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   Chen Xi looked at the monster fish with a big mouth full of fangs almost half of their body, and couldn’t help being shocked for a long time, “This is?” 

    “That’s a horse beast, and it’s also our tourist attraction this time.” A beautiful low voice sounded, and a figure like a god walked slowly to Chen Xi’s side and took over what Bin Lan was doing before. 

    “You mean, I am going to play here this time?” Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but widen. 

    Jin Yi’s slender fingers peeled a grape with grace, and gently sent it into Chen Xi’s lips, and asked in a slow voice, “What? Are you not looking forward to it?” 

    Chen Xi’s eyes were slightly bent, and he quickly ate the grapes, and with a tone of excitement said: “Of course I look forward to it. It must be more exciting to get in touch with these horse beasts up close rather than watching a movie.” 

    A smile appeared on Jin Yi’s face slowly, and he said warmly: “I’m looking forward to it too.” 


    The huge starship team moved forward at full speed, quickly approaching the destination, only about two days later, the starship team was already close to the meteorite belt. 

    And now that they have arrived at the destination, the successors of the royal families who have been carried on the ordinary starships are also used to it. After all, as playmates, how can they not accompany Chen Xi to visit the scenic spots at this time.


    In the starry sky, the originally orderly starship team dispersed slightly. An ordinary starship, which was in the relatively backward direction of the team, passed one starship after another, and arrived at the starship team. Beside the special starship in the protection center, and then quietly peeked out of a passage, with a light click, docked with the special starship. 

    At the same time, the confined space where the royal heirs stayed suddenly opened. A group of intellectuals walked in. It was Bin Lan who took the lead. His orange eyes swept over them lightly, they were unable to hear any emotions as he said: “Everyone, come out, come with me.” 

    Under Bin Lan’s order, all the royal heirs, whether they were in their room or in the hall, all obediently followed the Zhizu team out. 

    The outside was still a piece of silver that they were familiar with, and they wondered in their hearts where the Zhizu would take them? While following the Zhizu team through halls, passages, through countless silver barrier doors that opened and closed. It wasn’t until another silver door opened, that they seemed to have suddenly entered another world. 

    From the original simple and cold silver world, they suddenly entered an extremely luxurious palace. 

    The shocking scene in front of them kept all the royal heirs still. What they stepped on was a soft and gorgeous carpet. What was visible to the eye was exquisite furnishings like works of art. From top to bottom, every color and line showed incomparable luxury and dignity.

    In fact, when it comes to palaces, the heirs of the royal families present are undoubtedly the most familiar, because each of them has lived in the palace of their own race from birth, so they are familiar with the breath of the palace with their eyes closed. As for palaces, no matter which race they belong to, they have more or less the same characteristics, but at this time, as they looked at everything around them, looking at the exquisite and luxurious scenery that interprets beauty and dignity to the extreme everywhere, they suddenly feel a little ashamed. Compared with everything in front of them, the so-called royal palace of their race is a crude wooden house.

   When these royal heirs looked at everything in front of them, Bin Lan turned around and stared at them coldly when he felt them not keep up, could not help frowning, “What’s the hold up?” 


    The royal heir returned to his senses and hurriedly followed. 

    However, after being awakened by Bin Lan and after the initial shock, they were finally able to think while walking. Everything here is extremely luxurious, and there is only one person in the Zhizu style with this style. 

    Sure enough, after passing through the incomparably luxurious scenery, they arrived at a place that looked like a palace hall, and there, Chen Xi was sitting on a seat that was exquisite like a throne, holding his chin and opening his mouth to pick up the grapes pinched by slender jade white fingers.

    When he saw them walk in, Chen Xi’s eyes lit up, and the lazy breath on his body disappeared, and he waved at them: “Come here and sit down. We are going to the attraction soon.” 

    The moment they saw Chen Xi, all the royal heirs couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. At the very least, Chen Xi’s appearance showed that there was nothing wrong with their previous guesses. For a while, everyone’s hearts were more steady.

    However, because of the dangling blond hair standing next to Chen Xi and the hugely oppressive figure, they didn’t dare to say anything, they just smiled cautiously, and then obediently found a seat in the next circle of seats. 

