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   Because of the diamond-shaped mark on Jin Yi’s forehead, Chen Xi was dizzy for a long time. It was not until his sanity came back that he reached out to cover the diamond-shaped mark on Jin Yi’s eyebrows with difficulty, “Wait, remove this first, and then let’s talk, okay?” 

    Facing Chen Xi’s request, Jin Yi’s eyes flashed, and then the mark on his forehead quietly disappeared. 

    Chen Xi was relieved to see that the mark on Jin Yi’s forehead disappeared and returned to his usual appearance, but then he had to admit that if Jin Yi played the interstellar role, it would be a level of massive destruction weapon. 

    After this episode, the chat between Chen Xi and Jin Yi continued, but their postures had changed after the appearance of Chen Xi being circled by Jin Yi because of the approach of Jin Yi with the mark on his forehead.

    However, this pose is not a big deal to Chen Xi, who is hugged by Jin Yi every day and waits to be dressed and bathed. He can continue to discuss the plot in “Shadow”, Chen Xi curiously said: “I saw that there are three laws of robotics in “Shadow”, do those three laws of robotics still exist in the interstellar age?” 

    Faced with Chen Xi’s question, Jin Yi paused before replying: “The three laws of robotics have been edited in the low-level programs of all robots, which is a rule that robots must abide by.” 

    Chen Xi did not pay attention to Jin Yi’s short pause, and continued to chat with Jin Yi, until sleepiness surged back, and couldn’t help but fall asleep. 

    Jin Yi waited until Chen Xi was asleep, and the golden eyes became extremely dark. In fact, what he didn’t tell Chen Xi just now was that the current laws of robots are not just three laws, but have four laws. 


    The last extra one was added in the post-interstellar era-robots must not actively seduce humans. 

    In the post-interstellar era, humans and their own robots become partners in a large number of cases, because compared to their selfish and flawed counterparts, robots are perfectly loyal and would never betray are obviously more in line with their expectations of their own partners, and at the same time they are used to it. Human beings with a superior life are also unwilling to continue to run in with the same kind. In the Earth Age, it is almost impossible for two humans to become partners, and tolerate each other’s shortcomings, and finally compromise to live a lifetime. 

    However, this situation made the communication between people more scarce, which also aroused the concern of the human government. However, at that time, the human law was highly free. On the premise of not harming the same kind, human beings could do everything they want to do. Therefore, it is naturally allowed to like robots and become partners with robots. Until, some human scientists found that robots with self-consciousness would have an exclusive desire for their masters, and thus actively seduce humans.

    As soon as this discovery was released, it shocked the world, because facing the temptation of perfect robots with super computing power, few humans can resist. At this time, they looked at the combination of humans and robots that are all over the planet as partners. It was almost frightening, because they discovered that they didn’t know whether it was a human’s own choice or a robot trap. 

    This discovery was almost immediately regarded as a new crisis threatening human safety, and then the fourth law of robots was born and written into the underlying program of every robot. 

    Of course, it’s worth mentioning that after the official launch of the Fourth Law, the number of humans forming partners with robots did not drop sharply. It can be seen from this that most of humans’ partnering with robots is indeed based on the human’s choice of heart. 

    But since the emergence of the fourth law of robots, it has continued until the extinction of human beings, and then there was not a single human being in this world. 

    Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi, who was still asleep and unaware of everything, slightly lowered his eyes, and his slender eyelashes cast a shadow under his eyes. 

    In fact, his behavior just now violated the fourth law of robots. 


    If they were in the human era, robots like him would be considered as dangerous goods and destroyed. 

    However, even if he violated the ban, he wanted…Chen Xi to only see him in his eyes. 



    At the same time, outside the public domain wisdom of the universe star beast races everywhere filled with an atmosphere of sadness, because some time ago suffered unexpected calamities of their race, their intellectual family Highness was forcibly abducted, but not matter how sad and angry, they still have to try to conceal this fact, lest other races know about it and they will take advantage of the fire. 

    But paper can’t contain fire, especially some of the intelligent races that are closer to each other, and some of the important events that have been scheduled for a long time have revealed clues.

    The royal celebration of the Sangkuang tribe is a major event in history. Every time, they will invite the royal families of the surrounding races to witness this grand event. Because the Sangkuang tribe is strong and wealthy, the surrounding races will not reject it. Over the years, the royal heirs of various races have come to congratulate. 

    However, this year’s royal celebration of the Sangkuang clan is still luxurious and grand, but the atmosphere is inexplicably downbeat. The various clan leaders who have come to congratulate each other all over the world are all fresh faces. “The second prince of the Yan clan, where is your eldest prince?” 

    “Hahaha, my elder brother is sick, by the way, where is your prince?” 

    “Ahahaha, what a coincidence, our prince? His Royal Highness just happened to be unwell, so he couldn’t come this time.” 

    After both sides greeted each other, they both smiled on the surface, but in private, they couldn’t stop casting suspicious glances at the other side. 


    As the number of races on the scene increased, this kind of situation happened more, and then the hearts of the races became more shocked, and it was the prince of the Sangkuang clan who re-started this celebration. But he didn’t show up until the end. You must know that as the organizer, the Prince of the Sangkuang clan is responsible for presiding over part of the celebration. Therefore, everyone can’t believe that this happened. 

    Suddenly, the Canaan prince Jiaye, who arrived on time, became a stranger. 

    In this celebration, almost every royal team who came to participate in this celebration was a little bit absentminded. They did not pay attention to the celebration itself. Instead, they kept observing each other secretly. The more they watched, the more convinced they were. The race must be hiding something, and the thing they are hiding is probably the same thing they are hiding. 

