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Perceiving a trace of Jin Yi’s dangerous aura, Chen Xi wisely did not pursue the black-haired Jin Yi. After all, this one in front of him was also Jin Yi, it didn’t seem like a good idea to make him angry.

    So Chen Xi blinked, stretched out his hand and gently pulled the hem of the other party’s clothes around him, and said softly: “I’m sleepy, will you come to sleep with me?” 

    In this way, after coaxing Jin Yi in one second, Chen Xi continued to enjoy his journey happily. 

    Chen Xi , who was still immersed in the freshness of starships, did not notice that after their huge starship team left the base, the speed of their navigation in space slowed down, compared with the normal speed of starships in the past, it was almost like the speed of a snail crawling. Obviously, a certain existence who was preparing for this journey is not in a hurry to go to the outer universe. 

    In fact, taking Chen Xi to the outer universe is indeed not a trivial matter. As the only human in the universe, Chen Xi’s every move affects the hearts of the entire machine race, and regards Chen Xi’s safety as top priority.


   So even if Jin Yi had delivered the message to all the machine races in the outer universe in advance, and made various arrangements accordingly, Jin Yi still didn’t mind slowing down and giving his fellow racers in the outer universe more preparation time. 

    Those preparations include stronger security and vigilance in the outer universe, including the living arrangements of the place where Chen Xi stays in the outer universe, including the inspection of the places to visit, and also the intelligent life in the outer universe that is of great interest to Chen Xi.

    In fact, there is a simpler way for Chen Xi to see the intelligent life in the outer universe, that is, the dozens of Stars who stole Chen Xi from the earth, but this choice was rejected by Jin Yi after many considerations.

    The identities of the Star tribes back then and how they appeared on the earth were all ascertained by them afterwards. Those Star tribes are a small and famous group of star thieves in the outer universe. The extremely rare mutant star beasts have visited the treasure houses of many races in the outer universe, making all races hate them, but because of the strangeness of the mutant star beast, no one can catch them. 

    And the reason why the group of star thief was able to touch the earth, and even stolen Chen Xi’s liquid nitrogen tank so shockingly, it’s not that they were really powerful enough to sneak into the inner universe and touch the earth all the way, but they were accidentally involved in a space crack in space, and then was directly thrown around the earth. 

    So everything is a coincidence. But a coincidence cannot be a coincidence. The probability of occurrence is less than one in a billion. 

    Of course, they also strengthened the defense around the earth, especially for space exploration, to ensure that this kind of thing would never happen again. 


    The reason why Jin Yi was reluctant to let the dozens of Stars contact Chen Xi was also because of their identities. In Jin Yi’s eyes, the dozens of Stars were criminals and were not safe enough at all, and their identities were also not qualified. 

    Human beings are the creators of machine races, not to mention that there is only one human being left in the entire universe. Chen Xi’s identity is extremely high in the eyes of all machine races. And their robot race now occupies a large area of ​​the star field in that outer universe, and there are many outer universe intelligent races within the sphere of influence. Although they usually don’t care about those intelligent races, they just make necessary restrictions and observations on those populations to ensure species diversity, but their robot family is indeed the ruler of those intelligent races.

    Well, as the rulers of those intelligent races, now they have a very high status even for them. Chen Xi, who is extremely important, wants to meet those intelligent races. Of course, Jin Yi doesn’t want to let him come in contact with any one of them, at least not those savage and fierce star thieves are definitely not good. 

    Even if Chen Xi wants to contact those intelligent races, the candidates must be carefully selected. At the very least, they must meet the standards of qualified status, innocence, and a bit of cultivation and knowledge. 


    The matter of Chen Xi going to the outer universe caused a shock on the star network, especially the machine race in the outer universe. They were distressed because they were separated by a universe from Chen Xi, especially when Chen Xi arrived at Tianping base! The little human boy deliberately stuck his head out the window of the aircraft, and waved outside to greet him. It caused a crit on all the robot races. It was so cute! 

