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    The dynamic sequelae of Chen Xi on the star network seemed to have been completely resolved, but in fact it was far from that. Some more far-reaching effects were slowly fermenting where Chen Xi had not noticed. 

    In the outer universe star beast domain, in the vast space, a group of starships are moving forward. At the speed of the starship, the planets were quickly passed by. At this speed, when a group of star beasts found a far away starship team, the race within it almost stood upright, and then immediately used the fastest speed to drive the star beast to the side, making sure not to block the path of the Zhizu starship.

    Fortunately, this vigilant team of star beasts discovered the starship early, or else it would be too late. When the star beasts were transferred away from the route of the intellectual starship in time, they all breathed a sigh of relief, and even couldn’t help but wipe the cold sweat from their foreheads, it was fortunate they find out early, otherwise if they really block the way of the Zhizu, the cold and ruthless Zhizu will not talk nonsense with them, and the end will be unpredictable. 


    These star beast teams who retreated to the side did not act rashly, but waited quietly, wanting for the starship of the intellectual race to pass, and then continue to their destination. At the same time, they inevitably looked at it with fear and dizziness. The starship of the Zhizu race is fast approaching. After all, not everyone has a chance to meet the starship of the Zhizu race in space. This is enough for them to brag with their peers for a long time after they return.

     As the starship approached, they were more able to feel the cold, majestic and hideous nature of the Zhizu Starship. When the starship was approaching, the hearts of almost all races could be stopped unconsciously, but fortunately, the starships of the Zhizu race would not bother with these races casually. As long as they don’t block the course of the starship and don’t try to get close to the starship by themselves, the starships of the Zhizu race will completely ignore them, and soon the starships of these intellectuals will pass by them. 

    However, in the next moment, all the races who believed in this, saw a scene that made their hearts almost stop. That is, when the starships of the intellectual race stopped before them, they stopped! ! 

    The feeling of being scared to death, that is. 

    The head of the group among all the star beasts was stunned, their eyes were frightened, their hands and feet trembled as they looked at the starship team parked in front of them, but they didn’t understand how they angered the Zhizu. 

    At the same time, in the starship team parked in front of the group of star beasts, a perspective image of the opposite star beast team was displayed on the huge display in the command room.

    It can be seen from these image diagrams that most of the star beasts on the opposite side are wild beasts, and there are also some other races, but this is not the most important. The inside of the beast is crowded with other star beasts, but compared to normal thermal imaging, it was simply a dazzling red color. It can be seen that there are so many living creatures crowded, the kind of space that is stacked on top of each other, extremely crowded and oppressive. It has almost exceeded the safety line required for biological survival. More importantly, they can tell from the scan on the screen that those crowded and stacked among the star beasts are all ear foxes. 

    The intellectuals present almost instantly understood what the opposite star beast team was doing. They were slave merchants. Combining their location at this time, these ear foxes should have been captured from the ear fox planet, and then are prepared to be sold to other planets. 

    It’s not the first time that the Intellectuals on the starship have seen this kind of thing. Before, they all ignored them and didn’t give a glance at all. After all, for these races in the outer universe, they are only responsible for controlling their development range and maintaining The basic ecological balance, as for other things, such as how they get along with each other, that is their own business.

    But today, when they saw the dazzling red in the thermal imaging, these starships couldn’t help but stop. Almost all the Intellectuals in the command room were looking at the red. 


    In that red area, there are a large number of eared fox tribes. With that degree of crowding, when the star beasts reach the destination planet, not all eared fox tribes in it will be able to survive. At that time, the dazzling red will be mottled and dark everywhere.

    And even if those lucky ear foxes who survived will not have a good life waiting for them. Those who are trafficked into slaves will live the hardest and worst lives, do the most work, but can’t guarantee to live without incident forever. 

    At this time, the words of Chen Xi appeared in the minds of all the intellectuals-the ear fox tribe is really cute, and the ear fox tribe is my favorite. 

    This is the race Chen Xi likes. If these ear fox tribes die, Chen Xi would be sad. 

    As long as this possibility was thought of, there was a wave of fluctuations in the dark red and cold eyes of all the intellectuals. Then, the starship of the intellectuals raised the muzzle and aimed at the star beasts. 

    And the wild beasts among all the star beasts, almost all of them were scared and paralyzed when they saw the muzzle of the starship aimed at them, and what happened afterwards made them feel magical, so when they waited for everything to be over, and then there was a sense of unreality, were they actually robbed by the Zhizu? !

    But looking at the star beasts that were missing from the middle of their team, and then at the star beasts that were dragging away quickly with a net bag under the starship of the intellectual race, they had to admit this fact. 

    But at this time, no one was heartbroken for losing the captured slaves and precious star beasts. All of them were immersed in the aftermath of the catastrophe, and even drove the star beasts to leave here quickly. It was horrible and terrible, they thought they were going to stay here forever. 


    At the same time, on the main star of the ear fox tribe, a gathering place of the ear fox tribe was immersed in heavy grief. The ear fox tribe in the gathering place aged over overnight. At first glance, it was empty everywhere. Even the doors of many thatched houses have never been opened again. 

    One by one, small children who were less than half the size of the other ear fox tribe, watched for a long time at the entrance of the gathering place, and then walked back in despair until the sky got dark. 

    After returning home, the house was also empty, only grandpa was preparing dinner, which was completely different from the usual lively scene. 

    “Come back, let’s eat.” The gray-haired grandfather put the cooked food in front of him. 

