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   When all the ear fox tribes of the various races were taken away by the Zhizu tribe, all the tribes were as quiet as a chicken and did not dare to say anything. However, after so many ear fox slaves were suddenly missing, the various tribes were a little uncomfortable. What is even more curious is, where did the ear fox tribes who were taken away by the Zhizu tribe go? 

    It wouldn’t be… all dead. 

    This thought made them shudder just thinking about it.

    But soon, this speculation was broken, because they found that the ear fox clan of the ear fox star was still living well, and the words that the intellectuals clan broadcast over each race did not seem to be fake. The slave merchants who attacked the ear fox tribe all received bitter lessons, and more importantly, after that, they discovered ears on several planets that originally belonged to the intellectual tribe and were considered forbidden by all races. The traces of the fox tribe, and the numerous eared fox tribes still live and work on it. 

    All of this made all the races incredulous, but after careful observation for a period of time, they were still convinced that those planets were actually given to the ear fox tribe! 

    All races were almost crazy at this time, you know, those are a few habitable stars! ! ! 


    Although there are many planets in the starry sky, there are not so many that are truly suitable to live in. For a habitable planet, various races can often kill each other to death. After all, every habitable planet represents a large-scale expansion of races, more land, more resources, more wealth, even the Sangkuang tribe, the richest in the Star Beast Realm today, has only six livable stars, and two of them are barely enough for basic survival, but they have no other resources and cannot expand their populations on a large scale. 

    But look at the current ear fox tribe, the Zhizu tribe gave the ear fox tribe four livable stars at once, and all of them are resource-rich, high-quality livable stars with abundant water and soil, plus the ear fox tribe originally had one main star but now they have five habitable stars. Although there is one less than the Sangkuang clan, all races thought this in their hearts. Knowing that the five habitable stars of the ear fox clan are definitely not any worse than the Sangkuang based on their overall quality. 

   This fact makes the eyes of the races turn red with jealousy, and felt itchy in their hearts. But because of the relationship between the Zhizu tribe, the races now dare not bully the ear fox tribe anymore, and what the tribe gives them, they didn’t have the guts to take it away. 

    But now all races are eager to know one thing, that is, how did the ear fox tribe do it? 

    Why is it that the intellectual tribe who has always been aloof, and didn’t even bother to pay attention to their special treatment for the ear fox tribe before. 

    It’s known that since the emergence of the sapiens thousands of years ago, they have always treated all races equally and indifferently. They have never been special to any race. They were absolutely unable to please and approach this existence. But why was the ear fox tribe an exception now? What did they benefit from? 

    All the jealous races quickly analyzed it, and then they finally found the only connection between the ear fox tribe and the Zhizu tribe recently, that is, the prince of the ear fox tribe, who was also taken away by the Zhizu tribe before. 

    And all the changes in the attitude of the Zhizu towards the ear fox tribe occurred after this. 

    Combined with the high requirements of the Zhizu tribe to select races, and for their disgust towards the Star tribe, who clearly met the requirements but their royal heir was not taken away, the hearts of all races couldn’t help but pound. 

    They all have a strong intuition in their hearts, that is, the reason why the ear fox tribe has these changes, the problem is definitely there.

    Especially those in power who have also been taken away from the royal heirs are even more excited. After all, if the reason for the changes in the ear fox clan is really there. If they could make an exception for the ear fox clan who has been taken away. Is there a possibility for them… too? 


    At this time, the successors of the royal family who accompanied Chen Xi to the scenic spots certainly didn’t know how their race had high hopes for them, and even ignorant of them, they watched the ear fox prince face various acts of throwing himself in Chen Xi’s arms, and didn’t stop contempt in theirs heart.

    Only Gae sometimes looked at the ear fox prince thoughtfully, but he couldn’t figure out the key point. He only thought that the ear fox was really too weak, so he saw that he had a big hug, even if it was a royal clan. He had completely let go of his reservations and self-esteem, and was desperate to please. 


    Naturally, Chen Xi would not know the complicated thoughts of the heirs of the royal clans. 

