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   It is believed that no race is not curious about what the inside of the starship of the intellectual race looks like. Unfortunately, no matter how curious they were, they had no way of knowing. All they can see is the cold appearance and deterrent muzzle of the intellectual race. Any move that wants to go beyond the approach can only lead to an end.

    In the hearts of all races in the Star Beast Territory, the Zhi Clan is an almost invincible existence. 

    Many races have thought in their hearts that if there is a race that can step into the interior of the Zhizu starship one day, then what a powerful race it should be. 

    Unexpectedly, he became the one who fulfilled that great idea, but in this way, the third prince of the Canaan family, Gae, felt bitter in his heart. 

   It’s not that he’s not angry, or resentful, it’s not that he’s not signing the injustice of the world, but what can he do if he is not reconciled, just hide, but how can it be avoided? Under the guns of the Zhizu, he finally calmly walked out. 

    On the way out there, he thought a lot in his heart, and even his whole life appeared on that short journey. He had a low status when he was a prince, and he was bullied by others, and tasted the bitterness brought by being weak. Later, he worked hard to accumulate power, he was careful and forbearing, and coincidentally, he finally laid his own net in his race. In addition, his eldest brother was stupid enough to let him move, but he was not aware of it at all.


    He has long been accustomed to forbearance, even at this time, he didn’t reveal anything, just waited for the last moment to win a complete victory. 

    He has been careful enough, thoughtful enough, considering all the possibilities, but why? Why did the Zhizu appear? Why did they ask for him directly instead of asking for his more noble elder brother? 

    Obviously on the bright side, his elder brother seems to be more worthy of asking, isn’t he? 

    At that moment, he really felt the frustration and at the same time believed that there was a destiny in the world. Some people may be born with good fate.

    Just like his eldest brother, he was born with a noble position and has everything. He is the rightful heir of the Canaan clan, and a coveter like him, even if he has exhausted his organs, even if it seems that the victory has been completely in his hands, but It can also suddenly end with an unreasonable accident, such as the appearance of the Zhizu, which will completely end everything.

    After he left this time, he should never come back alive again, and even if the power he holds is great, but no one else is there, how can he play a role? 

    In the end, the next king of the Canaan should be his elder brother. After all, the other princes have not developed their power, and they are simply not enough to compete with his elder brother. 

    Thinking of this, Gae really felt that his life had become a joke. 

    However, although his back seemed to be straight and he was actually taken away by the Zhizu in a trance, after being taken into the starship, Gae still subconsciously returned to his mind, and observed the surroundings for a long time. He will not relax under any circumstances. 

    Moreover, he was really curious about the inside of the Zhizu’s starship. After all, not everyone had a chance to see it here. Thinking that he might not live long, he couldn’t help but look a little more carefully. Seeing what the inside of the Zhizu starship, the most mysterious in the hearts of the various races, really is, he has made a little profit, although he doesn’t want to do this trade for his life. 


    When Gae saw it, he couldn’t help his mouth open and his eyes widened, and he could no longer maintain his calm appearance. 

    In fact, the races had previously guessed what the inside of the starship of the Zhizu looked like, it should be silvery white inside and outside, and then the rest is similar to the star beast’s belly. 

    Forgive them that the only thing they have seen that can roam in the starry sky is the star beast, so there is only such an analogy.

    But when he really saw the starship of the Zhizu tribe, Gae realized that it was different. Everything was different from what they had guessed, except for the fact that it was indeed silvery white. 

    The belly of the star beast is a very magical space, allowing them to stay in it, and use the star beast to travel the starry sky and go to other planets. 

    However, the inside of the star beast’s warehouse is often messy and crowded. The clansmen, the goods that need to be transported and traded, the food and water on the way, are piled full of various things, and sometimes the star beast moves around and stays there, so it’s actually not a very good experience inside.

    Even when the royals and nobles of various races travel, they can luxuriantly enjoy a star beast alone. There are no goods in the whole warehouse. There are only a few people who serve them and all kinds of daily necessities, and the space is a bit more spacious, and it’s a little more comfortable.