    But smelling the scent of the food in front of him, the little eared fox had no desire to eat at all. He raised his face and asked, “Grandpa, mom, dad and brothers and sisters will they come back?” The 

    The old eared fox was silent for a while, and then said: “They went to a place far, far away, and it will take a long, long time to come back.” 

    However, when he heard the grandfather’s words, tears appeared in the eyes of the little eared fox, “You lie, I heard what Uncle Ace said, “They were taken away by the slave merchant and will never come back.” 


    Listening to the cry of the little eared fox, the old eared fox was not surprised, because this is a painful fact. Now that the little eared fox knows it, It’s better to accept it so early.

   However, the little eared fox is still young, crying, and whimsically asked: “Then if I grow up to find my parents on other planets, will I still have a chance to see them?” 

    The old eared fox tribe heard this, and his eyes were a bit complicated, then he lowered his face, and said in a serious and admonishing tone for the first time: “Never have this idea. The ear foxes who can stay on the ear fox star are the happiest foxes in life. There is no other place, there will be no such life.” 

    The little ear fox started crying again when he heard what his grandfather said, because this is not an explanation. Will his arrested parents, elder brothers and sisters not live a good life? The little eared fox cried out of breath, and sobbed: “Why, why did they come to take away mom and dad, why did they not take us away?” 

    The old eared fox did not answer this question, but his heart felt more painful, why? Because of the weakness of their ear fox tribe, and because their ear fox tribe can’t beat anyone, anyone can bully their ear fox tribe, and even come to their main star to take the ear fox tribe and use them as slaves. 

    Or it can be said that it is a miracle that their ear fox tribe still owns a planet. Thinking of these sad facts, the back of the old ear fox tribe can’t help but become heavier. 

    Because of these things, the old ear fox tribe had insomnia, tossing and turning around until it was almost dawn, and finally fell asleep. 

    The next day, the old-eared fox, who got up early, started the day’s work. After all, all the young eared foxes in the family were taken away. They had to work harder if they wanted to have food. 

    Almost all the eared foxes remaining in the gathering place had the same idea as him, so although the eared fox gathering place in the early morning was a bit cold, it was busy, even the little eared fox that had red swollen eyes from crying last night. After waking up, he also began to help Grandpa. 

    Just when most of the ear fox tribes were immersed in their work, suddenly they felt that the originally clear sky seemed a little darker. Some ear fox tribes subconsciously raised their heads to look at the sky, and then they seemed to be caught by their necks. There was no sound, only a panic in their eyes.

    This kind of peculiarity has been noticed by more and more eared fox tribes. The old eared fox tribe also subconsciously looked up because of the strangeness of the people around him. Then the next moment, the farm tool in his hand fell to the ground, only knowing he became sluggish, as he looked at the huge fleet of Zhizu that almost obscured the sky. 

    The starship that stunned all ear fox tribes, the cold and towering, silver hull, shining dazzling light in the sun. 

    When seeing the star beasts of other races, the ear fox tribes still knew to escape, but when the starship of the Zhizu tribe appeared above them, all the ear fox tribes were shocked and terrified, but they didn’t know what to do. 

    They watched the starship slowly approach in their direction, then dropped something down, turned the ship’s body, and disappeared in the clouds again. 

    All ear fox tribes didn’t seem to regain the ability to think until the starships completely disappeared. Then, their attention regained their attention to the things that were left by the intellectual tribe and descended slowly. 

    Star beast? 

    This is what scared them the most, because the appearance of star beasts generally represented the arrival of other races. 

    But these star beasts were thrown down by the Zhizu? What’s the matter? 


    Because there were so many questions, most of the ear fox tribe did not rush away, but watched the direction of the star beast’s fall with vigilance, until some ear fox tribe suddenly felt that these star beasts were different from the previous ones. The wild orcs who catch them use something similar. 

    However, most of the star beasts are similar in length, and they are not sure, but subconsciously, they still approach the star beasts a little bit with expectations that they didn’t understand. 

    And the star beasts slowly landed under the gaze of all the ear fox tribes until they stopped on the ground, and then moved slightly, one after another familiar figures with large furry tails reappeared in their field of vision. 

    All the ear fox tribes in the gathering place showed unbelievable expressions.

    Today is good weather, the sun is warm and dazzling, and all the ear fox tribes have seen miracles happen in such bright light. They looked at the many relatives they thought they would never see again in this life. They supported each other, and then ran towards them with happy and excited smiles on their faces. 

    When the old eared fox saw his son, daughter-in-law, and his several grandchildren there, the old ear fox tribe suddenly burst into tears. He never believed in miracles before. The ear fox tribe who were captured by slave merchants in the past never came back, but today, he witnessed the miracle happen with his own eyes. 


    While these forced-separated ear fox tribes were enjoying the joy of reuniting, the intellectuals who brought back the star beasts carrying the ear fox tribe and put them on the main star of the ear fox tribe are also in a good mood. 

    Of course, after they have done good deeds, they did not forget to take the most important step, that is, the process of doing good deeds and the photos of the ear fox tribe they rescued were posted under the news of the ear fox tribe to Chen Xi. 

    PS: I saved a lot of ear fox tribes today, and I am really happy to see these cute ear fox tribes reunite with their families. 

    And obviously, it is not just this starship team that has performed similar behaviors in different places in the universe.

 In a short period of time, Chen Xi’s profile was almost overwhelmed by such comments.

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  1. Yay they were saved. Why would anyone want to sell those cute ear foxes as slaves? They should just leave them so they can grow and thrive. Thank you for the update

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