    At this time, his journey into the outer universe is about to come to an end. Chen Xi looked at the last few attractions left on the 2-in-1 tablet, and suddenly said with emotion: “When the last stop comes, are we going to send the ear fox prince back?”

    Hearing Chen Xi’s words, Jin Yi’s gold eyes look at Chen Xi,”So reluctant?”

   “I’m not…… I just suddenly felt a bit empty. I have been so busy. In the end, I will be by myself again.” Chen Xi lowered his head, looking a little lonely. 

    Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi with his head down, his body wrapped in loneliness, his distressed heart tightened, and he said without thinking, “Then let them stay with you forever.”

    Chen Xi was a little moved after hearing Jin Yi’s words, but soon, he shook his head, “Forget it, they are uncomfortable with me, and they all have family members, and their family members must be looking forward to their return. ” 

    Hearing Chen Xi’s answer, Jin Yi’s mood was inexplicably good. But in fact, he regretted it a little after he had just said that. After all, in his own heart, he actually didn’t want those people to stay with Chen Xi and always grab his attention. 

    He walked slowly to Chen Xi’s side, then leaned over and hugged him lightly, and said in a low voice: “It’s okay, there is still me, I will always be with you.” 

    A low and sweet voice came into Chen Xi’s ears. As if the most solemn promise, Chen Xi’s heart was a little touched, he couldn’t help but raise his head to look at Jin Yi, what is visible is still Jin Yi’s handsome face, matched with that pair of bright gold eyes. Those eyes are both noble and unattainable, but those indifferent eyes, as if they shouldn’t have seen any shadows, are clearly reflecting only his shadow at this time. 

    Chen Xi couldn’t help but remember that it was these eyes that he woke up to after he had been frozen for an unknown number of years, soothing all his uneasiness and bringing him to be more familiar with this future world. 

    It is these eyes that spoil him to heaven and fulfill all his wishes. 

    It is also these eyes, who just promised him personally that he still has him, and he will stay with him forever. 

    At this moment, Chen Xi suddenly felt that the god-like perfect face in front of him was already good enough to see the ultimate face. Suddenly, the level of beauty rose to a higher level, and he could not help but climb up and kiss his face. 

    Chen Xi’s behavior was completely unconscious, and when he finished kissing, he was stunned. 

    While Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi, his eyes became a little dark. 

    Seeing Jin Yi’s somewhat unpredictable expression, Chen Xi became a little nervous for a while. This light robot, no, it is a light mastermind, he didn’t break the law.


    Fortunately, Jin Yi just watched Chen Xi silently for a few seconds in that unspeakable atmosphere, and finally didn’t say anything. He treated Chen Xi as gentle and considerate as before. When Jin Yi took the door to leave, the light in the room also dimmed. Afterwards, Chen Xi couldn’t help but roll around on the bed with the quilt. How could he suddenly be unable to help himself and treat Jin Yi like that? Jin Yi wouldn’t be angry, right? It’s a male robot after all. 

    Well, if Jin Yi is angry, then he will apologize to Jin Yi tomorrow. 

    And when Chen Xi was in his room and was worried about whether Jin Yi was angry, Jin Yi closed the door and left, but after walking a few steps, he couldn’t help stopping, and then raised his hand to cover the place where he had been kissed. After a moment, the corners of his mouth slowly conjured up an arc. 


    The next day, when Chenxi saw Jin Yi again, he couldn’t help but take a closer look, and then he was convinced that Jin Yi was as considerate and caring for himself as usual, and there was no sign of anger at all, so he was relieved. 

    However, he found that although Jin Yi was not angry, he felt that Jin Yi’s beauty had taken another step, but it did not disappear. 

    Speaking of it, this kind of sudden feeling that Jin Yi is handsome out of the sky does not seem to have happened for the first time. When he got along with black-haired Jin Yi before, he also felt that Jin Yi looked more and more handsome, even when he first saw Jin Yi change his body. He was not used to it. 

    It’s clear that Jin Yi’s body is more beautiful and noble based on looks, but because of an inexplicable filter, he always thinks that the black-haired Jin Yi is more handsome, and he even made Jin Yi angry because of this, but now it’s inexplicable that his face value addition filter seems to have appeared on Jin Yi’s body again. 

