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    Chen Xi’s eyes brightened as he listened to Jin Yi’s words, because it was all good news. 

    In the end he couldn’t help letting go of the fairy who he was holding and playing with, and turned to hug Jin Yi, and said happily: “I like you the most.” 

    The moment Chen Xi pounced on Jin Yi. He opened his arms and caught him firmly, and, seemingly inadvertently, glanced at the white Persian cat being thrown down on the ground. 

    Chen Xi naturally didn’t know what Jin Yi was thinking. He hugged Jin Yi and thought of what he had seen on the star network today. He couldn’t help but say to Jin Yi with some worry: “I saw a lot of robots on the star network today. They agreed with me to go to the outer universe, and they also said that they would report you.” At this point, Chen Xi couldn’t help looking at Jin Yi with concern, “This won’t have a bad effect on you, right?”

   Jin Yi raised an eyebrow. He didn’t expect Chen Xi to see the discussion of the robots on the Star Network. However, seeing Chen Xi worrying about him, Jin Yi was still very happy. He calmly said: “It’s okay, I am strong, and don’t care about those reports.” 


    Jin Yi’s god-like image and prestige, no matter what it is, as long as it is spoken from his mouth, it will be destined to become true. Chen Xi looked at Jin Yi with certainty, and instantly felt relieved.

    After pacifying Chen Xi, Jin Yi also thought of the topic about him on Starnet. In fact, Jin Yi has always known about the discussion and evaluation of himself on Starnet, but he has always been too lazy to manage it. The whole family who was born to be in charge of the inner and outer universe, processing countless data every day, the pattern is naturally very large, and those small things are not at all in his mind. 

    But today, after knowing that Chen Xi also saw the evaluation of himself on the Star Network, Jin Yi didn’t know why, but he suddenly became a little concerned. 

    Will those words affect his image in Chen Xi’s heart? 

    When Jin Yi thought about it, he screened countless keywords in his mind, all of which were the evaluations and descriptions of himself by the robots on the star network. The word “dog force” was the most likely to appear. Jin Yi’s eyebrows couldn’t help furrow. 

    From the presentation curve of those words, it can be seen that in the past few hundred years, it has always been a very smooth line, not too small, but not too much. The population of the current robot family showed the average value from the previous main brain, but this curve suddenly showed explosive growth a few months ago, and went all the way up to now, and now it has reached a new peak. 

    Jin Yi naturally understands why his stable self who has been evaluating for hundreds of years suddenly became so hated, and evied. 

    But now it’s the interstellar age. There are still so many uncivilized words on the star network, and they need to be managed. To build a civilized and beautiful world, he really couldn’t relax for a moment. 

    Jin Yi was expressionless and easily imposed a new ban on star network. 


    As a result, those robots who are still actively scolding the mastermind on the star network immediately discovered something wrong. They were originally going to post on the star network, “Dogs force the mastermind, do you know what consequences might be caused by doing this?”, as a result What was uploaded to the star network became “**Mastermind, do you know what the consequences might be?” 

    What happened? 

    The robot who had never encountered such a situation was collectively stunned for a moment, and then they quickly reacted. What, shielding, dog than the main brain actually got a shielding word?

    Then they hurriedly made various attempts on the star network, and found that all the bad words were blocked. Now they want to scold the mastermind and can only send out, “**mastermind, you ****.”, they felt aggrieved inexplicably. 

    At present, most of the robots on the star network are the ones in the inner universe. After all, the robots in the outer universe are already too happy, and are excited to make various preparations, so busy that there is no time to pay attention to the star network.

   And the robots in the inner universe, especially the ones at Tianping Base, were still immersed in the happiness of Chen Xi staying in the same place with them. Even when Chen Xi greeted them the day they arrived at the base, they still haven’t woken up from their fantasies of seeing Chen Xi appearing for the second time in the base, but when they learned that Chen Xi had actually gone to the outer universe. 

    How this made them not angry, how could they not help expressing their anger at the culprit. 


    But now even this catharsis channel is blocked, and the robot races looked at the “** mastermind” on the star network, and only felt that their always calm brains felt dizzy with anger. 


    At this time, Chen Xi’s starship was still heading to Drunken Mengxing under the escort of many starships, Chen Xi suddenly found a strange place while eating the breakfast that was usually full of people. His gaze swept across several orange-eyed robots around him, and then asked in confusion: “Where is Bin Lan? Why haven’t I seen him for several days?” 

    Hearing Chen Xi’s question, those were busy picking up dishes for Chen Xi, handling complicated ingredients for Chen Xi on-site, and giving Chen Xi’s cat to the orange-eyed robots who peeled shrimps, and then quickly gave Chen Xi the answer. 

