

    But Jin Yi lowered his head, showing a gentle and soothing smile to Chen Xi, then raised his hand, hugged him from his waist, and dexterously unbuttoned his clothes. 

    Huh? There seems to be something wrong? !

    In the next moment, Chen Xi completely understood what was wrong, because in front of him, a figure leaned forward, two slender palms like white jade were also placed on him, and he was sandwiched like a sandwich biscuit. He was in the middle, and there was no place to hide, and then the clothes on his body were quickly taken off by the cooperation of the four hands. 

    The skin on Chen Xi’s body was red with shame. 

    When he was taken into the bathroom and put into the bathtub, he couldn’t help it. He grabbed the black-haired Jin Yi’s hand and took a bite, and said bitterly: “Bad Jin Yi, you know that you are bullying me.” 

    Looking at Chen Xi’s temper, the golden eyes of the two figures showed the exact same smile. 




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  1. That part at the end was so cute! Both the “bullying” and our XiXi’s reaction, the bite and scolding Jin Xi like a pet. 😂😂😂

    Thanks for the chapter! 🥰

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