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   But when the robots were strenuously trying to attract Chen Xi’s attention, Chen Xi was not looking at the tablet at this time. His attention was completely attracted by the real-time battle game in front of him. 

    At this moment, he was sitting in the virtual game cabin, and on the opposite side of his game cabin, sitting was the ear fox prince. Looking further away there was a whole row of such games in the game room. Each game cabin has two relative positions, and at this time those positions are full of royal heirs of various races. 

    That’s right, after letting these royal heirs accompany him to drive, Chen Xi has developed a new companion play project, which is to let them play games with him. 


    The games of the interstellar age are naturally wonderful. All kinds of interesting gameplay and virtual reality experiences can make people play until they are old, but the only flaw is that he is the only human in the world now. It feels a bit lonely. 

    Of course, today’s star network is not without people. The 500 billion intellectuals are not a display, but to let the intellectuals who are super intellectual brains accompany him to play games, Chen Xi feels that he should save the province.

    Because he knows that even if he and Bin Lan play games repeatedly, they will have a fierce exchange, and he would finally win a thrilling victory by a mere millimeter and obtain the most extreme game experience. But all the results were definitely the result of the other party’s careful calculations. If he really thought he had won, then he is really mentally retarded. 

    In short, fighting against the Zhizu is precisely because it is known in advance that no matter what the result is, no matter how intense the process is, this is definitely the result of the opponent’s letting himself win, and no matter how hard he tries, there is no possibility that he will win, so he always feel calm, and he can’t get a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction.

    But this difficult problem that once made Chen Xi feel unsolvable, Chen Xi turned his attention to those royal heirs, he found a perfect solution. 

    So the present scene appeared, all the royal heirs were arranged into the game cabin, anyway, the game of the interstellar age, like the car racing, is also easy to learn. 

    And after Chen Xi gave everyone some time to learn and adapt, he started to play, and then he enjoyed the real pleasure of abusing people. 

    Well, it’s not uncommon to abuse, the key is truth, he knows what he abuses now is real dishes. 

    Sometimes when a round is over, Chen Xi will look up to the prince of the ear fox clan who is opposite to him. He can see the tender and cute cheeks of the little ear fox that make people want to pinch, which has become unprecedented. With a serious look, and the usual watery eyes staring straight ahead, it seemed to be racking his brains to think about how to win, which made Chen Xi feel inexplicably moved in his heart. 

    Really, it’s been a long time since he felt this real sense of victory. 

    Then Chen Xi won a lot against the ear fox prince in a row, but after winning more, Chen Xi felt a little unchallenged. After all, the little ear fox prince was just new to the game, and in front of his game veteran, he could hardly fight back. 

    The victory was too easy, and it made people feel a little bored, and then Chen Xi set his sights on the other royal heirs. There are so many people here, there will always be one or two who are more talented in the game and play better. 


    Thinking about it this way, Chen Xi called up the other people’s battle panel and observed it silently, and after observing for a period of time, Chen Xi really found a very interesting person. 

    Among all these people, the other party is obviously the fastest to learn. Not only is he very proficient in various operations, but he also uses a little trick from time to time to make his opponent almost beaten by him, which makes Chen Xi feel a little surprised. Because these royal heirs were all exposed to this game at the same time, the learning time is not long, and some are even at the stage of stumbling and half-understanding, and the level of that person has obviously deviated from the entry level. How long has it been? 

    Chen Xi couldn’t help but look up along the number on the game screen, found the game cabin in the room, and then saw long blue hair. 

    Chen Xi paused, his long blue hair felt a little bit as if he belonged to the Canaan. Well, the relationship with the little ear fox should be pretty good, and the little ear fox helped him last time. 

    However, no matter how good the relationship is, it can’t stop Chen Xi’s heart in choosing prey at this time. Well, it’s you. Chen Xi decided happily in his heart. 

    Chen Xi raised his head and glanced at the ear fox prince who was still obsessed with the man-machine mode and had no time to pay attention to the outside world. He smiled slightly, then got up and left the game cabin and sat in another empty game cabin. 


    Gae was completely immersed in the game at this time. This thing called a game is definitely something he hadn’t even thought about before. The kind of knowing everything is false, but it makes people seem to indulge in it. The feeling in the real world is really amazing. 

    That completely real sound and touch, every detail, makes people feel incompatibility, and at the same time he can control everything… That kind of feeling makes him feel that he is simply the god of this world, but this kind of real, can make him think that he is the world of gods. But in the eyes of the intellectuals, it is just for entertainment. 

    Of course, he must also admit that this kind of entertainment is enough to make anyone fall.

    When the prompt of victory appeared in front of Gae, all the illusions disappeared. He returned to reality and saw the game cabin he was in. However, when Gae was still in a trance, the game cabin door opened automatically, and Zhizu stood outside, looking at him coldly. Gae was frightened, and he became sober almost immediately. 


