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    After realizing that Chen Xi really has feelings for his spare body, Jin Yi deliberately prevented his spare body from appearing in front of Chen Xi, making Chen Xi anxiously look for it. 

    However, this feeling of “another person” being more important than himself still prevents Jin Yi from being completely calm, things happen that make him jealous from time to time, and compare himself with his spare body.

    For example, now, seeing Chen Xi leaning on the arms of the spare body, because of the video they watched, he kept smiling, and his fingers were inserted into the short black hair of the spare body, holding him intimately and lightly, his eyes were dark.


   So soon, the black-haired Jin Yi temporarily left because he needed to do something, and instead, sat next to Chen Xi in his god-like body. 

    After adapting for this period of time, Chen Xi has barely gotten used to the oppressive appearance of Jin Yi’s body, so even if the god-like figure sits next to him, he has not interrupted his source of happiness, and is still addicted to funny videos, and unable to extricate himself.

     Then he smiled and raised his hand habitually, as if he wanted to find something, and Chen Xi still maintained a trace of subconsciousness. He raised his hand halfway, then forcibly put it down, and then looked at the tablet to continue. Until Chenxi noticed that there seemed to be something wrong with the atmosphere in the room. 

    After he raised his head, he saw a pair of bright golden eyes that seemed to be suppressing a storm, combined with the other party’s image full of coercion, could scare ordinary people. 

    But Chen Xi was no ordinary person. As a being who has always been held in the palm of his hand by Jin Yi, he leaned forward cautiously and asked, “What’s the matter?” 

    Jin Yi saw Chen Xi’s caring appearance. Especially his moist black eyes that looked at him intently, the original low pressure gradually dissipated, and returned to his usual indifferent appearance. 

    “It’s okay.” He said lightly, then tilted his head. 

    However, a second later, Jin Yi turned his head back and looked at Chen Xi and said in a low tone: “Didn’t you just want to grab my hair? My hair can also be grabbed.” 

    After hearing Jin Yi’s suggestive and obvious words Chen Xi finally understood what Jin Yi was angry about just now, and he couldn’t help being speechless for a while, but he didn’t feel Jin Yi’s emotions recently. He knew that although Jin Yi didn’t look angry now, if he didn’t touch his hair according to his words, Jin Yi would really continue to be angry. 


    So Chen Xi’s gaze naturally turned to Jin Yi’s body’s long hair, which was like golden silk and satin, which looked…very easy to touch. 

    In fact, the reason Chen Xi stopped himself forcibly when he raised his hand halfway before was because he remembered that he was next to his body. One reason was that he was not as familiar with the body of Jin Yi, as he was with the black hair Jin Yi, and the other reason was that the body was too noble. In front of the god-like body, it almost felt like it was an offensive to make a sound, and although Chen Xi can get along with his true body naturally was because of Jin Yi’s eyes. Before he thought about grabbing the other body’s hair, he had already withdrawn his claws subconsciously. 

    But now it was the main body who asked him to touch his hair, he would get angry with him if he didn’t touch it.

    Then what should he do? Of course he can only satisfy him! 

    So Chen Xi slowly stretched out his curious little paw under Jin Yi’s gaze. 

    When Chen Xi’s fingers touched the golden hair, he couldn’t describe how he felt at that moment, but instantly indulged in the feeling of the hair pouring on his fingertips. 

    It’s really smooth and silky. Chen Xi finally believes that the hair in those shampoo advertisements exists in reality. 

    Chen Xi touched it for a while, then reluctantly took his hand back, but when his fingertips were about to leave those hair strands, a scene that made his eyes wide open occurred. The strand of hair that was originally quietly hanging down, actually moved by itself, and quickly wrapped around his fingers like a snake. 

    Surprised by this sudden situation, Chen Xi subconsciously raised his hand to throw it away, but at the moment when he was about to raise his hand, thinking that it was Jin Yi’s hair, he abruptly stopped his movements and did not do so. This is something that can hurt Jin Yi. 

