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   When Chen Xi let all the royal heirs accompany him to play the game, and he “killed the Quartet” in the game, Chenxi ignited a keen interest in the game again. By the time he became addicted to the game again, it was already two days later. 

    At this time, Chen Xi finally had time to go shopping on Starnet, and after this time, Chen Xi naturally saw the comments with pictures under the picture he posted. 

    To be honest, the intellectuals in this dynamic are all posting them after they have done good deeds, hoping to use this behavior to attract Chen Xi’s attention. 

    But Chenxi did see the good deeds they did at this time, but under these good deeds, Chen Xi also realized the true situation of the ear fox tribe. 


    He looked at the frightened and weak eared foxes crowded together in those pictures, and looked at the dirty, tangled hairs, and even some of the eared foxes who were still injured, as if he was caught in the same uncomfortableness his heart.

    In addition, Chen Xi also saw many times in the comment area that these ear fox tribes were rescued from slave merchants of other races, slave merchants, if these ear fox tribes were not rescued, would they be sold as slaves?

    Because of these photos, Chen Xi wanted to get a deeper understanding of the current situation of the ear fox tribe, but after checking on the star network, he found that the information about the ear fox tribe did exist, but what he wanted to know was not many, because the information on the ear fox clan on the star network is mainly related to the biological characteristics and habits of the ear fox clan, including social organization, breeding cycle, distribution range, etc., and finally a big evaluation: active iteration, widely distributed, no danger. 

    In short, Chen Xi felt a little weird in the emotionless species information. He couldn’t help but check other races, including the Canaan, and the mad beasts clan and so on, and found out that it was not the ear fox tribe. Then he found that it was not the ear fox that was treated specially, but that all the racial data were in one format, introducing biological characteristics, habits, social organizations and so on in great detail, Then there was a rating at the end. For example, the rating of Canaan is: stable population, stable iteration and no danger.

    After watching a lot, Chen Xi also gradually understood what endangered, and not endangered meant. 

    After understanding this, Chen Xi looked at the ethnic information again, and his mood became even more complicated. What was going on with this feeling like the encyclopedia information of other creatures on earth?

    But now is not the time to struggle with this question. After discovering that he couldn’t get the answer he wanted on the star network, Chen Xi thought of a person, that is, the prince of the ear fox clan. For the current situation of the ear fox clan, there should be no one better than him that can make it clearer. 

    So after hesitating for a while, Chen Xi asked for the ear fox prince to be brought over. 


    The ear fox prince who was summoned by Chen Xi didn’t know what Chen Xi was looking for at first, but almost every time it was a good thing, either there was something new and fun, or there was a delicious snack, so he jumped around, came over without any psychological burden. 

    Until he saw the photos on the two-in-one tablet that Chen Xi gave him, at that moment, looking at those photos, the ear fox prince’s eyes almost immediately turned red. 

    And Chen Xi looked at the prince of the ear fox clan who always had watery eyes before, but he had never cried before. This time, he seemed to be really crying. He panicked immediately, and he coaxed him for a long time.

    After the ear fox clan’s prince stabilized his emotions, he also knew that these photos were of the ear fox clan rescued by other intellectuals, and that these ear fox clan had been sent back to the main star of the ear fox clan, he seriously thanked Chen Xi, the prince of the ear fox clan told Chen Xi little by little everything he wanted to know.

    After telling Chen Xi about the current situation of the ear fox tribe, the prince of the ear fox tribe lowered his head a little, and said sadly: “In fact, I know all these things. The ear fox tribe is slaves in other races. I know everything is not good, but we can’t beat other races, even the other ear fox tribe on the ear fox star, we can’t fully protect it, and slave merchants of other races often come to our planet to take people away. But we can’t protect them, it’s useless.” 

    The prince of the ear fox clan who spoke about this no longer looked like the soft and cute appearance in Chen Xi’s usual impression, but was full of self-blame and heavy pressure. At this moment, he can clearly see his sense of responsibility belonging to the heir of the royal family. 

    Chen Xi didn’t know what to say, and he comforted the prince of the ear fox clan for a long time before he was sent back to rest. 


    After the ear fox prince left, Chen Xi was also a little down. He really liked the ear fox clan, and thought that there are many lovable existences of that race like the ear fox prince, and now they are living a miserable life. He couldn’t help but feel sad. 

    He also couldn’t imagine the petite and weak body of the ear fox tribe, but they were slaves in all races, doing the heaviest physical work every day. 

    Those photos were dirty and the hair tangled with the ear fox tribe, which made Chen Xi’s heart heavy no matter when he thought of it. 


    Chen Xi looked unusual in the morning, in the evening, when it was discovered by Jin Yi. He stroked Chen Xi’s cheek, close: “What happened, did you encounter some unhappy thing?” 

    After saying these words Jin Yi’s eyes became darker unconsciously, and imagined that if someone makes Chen Xi unhappy, then that person will definitely not end well. 

    Faced with the inquiry from Jin Yi, who he most relied on, Chen Xi, who was uncomfortable in his heart, naturally didn’t hold back for long before he said everything about today. 

    Jin Yi did not comment immediately after listening to Chen Xi’s words, but said indifferently: “It’s because you like the ear fox clan so much?” 

    Chen Xi, who was already familiar with Jin Yi routines, answered almost immediately. Said: “How come, my favorite is obviously you.”

    Hearing Chen Xi’s answer, Jin Yi finally nodded in satisfaction, and then said: “In fact, this problem is very easy to solve. Since you don’t want the ear fox tribe to be harmed or bullied, then let’s make the ear fox tribe a protected species.”

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