    When these intelligent races from the outer universe came in and found a place for them to sit down, Jin Yi never looked up. His eyes only looked at Chen Xi eating grapes. After patiently feeding a few, Jin Yi asked, “Do you still want to eat? ” 

    Chen Xi shook his head, Jin Yi stopped the stripping grape action, took a snow-white square towel to wipe his fingers one by one, and then grabbed a new snow-white square towel to carefully wipe the corners of Chenxi’s mouth.

    And Chenxi, who was already depraved, was still unaffected and let Jin Yi take care of him. He looked at the descendants of the royal heirs and said: “Sit down, our attractions today are very exciting, haha, it will be unforgettable for you all your life.”

    Following Chen Xi’s words, a gorgeous wall of this luxurious hall suddenly became transparent, reflecting the starry sky outside. The heirs of the royal families were not unfamiliar with all of this, but at this time they still couldn’t help but feel a little stunned, because they didn’t suddenly remember until they saw the starry sky outside that they were on the starship at this time. 

    Looking at the luxurious decorations around this palace, and thinking that it was in a starship sailing in the starry sky, they couldn’t help but take a deep breath. 


    However, after trying to balance themselves, these royal heirs are still looking forward to today’s “scenic spot”. After all, the things Chen Xi took them to play have never let them down, whether it is the scenery of Drunken Mengxing, or speed cars and games, each of them is something they have never seen before, and today Chen Xi said that they will see a exciting and unforgettable attractions, how amazing was that? For a time, all the royal heirs were looking forward to it. 

    With the voyage of the starship team, a meteorite belt can already be seen from a distance on the starscape wall. Many heirs of the royal family have not seen this magical scene, and they can’t help but look intently. 

    As for the starship team, it was obvious that they were heading straight towards the meteorite belt, and as the starship was advancing at full speed, the meteorite belt was getting closer and closer. 

    Seeing the gray, countless meteorites mingled with the meteorite belt passing by, all the royal heirs present were all amazed. Is this the spot they were looking at today? Sure enough, it was rare to see such a magical place in the starry sky that they had never seen before. 

    However, just when everyone was about to quietly appreciate the meteorite belt, they arrived at the starship team next to the meteorite belt, and went straight in without stopping. 

    For a moment, the faces of all the royal heirs couldn’t help but go blank for a moment. 

    Isn’t this suicide? After all, they just saw with their own eyes how messy and dense the meteorites are in the meteorite belt.

    After entering the meteorite belt, the clear starry sky was almost invisible on the starscape wall, and it turned gray. Suddenly, the eldest son of the beast clan looked at the starscape wall and screamed, and then the other royal heirs also couldn’t sit still, and stood up from their chairs one after another, because they saw a meteorite on the starscape wall smashing quickly towards them, almost obstructing the line of sight in a blink of an eye. 

    But the final outcome, of course, was not that the meteorite destroyed the starship. The meteorite barely got close to the starship, it was accurately targeted by the starship’s muzzle, and it was blown out in smoke. 

    At that moment, Chen Xi’s face turned pale, but after the muzzle blasted the meteorite, he relaxed again. After all, Jin Yi wouldn’t bring him here to play, if it wasn’t absolutely safe. This starship team has the mastermind of the Zhizu tribe and has the only human being. If their starship team has an accident, it should be the result of the complete destruction of mankind and the Zhizu tribe. 

    After understanding this, Chen Xi looked at everyone standing nervously in the hall, and then soothed: “It’s okay, the meteorite won’t hit us. This place will be fun once we come in.” 

    However, after listening to Chen Xi’s words, the royal heirs just wanted to go crazy! Who plays like this?! There are so many meteorites here. How can the Zhizu guarantee 100% success? If one is missed, they will all be finished.


    The heirs of the royal clans who are so worried, of course, do not know that under the super intellectual brain calculation path of the intellectuals, the bombing meteorite will be missed. 

    But God obviously still thinks that the pressure of these poor royal heirs is not strong enough. In this tense atmosphere, the young patriarch of the fish clan suddenly keenly perceives a fleeting but flexible shadow that was definitely not a meteorite, he was horrified. However, he was surprised and said in surprise: “What is that?” 

    “What?” The others looked over inexplicably, but found nothing. They couldn’t help but glance at the young patriarch of the fish clan in confusion. Did they make a mistake? 

    But the next moment, the originally gray starscape wall suddenly burst out a big mouth full of sharp teeth.

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