    Chen Xi’s eyes widened, staring at the hair wrapped around his fingertips, and asked in disbelief: “What is this? It can move?” 

    Jin Yi nodded and smiled, “Every single hair of mine is composed of billions of nano-robots, so of course it will move.” 


    As he said this, the rest of the hair that was originally hanging down lightly floated, and then one after another was directed to a place on Chen Xi’s body that they liked, and soon, Chen Xi’s wrists and ankles were covered with hair. 

    “How is it?” Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi with a smile in his eyes, showing obvious meaning, as if telling Chen Xi that this difference of the main brain, and not comparable to that simple spare body. 

    And after a while, Chen Xi nodded in a complicated mood, “It’s amazing, but…can you let me go first.” 

    At this time, Chen Xi’s hands and feet were covered with hair and could not move, and some of his hair was still there. It was tentatively spreading to Chen Xi’s arms and calves. Hearing Chen Xi’s words, the hair rubbed against Chen Xi’s body, and then he reluctantly moved away.

    After being “untied”, Chen Xi immediately sat aside, and when he looked at Jin Yi’s hair again, he was already full of vigilance. At this time, no matter how easy it was to touch the long golden hair, he didn’t dare. It was easy to try, because those hairs had become something not easy to mess with in his heart.

    Jin Yi didn’t know what Chen Xi was thinking, but he just showed off his mastermind’s advanced body, and Chen Xi had touched his hair for a long time before, and the way he obviously liked it made his previous unpleasantness disappear afterwards. The two people got along again and restored harmony. 


    After Chen Xi came to the base, in addition to exploring his steel lair residence every day, testing driving cars and flying machines that weren’t the same, and experiencing the new equipment specially built for him one by one. In addition to having fun, it also happened that one big thing is that the kitten he wants has been bred! 

    When the kitten was delivered to Chen Xi’s hands, it was already covered with good hair, but it was still drinking milk and trembling while walking. It was when the milk cat was the cutest.

    When Chen Xi received such a little baby, he was so happy that he left behind those games and entertainment items that he couldn’t put it down, and spent almost the whole day watching the little milk cat. 

    This little guy has completely inherited the excellent genes of his champion parents. Although he is still very young, he is fluffy and white, and his eyes are blue like gems. He is already top-notch. 


    But Persia’s natural flat face makes it uneasy when it eats. Every time it buries that small face and lowers its head to drink milk, it will be covered with milk stains when it raises its head. It was so cute. 

    For Chen Xi, who has never had a pet before but has always wanted to keep a pet, this little milk cat satisfied all his fantasies and made him full of enthusiasm for it, and also named the kitten Xianxian. Chen Xi would talk about the kitten everyday, which let Jin Yi feel that he sent the cat over so quickly, did he make a mistake? 

    Jin Yi originally thought that a cat had taken the gaze that should have belonged to him, which was unpleasant enough, but he soon discovered something even more unbearable for him, that is, Chen Xi put the cat in the arms of his spare body, and took a lot of photos of the spare body and the cat, and then set it as the background image of the 2-in-1 tablet. 

    Jin Yi always thought he was important. Since Chen Xi had feelings for the spare body, he kept the spare body by Chen Xi’s side since it was still him anyway, but after this incident, he found that he was not that important. So, Chen Xi took a photo of the spare body and the cat and set it as the background of the tablet. What does this mean? Does it mean that those are his favorites? So what about his body? 

    Even if Jin Yi knew that he was eating inexplicable vinegar and was unnecessarily angry, he couldn’t control himself at all, and he even felt that the spare body became an eyesore more and more. 

    Jin Yi took a deep breath, but the main brain has never been an emotional existence, so while being angry, his powerful calculation and reasoning ability has derived countless solutions to this problem. 

    Finally, after Jin Yi opened his eyes, a smile reappeared in his eyes.

    Through the star network, he issued a series of instructions to the huge robot army in the outer universe, and then went to Chen Xi, with a godlike face facing Chen Xi  with his long golden hair pouring down behind him, he said:” Baby, do you want to see the outer universe?”


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