    However, in the starship of the Zhizu tribe, it was completely different from the body of the star beast. The wide aisle, the fresh air, and silver white are smooth as a mirror. He can step on the ground and walk easily. He can’t see where the nocturnal stone is, but the whole space is full of light and can be seen clearly everywhere.

    Gae walked in with the Zhi clan all the way, and saw the spacious hall and the place that looked like a lounge. More importantly, Gae found that he was walking smoothly all the way and didn’t feel any movement. As if he was still on the planet. 

    Gae couldn’t help taking a deep breath. They always thought that they were traveling in the starry sky like the Zhizu, but is the life of the Zhizu in the starship like this?

    This shock and sense of gap made Gae forget the fear of death for a short time. 

    When Gae came back to his senses again, he had been led by the Zhizu to a place, and then the place in front of him that he thought was the silver wall suddenly opened, and then he was pushed in by the Zhizu, and the silver wall closed again. 


    All the intellectuals left, and he was the only one left in this single space. He subconsciously fumbled the silver wall and touched any tiny invisible gap, but he didn’t know how to open it. In the end, he explored this space on his own.

    It seemed to be a room here, but it was silver everywhere, and it was too simple. He only saw a square in the center of the room, which seemed to be a bed. He touched it tentatively with his hand, it was very soft. 

    He also found a small connected room next to this room, but there were many things in it that he couldn’t understand. Out of caution, he didn’t touch it at will, so he went back to the big room he had started in. 

    Without the Zhizu there, he didn’t know what the Zhizu wanted to do, but they didn’t seem to be ready to kill him for the time being. Gae sat blankly for a while, tentatively lying on a bed which seemed to be in the middle of the room. 

    As soon as he lay down, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes slightly. The peculiar feeling of being tenderly sunken in and being supported made him hardly want to get up. It was the most comfortable bed he had ever lay on.

    Then, he could not help but think about life, so when an intellectual family travels in the universe, not only has a flat ground, ubiquitous light, but also has a separate room and a comfortable bed …… 

    At this moment, because of these questions, the third prince of the Canaan family, Gae, once again forgot the fear of death. 

    Later, I didn’t know if he thought too deeply, or if the soft bed was too comfortable. Gae fell asleep unknowingly, and when he woke up, he didn’t know how long it had passed until he felt hungry. 

    Gae touched his hungry stomach and gave a bitter smile at the corner of his mouth, but he didn’t yell, because he still wanted to live, he didn’t want to offend those intellectuals, he knew that he was not qualified to make any demands here, even if the final outcome is to be starved to death. 

    He couldn’t help but start to think nonchalantly again, at this moment, is his elder brother holding a big banquet in his palace? 

    But it is time to celebrate, because without him, his eldest brother can successfully inherit the throne and reach the pinnacle of life. 


    Even after his stupid eldest brother took the throne, he didn’t know that he had an enemy who was enough to take everything away from him. He was inexplicably eliminated when he didn’t even notice it. He couldn’t help but smile sarcastically. 

    At this time, the silver wall was opened again, and two Intellectuals walked in. 

    Gae’s pupils shrank slightly, and he stood up nervously, carefully observing the other party, already thinking, are they going to do it now? 

    However, in Gae’s vigilance, the two wise tribes did not put their hands on him. One of the wise tribes stretched out a hand, holding a few pale yellow tubes in their hands, and the cold dark red eyes looked at him without emotion. While holding him, he said in the common language of Star Beasts: “Food.” 

    Then the wise tribe did something that he couldn’t understand. The original silver wall slowly stretched out a silver plane, and then the wise tribe placed several objects on it. 

    Gae looked at the tabletop-like tablet that appeared out of nothing, and couldn’t help but look dull.

    However, those two intellectual families paid no mind to Gae’s dullness. The other intellectual walked next to a small room and looked around and found no traces of use, so they ordered Gae: “Come here, I’ll teach you to use it.” 

   After a while, the two intellectuals left, and Gae stood at the entrance of the small room blankly, looking at the things that he hadn’t understood before, but had just learned to use, he couldn’t help but step forward. Gently pressed a place, and then the clean water flowed down like with a splash. 

    Therefore, when the Zhizu is traveling in the starry sky, not only can there be a separate room, a comfortable bed, a clean water source, and even a bath in the starship? !

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