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   The cold and gloomy projection of the steel lair, no matter from which angle it looked evil, it looks like a giant beast lying there waiting to eat people, it was the residence of some evil existence, but now, Chen Xi said to them, look, I have lived here before. 

    For a while, the faces of all the royal heirs couldn’t help turning pale, and they were able to stand well there, and simply use their greatest self-control in this life. 

    No one of the successors of the royal family dared to speak, no matter how strong the race they were. The ear fox prince was always held in their arms by Chen Xi, and didn’t hear what happened before, but because he had gotten along with Chen Xi the most, the ear fox prince couldn’t help shrinking his neck, and whispered: “That looks terrible.” 

    Chen Xi couldn’t help tilting his head after hearing the words of the prince of the fox clan, “Is it terrible? But I like it very much.” 


    The architectural style of this steel lair is really cool. 

    However, what answered Chen Xi’s question was the stiff faces of the heirs of the royal family. 

    After watching everyone’s expressions, Chen Xi shrugged helplessly. Well, his aesthetics are obviously not appreciated by everyone. This may be the generation gap between humans and alien races. 

    After the afternoon tea party that day, Chen Xi still wanted to have fun. When he wanted someone to accompany him, he would gather all the races, but what made him strange was that after the party that day, all the royal heirs saw him change. They became more restrained and nervous.

    What is even more strange is that in the past, these royal heirs were silent and restrained in front of him. Chen Xi was very sure that it was because they were afraid of Bin Lan and others staring at them, but now, he sometimes feels that they seem to be scared of him? 

    This is really puzzling for him, after all, what is there to be afraid of? 

    Fortunately, although the attitudes of the other royal heirs have changed, Chen Xi’s favorite ear fox prince has remained unchanged, and most of Chen Xi’s attention mostly focused on the ear fox prince, so they were not considered to be affected, so he simply let them go. 


    Chen Xi has been on Drunken Mengxing for a while, although the floating island he is on can be changed anywhere on this planet with his will, but no matter how beautiful the scenery is, it will feel a little boring after a while, and then this day, the bored Chen Xi came up with a new idea. 

    After thinking of the new idea, Chen Xi immediately summoned all the royal heirs and asked them, “Do you want to try driving a fast car?” 

    Car? What’s that? 

    The royal heirs couldn’t help being a little at a loss. Finally, someone thought of something and asked tentatively, “Is it the thing that took us off the starship?” 

    Chen Xi thought for a while and said, “That’s a flying machine, not a speeding car, but It’s okay if you haven’t seen it, I will take you to see it now.” 


    Yes, Chen Xi’s new idea is this, since he feels bored, why not let these intelligent races accompany him to drive. After they learn for a while, he might still be able to play drag racing or something. 

    In this way, a group of royal heirs were taken by Chen Xi to a place they had never known before. When they walked down a flight of stairs and saw a silver wall, they were still very calm until the silver wall was in unfolded in front of them, the dim space lights up little by little from where they are, and then quickly expands to the entire space, revealing the vast space that is out of sight to their eyes. 

    At that moment, all the royal heirs stopped breathing.

    They stared at the neatly arranged cars inside without blinking, they were lined up there, and it was impossible to see the end at a glance, the shapes and colors were different, and Chen Xi called things a speeding car. 

    Although they have never seen such things, and are not even completely sure of the purpose of these things, it does not prevent them from being attracted by the exquisite and cool appearance at a glance.

     Chen Xi walked in front of everyone, leading all the royal heirs into it, and then, something that shocked all the royal heirs happened, wherever Chen Xi walked, the speed cars that had parked there quietly, all vibrated slightly, roaring, and there were cool lights, but the lights were on and the patterns flickered, as if to attract the attention of those who walked by them. 

    Seeing the movement of these speed cars, Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile, because the speed cars specially built for him by these intellectuals had special programs implanted in them, so that he was the owner of all these speed cars, whenever he approached, they would respond every time he sees it, he felt that it was cute, just like raising a group of pets waiting to be picked. 

    In the past, in the roar and expectation of all flying cars, he chose one to drive around based on his mood. 

    The scene that Chen Xi took for granted almost shattered the worldview of the heirs of the royal family. They had complex expressions, and they followed Chen Xi all the way, enjoying the feeling of being greeted by the roar of all the speeding cars. 

    Chen Xi finally stopped after passing by many speeding cars, and he said: “These speeding cars are the same as the aircraft that took you out of the starship. You can ride in them and then you can control them. Well, it’s easy to learn. It’s okay if you don’t know how to drive. The automatic driving and automatic protection system won’t hurt you. Each of you can pick one. We’ll drive out for a drive in a while.”


     A smile appeared on the corner of Chen Xi’s mouth, as he said this relaxedly. Suddenly he thought of something, his eyes lowered, and he looked at the ear fox prince who was only a meter high beside him and said: “You can ride with me in a car.” 

    The ear fox prince looked at him, and looked around, then nodded obediently. 

    Chen Xi thought about it for a while, and then turned to walk in one direction, where almost all the bionic vehicles were located. 

    When Chenxi walked there, the bionic cars that had been lying on the ground quietly reacted instantly. The alloy scales opened, and the lights that looked like eyes were also quietly lit up, and some bionic cars there looked like a Transformer, and when the low roar of the bionic car sounded like a beast restrained roar, the other royal heirs in this underground parking lot couldn’t help but look here, and were soon attracted over. 

    Compared with ordinary speeding cars, the shape of the bionic speeding car is naturally more cool and more eye-catching. Chen Xi smiled and did not say much. He walked towards a bionic driveway with a clear goal: “I choose this.”