    That short video made all the robots feel that it was not enough, and watched it 10,000 times a day. The robots in the outer universe also envied the other robots in the inner universe even more, especially those who are in the base of Tianping.

    They originally thought of wanting to get closer to the human teenager Chen Xi, and they had to wait for the long mission execution period to pass, but they didn’t expect that Chen Xi would actually come to the outer universe! ! ! 

    Excitement was no longer enough to describe the mood of all the machine races in the outer universe at this time. 


    However, after the excitement, all the machine races in the outer universe were even more prepared, because they knew that Chen Xi’s arrival in the outer universe was not only a joyful thing for them, but also represented a responsibility. They must be 100%. To ensure the safety of Chen Xi, and at the same time, let Chen Xi have a pleasant and comfortable journey. 

    At this time, a number of instructions and tasks delivered by Jin Yi made them very happy and satisfied. Well, although the main brain is a little bit better than a dog, when it is time to do practical things, the consideration is also very thoughtful! 

    In this way, all the machine races in the outer universe acted one by one according to Jin Yi’s instructions. 

    The machine race quickly built all kinds of facilities and buildings needed by human beings on selected planets. There were robot races to strictly check the routes, and the robot races screened out the scenic spots in the outer universe suitable for sightseeing, and investigated the dangers one by one, and then all the remaining machines, strengthened the management and security of all occupied star domains. 

    The atmosphere of the outer universe has quietly changed. 

    This change is the first to be perceived by the upper layers of the intelligent races in the outer universe. 

    They don’t know what happened, but they know that something important must have happened. 

    There are no intelligent races living in this star field who say that they can ignore the intellectuals, even if the intellectuals don’t bother to pay attention to them, but they are carefully observing every move of the intellectuals. 

    They discovered that starships that they didn’t often see had recently appeared around their planet frequently, back and forth, as if they were patrolling. 

    Because of the frequent appearance of these starships, the star beasts that were originally floating in the universe suddenly decreased by a lot, and some of the star beast merchants who relied on renting out the star beasts to get rich were gloomy recently.


    Compared with those businessmen, the senior officials of the races undoubtedly paid more attention to this change. They watched carefully, speculated, and even secretly exchanged information with the senior officials of other races through their own methods.

    Why does the Zhizu have this kind of change? What happened? Could it be that the guys who fled to the alien domain did something? Or is the Zhizu finally unable to hold back, ready to attack those guys? 

    They thought about the possible result. If the two parties really make a move, these high-level races will not be able to withstand a bit of sadness. 

    It’s not that they look down on the guys who fled to the alien territories, but do they really have a chance of winning against the starship of the Zhizu? 

    Even if the people who escaped at the beginning were some relatively powerful races, even if the people who stayed in this part of them have been scolded by the guys who fled to the extraterrestrial domain, can they really resist the starship of the intellectual race? Under that kind of muzzle, even the most powerful race and the most powerful body can only be destroyed.

    Thinking of this, these high-level races are a little frustrated, but there are some races whose original races have been divided and who have worked hard to quietly establish connections with extraterrestrial domains in these thousands of years still made every effort to send messages to their fellow races in the alien domain. Although they didn’t know whether their messages would be useful when they arrived. After all, the starships of the intellectual race were many times faster than the star beasts. When their news arrives, maybe the Zhizu would have already finished their attack. 

    Just when the high-levels of the intelligent races were all down and pessimistic, the thing that made them feel more anxious came, that is, a star fleet suddenly appeared over the main stars of some intelligent races, and then those cold and ruthless intelligent races. The muzzle was aimed directly at the royal buildings of various races, and an order was issued, “Let the fish race of the young patriarch.” 

    “The son of the saint.” 

    “Prince of the Sangkuang family.” 

    “Canaan’s third prince.” 

    “The prince of the fox tribe.”

    “The princess of Romaine.” 

    “The eldest son of the mad beast emperor.” 


    “Immediately board the starship.”


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WCBL: I wasn’t sure if the titles are correct, but I will come back and change them later on if it messes up the story. But for now I will leave it as it is. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a good day~

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