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   After arriving at Drunk Mengxing, Chen Xi had a great time playing. This planet was just like what Jin Yi said, the scenery and environment are beautiful, and more importantly the climate was super mild. 

    It was at a level suitable for living creatures, even Chen Xi felt very comfortable staying on this planet without any protection. 

    In addition to exploring the planet up and down like when Chen Xi was on the earth these days, what impressed him the most was that Jin Yi let him lie in a cabin and inoculated with inhaled antibodies. 

    Since Chen Xi wanted to contact the intelligent life in the outer universe, and the intelligent life in the outer universe is not known how far away from the earth in the inner universe, so many bacteria and biological characteristics of the two sides are completely different. If he wants to have a safe contact, then necessary preparations and protection are necessary, otherwise the contact between the two sides will definitely be the end of the collective destruction of the bacteria that has never been in contact with the other side.


    The feeling of vaccinating inhaled antibodies was very strange. Chen Xi laid in the cabin for a while and could see the smoke around him. Then a few minutes later, the cabin was opened. Jin Yi told him that it was all right, and he had no feeling during the whole process. 

    Chen Xi couldn’t help but touch the cabin, and said: “Is technology so advanced now? The vaccine is directly inhaled, how come I don’t feel it at all?”

    Jin Yi smiled, not telling Chen Xi that not everyone uses this inhaled vaccine because of their special life form, the Zhizu does not need to be vaccinated at all. This vaccine compartment is naturally customized for Chen Xi. As for the other intelligent life in the outer universe that are being sent here and need to be vaccinated, there is no such treatment. They still use more traditional injection vaccines, but the injection vaccines in the interstellar age cause wounds and pain. It’s minimal, and it’s not too difficult to endure. 

    After vaccination, Chen Xi naturally continued to have fun every day. On this day, Chen Xi was basking in the soft sun in a sea of ​​flowers on the edge of the floating island, drinking afternoon tea, because of Chen Xi’s preferences, in the afternoon Tea was not placed on the table. Instead, a huge picnic mat was spread on the ground. The tea and a variety of rich snacks were placed on the picnic mat. Chen Xi was lying on the mat, his head resting on Jin Yi’s thighs. He looked at his two-in-one tablet and was fed a delicious snack by Jin Yi from time to time, and felt that he had reached the peak of his life. 

    However, not everything was perfect in this situation, Chen Xi couldn’t help frowning as he watched some comments displayed on the tablet in his hand. 

    Right now, there are still words that disagree with him going out of the universe on the Star Internet. Looking at that piece of ** mastermind, almost all accusing Jin Yi. Although all the ** content is blocked by Jin Yi, it does not hinder Chen Xi to think of those words. 

    This makes Chen Xi feel a little uncomfortable. Although he knows that all the robot races are concerned for his own good, human beings have always been a distant, close and eccentric species, and Jin Yi is undoubtedly the closest and trusted by Chen Xi now.


    Chen Xi moved his gaze away from the tablet, and what caught his  eye was the dreamy beauty everywhere on Drunken Mengxing. Some might not be able to couldn’t help but photograph it forever. Because of the idea of ​​shooting, Chen Xi suddenly thought of something. After a daze, he immediately sat up and pushed Jin Yi, “Jin Yi, can I have exclusive authentication for my account on starnet?”

    Jin Yi didn’t know what Chen Xi wanted to do, but he still gave him a positive answer. 

    After receiving his reply, Chen Xi immediately raised the tablet happily, took a sharp photo of the beautiful scenery on Drunken Mengxing, and then posted a post on Starnet with his account that had just been authenticated by Jin Yi. 

    The title was: The beauty of Drunken Mengxing, I really like it here, and it’s another happy day. 

    Then below is a series of photos attached. 

    Watching Chen Xi’s actions, Jin Yi faintly understood something. The bright and transparent golden eyes couldn’t help but soften, and there was a very soft emotion in them, watching Chen Xi quietly. 

    Being looked at by Jin Yi in this way, especially the appearance of Jin Yi’s body, even Chen Xi couldn’t bear it. He looked around uncomfortably, and finally because his line of sight stayed on him and never left, he couldn’t help being annoyed, and said: “What? Isn’t it okay for me to post this?”

   He showed a low-mellow smirk, then a slender hand stretched out, lightly passing through Chen Xi’s short black hair, and gently pressing the person who had become angry into his arms, with a smiling voice sound of nature came into Chen Xi eardrum through the vibration of his chest, “Of course, my baby.” 



    A starship team that has been advancing at full speed in the starry sky, after a long voyage, finally reached its final destination. 

    At the center of the starship team, in the lobby where the “fireworks” had been seen, the silver wall now reflected the starry sky outside. 

    This allowed the successors of the royal clan to clearly see outside, and they all couldn’t help holding their breath while looking at the planet that was approaching. 

    They didn’t know that this normal planet could be beautiful like this. 


    The ever-changing pink, purple and blue is simply the most dreamy color they have ever seen in their lives. 

    In front of all the royal heirs, Bin Lan was also standing there, his eyes fixed on the approaching Drunken Mengxing, sighed in his heart, and finally came back from his thoughts. 

    Thinking of returning to that person soon, Bin Lan felt more eager. He no longer wasted time, and made a gesture, saying: “Go.” 

    The intellectuals in the hall moved to each of the royal heirs, staring at the people to keep up with Bin Lan. 

    When the starship passed through the atmosphere and reached a suitable height, the hatch opened, and a group of aircraft flew out. 

    All the royal heirs who stayed in the aircraft were completely shocked and speechless when they saw the topography of the planet clearly. 

    It was a sea of ​​flowers, beautiful and dreamlike, but compared to this wonderful scene, what shocked them even more is that the environment of this planet can actually make delicate flowers. 

