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   Almost at the moment when Chen Xi’s post came out, the countless Zhizu who were doing various things in the inner and outer universe stopped their movements at the same time, and then smiled. They were all in anticipation and wanted to see what Chen Xi just released. 

    All the intellectuals who reacted in the first time set Chen Xi as an existence of special concern. 

    Watching the dynamics posted by an account, and even setting that account as special attention, just to get the post first. This is unheard of for the intellectuals who have never chatted and entertained themselves before, and never read any meaningless information. But all this was completely broken after Chen Xi appeared. After all, looking at the information released by Chen Xi, how can it be said to be meaningless? 

    They read it hundreds of times every day and leave comments carefully. 


    In this way, these intellectuals who had been notified of his post, when they thought about it, they obtained the post that Chen Xi had just released in their minds through starnet. 

    However, after all the intellectuals watched the content released by Chen Xi, there was a short pause, which is completely different from the usual frantic comments and madness when seeing Chen Xi’s post. 

    ——I like the ear fox the most. 

    They looked at this sentence with complicated eyes, and they had to admit that at this moment, they were a little jealous. After all, the vast majority of Zhizu had no chance to directly come into contact with Chen Xi, and that ear fox could be sent to get along with Chen Xi day and night, he can also make Chen Xi post such a picture on his account. It can be seen that he really likes them. They felt sour, extremely sour.

    After all, they really want to be liked by Chen Xi. 

    However, the Zhizu is a sane race after all. Impossible things will not be endlessly entangled, so they quickly changed their strategies. Since Chen Xi likes this, they will like it as well. After all, The most important thing for Chen Xi to be happy is to develop common topics.

    So after Chen Xi’s picture came out, except for the pause for two seconds at the beginning, the subsequent results were exactly the same as before. The comment area was frantically refreshed with all kinds of comments. Some even deliberately made their comments look more outstanding. They clicked on the photo of the back of the ear fox prince sent by Chen Xi and looked at it carefully, and then found a place to exaggerate. 

    Seeing this, other intellectuals also followed suit, making it a lively scene of a large-scale dog licking competition. 


    For a time, the comment area seemed to be incomparably harmonious. 

    But not all wise people in this world are the kind of licking dog who didn’t have the opportunity to contact Chen Xi, knowing that there is no hope, so they took a step back and licked wildly. The moment Chen Xi posted, a pair of indifferent golden eyes suddenly darkened a lot. 

    In the evening, Chen Xi was lying on the bed alone and playing with the 2-in-1 tablet in his hand, but it was not very comfortable to play, because he always felt that there was something missing around him, which made him feel that his bedroom was a little empty.

     He couldn’t help looking in the direction of the room door frequently. Why didn’t Jin Yi come to accompany him today? Jin Yi used to be with him every night at this time. Speaking of it, it seems that he hasn’t seen Jin Yi for a day. 

    Because he never saw Jin Yi, Chen Xi’s mood was not high, and he even felt that the content on the tablet in his hand was dull. While scratching aimlessly, he unconsciously glanced at the door of the room from time to time until he felt a little sleepy, and felt that it was time for him to go to bed.

     Recently, Chen Xi, who has been waiting regularly, fell asleep unconsciously, but even if he fell asleep, Chen Xi didn’t sleep very peacefully, as if he had something in his mind throughout the day, which made him notice it in the middle of the night. When the quilt on his body was gently moved, he woke up almost immediately, and then Chen Xi saw a dark figure beside the bed, and he stretched out his hands and hugged him, still feeling sleepy. He said with a hint of surprise and excitement: ” Jin Yi, where have you been? I waited for you for a long time.” 

    The dark shadow held by Chen Xi drooped his eyes slightly, and the light in the dark bedroom quietly lit up, a soft but not dazzling degree, but it was enough to make people see the appearance. The figure held by Chen Xi was Jin Yi with scattered blond hair. 

    Jin Yi looked down at Chen Xi, who was holding him tightly, with a hint of surprise and grievance in his voice. After a long pause, he finally sighed softly. This sigh sounded frustrated and seemed to have a sense of compromise. He gently pulled up the thin quilt on the bed and draped it over Chen Xi’s shoulders, he said, “Don’t catch a cold.”


     Chen Xi obediently enjoyed Jin Yi’s careful care, keenly aware that Jin Yi’s attitude seemed to be much softer than at the beginning. Although he didn’t quite understand what happened, it didn’t prevent him from being capricious with Jin Yi’s softening, and said: “Where were you today? You did not come with me, I was so miserable and alone at night. In the future, you should accompany me every night, or report to me in advance. “

    However, There was a moment of silence in response to Chen Xi’s words. While waiting for his response, Chen Xi raised his eyes with some doubts and faced Jin Yi’s golden eyes. 

     Jin Yi watched Chen Xi quietly, until Chen Xi was a little worried, then he said, “Isn’t your favorite the ear fox clan? Why don’t you let him accompany you?” 


    Chen Xi’s face couldn’t help being a little weird, this familiar aura? No way. 

    Jin Yi’s voice is as beautiful as the heavens, and his face is indifferent and high-cold, but as a human with normal emotional intelligence, Chen Xi was sure that he had just smelled a special smell. 

    So he stretched out his hand again and tentatively hugged Jin Yi’s waist, and said, “But my most favorite is you, and the ear fox tribe doesn’t even reach a fraction of yours.” 

    These naive words attracted his attention. Jin Yi lowered his head and looked at Chen Xi earnestly: “How much is it?” 

    “Well, less than one-tenth.” 


    “Less than one-hundredth.” 

    Jin Yi continued to look at Chen Xi quietly. 

    “Well, it doesn’t reach one out of 10,000. I love you the most in this world.” 

    “You promise.” 

    “I promise.” 


    Chen Xi’s promise finally made Jin Yi’s frozen breath completely disintegrate, and even a smile reappeared on his face, which made Chen Xi feel a little unbelievable. Therefore, Jin Yi’s series of abnormalities today is really just because he posted on the star network that he likes the ear fox clan?

    Even if he was almost certain that this was the case, Chen Xi’s heart was still full of incredible emotions. At the same time, he realizes that the robots in the future world can be so jealous. There can only be one robot in the family, because if there are two, can there be a peaceful day? 

    Just when Chen Xi’s thoughts couldn’t help but run blank, Jin Yi leaned over slightly, gently hugged Chen Xi’s shoulders, and said slowly and solemnly in his ear: “I will come to accompany you every night, if something happens. I’ll report to you in advance.” 

    Jin Yi’s beautiful and low voice entered Chen Xi’s ears, bringing an inexplicable tingling sensation. Chen Xi couldn’t help but tilt his head uncomfortably, but an inexplicable thought flashed in his heart. One is just one, this kind of existence that pampers oneself wholeheartedly, it seems that one is enough.

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