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   Outer universe? ! 

    Chen Xi’s eyes widened uncontrollably. During this period of time, through the star network, he has also learned about the universe that was discovered by the robots only after the extinction of mankind. He also knows that there are many other intelligent beings there. When Jin Yi asked him if he wanted to go to the outer universe, he was also a little excited. After all, the outer universe is full of intelligent life, aren’t they aliens? 

    Chen Xi spoke out loud without thinking : “Want to go.” But after answering in one mouthful, Chen Xi remembered the flying cars and aircrafts in the base that had been built for him. He hadn’t finished the test flight yet, and he couldn’t help but feel a little bit reluctant. 

    Jin Yi noticed the strange expression on Chen Xi’s expression. After asking the reason, he couldn’t help but chuckle, “It’s not easy, take all your speed cars and flying machines with you.” 

    Chen Xi subconsciously became sluggish for a moment because of Jin Yi’s words.But after he was surprised, he found that this approach seemed… indeed feasible. 


    In this way, Chen Xi, who was unknowingly affected by Jin Yi’s words, found that nothing was a problem, and soon, he and Jin Yi boarded the starship specially built for him. 

    Chen Xi saw this starship specially designed for him today. The reason is that he was too busy after arriving at the base, busy exploring his huge steel nest residence, busy testing all kinds of powerful and handsome flying cars and aircraft, and busy experiencing all kinds of equipment for human service restored by the orange eye robot family from historical data, and there was also the baby immortal, which is always so busy that there is no time to see the star ship specially built for him.

    However, although he was not available before, Chen Xi was still amazed after he really walked into this starship specially built for him. 

    As we all know, there are two main functions of starships in space. One is a means of transportation and the other is a war weapon. No matter which aspect of these two kinds serves the group, they also have extremely high requirements for the internal structure of star ships, trying to achieve the most reasonable space planning, the highest utilization rate and no waste of space.

    Under this design premise, the interior style of the starship of the entire robot family is extremely concise. Except for the storage armament and energy area, in the living area of ​​the robot family, except for some necessary public places, the rest is neat and uniform. In order to maximize the utilization of space, the private room of each machine clan is not large. This was also the case that Chen Xi found when he was staying at the largest living room on the starship when he woke up, but it didn’t seem very luxurious, but this starship specially built for him has gone to the completely opposite design path.

    First of all, this starship does not need to fight, but must be heavily guarded at the center, so although the hull uses the strongest protective materials known, it does not have too many weapon systems installed, which saves a lot of money. 

    Secondly, this starship is not for groups. It only needs to serve one person instead of thousands of robots, so thousands of private rooms that are uniform like military camps are not needed, and all the space saved is enough for the interior of the starship to build the most luxurious palace.


    The robot family advocates simplicity and hates all unnecessary things that waste time. They are not keen on entertainment, are not obsessed with pleasure, and even often don’t even bother to talk when communicating with their peers. They directly connect data through the star network and complete the communication in one second. 

    But if they were keen on this, it does not mean that they are not good at it. In fact, every machine clan is an almighty master and a super artist. 

    It’s just that they didn’t bother to use these things they knew before, because it was not necessary, but now, that necessity is important. In this starship specially built for Chen Xi, they used all their enthusiasm to make it a perfect artwork. 

    Standing in this starship, Chen Xi couldn’t believe his eyes. At this moment, he even suspected that he was still in the starship of the future science and technology creation, or that he really came to a palace.

    At that glance, it was magnificent and gorgeous everywhere, every piece of furnishings could be called a work of art, and all the extravagant and exquisite details, Chen Xi promises that this was the most gorgeous palace he had ever seen.

    Chen Xi thought that his steel lair residence was enough to amaze him, but he didn’t expect that the machine race could break through the limit of his imagination time and time again. 

    In this starship that seemed to be a luxurious palace, Chen Xi explored with excitement for a long time. 

    This is a palace specially built for Chen Xi. In addition to the amazing places in the palace hall, most of the space was Chen Xi’s private places, such as a games room and fitness room, and a special area is set up to house the machine family serving Chen Xi , including the orange eye machine family who has been tirelessly improving the quality of life for Chen Xi, There are also red eye machines responsible for the internal security operation of the starship and all other services.


    In addition, Chen Xi’s bedroom is also extremely luxurious, the area is extremely large, and there is also a super large and super luxurious bed. Chen Xi couldn’t help but go directly up and roll a few times, and then lay on the bed and watched the extremely gorgeous ceiling, and remembered a saying that the king will not come to court early.

   Corrupt, so corrupt, and Chen Xi knows that this is not the most corrupt, because he knows that in the starship team that went out together this time, there are two whole ships loaded with his stuff, and one is full. He hasn’t finished the test flight yet, and he can park all kinds of speed cars and aircraft in one parking lot, and the other one is equipped with all kinds of large entertainment equipment he likes very much. 

    In short, if it weren’t for the sun mine at home, who would dare to be so extravagant. 

    Chen Xi, who had been lying on the bed for a while, heard a few small meows. He sat up and saw a godlike figure walking in with a little white kitten in his arms. Chen Xi smiled and stretched out his hand, and soon Xianxian arrived in his hand. He held the fluffy kitten and said in a very good mood: “You like it here too, don’t you, Xianxian.” 

    After playing with Xianxian, Chen Xi raised his head and wanted to talk to the figure that had been standing quietly by his bed, but then he seemed to remember something suddenly, looked around with some doubts, and then said: “Where is Jin Yi? Well, I mean the other you?” 

    When Chen Xi’s question came, the gorgeous figure standing by the bed calmly said, “The outer universe is no safer than the inner universe. To take you to the outer universe, I need my body to fully protect your safety.” As for the spare body, it would stay at the base and handle daily affairs instead of the main body.” 

    Jin Yi’s explanation sounds convincing and seems very reasonable. 

    But Chen Xi didn’t know why, but he felt like he was… deliberate. 

    Looking at Chen Xi’s accusing eyes, the godlike figure beside the bed couldn’t help leaning closer, gently lifting Chen Xi’s chin with one hand, his bright golden eyes and those black eyes, gently spitting out a warm breath, “Why, you have me, isn’t that enough?”


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