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   This bad news came so suddenly, without any warning. The demands of the intellectuals were rude, not to mention that the people they ask for are such important existences, almost every one of them is the next heir to the throne that has been established by various races. 

    If other races dare to make such a rude request, it can almost immediately provoke a war between the two intelligent races, but it was the intellectuals who made this request, and they still took the starship team directly and pointed the gun at the royal palace, so there was only silence for the time being, deathly silence. 


    Knowing that those muzzles can easily destroy the entire royal building, even destroy a city, and even make the entire planet riddled with holes, various races dare not make trouble. 

    But once they were quiet, no one dared to act. After all, no one would dare to make this decision easily when they handed over the next king of their race, even if the muzzle of the Zhizu starship was facing them. 

    In the end, in this kind of stalemate, the robots who made the request walked out of the palace with a calm face. If the race is rebellious, do you really want to watch your race slaughtered by artillery fire, and the planet on which it lives is riddled with holes? 

    And even if you can’t get out, you may not be able to hide in the end. 

    These people who were to be selected as heirs of various races, most of them are smart people, so of course they can figure out this question. Since it is unavoidable, of course it is better to minimize the loss, and as a royal family, even if they die, they are not willing to die too ugly. 

    In this way, these courageous royal successors, even if they are not optimistic about their future, all try to straighten their backs. No matter how ugly their faces are, they must step out with courage like royalty.

   After these princes and princesses went out, faint cries came from the palaces of the royal families, and even some figures followed behind some of the princes and princesses. Some of them were loyal to the prince and princesses they followed, and some were infected by their royal highness’s spirit of taking the initiative to die for the whole family, and actively follow. They don’t know what will happen to their royal heirs, but they are willing to accompany them, and bear it together , even if they will all die eventually, but before they die, they still want to serve their royal Highness.

   But it is a pity that none of these people who wanted to follow succeeded. The aircraft that the Zhizu came down to pick up people only picked up their designated royal heirs. All the others were driven away, and none of them were taken. 


    In this way, all of these intelligent races could only watch as the royal heirs of their race were taken alone into the cold starship. 

    For a while, the cry that sounded faintly, increased. 

    Of course, not all royal heirs were so bold and courageous. There were also one or two exceptions, they were either too scared and hid in the palace or they dared not go out. 

    However, when light energy was slowly condensed in front of the muzzle of the starship of the Zhizu, the heirs of the royal family who hid were directly arrested by the current king’s order, and then escorted by the guards, and directly sent to the outside of the palace and handed over the Zhizu who came down to pick them up. 

    The fate of oneself and the entire race, compared with an heir, who is more important, is very easy to answer and understand. 

    After the Zhizu received the person they wanted, they kept their promise, put away the muzzle, and soon the mighty starship team went away, and there was no trace of them anymore. 

    But what was left was sadness and despair. 



    At this time, Chen Xi opened the star scene wall again, and stared at a black vortex in front of him without blinking. The black vortex was quietly stagnating in space, and the surrounding space seemed to be distorted. 

    That’s right, that is the wormhole leading to the outer universe. 

    This wormhole, which was originally next to the Tianping base, will arrive soon even if the starship team moves forward at turtle speed.

    Chen Xi looked at the scary-looking wormhole, feeling a little nervous, and subconsciously asked, “Going through there is not dangerous, right?”


    Jin Yi lowered his head to look at Chen Xi, and calmly said: “Don’t be afraid, this is a stable channel that we have mastered. It has been used to travel back and forth for thousands of years, and the technology for traversing wormholes has been very mature, and there will be no danger. If you are afraid, you can go into the nutrition cabin and sleep for a while, so that you can’t feel anything. When you wake up, we will be in the outer universe.” 

    However, Chen Xi did not take Jin Yi’s suggestion, and was obviously afraid of the terribly long wormhole, but he loves stimulation and wants to know what it feels like to go through the wormhole sober, so he sat a little bit next to Jin Yi, then raises a hand and covers his eyes loosely. A pair of dark eyes appeared between his wide open fingers, and said, “That’s all right.”

    Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi’s cute appearance, and couldn’t help showing a smile at the corner of his mouth. Then he raised his hand and gently pulled Chen Xi, who was next to him, into his arms, wrapping his hands around Chen Xi’s waist. The inexhaustible long blond hair fell down and enveloped the other person, and said: “This is safer.” 

    In this way, the starship team finally approached the wormhole, and Chen Xi leaned in Jin Yi’s arms maintaining his fear appearance, and fully experienced the whole process.

    How to put it, it’s very peculiar. For a moment, all the surrounding sounds seemed to disappear, and it seemed to be trapped in an absolutely quiet environment. Everything around seemed to be very close, and it seemed to be very far away, even to him. He didn’t know if that period of time was short or long, but he was in a daze. When he came back to his senses, the black hole had already appeared behind their starship. 

    Chen Xi couldn’t help but widen his eyes. Did they already pass through? 

    Facing Chen Xi’s question, Jin Yi nodded affirmatively. 

    Chen Xi couldn’t help looking outside the starscape wall again, so the starry sky outside is now another universe? 

    This recognition made Chen Xi couldn’t help but look at the Star View Wall with relish for a long time, until he felt bored, and then gave up, and then continued to play with the fairy. 

    Xianxian is a noble Persian cat. This breed is not only delicate and difficult to care for but also super troublesome. It can be called the most difficult cat breed. 


    However, Chen Xi, as a pet owner who is only responsible for playing, and not responsible for raising, has no pressure. A whole team of robots follow him every day and help him deal with all the daily chores, so that he can only enjoy playing with pets. All kinds of fun without having to bear any trouble, it’s perfect.

    Jin Yi watched Chen Xi playing happily, couldn’t help but raise his hand and stroked the soft black hair lightly, and then said: “We are going to Drunken Mengxing, the scenery and environment of Drunk Mengxing is beautiful. Let’s stop there for a while, so you can play there. Your temporary residence has been built in the style of a sky garden. Then you can think about where you want to go to the outer universe. Tell me, and we will prepare in advance. The intelligent beings in the outer universe that you wanted to see have also been sent a starship to pick them up. When everyone is ready, they will all be sent over.”

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WCBL: I didn’t if this was the right translation, so I decided to keep the the name Drunken Mengxing just because it’s easier than putting the name (Drunken dream star).

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