    What a suitable environment this is! What a mild climate! !

    In the Star Beast Realm, the habitable planet has always been the most important resource, and the competition is also the cruelest. The more suitable the planet is, the more powerful races can occupy it, But even the richest Sangkuang clan or the powerful crazy beast clan, their main star is far from so vital, let alone so beautiful.

    The aircraft carried the heirs of the royal clan and went forward, and the heirs of the royal clan had no openings on the way. They all looked at the scenery on the planet and the vibrant places everywhere.

    It is said that to see the true strength of a race is to look at their main star, and the main star of the Zhizu is actually like this. At this moment, all the royal heirs have deeply realized the gap between them and the Zhizu. 

    They don’t know how long they have been moving forward. They can see a floating island far away, and the heirs of the royal family looked at the island floating out of thin air. They were a little puzzled, but they didn’t understand the magic of the planets and races. There were too many to go, so they were only surprised, and watched the aircraft go to the island until it landed. 

    This island was full of complex buildings, perfectly integrated with the sea of ​​flowers on the island. The heirs of the royal clans thought that the Zhizu would take them to see the noble person, but when they waited for them to be taken to a place. They later knew that they had guessed wrong. 

    Seeing the huge hot bath in front of them, the successors of the royal family couldn’t help showing a humiliated look again. 


    However, Bin Lan still had that expressionless look, and said coldly: “Take off all clothes and accessories, and then go down.” The 

    They all froze for a while, but in the end, it was the heirs of the royal families who gave in. Except for the princess of the Roman family who went to a separate bath, the other royal family heirs all put down their clothes and accessories with a face of humiliation and entered the bath. 

    Forced to enter the bath, the heirs of the royal family not only looked humiliated, but even had some bad associations because of the scene in front of them. Even the red skin of the prince of the Yan tribe became black and red at this time. While washing his body, his face twisted and tangled. After all, the scene before him was a bit familiar. When their father and princess chose the concubine, didn’t they have this process? 

    As for all the heirs of the royal family in the bath, the calmest one was Gae. It was hard to see what emotions were while washing his body. His long hair was soaked in water, and his long strands of hard sticker on his chest, and his eyes seemed to be thinking deeply about something all the time. 

    Of course, in the bath at this time, there was another person who did not see any concern, that is, the prince of the ear fox clan. After being ordered to go into the water, he numbly picked the corner that was farthest from everyone, so as not to accidentally angered him. 

    After entering the bath, he may have never seen such a big bath, or have never felt such a big bath, but the water in it is all warm and magical. He tentatively swam in the water, and soon started to play. The body of the ear fox tribe has a light body and light weight, plus with his big fluffy tail, he can easily float in the water. For a while, in one corner of the bath, a figure with a big white tail swan here and there.

    After allowing all the royal heirs to stay in the bath for enough time, the clothes and accessories they took off before were put back on a tray by the Zhizu. When Gae picked up his clothes, he smelled a faint fragrance on his clothes. It was obvious that when they took a bath, their clothes were washed. For a while, Gae couldn’t help but feel a little complicated. These intellectuals were really dedicated to that noble person. 



    At this time, Chen Xi, just not long after he slept until he woke up naturally, was eating his  own full-time breakfast in the dining room. 

    He didn’t know anything about Bin Lan’s return and the wisdom of life in the outer universe that he was thinking of. 

    He sat at the dining table, looked at the tablet in his hand, and took a bite of the meal that was fed to his mouth. 

    By his side, there are a few orange-eyed robots, according to his subtle reaction when eating, among the hundreds of exquisite art-like foods placed on the huge dining table of more than ten meters long, from time to time picked one out, and then feed it to Chen Xi’s mouth, trying to get him to eat more.

    And Chen Xi had long been ignorant of all this. During this process, he didn’t even take his eyes off the tablet. Alas, after a long period of depravity, he had already been corroded. 


    The wise races that Bin Lan had brought came to the restaurant under this circumstance. 

    When the people came to the entrance of the restaurant, Jin Yi walked out first once he felt them arrive. 

    So those wise races who followed Bin Lan in an anxious manner saw Bin Lan stop, and they also stopped. After raising their heads, they saw such a god-like figure.

    At that moment, they could not describe the feelings in their hearts. Even at that moment, they could not be as shocked by the golden-eyed intellectuals in this world as they did when they saw Bin Lan. In their eyes, there was only the figure of a god. Long golden hair, perfect face, and those indifferent eyes that seem to look down on everything.

   If it weren’t for the fact that the figure in front of them had many characteristics that were incompatible with the gods of their race, some races that believed in their own race gods almost worship him on the spot. 

    Jin Yi’s golden eyes indifferently swept over all the intelligent races, and then placed them on Bin Lan, and said lightly: “Bring them all back?” 

    Bin Lan respectfully responded. 

    Jin Yi nodded and turned around and said: “Come in.” 

    Bin Lan quickly followed. For some reason, Gae felt that the other party’s footsteps were a little urgent. 

    It was also at the moment when the opponent turned around that Gae completely recovered from that sense of oppression and regained the ability to think calmly. 

    Is this the noble person that the Zhizu said they want them to see? 

    Gae took a deep breath. It was indeed noble enough, but… Gae was a little confused. Doesn’t this noble person seem to need someone to accompany him? 

    After entering the restaurant, Gae’s confusion had a complete answer. 

    He saw a huge dining table in the center of the luxurious restaurant, and behind the table full of exquisite meals, there was only one person sitting. 

    It was a black-haired boy who was holding his face with one hand, and looking down at something indifferently. He bit off snacks that were fed to his mouth, and he had a lazy breath. 

    And around the boy, the people who served him diligently were all intellectuals with orange eyes like Bin Lan.

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