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   Chen Xi’s first meeting with the intelligent races in the outer universe was very rewarding. He saw alien races with different appearances and embraced the cute ear fox race. The only sequelae was that he seemed to have left behind a subtle misunderstanding. 

    But this problem is not big, Chen Xi believes that as time goes by, he can explain clearly that he never had the habit to hold anyone and rub them in his arms. 

    Afterwards, Jin Yi told Chen Xi that the intelligent races in the outer universe would stay on the planet as his playmates, and could also accompany them on his journey in the outer universe. 

    Chen Xi was extremely satisfied with this arrangement. After all, it is a good thing to have a new playmate, especially since there is such a cute existence of the ear fox clan in it. 


    Thinking that he could hold the cute ear fox clan every day in the future, Chen Xi was in a very good mood. 

    In this way, after that first meeting with the intelligent races in the outer universe, Chen Xi would meet with them on a regular basis. Sometimes there are fun or interesting things to do that require a lot of people, and they will also be brought together. 

    Of course, the busiest among them is definitely the ear fox tribe. Chen Xi may not always see other intelligent races, but he will definitely call the ear fox tribe every time. 

    Because the prince of the ear fox tribe likes food very much, Chen Xi even thought of him as soon as the meal arrived and asked someone to pick him up. 

    As a result of eating with the ear fox prince every day, Chen Xi’s mood improved and his smile increased. More importantly, every time Chen Xi hugged the ear fox prince to eat, it was because of the ear fox prince indulging in a satisfying appearance, Chen Xi could not help but eat more. This made Chen Xi do his best every day, just to make him smile more and eat one more bite of food. Now, even looking at the ear fox prince his eyesight softened a lot. 

    To be honest, this kind of life hasn’t changed much from the past for Chen Xi except for the more playmates and the cute-looking ear foxes he can’t help holding in his arms every day.

    But it was this kind of Chen Xi that had long been accustomed to, and didn’t feel any turbulent daily life at all, but it overturned the worldview of those heirs of the royal clan of the outer universe time and time again. 

    These royal heirs, their daily life is already at the top level of their own race, and even some races, such as the Sangkuang tribe, are well-known luxuries. 


    But after coming to this planet, they felt that their thoughts were refreshed again and again. 

    Whatever he wants, and what he wants to do, everything will be what he wants. 

    That’s the kind of life the Zhizu teenager named Chen Xi lived. 

    That kind of life is no longer just a luxury that can be described. They still remember that one day they just happened to talk about the most beautiful flower in the world, which is the Southern Star Flower of Southern Cloud Star. The Southern Star flower grows extremely beautiful. And the fragrance is refreshing, and almost everyone who has seen it will never forget it, but the number of Southern Star flowers is extremely rare, the growth requirements are demanding, and the flowering period is very short, so very few people have seen it. 

    At that moment, the young Zhizu named Chen Xi showed a hint of curiosity in his eyes listening to their description, and only said, “Is that right? I really want to see it.” 

    At that time, all of them just treated the topic of Southern Star Flower as a small episode, and let it go after they said it casually. 

    But what did they see a few days later, when they saw the boy again a few days later, they smelled the scent of deja vu. They saw the very precious Southern Star flower decorating the hall, and the boy named Chen Xi was sitting there. He smiled and asked them, “Is this this Southern Star Flower?” 

    They looked at the Southern Star Flower in the hall in disbelief, and could only nod blankly. 

    When this kind of thing first happened, they thought that the intellectual youth was showing off. Although the price of showing off was indeed too great, it did make them shocked for a long time. In this world, only the intellectuals can do this kind of thing.

    But over time, with the increase of similar things, they found that things like Southern Star Flower was because the other side was showing off, it was just the other side’s usual routine. 

    For that wise young man named Chen Xi, everything he was curious about, what he wanted, could become a reality. 

    They also suddenly understood why every time they saw that young man, he was always lazy and careless about everything, because the group of intellectuals who cared for the young man meticulously would make every effort to satisfy the other’s wishes. 


    Compared with the life of adolescents where everything goes as they wish, the extravagant life they once thought is actually not much better than that of beggars. 


    When the successors of the royal clan were hit hard by Chen Xi’s daily boring life, Chen Xi also discovered that there was something wrong with these intelligent races in the outer universe. 

    Before, Chen Xi had always taken it for granted that these outer universe intelligent races came here voluntarily, but later he discovered that they occasionally whispered conversations with each other, calling each other their Highness and the like. But your highness? Is the title translated into this Chinese word so widely used in the outer universe?

    Feeling that something was wrong, Chen Xi asked Jin Yi again, and the results complicated his mood. Well, it’s not that he thinks too much, but that the intelligent beings in the outer universe that have been sent over are all heirs to their royal family, without exception. 

    So, can all the intelligent races in the outer universe be so generous, and let another race take away their highness? This is obviously impossible. 