    Then a minute later, Gae sat in the game cabin opposite from Chen Xi.

    Chen Xi raised his head and smiled slightly at Gae: “Seeing that you are playing well, let’s play a few rounds. Don’t be nervous, just as you did when you played with others before.” 

    Gae looked at Chen Xi from the opposite side, smiling, nodded silently. 

    Then the game starts. 

    After the game started, Chen Xi found that his choice was right, and the fight with this Canaan was really a lot of fun. Alas, playing the game still requires the opponent to be a little bit experienced in order to be fun. 

    However, despite sighing in his heart, Chen Xi still easily won the opponent, and then smiled at the handsome Canaan guy on the opposite side: “Go on.” 

    Just kidding, he has been playing this game for so long, how could he be beat by someone who just played it? 

    However, such a confident and relaxed Chen Xi, after a few games, the look on his face became serious unknowingly, and at the same time he felt more frightened as he played, because he felt the progress on the other side made terrible progress. He had an advantage over the opponent. In addition he has more proficient operations, he has already mastered many mature skills, but whenever he uses a technique, he can feel that the technique he uses is quickly absorbed by the opponent. and then counterattack him. 

    After being accidentally used by one of them once, and then being overwhelmed by the skills that they had learned from the other side, Chen Xi had already sat up completely and devoted 100% of his concentration.

    However, even if Chen Xi was serious, it was of no use, because the opposite Gae was still making rapid progress. Finally, Chen Xi’s small mistake in the game was seized by the opposite Gae, and then he was completely defeated. 

    Chen Xi looked at the result in disbelief. After staying for a few seconds, he said: “Let’s go again!” 

    This time, Chen Xi was more focused and more cautious, and finally won. 

    However, this victory seemed to be temporary. With the progress of the opposite Gae, Chen Xi could no longer guarantee 100% victory as before. He went from occasional defeats to more and more defeats. 


    Finally, after losing a few rounds in a row, Chen Xi completely took the lead and fought against Gae on the opposite side. However, now that he has learned a lot of skills from Chen Xi, Gae, who has mastered it in another round, is already very powerful, and because of his own situation and the meticulous thoughts that Chen Xi had cultivated for the things he planned since he was a child, Chen Xi couldn’t compare, so Chen Xi almost had a ten-game losing streak with Gae. 

    So the poor Chen Xi, who wanted to abuse his prey, was brutally abused by someone to a vegetable. 

    When looking at the ten-game losing streak notice that appeared in front of his eyes, Chen Xi sat there for a long time without regaining his senses, the dull hair on top of his head seemed to rise. 

    Gae looked at the boy on the opposite side, who was usually carefree on ordinary times, sitting there in a state of shock. He felt that he was a little cute inexplicably, and he didn’t know why, he just felt like himself. Gae was in a good mood, so good that he knew he shouldn’t be, but the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up.

    However, after Chen Xi returned to his senses, he saw exactly this smile. With this situation, it was hard for Chen Xi not to think that the other party was laughing at him, and then he became angry in an instant, mixed with the grievance when he had just been abused. He got up and said loudly: “Bin Lan, you will come play this next game!” 

    Hearing Chen Xi’s order, Bin Lan came over and politely bowed to Chen Xi, saying: “Bin Lan obeys.” 

    Then Bin Lan came over. Bin Lan smiled at Gae, and calmly entered the game cabin. 

    Gae couldn’t help being a little nervous when looking at the orange-eyed Zhizu across from him. Of course, it was difficult for him not to be nervous. After all, the psychological shadow that Bin Lan caused them on the way here is unforgettable. 

    However, Gae quickly calmed down. After all, it’s just playing a game now. What can the other party do? Even if the opponent’s skills are higher, after his previous training and learning, Gae also has a better understanding of his own skills. His initial confidence is enough for him to fight seriously, just like he was facing Chen Xi, he fought and learned. 

    However, at this time, Gae, who was so confident, didn’t know what kind of hell he was about to face. 

    When a new game started, Gae’s breathing seemed to stop. There was no space for breathing, what was the psychological pressure that could make people collapse, what is the only thing that can only be watched and there was nothing he could do, Gae experienced this all over. 


    Obviously it was the same game as before, but Gae suddenly felt that he couldn’t do anything in this game, and he was not allowed to breathe. 

    When the unsuccessful ending appeared before Gae’s eyes, Gae couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. However, when he saw the game time, his pupils suddenly shrank, because it made him feel extremely long. The depressed time was actually only one-tenth of his previous games. 

    However, Gaai was not given the slightest breathing time, and the next game continued. 

    After half an hour, Bin Lan looked at the ten-game winning streak in front of his eyes, Bin Lan smiled slightly, and then gracefully got up and left.

    Gae, who was revealed after Binlan walked away, was already sitting in the game cabin unconscious, with an expression of being ravaged, and doubting about life. 

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