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   Gae felt the enthusiastic attitude of the two people who didn’t look at him before, plus other races in this space that may or may not have been recognized, and either took the initiative to say hello to him, or were polite to him. Gae nodded gently, he felt that he had been treated as a person of equal status, Gae couldn’t help but feel a little confused. 

    His actions in the Canaan clan are extremely secretive, and his power hides extremely deep. Not to mention these foreign races, even within the Canaan clan, there are not many who really know his power, just thinking that he is just an ordinary and mediocre third prince. 

    So, how much do those intellectuals who seem to have little contact with them know about them? At this moment, Gae actually felt a little cold. 

    The eldest son of the mad beast clan was extremely enthusiastic towards Gae, and the prince of the Yan clan never left. The three stood together and formed a small circle. Gae did not refuse their approach, because he urgently needed information. 


    At the same time, Gae also noticed that in this large hall, most of the remaining people gathered together in twos and threes, as if they had formed an alliance, and occasionally one or two stood alone in a corner. Too far away from the crowd, it seems to be collecting information silently from their conversation.

    He learned from the eldest son of the mad beast clan and the prince of the Yan clan that they arrived here a day earlier than him. Before that, they were also forced to be handed over by the muzzle of the intelligent family star ship that appeared without warning on the main star of their race.

    Then, all the subsequent experiences were the same as him. After being taken aboard the starship, they were kept in a separate room. Until yesterday, they were taken here and then they saw other people.

    In fact, this place, to be precise, is no different from the room where they were closed before. It is also a confined space that can’t get out, but it has a larger space and a wider range of activities, allowing them to communicate. The place where they are now is the hall. When they go inside, there are many small rooms similar to those they used to live in. As long as no one lives in them, they can choose one to live in. To show their enthusiasm. The eldest son of the mad beast clan also personally took Gae to pick an empty room and told him how to open and close the door, and then the three of them returned to the hall. 

    At this time, the silver wall of the hall opened silently again, and the heirs of the various races who had been communicating in the hall calmed down at the same time and looked over. 

    Outside the opened entrance, a group of expressionless intellectuals stood unsurprisingly, and then followed by an icy voice: “Go in.” 

    A short figure that reached the thighs of the intellectuals trembled and cautiously walked in. 

    That figure is really short. All races in the hall had to look down at him. He has snow-white skin, big watery eyes, two pointed beast ears on his head, and a large furry tail behind him. As soon as it came in, it shrank into the corner very carefully. When he looked up to see the people in the hall, especially after recognizing a few races, his face turned pale, his eyes were full of panic, he seemed to want to run away at any moment, and his whole body was full of a..weak smell. 


    Those who don’t know what race this newcomer is, we’re okay, they just looked at him with inquiring eyes. 

    And those who knew what race this was, their eyes were full of surprise and inconceivability. The eldest son of the mad beast clan stared at him in disbelief for a long time, his cheeks flushed, as if he had received some insult and said: “Ear fox Clan? How did he come here?” 

    The races in the Star Beast Region are hierarchical. In a world where the strong eat the weak, the powerful races can naturally oppress and enslave the weak ones, while the ear fox race has a fast reproduction speed, but it was also a weak race. Because of the two characteristics of being weak and reproducing quickly, they were sold to various planets by star beast merchants, and then thrived on various planets. They are a large number of races that are widely distributed on the planets inhabited by many races.

 However, a large number does not mean a good life. Because it is too weak and easy to breed, the ear fox tribe is the lowest servant no matter what race it is in, and it won’t be pitied at all. 

    The most bitter, tiring, and most dangerous things are always done by the ear fox tribe. When they make their owners angry, they often kill them because they were cheap, it is almost a consumable. The cheapest slave seems to be the label of the fox tribe. 

    The eared fox clan in front of them, although not as dirty as they usually see, the hair on the tail is tangled into a mess, combined with their status, the other party should be the heir to the royal family of the eared fox clan. But the royal heir of the ear fox tribe, can he be compared with them? !

    Ever since he came here and saw the royal heirs of other races, the eldest son of the mad beast clan has long had a guess in his heart, that is, the wisdom race has gathered them together, and it seems that they are ready to let them participate in a thing that only the Royal heirs of all races are qualified to participate.

    No matter what the matter is, this is something that only people of his level can participate, and the races that he has seen since he came here are almost all powerful races that are as strong as his wild beasts. Those who didn’t know him also had the aura of a strong person, which made him especially full of a superiority, but what’s going on now? The ear fox family actually appeared here? Could it be that in the eyes of those wise tribes, the ear fox tribe actually sits on an equal footing with his noble beast tribe? ! 

    At this moment, the eldest son of the beast clan emperor felt deeply insulted. 

    The prince of the eared fox clan felt the unkind sight of the eldest son of the wild beast clan, and immediately hid in the place farthest from him. 


    Dare to hide? The eldest son of the mad beast clan looked tyrannical, and was about to walk over to clean up the opponent. The silver wall that had been closed not long before then opened again. 

