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  After the Zhizu tribe broadcast the notice several times in succession, a large number of detectors were released in the starship team next to each planet, and then on almost every planet where there was an ear fox tribe, the tribe would come down and take them away. 

    In the face of the Intellectuals with dark red and cold eyes, almost all the races were silent and did not dare to move at all. They didn’t care about what these intellectuals were doing to take away the ear fox tribe. In short, as long as they don’t come to catch theirs is fine. The fact that the Zhizu came to their planet to capture their Royal Highnesses is still vivid, and none of them want there to be a second one.

    As a result, in this quiet, within a short period of time, the ear fox slaves in the various races almost all disappeared, and the huge transport ships in the intellectual starship team quickly filled one after another.


    The Intellectuals have repeatedly explored the planets they searched for and found that there are no more omissions. The starship team began to set sail. The next thing they have to do is to transport all of these rescued ear foxes from various races or from comic transportation to the resettlement planet for resettlement. 


    Li Nu is an eared fox slave born in the mad beast tribe. His parents were slaves, so he was a slave when he was born. After he was able to walk, he would work with his parents at dawn every day. When it was dark, they would go back to the animal shed to rest in exhaustion, every day. 

    Later, his parents gave him many brothers and sisters, and then he was sold by his master and sold to another family of wild beasts as a slave. 

    However, nothing has changed for him. He still has to get up at dawn every day to do the endless work. Until dark, he drags his hungry and exhausted body back to the animal shed to rest. Life remained unchanged until the master bought a new slave. 

    The ear fox clan named Lin Yin is the strangest ear fox clan he has ever seen. He has a nice name and many habits that he does not understand. He loves cleanliness very much, and sometimes expresses his feelings towards his master in private angry emotions. 

    Later, he learned that Lin Yin was from the ear fox tribe star planet. 

    Ear Fox Star, a word completely unfamiliar to Li Nu, but when he heard Lin Yin’s description, he was completely fascinated. 


    Ear Fox Star is their own planet of the Ear Fox tribe. There, they don’t need to call others master, they are the masters themselves. On Ear Fox Star, the Ear Fox tribe does not live in the animal shed of the pack beast. The Ear Fox tribe can live in the house built by themselves, just like their master of the wild beast. On Ear Fox Star, the Ear Fox tribe does not have whips and fists to drive all the time to work. All the work on Ear Fox Star is done for themselves. They can have more to eat their own food, including a little more variety.

    The ear fox star described by Lin Yin is almost a dream place for Li Nu. Can there really be such a beautiful place?

    However, although the ear fox star is a place that a slave had never even imagined before, since he heard the ear fox star in the mouth of Lin Yin, his originally gloomy world has been given a touch of color, he also had a dream in his heart since then, that is, one day, if he can also live on Ear Fox star. 

    Lin Yin said that all the ear fox tribes came from the ear fox star, he was captured from the ear fox star by the slave merchant, and their ancestors are slaves that must have been captured from the ear fox star by the slave merchant, the ear fox star is where they really should stay, and they will go back one day.

   Because of Lin Yin’s words, since then, no matter how hard or tired, Li Nu has been working hard to live. With that hope in his heart, he thought that one day, he might also see the ear fox star. 

    But his hope was soon ruthlessly broken, because Lin Yin accidentally broke his tools while working, and was directly killed by their angry master. 

    When he saw the cold corpse of Lin Yin, the hope in Li Nu’s heart was shattered, and the cold reality once again awakened him from his dream. 

    Lin Yin, who told him the beautiful ear fox star, failed to return to the ear fox star, and he will never have that day. His ultimate destiny, if not like Lin Yin, would be to be killed by his master because of a mistake, or be like the other of the ear fox tribe who were exhausted and sick to death. 

    After burying Lin Yin’s body, Li Nu no longer had that unrealistic fantasy in his heart. 

    But he still tried to live. Although it was painful to live, he was even more afraid of dying alone. 

    In this way, he didn’t know how long it would take. One day, he heard a voice from the sky. The voice mentioned the ear fox tribe and said something he didn’t quite understand. 


    He continued to work without raising his head, because if he stopped and was found by his master, he would definitely be lashed with a whip. He might get injured and get sick, and then he might not be able to hold on any longer.

    Until the sky was covered by a shadow, and at the same time a strong sense of oppression came from his side. He slowly raised his head and saw two tall figures. They had dark red cold eyes and were wearing silver clothes. They were expressionless as they looked at him. 

    Through the gap between the two figures, he saw his master hiding in a corner, as if he wanted to bury himself.

    He didn’t know why, seeing the horrified face of the master who has always been tyrannical, he didn’t even dare to make a sound, but he suddenly wanted to laugh. 

    Then he was taken away by the two tall figures with dark red eyes that appeared suddenly. He did not resist, and he knew that it was useless to resist, because although these two strange figures did not know who they were, he did not resist. He didn’t know what kind of race they are, but just looking at his master of the wild beast clan dare not say anything, he knew that it must be an extremely powerful existence. 

    When he was taken away, he was locked into a large place, where there were countless ear fox tribes, and the number was still increasing. Seeing the horror or silence of the same tribe, he quietly found a place to sit. Whatever happens, so be it,  he thought to himself, no matter what those strange races with dark red eyes want to do to him, it doesn’t matter where they want to take him. Since it is unavoidable, it would be good to end like this.

    Anyway, being alive is too tiring, and he has almost lived enough. Seeing the horror of the master of the wild beast before death, he also feels very satisfied. 

    The slaves who thought this way had been sitting there quietly and didn’t move until the time passed. They didn’t know how long this closed space was open again. The tall figures with dark red eyes reappeared, allowing them to walk out of this space. 

    What they didn’t expect was that when they walked out of that space, they saw green grass, warm sunlight, and plants full of berries, while in their ears, there were crisp bird calls. The beautiful scenery, when they saw it, they couldn’t help feeling relaxed and addicted. 

    However, what made them even more unexpected was that when all the ear fox tribes in that huge space came out, the voice that spread far away appeared again. The voice told them that from now on this planet will be given to them. They can live freely here. 

    What does it mean? 


    They couldn’t believe what they heard, but in their sight, the behemoth they walked out closed the exit again, and then slowly lifted into the air until it disappeared into the sky. 

    After the behemoth disappeared for a long time, they were at a loss and took a tentative step on this land. Then, they couldn’t help crying because of this feeling of freedom. 

    Li Nu was mixed among those tentatively striding out of the same race. Unconsciously, his face was full of tears. It turned out that the ear fox star really exists. 



    The ear fox tribe was rescued methodically, and then the whole process of being placed on the ear fox star, there was a special live broadcast, which can be watched by Chen Xi at any time, and Chen Xi watched the scarred fox tribe carefully as they took a tentative step on their new homeland, and then cried with tears down their faces, it moved him to tears. 

    While Jin Yi sat across from Chen Xi , looking at Chen Xi’s red eyes and the tears in them, he couldn’t help but slowly tighten his eyebrows. He solemnly said, “Are you going to cry?”

    Chen Xi’s reaction was slow and raised his head, staring at Jin Yi blankly. 

    However, before Chen Xi could really cried, Jin Yi said more solemnly: “If you really cry, I will let all the tears given to you by these ear foxes be buried with you.” 

    Hiccup! The tears in Chen Xi’s eyes disappeared instantly.

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