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    Since these were all intelligent races, Chen Xi also introduced himself out of courtesy after Bin Lan finished all the introductions. Then, there was no language barrier, and Bin Lan told him that he could be in contact freely, and Chen Xi tentatively talked with these intelligent races. 

    Unexpectedly, these intelligent races with different appearances, whether they were cold or strong, are very easy to communicate with, whether it is Chen Xi’s curiosity about their race, or some other problems, the races he likes almost always answer all his questions. It can be said that they are very friendly and patient.


    Chen Xi didn’t think deeply about this phenomenon, but while talking with those intelligent races, Chen Xi intentionally or unintentionally, still stared at the eared fox tribe with a big furry tail in the corner. 

    But because he felt that the eared fox tribe’s personality is a bit shy and timid, Chen Xi did not specifically ask him any questions when talking to the races, but he noticed that the eared fox tribe’s eyesight when they were talking quietly moved to a place on the dining table, showing a look of greed.

    At this moment, Chen Xi finally couldn’t help it. He looked at the dinner plate on the table that was stared at by the ear fox tribe. With just this action, the robots understood his intentions and immediately brought the plate to him. Then Chen Xi held the plate and coaxed at the ear fox tribe in the corner: “Would you like to try this?” 

    Unexpectedly, the ear fox prince froze there suddenly, completely, and didn’t know what to do. 

    However, when he was at a loss, the ear fox prince saw Bin Lan’s orange eyes looking at him. At that moment, the ear fox prince had an inspiration in his heart, and then even if he was nervous again, he took the rigid step and walked towards Chen Xi step by step.

    As Chen Xi watched Little Cutie walk step by step, the smile in his eyes became more obvious. At the same time, in order not to scare Little Cutie, he tried to soften the expression on his face and release his kindness.

    When the cute little figure walked to him, he immediately picked up a crispy meat roll on the dinner plate and wanted to pass it to the other party, but before that, he remembered something and looked at Jin Yi, ” Can this ear fox family eat this?” 


    Jin Yi glanced at the crispy meat roll lightly, analyzed all the ingredients in it, and then nodded. 

    In this way, Chen Xi handed the crispy meat roll to the prince of the ear fox tribe with confidence. 

    The ear fox prince was still nervous before, and his big watery eyes seemed to be really splashing, but when he was stuffed with a crispy meat roll in his hand, he couldn’t help but pause, and carefully sniff, it smells really good. 

    Although the ear fox tribe is weak and has no combat effectiveness, his hearing and smell are extremely sensitive. Standing far away in the corner before, he felt that the good smell of the food on the table has been floating in his nose, making it hard to ignore it.

    Among the many scents of food, there are many smells that he has never smelled before, but strangely, those scents make him want to smell more after smelling them, and the plate of food he couldn’t help staring at before was the one that he had never smelled before, but it was very attractive to him, and now, the food was in his hands. 

    Finally, even in this environment, the ear fox clan couldn’t help being tempted to take a bite on the good-looking food, and then in the next instant, his movements were completely stopped there. 

    At this moment, the ear fox prince’s mind was almost blank, only the wonderful taste of the food in his mouth. 

    He didn’t know how to describe the taste. The outer layer of the food was a particularly crispy shell. The crispy shell bursting when you bite it down is incredibly refreshing. More importantly, after biting the crispy shell, there was a kind of fragrant and steaming sauce overflowing inside. The flavor that attracted him before came from here.

    The taste and the smell that he found particularly good reached his mouth, and it made him fascinated. The sauce that made him fascinated was soaked in the soft and elastic tender meat. The combination of all this made it into an unprecedented mixture in the mouth. The prince of the ear fox family never knew that the food could be so delicious, and he was eating it as if he was floating on the clouds. 

    The prince of the ear fox tribe was full of satisfaction, taking bite after bite, and only cared about the delicious food in his hand. The small crispy meat roll was eaten by him in a few bites, but before he had time to feel lost, he was stuffed again with a crispy meat roll. 

    “Take another one.” 

    At this moment, Chen Xi’s voice was so kind and beautiful in the ears of the ear fox prince. 


     Chen Xi not only continued to stuff the ear fox prince with crispy meat rolls, he asked Jin Yi, and selected some food that the ear fox prince could eat, and then took them all in front of the ear fox prince, and passed them one by one to let him try. 

    The human beings who have developed pleasure to the extreme have naturally reached the extreme in their research on food, and the food that has been developed to the extreme has been reproduced by the intellectuals who have recipes and perfect control capabilities. They are simply top-notch. The recipe, met with the top masters, and then combined with works of art.

     Therefore, of the hundreds of dishes on the table in front of Chen Xi, there are so many kinds of beautifully shaped foods that seem to be free of money, but in fact, each dish is the top delicacy. 

    Every time the ear fox prince thought that what he ate this time was definitely the best food he had eaten in his life, but in the next instant, this thought process would be easily overturned. 

    In this way, the prince of the ear fox clan was obsessed with all kinds of food and couldn’t care about raising his head. 

    Chen Xi looked at the ear fox prince’s cute eating, and the two little ears on top of his head flicked from time to time, and the big white furry tail behind him also dangled in front of his eyes because of pleasure. He finally couldn’t help it. 


    Looking at the ear fox clan who was completely indulged in the food, he whispered, “I hold you to eat, so it’s more convenient.” 

    Then, Chen Xi stretched out his sinful hands, and gently touched the ear fox that didn’t react at all, and then embraced him. 

    The prince of the ear fox tribe didn’t realize that something was wrong until he was trapped in that strange and warm embrace, and he couldn’t help but freeze instantly. 

    However, with all the intellectuals staring at him all around, the ear fox prince did not dare to escape, nor did he dare to resist. In addition, Chen Xi’s feeding just now allowed him to initially establish a sense of trust in Chen Xi. After stiffening for a while, he could only choose to deceive himself and ignore his current state and continue to indulge in food. 

    After a while, the ear fox prince moved his ears and his cheeks were flushed. He tried to ignore the hand that touched his tail and continued to eat. 

    In the restaurant, Chen Xi’s abduction of the ear fox prince and the successors of the royal family couldn’t help but look a little weird. 

    He seemed to have noticed something wrong in the atmosphere. After Chen Xi raised his head, he saw the races staring at him strangely. 

    He was stunned and realized that it seemed that he only invited the ear foxes to eat, so he smiled and said to them: “These foods taste very good, do you want to try them too?” 

    However, when they heard his words, Almost all the royal heirs couldn’t help taking a step back. 

    Chen Xi…

    How should he tell them that he has no idea about them, he is really just inviting them to eat.


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