    In Chen Xi’s complicated gaze, Jin Yi said indifferently: “The person who came to see you should be of this kind of identity.” After a pause, Jin Yi added: “Originally, I was going to invite the current king of their race to come over. However, many of those in power are older, and you may not have a common topic, so we have chosen the next successor.” 

    Jin Yi’s words directly shocked Chen Xi, the kind that reached the extreme when Jin Yi despised that the current power holders of all races were too old and chose a group of young successors.

   At the same time, Jin Yi’s disregarding attitude also made Chen Xi realize that he was entangled in the way in which these outer universe intelligent races were invited over, and what identity they were was not important at all, because the wisdom race of the outer universe intelligent races’ strength gap is big. 

    Moreover, this world has the law of the jungle. If their status were reversed, they will not be able to refuse the stronger cosmic civilization to do anything. More importantly, Chen Xi did not prepare to do anything to the invited intelligent race. What’s more, it can be said that this is a free tour, which is not a bad thing. In this case, his tangles are even more unnecessary. 


    In this way, Chen Xi put aside the problem for the time being, but he decided to treat his ear fox baby better. Well, he doesn’t know if he was frightened in the process of being “invited” over. 



    Another meeting between Chen Xi and the wise races was held. This time he chose to meet in the garden courtyard for afternoon tea. Because it was the time to meet Chen Xi, after giving Chen Xi his cup of tea. The orange eyed Zhizu also served a small refreshment in front of each royal heir. After all, it should fit the scenery.

    However, all the royal heirs who enjoyed the services of the Zhizu tribe were uncomfortable, especially Bin Lan who served snacks to the eldest son of the mad beast prince, so he couldn’t help feeling a bit of a chill. While Bin Lan was serving snacks, the burly body of the eldest son of the mad beast tribe kept his stiff back from trying to lean back, and he was completely relieved when Bin Lan’s figure left. 

    The eldest son of the mad beast tribe raised his head and saw the sympathetic sight of the Yan clan prince facing him, and he couldn’t help but smile in his heart.

    But after a bitter smile, looking at the exquisite and beautiful desserts on the table, the eldest son of the wild beast clan couldn’t help picking up one and putting it in his mouth, and then he was completely conquered by the wonderful taste, even if he was this one. Even if he, the crazy beast family, who only likes large pieces of meat, couldn’t help putting it in his mouth one by one. It wasn’t until there was no more piece of cake on the plate that he suddenly became aware of his disregard for his image and couldn’t help but raise his head, but found that most people were addicted to their refreshments, and no one noticed him, so he was relieved. Otherwise, the eldest son of the noble beast family liked to lick his plate when he ate snacks; he would be embarrassed if that was spread out. 

    Not far from the eldest son of the mad beast clan, Gae was also tasting these exquisite refreshments, but compared with the eldest son of the mad beast clan, he was much more elegant and restrained.

   Picking up a piece of refreshment that had a lifelike shape, as if it were a real flower, Gae took a small bite, feeling the rich and wonderful sweetness in his mouth, and after a slight aftertaste, he continued to bite for the second bite. After all, there are only so many refreshments, and there will be no more after eating. 


    Gae sighed in his heart that the food of the Zhi tribe is really the most delicious he has eaten in this life. Since they determined that the tribe of the Zhi tribe was only interested in the ear fox tribe, and they had eaten the other side’s food, no one could refuse this delicious food.

    However, these beautifully-shaped foods are almost exclusively for the intellectual youth. They usually eat the yellow tube-shaped foods. It just so happened that today that they were able to make a portion, but the portion is not large. What can be eaten at will, that is, was the Zhizu youth and the ear fox loved by the Zhizu youth.

    Thinking about it, Gae couldn’t help but slow down to eat these snacks. After all, after eating this kind of delicacy, the yellow tube food that made them feel good in taste became more and more difficult to swallow. 

    Eating delicious snacks, being in a beautiful garden with a gentle breeze, and having participated in such gatherings several times, the heirs of the royal families couldn’t help but relax. 

    Except for looking at the Zhizu juvenile holding the ear fox in the main seat from time to time, their spirits also began to radiate, and then coincidentally, many people’s eyes gathered on a snow-white animal, not far from the Zhizu juvenile. 

    It was a white and long-haired animal. It was called Xianxian by the teenager. It was a pet kept by the Zhizu juvenile. At this time, they were drinking afternoon tea, and the pet named Xianxian was also eating exquisite food. On the plate, there was roasted meat cut into small pieces. It was almost bite-sized, and it was very good in size. However, they just watched helplessly, the snow-white, long-haired animal with a flat face. It took a long time to take a piece of meat out of the food plate, but before it was successfully eaten into the mouth, the piece of meat fell off again. All the royal heirs who were watching silently couldn’t help but have a complicated expression. This ability to eat, how can this kind of animal survive in the wild?

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