    Chen Xi suddenly realized, “It turns out that he was responsible for picking up those intelligent races in the outer universe. No wonder I haven’t seen him for a few days.” 

    For Chen Xi, the people he knows most are the technicians with orange eyes, except Jin Yi and several machine families who guard with dark red eyes every day.

    These technicians who can do a variety of high-tech drawings and designs, study recipes, go to the kitchen, and tirelessly improve his quality of life. They have long been familiar with his daily life, and he can call out each of their names.

    Among them, Bin Lan, who is often in charge of his meals, is beautiful, gentle and meticulous, he especially likes him. He hasn’t seen Bin Lan in the previous two days. He thought it was because they were on shifts, because this kind of exchange of affairs in charge of handling had happened before, but he didn’t expect that the machine families who came to him these days and showed him the new drawings and designs had changed several rounds, but he never saw Bin Lan’s figure, so he couldn’t help asking.


    But now knowing that Bin Lan was originally sent out to deal with the matter, Chen Xi felt relieved, and instead looked forward to the outer universe intelligent races that Bin Lan was responsible for picking up. 

    Who knows what aliens look like? 

    After Chen Xi stopped paying attention to this matter and continued to bury his head for breakfast, all the orange-eyed robots in the room invariably raised their heads and glanced at each other, and then clearly saw the jealousy in each other’s eyes. Sure enough, Chen Xi liked Bin Lan the most, and they were right to send Bin Lan out to handle the task. 

    As for what happened today after Chen Xi asked them where he went, this kind of jealous thing, they would never tell Bin Lan. 

    At this time, a starship team was moving at full speed at the fastest speed far away from the starship team where Chen Xi was. 

    In the command room of this starship team, a robot clan loosened his neckline irritably, exhaled lightly, his opened orange-red eyes were extremely cold. 

    He was still careless, anc was actually calculated by their partnership. 

    As long as he thinks about his position in Chen Xi’s heart every day, he is more likely to be squeezed by those cunning comrades, he becomes even more irritable, and at the same time, those cold orange-red eyes also become more dangerous.

    That’s right, this whole body exudes a cold and dangerous aura, and even the orange-eyed robots that even other robots don’t dare to lean against casually, is the beautiful, gentle and meticulous Bin Lan in Chen Xi’s heart.

   As it was said before that the ten places of Chen Xi’s technical team were elected from all the technicians of the machine family, and each of them is not a fuel-efficient lamp. Among the ten people, they came to Chen Xi’s side from the same starting point, but finally won against Chen Xi’s favorite Bin Lan. But how can he be as harmless as he showed?


    In fact, he who was in the starship at this time was what he really looked like. He was cold, arrogant, and capable. Among the robots, he was also the leader who stepped on his subordinates every day. 

    But this time, he was calculated against by other people in the team to a place that was far away from Chen Xi to complete the task. How can he be happy. 

    After a long time, he took a deep breath, and finally managed to calm down his emotions. Now it is too late to regret it. If he is careless, then he was careless. The most important thing now is how to complete the task faster and better, and then go back and return to Chen Xi’s side. He believed that with his own ability, he would be able to return to his original position sooner or later, even if he would be temporarily disadvantaged after returning. 

    Thinking about this, he connected to the star network and began to inquire about the starship teams that went to pick up people from different planets. Under this investigation, he showed a slightly satisfied look. The progress is good. It seems that the robots in the outer universe also worked very hard to complete the task. After two days, the starship team that received people will contact his team one after another, and then after they have received all the people, they can return. 

    However, there are still many things to do on the way back. Vaccines, antibodies, disinfection, rules and regulations are indispensable. 

    Thinking about it this way, Bin Lan feels that what he is doing is very important. These things are not left to his own technicians who consider things more comprehensive and thoughtful. It is really worrying. Any omissions will cause consequences. It’s too serious. After all, these people will eventually come into direct contact with Chen Xi. 

    Thinking of this, the last trace of dissatisfaction in Bin Lan’s heart also disappeared, and he became more serious about his task. 



    At this time, the successors of the intelligent races, all stayed in different starship teams, gathered to Bin Lan’s starship team.

    Because these intelligent races are scattered all over the outer universe, each of the royal heirs also received from a different planet, many starship teams are sent to pick them up for efficiency. Only when some are on the way or the main stars of the two races are close, one star ship team will pick up two or three, but these royal family heirs naturally have no chance to meet each other, They were kept in a separate room and never released except the day they were brought to the star ship.

    But what they saw along the way on the day they entered the starship was still an incredible experience for them.

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