    This discovery made them tremble after thinking about it, and they couldn’t maintain their peace at all. It’s just that occasionally, someone couldn’t help but feel a little confused when they saw the Canaan prince Jiaye. Why is this person okay? Could it be that they thought wrong?

     As the only anomaly in this celebration, the Canaan prince Jiaye was also uncomfortable. He only felt that this year’s Sangkuang celebration was full of weirdness, and everyone who came to participate was not thinking about it. None of the royal heirs that he was familiar with came, which made him feel really bored, and more importantly, those royals who came to the celebration could not stop looking at him, looking at him with inexplicable meaning. If it weren’t for the occasion, they really wanted to attack on the spot. 

    Sure enough, they were all things that couldn’t make it to the table, and they had never seen the world at all. 

    After the celebration was over, the Canaan prince couldn’t wait to leave, but other royal representatives couldn’t help looking for races with a little friendship to test them out secretly, and some races even if they didn’t have good friendships to test, and didn’t rush to leave, but planned to stay here and observe the situation first. 

    The results of this meeting between the various races are remarkable, especially after they were surprised that other races might have had the same thing happen, they immediately mobilized all the intelligence forces of their own race to inquire about it overtly and secretly, so soon, the truth was clear. It was clear to everyone at that time. The Zhizu did not take his royal highness of a single ethnic group, but many ethnic groups that had fallen through this catastrophe. 

    For a time, all the races who knew the news didn’t know whether they felt happiness or sorrow. Originally, they thought they were the ones who were unlucky. The truth was that this was not their great misfortune, but a group attack of the Zhizu tribe. It seemed inexplicable that it was not only their own race that was forced to hand over the heir of the royal family, which comforted them a lot more than before.


    However, in addition to controlling the scope of their population development, the other wise tribes who did not interfere much, what did they want to do when they suddenly handed over so many royal heirs this time? 

    Also, since this is the behavior that the Zhizu treats them equally, and it is not known which of their races caused the Zhizu to be displeased, and suffered this innocent disaster, is it possible that their Highness who was forcibly taken away is still alive? 

    Thanks to the fact that everything has been said, everyone no longer hides it, the communication between the races is undoubtedly much more efficient. As time went by, they have summed up many points, that is, not all races have been forced by the Zhizu to hand over their royal successors with the muzzle of a star ship. All races that have experienced this have some parts in common. That is, those who have a high level of racial civilization, can communicate rationally, and have a long form that is close to the Zhizu tribe. Some of the brutal races on other planets, or those with too bloody and brutal personalities, who are closer to the sapiens, have no such encounter with them, but there is also an exception that meets all the standards, but only the Star Tribe had no such encounter.

    In truth, as a powerful member of all races, the Star tribe is considered very high in terms of individual strength and racial civilization. The appearance of the Star tribe is also very close to that of the Zhizu tribe, with gray hair and gray eyes, the limbs are tall and slender, and they move like wind. They even think that the Star Clan is more in line with the criteria for the selection of the intellectuals than the Fish Clan, but the Star Clan has not encountered this at all.

    But the races did not have time to envy the Star tribe, because they found that the attitude of the Zhizu tribe to the Star tribe seems to be a bit bad recently. Many races have seen it with their own eyes. After encountering the starship team in space, it is obviously a mixed star of various races. But regardless of the other races, they only aimed at the Star tribe, and the muzzle forced the Star tribe to tremble, and this happened not only once, but frequently. 

    The strength of the Zhizu is really too strong, and usually too indifferent. Looking at these races is like looking at a stone on the ground, indifferent and ignorant. Therefore, once targeting a race, it is as conspicuous as shining.

    Because of this kind of thing, many races have taken the initiative to alienate from the Star tribe recently, for fear of getting into trouble. 

    Of course, they used to be very puzzled about why the Zhizu, who had always ignored all races, suddenly targeted the Star tribe, but could not think of the reason, but combined with their recent events, they were forced to surrender the race of the royal heir. The Zhizu did not target the Star Clan, but they were instead specifically targeted the Zhizu Clan, so they did not ask for the heir of the royal clan. 

    Thinking in the opposite direction, the races suddenly felt that what happened to their race, perhaps, was not a bad thing? 


    On Drunken Mengxing, Chen Xi was watching the comments she posted on Starnet. Since Chen Xi took action of taking pictures of the beautiful scenery on Drunk Mengxing and then posting it on Starnet, Sure enough, his style of pictures has changed. There are no longer any kind of words to condemn Jin Yi. Instead, they began to comment on his dynamics and care about his daily life. 


    Every photo that Chen Xi uploaded to Starnet received countless comments, and that number could not be read for a lifetime. 

    If he picks a reply randomly in the comments, the enthusiasm is even more indescribable, and tall buildings will rise in an instant. 

    Recently, Chen Xi has had nothing to do. It has also become a great pleasure to see his own dynamic comments on the star online.

    At this time, it has been two days since Chen Xi posted a new update, and the comments are almost always words urging him to post a new update.

    Chen Xi looked at the enthusiastic comments that were increasing by refreshing all the time, and couldn’t help but hold his chin. But what should he post? The beauty of Drunken Mengxing looks the same, and he has also posted his own game facilities and his daily meal photos are taken, and it seems too monotonous to continue to post repetitive things. 

    The distressed Chen Xi suddenly saw a big fluffy tail in his field of eyes. Chen Xi ate a meal and slowly raised his eyes, and he saw the prince of the ear fox tribe with his back facing him, happily eating on a small table, his fluffy big tail was also swinging happily behind him. 

    A smile appeared at the corner of Chen Xi’s mouth, just him. 

    Thinking this in heart, Chen Xi raised the two-in-one tablet in his hand and quickly took a photo of the ear fox prince with his back facing him, and then uploaded it to his personal account. PS: The ear fox is a really good cutie, I like the ear fox the most.

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