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    It was quiet in the huge lounge. Chen Xi, who was talking and laughing with the ear fox prince before, may have been exhausted because of watching too many videos today. Before he knew it, he laid on the soft couch to sleep. 

    And the ear fox prince who was held in Chen Xi’s arms did not dare to move at will for a while, for fear of awakening Chen Xi, so he waited obediently. In a quiet room, surrounded by warm body temperature, along with the gentle and regular breathing, the eyes of the prince of the ear fox clan became heavier and heavier unconsciously, until he finally fell asleep. 

    For a while, there were only a few pairs of dark red eyes staring here in the room. 

    After an unknown period of time, a figure quietly walked into the room, but the intellectuals in the leisure room who were in charge of guards did not respond. The figure that walked in slowly came to the soft couch, with long golden hair fluttering out in a beautiful arc behind him. 


    Jin Yi lowered his eyes, golden eyes quietly watching the two sleeping together on the soft couch, Chen Xi didn’t notice anything, but the sensitive ear fox prince seemed to notice it even in his deep sleep he sensed a certain dangerous breath, the two hairy ears on the top of his hair couldn’t help but stand, and then he suddenly opened his eyes. 

    When the ear fox prince opened his watery eyes to see the person beside the bed, he couldn’t help being frightened. 

    Jin Yi’s deterrence power is full no matter when and where he is. The frightened prince of the ear fox tribe subconsciously wanted to shrink into Chen Xi’s arms, but the breath of Jin Yi suddenly became more dangerous. He froze suddenly, and then, under those cold golden eyes, he stiffly moved out of his embrace. 

    Fortunately, after Chen Xi fell asleep, his hands were already loose, and he also changed positions. The cautious movements of the ear fox clan prince did not wake him. 

    But Jin Yi waited until the ear fox prince retracted far to the other side, then leaned over and gently picked up the sleeping Chen Xi, then turned and left. 


    Chen Xi was awakened by being gently laid down on his soft bed, Chen Xi rubbed his eyes sleepily, and saw the bedroom he was in. Then suddenly he thought of something and asked, “Where is the little eared fox?”


    Jin Yi said indifferently: “It’s been sent back.” 

    “Oh.” Chen Xi was relieved. 

    However, Jin Yi’s eyes did not leave Chen Xi, and seemingly asked: “So you like him?” 

    Even though Jin Yi asked a light question, Chen Xi radar suddenly detected something. This familiar feeling instantly reminded him of the matter of black haired Jin Yi. He immediately said, “No, my favorite is obviously you.” 

    After speaking, Chen Xi also stretched out his hand with a strong desire to survive, and hugged Jin Yi by the waist to prove that what he said was true. 

    Chen Xi’s reaction made Jin Yi couldn’t help but smile, and then he stopped pursuing the matter of the ear fox tribe. After all, the prince of the ear fox tribe was his playmate for Chen Xi, so he would hold on to this matter. But when he saw Chen Xi holding the ear fox prince to sleep, he was indeed filled with a dangerous emotion. 

    With this in mind, Jin Yi sat on the bed, stroked Chen Xi’s black hair with one hand, and began today’s emotional exchange. He asked, “What did you do today?” 

     “I didn’t do anything, so I played with little eared Fox for a while. Before the little eared fox came today, I saw a good movie, a total of six, and I finished all of them.” When talking about the movie he watched today, Chen Xi immediately became energetic, and he said: “The movie was called “Shadow”. The robot in it is so handsome. I like it so much, but the final ending is too miserable. It was destroyed by the space storm in order to save mankind.” 

    The “Shadow” mentioned by Chen Xi is a human being in the interstellar era. The plot of the film is naturally very tortuous, and more importantly, the robot shadow inside is so well-shaped, it perfectly pokes all the dots of human beings. When Chen Xi just fell asleep, he also dreamed of the shadow.


     The moment Chen Xi said this, Jin Yi had searched all the relevant information about the movie “Shadow” in his mind, and at the same time knew all the plots of “Shadow”, and naturally knew what Chen Xi was talking about, so when he looked up , There was already a bright red diamond-shaped mark on his forehead, and he whispered softly: “Is that right?”

    When Chenxi saw Jin Yi’s appearance at this time, his whole person almost lost his breath. Jin Yi’s extremely beautiful looks are better than the ones in the movie, and the long golden hair and the indifferent golden eyes make him seem like a high god, but at this time, Jin Yi’s diamond shaped mark on his forehead looked the same one as the shadow in the movie.

    At that moment, it was as if Jin Yi had merged with the character in the movie that he couldn’t let go of. 

    Faced with Chen Xi’s shocked look, Jin Yi approached a little further, and whispered, “Let me be your shadow, okay?” 

    At that moment, Chen Xi felt a bit dizzy.

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