     What Chen Xi chose was a cool and beautiful extreme bionic car. The dark red color seemed to contain rising flames. Each scale was changing color and opening and closing like it was breathing. It looked incredibly domineering, and this bionic car is not like other vehicles, this bionic car was next to the other vehicles. Instead, there was space around the car, and it was not directly placed on the ground, but on a circular display platform, as a bright light shines on it, which looks different from other cars.

    Next to the bionic car chosen by Chen Xi, there was a circular display stand on which is placed a bionic car of the same shape, only a different color, and a sea blue. 

    Almost instantly, several royal heirs selected it at the same time, but when these royal heirs walked to the car at the same time, they were a bit embarrassed. After all, they arrived at the same time. It is hard to say who should go. 

    The young patriarch of the fish clan, the prince of the Sangkuang clan, and Gae and others looked at each other. 

    Chen Xi, who was next to them, naturally discovered this situation. He said, “You all choose this one, it’s not easy to handle.” Chen Xi was about to say that other cars are also good, so they can choose another. But then he suddenly felt that his clothes were pulled. He couldn’t help but look down. He saw the ear fox prince looking at one of them, then raised his head and looked at him imploringly with watery eyes. 


    Chen Xi was a little surprised. He didn’t expect that his cute little ear fox also had a good relationship. But since the ear fox prince asked, Chen Xi would naturally help, so he smiled unchanged and said: “Since you all want this, I’ll let you drive it.” 

    Chen Xi said, pointing to Gae impartially with his finger. 

    Directly appointed by Chen Xi, Gae felt his heart beat, but after seeing the ear fox clan next to Chen Xi, he seemed to understand something. After stabilizing his emotions, he thanked Chen Xi and nodded at ear fox clan prince.

    Chen Xi directly assigned the car to Gae, so the others were naturally gone. The young head of the fish tribe and the crown prince of the Sangkuang clan looked ugly for a moment, especially the crown prince of the Sangkuang clan. When he came to Gae, he had almost figured out how to use the powerful strength of his Sangkuang clan to take that car. Although the fish Clan is also very powerful, he has a friendship with his Sangkuang Clan, so the problem was not big. But he did not expect that the car he fancy would be directly assigned to Gae in the end.

     Although his face was ugly, Chen Xi’s decision naturally made no one dared to make trouble, so the two of them didn’t say a word, so they went to pick other speed cars obediently, except that the young patriarch of the fish clan still glanced at the sea-blue scales of the bionic car before reluctantly leaving. 

    After all the royal heirs had picked the cars and got on with the help of the surrounding intellectuals, Chen Xi activated the one-button control fleet function and directly took all the speed cars out of the underground parking lot and flew out of the Sky Island, coming to an empty place. 

    After arriving in the open place, Chen Xi released the control and allowed them to explore freely, and then under the protection of a group of intellectuals piloted aircraft, he was delighted to watch their flying trajectory suddenly become crooked and twisted. 

    However, the speeding cars in the interstellar era are completely fool-like operations, which are really easy to learn. In addition, the inside of each speeding car is being controlled by the projection loop at this time. They can learn it after watching it twice and fumbling, so it is very fast. The flight trajectory of some speed cars became normal. 

    After Chen Xi waited for all the speed cars to learn how to fly normally, he turned on the team intercom function and said to them: “Go, let’s go over there!” 

    Then, Chen Xi rushed in that direction first, and the other speed cars hurriedly followed. 

    In this way, Chen Xi took the heirs of the royal family and drove the speed car crazy for an entire afternoon. The distance they drove in the afternoon was estimated to be half the diameter of Drunken Mengxing. 

    After personal manipulation this afternoon, almost all the royal heirs were infatuated with this feeling. 

    This feeling of speed and passion colliding, doing whatever they want, going where they wanted, is really fascinating. 


    On the way back, the royal heirs were not as excited as they were  in the afternoon, in the drunken dreamlike nightfall, Gae was sitting in the driver’s seat. The top of the flying car had been put away and directly turned into a convertible. The wind blew through his long blue hair, making his eyes narrow slightly. At this moment, he actually felt an unprecedented comfort.

    Even his heavy emotion that doesn’t weigh on his heart all the time seems to have dissipated.

    At this time, Chen Xi, lying in the driver’s seat like an uncle, looked at the ear fox prince who was sitting on his lap with a serious face and controlling the steering wheel with two hands in amusement. 

    When the convoy drove slowly back to the floating island with Chen Xi’s car and drove back to the underground parking garage, all the royal heirs felt unwilling to go up. 

    However, they knew that this was something that they couldn’t own at all, and it wasn’t known if they could have a second chance to control it with their own hands. 

    The prince of the Sangkuang clan cherished the car and touched the car, full of reluctance. Suddenly he thought of something, and even forgot about his recent avoidance, and proactively asked Chen Xi: “I usually see the Zhizu drive an aircraft, but why haven’t I seen them drive these speed cars?” 

    Although it may not be possible to operate the second time by hand, it is good for him to see it from time to time. 

    As for this question, Chen Xi’s answer was: “Because these are my cars alone.” 

    As soon as Chen Xi said this, the audience was silent. 

    They couldn’t help but look up at this vast space that could not be seen at a glance, and looked at the rows of speeding cars that were so densely packed that they could not be counted. Suddenly, they felt a little dry in their throats. 

    Finally someone asked: “Can you drive that many cars?” 

    Chen Xi smiled and said, “I can drive it every day, depending on my mood.” 

    After a while, the heirs of the royal families admitted that they were sore at this time. How desperate they were to watch and can’t even hope to own one, when the other person wouldn’t drive.

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