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    “Ah ah ah ah !!!” 

    Within the Starfleet screams immediately sounded together, while looking for a place to escape, putting forth an alert posture, but when they were doing these actions. They still subconsciously looked at almost every race to find the reaction of the strongest in the hall at this dangerous moment, but when they saw the reaction of the intellectuals, they were collectively stunned. 

    Because the reaction of the Zhizu was that there was no reaction, and they had that cold and calm appearance. When they were on guard to escape, the Intellectuals didn’t even change their posture. 

    It was not only the intellectuals, but even Chen Xi, who was sitting on the gorgeous seat, did not appear to be too nervous. Not only was he not nervous, his eyes that looked at the transparent wall were full of shining excitement. The heirs of the royal families…… 

    Even if their reaction is slow, they felt something was wrong. 

    Sure enough, Chen Xi soon explained to them, “That is a horse beast, and it is also the attraction we are visiting this time.” 

    Horse beast…tourist attractions. 


    Well, they finally understood why Chen Xi had been stressing that it was exciting before. It was indeed exciting. At this moment, the horse beast outside slammed into the starship again, and everyone couldn’t help but shudder. 

    Because the horse beast’s action outside was very sudden, Chen Xi couldn’t help being startled, and Jin Yi looked down at Chen Xi’s expression, and said warmly, “Come closer if you are afraid.”

   Chen Xi did not refuse Jin Yi’s kindness, moved a little closer to Jin Yi’s direction, and grasped Jin Yi’s robe tightly with his fingers. If he was scared, he would definitely be able to bury his face in Jin Yi’s arms.

    As the starship went to the depths of the meteorite belt, there were more huge strange fish with sharp teeth than before, and these strange fish were very fierce. After discovering the starship, they almost attacked it one after another. For a time, only sharp teeth could be seen on the Starview wall, and the sound of horse beasts hitting the Starship and biting on the Starship, It made people’s scalp numb.

    Some royal heirs turned pale, flustered and short of breath, and finally couldn’t help but say: “Is this really not a problem?” 

    As the panicked atmosphere in the starship became stronger and stronger, Bin Lan who only focused on Chen Xi, looked back for a moment, and faintly explained: “The hardness of our starship is 13, and the hardness of horse best teeth is 7. You don’t need to be nervous.” 

    Although the heirs of the royal clan did not fully understand, they somewhat understand, this should mean that the teeth of the strange fish outside can’t bite the starship. They were finally relieved for a while, but the atmosphere in the starship is still not relaxed. The royal heirs who have never been influenced by horror movies, were exposed to this kind of live horror film as soon as they came up, and it was totally overwhelming.


     Whether it was the fierce pounding outside the starscape wall, or the huge mouth full of fangs that can eat all of them in one bite, and the creaking and collision vibrations of the teeth on the starship shell. It kept their nerves tense all the time. A few people, such as Gae, did not lose reason, but their expressions are a little ugly, and they were already using their strongest self-control. 

    The beasts outside already rushed forward, and some of the royal heirs were in a state of trembling. It is conceivable that this journey today will definitely leave them with a shadow that will never be forgotten for a lifetime. 

    The prince of the ear fox clan was also in a state of fright at this time. His handsome and lovely face was pale in fright, and the hair on his big fluffy tail was completely blown up. In this case, he subconsciously wanted to find someone to rely on, but when he tried to go to Chen Xi, standing beside Chen Xi was Jin Yi, who had half-circled Chen Xi in his arms. He instantly felt that he was ten times more dangerous than the beast, and the prince of the ear fox clan froze for a moment, and then slowly retracted. 

    The starship team constantly shuttles through the meteorite belt. Where there were many horse beasts, they went wherever they went, which attracted those fierce horse beasts to attack continuously. Even the huge star ship kept shaking like a boat in danger in the fierce storm. From time to time, there was a scream in the starship, and in this scream, there was one that called the loudest, the most energetic, but it was completely different from the other screams, this screaming was full of excitement. It is as conspicuous as a ball of light emitting a dazzling light.

   Even in this case, the heirs of the royal family couldn’t help but look around frequently, and then they saw Chen Xi staring in the direction of the giant beasts without blinking, and the sharp teeth that were suddenly rushed up occasionally. When he was startled, he would bury his head in the arms of the blond Intellectual man next to him, and then less than two seconds later, he would raise his head again, looking at the transparent wall with piercing eyes, filled with excitement. 

    After realizing that Chen Xi was really enjoying this feeling, the heirs of the royal clan felt complicated in their hearts, and summed it up in one sentence, human beings are indeed a cruel race. 

    The starship team traveled through the meteorite belt for a long time, and only left the meteorite belt after Chen Xi had completely enjoyed it. At this time, all the royal heirs were close to collapsing, but the advantage was that they were also numb. No longer screaming like at the beginning. 

    At this time, among the luxurious starships, there was one mental state that was the best. Except for the Zhizu who has never changed his expression, Chen Xi is the only one. His eyes are sharp and bright, and his cheeks had a healthy flush, and was in a state of excitement. 


    Jin Yi raised his hand and gently wiped Chen Xi’s forehead, and asked him, “Was it fun?” 


    “Do you want to continue later?” 

    “Boom!” The royal heirs who couldn’t stand the excitement slide straight down their seats. 

    “Haha, no, come back later.” Listening to the voice of someone in the starship who was directly frightened, Chen Xi finally found his conscience. 

    “Okay.” Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi and chuckled lightly. 

    After leaving the meteorite belt, the heirs of the royal families who had completed the accompanying mission returned to their original starship, and the starship team continued to move forward, taking them to the next destination.

    In the following days, the starship team followed the planned route and took Chen Xi to visit the carefully selected scenic spots in turn. The only difference is that the heirs of the royal families who are in charge of the play, now every time they hear of new scenic spots, There faces couldn’t help turning green, but fortunately, there were not many scenic spots as exciting as the horse beast, most of them were scenic places, which finally made their fragile nerves a little better. 

    When the successors of the royal clan followed Chen Xi to explore the outer universe and fulfilled their duty of playing with their duties dutifully, the races of the Star Beast Realm finally discovered a fact that almost made them crazy, that is, the Zhizu gave the ear fox tribe a few livable stars! ! ! 



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