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    Of course, as a pet of the intellectual youth, in fact, this creature named Xianxian does not need to be able to survive in the wild. 

    Thinking of this, the heirs of the royal clans couldn’t help but look at the wise youth who was holding the ear fox tribe on the main seat. Speaking of which, before seeing this young man named Chen Xi with their own eyes, they really didn’t believe that the intellectuals tribe could have such a simple and soft youth, this intellectual youth does not have any sense of coldness and alienation of the intellectual, and at the same time this teenager seems to have a kind of magical power, which can make all the cold intellectuals seem to have temperature when facing him. 


    This boy with soft and pure black eyes, everything gathered around him is also soft and harmless, whether it is the long-haired pet that can’t even eat meat, or the favored ear fox clan. They are all fairly harmless species, should they say that things are divided into groups?

   If they tell the story of such a soft and harmless Zhizu youth in the cold and dangerous Zhizu protection center, not many people will believe it. 

    Thinking of this, a royal heir couldn’t help sighing: “But maybe it is precisely because of this protection that such an intellectual youth will appear.”

    The voice of this royal heir was not loud, and Chen Xi’s position didn’t let him hear him, but the several royal heirs around him had all heard clearly, and they couldn’t help but nod in agreement. 

    However, in the next instant, they all froze there, because there were several pairs of orange eyes looking at the person who had just spoken at the same time, and then even more frightening was that one of the orange-eyed Zhizu left and walked over. 

    At that moment, the few royal heirs around who had just heard that were all tense, and the royal heir who was so emotional just now felt scared to pee, his face turned pale, and he tried hard to recall that he hadn’t said anything bad about the intellectual youth, he just sighed without any derogatory emotions. Isn’t that okay? 

    Because of the actions of the intellectuals, other royal heirs who hadn’t paid attention to this side before also watched it, and Gae was among them. 

    The Zhizu who walked straight did not stop until he walked to the talking royal heir, and looked at him condescendingly with cold eyes. 


    Stared at by such cold and dangerous orange eyes, the cold sweat of the royal heir came down, but when he could hardly hold it, he heard the Zhizu in front of him say to him: “Chen Xi is not a Zhizu. ” 


    The royal heir, who was nervous enough to almost run away, was stunned. He couldn’t react at all and looked at him. 

    Seeing how the royal heir didn’t understand, the orange-eyed wise tribe frowned, and then solemnly said: “Chen Xi is a human.”

    The orange-eyed Intellectual tribe solemnly reiterated that Chen Xi is not an intellectual, but a human being. This was reflected in the eyes of all heirs of the royal family who were paying close attention. 

    Human? They chewed this completely unfamiliar word in their hearts, and then they were at a loss. What is that?

    The royal heir who was stared at by the orange-eyed Intellectual tribe was even more at a loss, but although he didn’t know why this Zhizu tribe had to come over so specifically to reiterate to himself that Chen Xi was not a Zhizu, but a human being, but under the strong desire to survive at this time, his mind was full of the idea of ​​obeying the other party’s words, so he blurted out, “It turns out that he is a human being, it is no wonder that he is so simple and kind.” 

    However, when the royal heir said that, he found something was wrong. Many intellectuals looked over, and the cold eyes of those intellectuals looked very strange at this time. 

    The royal heir was almost crying, he didn’t know what he said wrong again. 

    Then the orange eye intellectual in front of him told him, “Humans are known as the universe’s most brutal race.” 

    He paused, and said:. “You should be glad that you did not find a human.” 

    When the successors of the royal clans heard this orange-eyed wise tribe solemnly reiterate that Chen Xi was not a Zhizu tribe, but a human being. They didn’t feel anything, but when they heard that human beings are the most brutal species in the universe, they were stimulated. 


    However, they couldn’t help but look at Chen Xi, who was still holding the ear fox prince and having fun, and looked harmless. 

    Chen Xi, is he really that cruel? 

    No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like it. 

    However, thinking of the meaningful words of the Zhizu finally made them feel a little cold behind their backs. 


    So after Chen Xi had fed the ear fox prince a plate of snacks, he looked up and found the strange silence and solemnity in the garden, and most of the people couldn’t help but look at him, he was a little puzzled. What’s wrong with them? 

    Perhaps Chen Xi’s confused look seemed too harmless. One of the royal heirs didn’t believe it so much, and couldn’t help but boldly ask, “Chen Xi, are you a human?” 

    Chen Xi couldn’t help but slightly open his eyes wide and show a big smile, “Yes, how do you know?”


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  1. Ah, well, humans are indeed the most brutal being in the whole world, they’re even more evil and savage than any animals, but then, they’re also the most silly and stupid being in the world, so… ╮(╯∀╰)╭

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