    At this moment, everyone’s eyes immediately looked there again. Even the eldest son of the mad beast clan was no exception. When he saw the person who walked in, his eyes were almost sluggish, and naturally he completely forgot to teach that ear fox tribe a lesson.

    The person who walked in was an eye catcher, which is far more attractive than anyone who walked in before. There is no other reason, because the figure that walks in is a real interpretation of the pearly treasure and attracts people’s eyes to the extreme.

    The ruby ​​falling on the forehead, the few strings on the neck that are each round and large, shimmering pearls, and the gorgeous clothes that keep changing their luster while walking, and huge gem rings worn on each finger. 

    When the man walked in, he saw everyone in the hall stunned for a moment. He recognized the faces of several people for a while, and then quickly figured out the reason. The original heaviness on his face retreated a lot, and turned to reveal a wicked and arrogant smile, “It seems that I am late. Is there any Highness who can explain to me what is going on?” 

    Gae moved slightly when he looked at the gorgeous and arrogant figure. He moved his lips and said: “Sangkuang tribe.” 

    The eldest son of the mad beast tribe and the Yan tribe prince did not speak, but they all stared at the figure without looking away, the Sangkuang tribe, a powerful and extremely wealthy race. 

    The planet of the Sangkuang tribe has a large number of gem mines, and the products are rich and the people there are rich. Those gem mines can easily exchange for whatever they want. The royal family of the Sangkuang tribe has always been the most luxurious of all races. Yes, all kinds of deeds are widely circulated among various ethnic groups, and people talk about it.

    Other races are not greedy for the richness of the Sangkuang tribe, but while the Sangkuang tribe is rich, sangkuang’s wealth also has the strength to protect that kind of wealth. It’s a difficult race to provoke.

    Therefore, this is a powerful, rich, comprehensive strength, ranking among the best among all races. 

    Because of the wealth and power of the Sangkuang Clan, even in this environment, after the Prince of the Sangkuang Clan asked that sentence, two royal heirs stepped forward to answer each other’s questions, and the Sangkuang clan prince listened very seriously, with a thoughtful look on his face. 

    The eldest son of the mad beast clan looked at the two people who could not wait to come forward to be on his good side, he couldn’t help but sneered, and said in a low voice, “Bullshit.” He really lost the face of their royal heir. 


    But despite thinking so, the eldest son of the mad beast clan couldn’t help but glance at the few strings of pearls hanging on the neck of the prince of the Sangkuang clan, and tried his best to control his jealousy, it belonged to the water fish clan. The Pearl of the Deep Sea has the effect of being able to develop the potential of the body. Each one is a priceless treasure. Even if he is the eldest son of the mad beast clan, he will only get two of them. Whereas the Sangkuang prince can directly make a necklace around his neck.

    The eldest son of the mad beast clan emperor thought about it, the more he thought the more unpleasant he became, and finally turned his head away from that place, so as not to make trouble. 

    After the Sangkuang Clan, there have been no more people in this hall, except that a few intellectuals came in from the back, and a lot of light yellow tubes were placed on a large round table in the hall. 

    The races were already familiar with this thing, and after the Zhizu left, they all stepped forward to take a few. 

    And when the ear fox prince with the big furry tail wanted to probe his hand to take the nutrient on the table, a violent shout came from behind him, “Go away.” The 

    The ear fox prince shivered in fright, immediately shrinking to the furthest place, and then waiting for the eldest son of the mad beast clan to take it, and seeing no one near the table, he went to get two, and then immediately shrank into the corner.

    In order to better exchange information and get the latest news, almost all the royal heirs gather in this hall when they are awake, and only go back to the room when they really need to rest. 

    Gae thought about the problem, and when he recovered, he realized that there were almost no people in the hall. He started to go back to his room to sleep, but he paused when he saw the white ball in the corner of the hall. Obviously, no one told the other party how to open the room. 

    Gae has no prejudice against the ear fox tribe, but he doesn’t think this weak ear fox tribe was worth the effort, but all of them are gone, but the image of the other party alone still touched his heart. His eyes couldn’t help but become a little dark because this image reminded him of his weak and sad childhood.

    Those memories, no matter when he thought of it, are gloomy and make him feel unhappy. When Gae came back to his senses again, he realizes that he has unknowingly walked to the other side. 


    The prince of the eared fox clan trembled as he looked at him, with a look of horror in his watery eyes. 

    Gae couldn’t help but sneered at how he walked here, but now that he had walked over, he was not going to change his mind. 

    He stretched out a hand, picked up the opponent casually, then walked to a door of a room and put him down, and said : “Look at it, I’ll teach you how to open the door.” After that, Gae demonstrated how to open and close the door, and then he lowered his gaze and said, “Got it?” 

    The eared fox prince nodded again and again. The fear in his eyes had disappeared. He looked at Gae and said sincerely, “Thank you.” 

    However, Gae didn’t bother to listen to the other party’s thanks, and didn’t bother to continue to talk to the other party. He opened the door of his room without looking back, and then walked in. 

    At this time, Gae would not know how he made the most valuable investment in his life in a short period of time.

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