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   Looking at the orange-eyed Zhizu, the heirs of the royal clans gasped. At the same time, they were more afraid of the black-haired teenager sitting behind the dining table. 

    But then, something that made them feel even more unbearable came. It was the god-like figure they had seen before. After entering the restaurant, he actually came to the boy’s side and stretched out his hand, and gently wiped the corners of the boy’s mouth. 

    Can you understand the shock in the hearts of the heirs of the royal family at that moment, the feeling that a certain kind of recognition that has just been established in their hearts has been broken in an instant. 

    So indifferent, like a god, would actually do that kind of service-like behavior to another person… 

    And more importantly, in the process, the black-haired boy didn’t even lift his head up, still lowering his eyes, as if looking at something intently. 

    In this shock, the first person who recovered was still Gae. He forced back his shock in his heart, observed the surroundings without a trace, and then observed the results, which made his heart even more shocked. 


    He originally thought, the person with the highest status here should be the golden eyed wisdom tribe like a god, after all, both the appearance and the sense of oppression are too powerful.

    Although the black-haired teenager sitting behind the dining table was surrounded by everyone, it did not bring him any sense of threat. He and the successors of the royal clan around him were shocked by the action that the golden eyed Zhizu Clan wiped the corners of the young man’s mouth, but more attention was still placed on the golden eyed Zhizu. 

    But after observing all the intellectuals here, he found that the situation was not like that. All the wise races in this space were focused on the opposite. All of them focused on the black haired boy, without exception.

    Whether it’s the dark red-eyed or the orange-eyed Zhizu tribe, even the golden-eyed Zhizu, who is like a god, always keeps their eyes on the boy, paying attention to his every move. 

    Gae took a deep breath. Although he still didn’t know the identity of that intellectual youth, he completely understood the weight of that “honorable person”. 

    While the royal family successors were observing or shocked, Jin Yi stayed by Chen Xi’s side. After watching a video on his tablet, he gently opened his lips and said to him in a natural voice: “Baby, look up. Take a look.” 

    Chen Xi raised his head subconsciously because of Jin Yi’s words, and then he was completely stunned. 

    At a glance, he can see that there are more people of all kinds in the restaurant, but when did these people appear? 

    Chen Xi, who had been too attentively buried in the tablet before, didn’t know when these people came in, couldn’t help but blink, his moist black eyes were a little confused. 

    Are they role playing? Chen Xi looked at the female elves who seemed to look like mermaids, or female elves who were wrapped around in rosella and had green hair…he felt that at this moment, he had come to a fantasy world. 

    Chen Xi couldn’t figure out his state until he wandered around and saw Bin Lan standing in the forefront. 

    Bin Lan is back? 

    Chen Xi’s eyes subconsciously showed a look of surprise, but the next moment, he paused for a second, and his eyes widened again, wait! Bin Lan is back! 


    What is Bin Lan doing out this time! 

    At this moment, Chen Xi finally remembered the task Bin Lan was going to take charge of this time-bringing back intelligent life in the outer universe. 

    So these are… Chen Xi, who was still a little dazed, and suddenly realized. His eyes couldn’t help looking at the various groups of people in the restaurant again. So these were not disguised by the robot family. They were all intelligent beings in the outer universe ? !

    As if he understood Chen Xi’s doubts, Jin Yi stretched out a hand and placed it lightly on Chen Xi’s shoulder. There was a smile and affirmation in his voice, “Yes, it’s what you think.” 


    Hearing the completely strange language in their ears, the heirs of the royal clans have no way of knowing what these Zhizu are saying, they can only observe and endure silently. 

    However, they found a new eye color of the Zhizu. The black-haired boy had black eyes when he raised his head. 

    Orange, gold, and black, they found that their understanding of the Zhizu was really lacking. 

    After a brief exchange with Jin Yi and Bin Lan, Chen Xi was already excited, and his eyes couldn’t stop gazing at the intelligent beings of the outer universe. 

    After all, these are all aliens! 

    The intelligent life in the outer universe he thought about day and night, he finally saw it with his own eyes today. 

    Feeling Chen Xi’s scorching sight, the heirs of the royal clans shuddered in their hearts, and they were even more vigilant. 

    After a while, Chen Xi also noticed something was wrong. These outer universe intelligent races seemed to have no response to their words. Could it be that the language is impassable? 


    Facing Chen Xi’s doubts, Jin Yi took out a silver ear clip and placed it on Chen Xi’s auricle in good time. The ear clip is small and exquisite. Once it is placed on the auricle, it feels like it was sucked in without any discomfort, Chen Xi gently shook his head, and curiously asked: “What is this?” 

    However, as soon as he opened his mouth, his eyes widened in surprise, because he found that what he had just said in his mouth was clearly in Chinese, but what he heard became another language. The partial voice line is still his own voice. 

    What’s even more amazing is that after this language spread, he found that all the intelligent races had reacted. 

    Chen Xi asked tentatively, “Do you understand it?” 

    After hesitating, several intelligent races nodded. 

    “Acoustic jammers directly interfere with sound waves to convert language. It is the translator of the interstellar era.” After speaking, Jin Yi spoke in the common language of the star beast domain, “isn’t it easy to use?” 

    The completely unfamiliar language has automatically become Chinese when it is transmitted to Chen Xi’s ear. Chen Xi’s eyes brightened and nodded. It’s amazing that this completely barrier free real-time translator still retains its own sound quality.

    After the surprise was over, Chen Xi moved his gaze again to the intelligent races in the outer universe, and Bin Lan also stepped out in due course to introduce Chen Xi: “Please let me introduce you one by one, this is the Roman family. This is the Shuiyu tribe, this is the Canaan tribe…” 

    Chen Xi’s sight followed Bin Lan’s introduction. One by one, the female elves with green hair moved to a fish tail in the lower part of her body, like the legendary mermaid. The Shuiyu tribe, and then to the handsome blue-haired Canaan man, only felt an eye-opener, and then, until most of the people were introduced, a short one was previously covered by a table so tightly that morning. The figure that Chen  Xi hadn’t seen at all walked out timidly, and Chen Xi couldn’t move his eyes completely. 


    Noting the change in Chen Xi’s expression, a smile flashed in Bin Lan’s eyes, “This is the ear fox tribe.” 

    The ear fox tribe, Chen Xi, remembered the name almost instantly. 

    Bin Lan continued to introduce other races, but Chen Xi didn’t listen as seriously as before. From time to time, he glanced at the small figure standing in the corner. 

    He looked at the other party’s two pointed beast ears that fluttered from time to time from the top of his hair, his big watery eyes, his cute looks, and the big fluffy white tail dragging behind him, he just felt his own heart was about to melt. How can there be such a cute race in the world? Is this real?

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