    Chen Xi, who was still a little ignorant of why this change of his own, did not think deeply, he still enjoyed his journey in the starship team. 


    The starship team took Chen Xi to visit two scenic spots, and arrived at the next vacation planet, which is like Drunken Mengxing, a beautiful planet, and built a building for Chen Xi to live in. 

    Unlike Drunken Mengxing, this planet has more than 98% of the ocean, so Chen Xi’s residence is also built on the bottom of the sea. The building uses a large number of transparent designs, like a crystal palace on the bottom of the sea. In this palace, he can watch the beauty of the seabed and see fish swimming at any time. 

    Chen Xi liked it very much, and when he arrived at the Crystal Palace, he took Jin Yi to stroll around. 

    This crystal palace built on the bottom of the sea also shocked a lot of royal heirs. They really did not expect that they, who are not aquatic races, could experience this kind of residence in their lifetime. 

    And the most amazing part of this building is that they can clearly see the swimming fish outside, but there is not a single drop of water inside, and there is no feeling of breathing difficulties.

     Because of the magic of the underwater palace, the heirs of the royal families were amazed for two days, until Chen Xi took them into the submarine warehouse again, looking at the rows of submarines, and various underwater speed vehicles. Their expressions froze, and then they suddenly thought of something, and tremblingly asked Chen Xi: “Isn’t the previous Drunken Mengxing the main star you have always lived in?” 

    “The main star?” Chen Xi repeated the word, thinking of the various races’ main stars, and understood, and replied: “No, like this planet, Drunken Mengxing is my vacation residence.” According to their understanding of the main star, the earth should be his main star. 


    For a while, all the royal heirs had difficulty breathing. Before on Drunken Mengxing, although Chen Xi once showed them the phantom of the steel lair and told them that he lived there before, they only thought of the gloomy building that was located in a certain place of Dream Mengxing, and Mengxing is the place where Chen Xi has always lived. 

    But now they actually learned that the beautiful Drunken Mengxing and the ocean planet in front of them were just Chen Xi’s vacation residences. For a while, they were shocked dumb, and they were no longer able to describe their feelings.

   What’s worse is that even if they are autistic, these royal heirs have to continue to play with Chen Xi with a stiff smile. Of course, in the second half, they are also having fun. 

    It is worth mentioning that since arriving on this ocean planet, the young patriarch of the fish race has been in a good mood. As an aquatic race, he seemed to be rejuvenated when he came to this ocean planet. He not only has more smiles on his face like ice and snow, but also swims around the palace from time to time, which made him look like a mermaid in the sea, which even attracted Chen Xi’s attention. 

    The fish tribe, this race resembling the legendary mermaid, actually attracted Chen Xi’s attention at first, but because the young patriarch of the fish tribe was close to two meters tall and had sharp claws, it was a beautiful but strong fish. The tail, and the whole body, except for the scales on the fish’s tail didn’t have a piece of clothing, completely naked, so Chen Xi never got too close. 

    After all, although the fish clan is also in line with human aesthetics, it is definitely a handsome and stylish guy if he looked at his face alone, but it is difficult for Chen Xi’s eyes to stay on the perfect mermaid line of sight, and not look at the other party’s chest muscles and abdomen when he talks close. After all, the height difference is so embarrassing, and he didn’t know why. The air around the fish clan always seems to be moist, which makes the other party’s hair always damp, and his clothes stick on the chest muscles from time to time, and the pectoral muscles will condense a bead of water flowing down from time to time. In short, when talking to the head of the fish clan, Chen Xi will be attracted by the beads of water flowing down from thin air, and then feel that the atmosphere is more strange.

    In addition, the fish tribe is a powerful and dangerous race. Every time Chen Xi comes into contact with him, the robots around him will be extra vigilant, which is very different from when he gets along with the cute ear fox tribe who can’t hurt him at all. Over time, Chen Xi didn’t like to get too close to the fish family. After all, aren’t the cute eared foxes fragrant? The big hairy tail and small ears, and the fish family is cold like a mermaid and can’t be touched at all, cough. Of course, even if he can touch him, he can’t do it, the picture is too strange. 

