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    After this incident, Chen Xi completely confirmed that the blond figure was Jin Yi, and it was definitely not someone who lied to him. 

    Thinking of Jin Yi’s god-like body , Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh. He deserves to be the mastermind, and this look was not unusual. In fact, when he first knew that Jin Yi was the mastermind, he muttered in his heart. After all, except for the different eye color, In other places, Jin Yi looks no different from the ordinary machine clan. That was until now he saw the main body of Jin Yi, and sure enough, the main brain is still the main brain, and there are still forces. 

    Chen Xi seemed to accept Jin Yi’s body, but after a while, Jin Yi was not very happy. 

    Because during this period of time, he discovered that although he had already arrived in front of Chen Xi himself, Chen Xi was always thinking about his temporary spare body. 


    Even if his real body has been with him, Chen Xi will still ask him when he doesn’t see the spare body for a while, and he won’t smile happily until he sees it again. 

    And more than that. Chen Xi likes to watch exciting horror movies. Every time he gets scared, he would always look for the figure of the spare body. Whenever he sees something he likes on the star network, he would often share it first with the spare body. Even when doing intimate things, such as helping with a bath, he would prefer to let the spare body do it.

    This made Jin Yi couldn’t help but give birth to a subtle feeling, even if he knew that the spare body was him, once he used that spare body to get along with Chen Xi, he felt all the closeness of Chen Xi, and he also enjoyed it very much. 

    But now that he has returned, he brought his own body to Chen Xi. Compared with the spare body that had only been used for a few months, Jin Yi certainly felt more belonging to his body that he had used for hundreds of years. But now, this feeling of being compared to a spare body still makes him feel very subtle, and even makes him see that the spare body that he has used for a period of time is not pleasing to the eye.

   Although Jin Yi feels that, as the main body of the main brain, no matter where he was, he was times stronger than the simple spare body. But he doesn’t know why Chen Xi is obsessed with that spare body. Ji Yi deliberately asked Chen Xi whether his body was good-looking or his spare body, in order to let Chen Xi realize the difference between the two. 


    In the end, Chen Xi’s answer almost suffocated him, because at that time Chen Xi’s answer was that his body is very good-looking, but his spare body is also super handsome, and both are almost good-looking. 

    At that moment, Jin Yi, as the mastermind’s powerful computing power, was almost confused, because he didn’t know how Chen Xi came to this conclusion. He knew something must have gone wrong. 

    Realizing this, Jin Yi analyzed it carefully from the beginning, and then he realized a mistake he had never realized before, but had already made.

    That is, humans are different from machine races. The only criterion for machine races to recognize each other is based on the unique core code of each machine race. However, humans use appearance as the main means of identification and trust their feelings on this basis. 

    In other words, although he only used the spare body for a period of time, for Chen Xi, the spare body was the first person he saw after waking up, and that spare body was also an anchoring basis for him to build his feelings. So even if his body appears in front of him now, even if he knows that they have the same core, but the spare body itself is part of his established feelings, so of course it will be treated specially. 

    When he realized this, Jin Yi regretted it, but it was too late. He didn’t expect that because the main body couldn’t get here immediately, he used a spare body casually for convenience, which actually caused this sequelae. 

    Suddenly, Jin Yi thought of something, and he issued a query command in his mind-to query the cosmic inventory of the A4655 spare body. 

    After a while, his face turned blue, because the query results showed that the A4655 spare body has 10,000 in the universe, 6,378 have been used, and 3,622 in stock. 


    As we all know, every machine family has an innate and unique body, but the machine family is a special life body. Even if the body is severely damaged, as long as the core program and chip are okay, it can continue to survive in another body. At this time, The usefulness of the spare body is reflected, and even in every starship, there are regulations to carry a necessary number of spare bodies to deal with special situations. 

    This is how the spare body Jin Yi used originally came from. As we all know, the spare body is different from the main body, and it’s mass-produced. Therefore, the spare body model that makes Chen Xi like more than his main body has a total of 10,000 in the universe! Just thinking about it made Jin Yi feel suffocated. 

    At the next moment, an instruction from the main brain was quickly issued through the star network. 

    ——Destroy all the existing spare body inventory of A4655 models. The ones that have been used are now all recovered. The reclaimer will compensate for the spare bodies of model A5000 and reward 10,000 contribution points.

    After issuing this instruction and receiving feedback that all A4655 models in stock had been destroyed, Jin Yi was relieved. 

    However, because of this accident, Jin Yi, who was planning to take Chen Xi around the base recently, changed his mind. After all, all A4655 models in stock were destroyed, but the ones that have been used were distributed throughout the universe, so it would take some time to recycle them.

    He didn’t want to take Chen Xi around the base. But as a result, Chen Xi was hooked away by a robot with an A4655 appearance on the way.


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  1. Imagine being jealous of yourself even if it’s a spare body, he really decided to destroy all spares like his and wait for the rest to be recyclable. Thank you for the update.

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