    In short, for all these reasons, although the young patriarch of the fish clan has the advantage in appearance, he did not receive any special treatment like the heirs of the royal clan of other races, and did not stand out like the prince of the ear fox clan. 

    But when it came to this ocean planet and the home of the fish clan, the advantage of the fish clan that resembled a mermaid completely burst out. Chen Xi stood inside the glass wall and looked at the beautiful figure swimming in the sea outside the transparent glass wall. He felt like he had come into a mythical world, which is a very peculiar feeling. 

    The insight of the fish clan in the water is amazing. They are the top predators in the ocean. The young patriarch of the fish clan naturally noticed an extra silhouette on the crystal wall near him when he was swimming. 


    After seeing clearly who the figure who was looking at him with his hand on the crystal wall was, the figure of the young patriarch of the fish clan who was swimming stopped for a moment, and then hesitated for a moment, and then slowly went downstream a little, and swam to the side that was close to the wall, so that the other party can see his swimming figure more clearly.

    Although most of the royal heirs see the prince of the ear fox clan showing flattery towards Chen Xi every day, none of them are fools. They clearly know who is the most powerful person here, and can directly determine their life and death. 

    The races in the Star Beast Territory have always respected the strong and bowed their heads to the stronger races. It is not a shameful thing. Therefore, although they despise the ear fox tribe daily, there is a bit of jealousy hidden in it, which is actually hard to say. In some cases, once they had the opportunity to show their favor to Chen Xi, they didn’t mind taking action. For example, now, because the patriarch of the  fish clan swam closer, Chen Xi also saw him swimming in the water more clearly. He looked like a living mermaid, Chen Xi exclaims in his heart, whether it’s his graceful and comfortable posture in the water, the beautiful fish tail sparkling in the clear sea water, and the long hair flying in the sea like seaweed, which perfectly matched Chen Xi’s fantasy of a mermaid.

    When Chen Xi looked at the young patriarch of the fish tribe, the young patriarch of the fish tribe who was swimming casually suddenly had a aspiration, and then suddenly accelerated, he did a highly difficult and swift rotation in the water, which was extremely enjoyable. 

    It was so amazing that the only audience was happy. Chen Xi couldn’t help clapping and exclaimed, “It’s amazing!” 

    Although the crystal wall blocked the sound, it did not hinder the young patriarch of the fish clan. Understanding Chen Xi’s reaction and getting the desired result, the young patriarch of the fish clan was also in a good mood. There was also a smile on his snow-like face, as he continued to surround the wall where Chen Xi was, and did swim not far away, while being covered by the waves of the sea and fluttering hair, his eyes were firmly locked on Chen Xi’s body. 

    His gaze swept through Chen Xi’s bright black eyes, the smile at the corner of Chen Xi’s mouth, and the soft and white skin that was exposed. Gradually, there was a hint of something else in his eyes. 

    In fact, Chen Xi’s appearance is in line with the aesthetics of the aquatic fish family. Although the aquatic fish family is male and female, the aquatic fish family are cold-blooded aquatic creatures. They love the warm blood of a warm body more than the same cold-blooded kind, such bodies are the best choice whether they are used to occupy or hatch the eggs of the aquarium fish clan.

    It is a pity that Chen Xi is someone he can’t touch at all, but even if he can’t touch it. In such a rare place, alone with a transparent wall, there are no other intellectuals watching around. He is in the ocean again that he was born in. In his native home, the young patriarch of the fish clan was concealed by his hair and water waves, and his eyes inevitably became a little bit presumptuous. 


    His eyes flowed over the people on the transparent wall, and couldn’t help thinking, such a soft skin, always warm body, how beautiful it would be if it was held in his arms… But the next moment, the patriarch of the fish clan’s pupils shrinked, and his whole person froze, because in the transparent room where Chen Xi was originally alone, he saw a golden figure slowly walk in. 

    Chen Xi inside the transparent wall also noticed the movement behind him, turned around and saw Jin Yi who came in, a big smile appeared on his face immediately.. It was like he couldn’t see anyone else in his eyes, his voice was very affectionate, “Jin Yi!”

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