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   Jin Yi, who walked into Chen Xi’s bedroom, raised his hand to catch the person who rushed towards him. He gently placed his hand on Chen Xi’s shoulder, an action between care and possession, and then he held this position, and looked up at the figure outside the transparent wall. 

    The young patriarch of aquatic fish clan who was originally stiff floating in the sea was locked in an unprecedented sense of danger almost instantly. He didn’t even have time to distinguish, and his body dashed up instinctively, away from the crystal wall. 

    After the figure of the young patriarch of the fish clan was far away, Jin Yi faintly retracted his sight. At the same time, the original transparent crystal wall of Chen Xi’s bedroom slowly filled with color, the color from light to dark, until It has become an opaque material completely.

    Chen Xi saw the changes in his bedroom wall, but didn’t care. After all, he was interested in seeing the beautiful scenery of the sea before he made it into a transparent mode. Most of the time, the bedroom is still a little more private, and it makes people feel safe and comfortable. 

    “What were you looking at?” When the bedroom became a completely private space again, Jin Yi lightly supported Chen Xi’s shoulders and led the person to the bed. The beautiful and low-melt voice seemed to be just asking a casual question. 

    “Looking at the fish tribe, he swims well, the fish tribe is really like a legendary mermaid on the bottom of the sea.” 

    Regarding Chen Xi’s flattery comments, Jin Yi was noncommittal. His golden eyes didn’t reveal the real thoughts in his mind. 


    Fortunately, Chen Xi was not thinking about the young patriarch of the fish clan for long. Although he was applauded when he saw it before, after Jin Yi came in, he could only see Jin Yi in his eyes, compared to the fish tribe. He wanted to talk more about Jin Yi himself, so he sat on the bed and looked at Jin Yi without blinking his eyes and said, “Why did you come to me at this time today? Don’t you usually come until night? ” 

    Although Jin Yi accompanies Chen Xi every day, as the main brain, he has to deal with more than tens of millions of things. Even if Jin Yi can handle part of those things every day, he has to deal with them completely and immersively. For the best result, he has a fixed “working time” every day.

    During that working time, Jin Yi’s consciousness will be fully invested in the vast data network of the Zhizu, incarnate in millions, and quickly process countless information, and complete countless of the most intellectual monarchs in one second. The decision to ensure the normal operation of the Zhizu. 

    But such a completely immersive work style would make him fall into a “standby” state during that period, and his body seemed to be asleep without responding to the outside world. 

    In fact, Jin Yi can stay “standby” next to Chen Xi during this kind of working hours. However, all robots are very concerned about the differences between themselves and humans. Jin Yi is no exception. He does not want to have a relationship with humans. There are too many differences that show up, so when he needs to work on standby, he always leaves Chen Xi’s side and finds a separate space for himself. 

    However, what Chen Xi didn’t know was that when Jin Yi was in the “standby” state of work, it was also when he had the strongest control over the entire intellectual tribe and all the universe with the star network—including the one they were in. Undersea Crystal Palace.

    So even if Jin Yi didn’t seem to be with Chen Xi, but the ubiquitous surveillance allowed Jin Yi to control all the wind and grass around him better than when he was with Chen Xi, so when he saw the young clan patriarch of the fish clan circling the crystal wall. When he was swimming, he finished his work ahead of time and came to Chen Xi’s side. 

    Of course, Jin Yi would not tell Chen Xi these words, but in the blink of an eye, a light screen appeared in front of Chen Xi, and Jin Yi said, “I’ll let you choose the race to visit for a while.” 

    Chen Xi did not doubt Jin Yi’s words, his attention was quickly attracted by the light screen in front of him. This journey has almost come to an end, and the last travel item is to let him freely choose several races he wants to visit, and go to the main stars of those races, and look at their living environment. 

    If it was the past, Chen Xi would only choose the ear fox family, and then decide the rest later, but now the journey is about to end, he also has plenty of contact time for those races, and it is time to make a choice. 

    So Chen Xi looked at the light screen in front of him, and after only pondering for a while, he added the Canaan and  fish tribe to the back of the ear fox tribe. 

    Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi’s choice, and briefly stayed on the fish clan for a second, and then asked casually, “Why did you choose the fish clan?” 


    “Don’t you think the water fish clan is really like mermaids? It must be interesting to see groups of mermaids on the main star of the aquarium family. “

    After hearing Chen Xi’s words, Jin Yi was speechless for a moment. He knew that because of an ancient fairy tale, mermaids have always been beautiful in human hearts, and human beings have a high natural interest in mermaids. The shape of the fish clan is similar to that of the legendary mermaid, which is really easy to produce goodwill. Chen Xi has never shown a special interest in the fish clan before, so he was rest assured, but he didn’t expect Chen Xi’s interest in the fish tribe to increase just by coming to this ocean planet. 

    There was a faint sense of vigilance in his heart. Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi but said seriously: “Fish people are not mermaids, and they are not so beautiful. Don’t get too close to them.” 

    Chen Xi blinked. This is…What does he mean?

    However, Jin Yi did not continue to expand on this topic later, and Chen Xi also left it behind, and didn’t take it seriously. After all, reality is not a fairy tale. As a race, the fish tribe must have a good and a bad side, and the fish tribe is a dangerous and powerful race, and maybe it is also very cruel in normal times. 

    However, is the fish tribe important now? It doesn’t matter at all, Chen Xi stretched out his hand to hold Jin Yi’s hand with a smile on his face and said: “Since you are here, don’t leave, come and watch the movie with me.” 

    Jin Yi followed the strength in Chen Xi’s hand, and was pulled to the bed, a trace of indulgence and pampering flashed in his golden eyes. 

    When Chen Xi was leaning in Jin Yi’s arms, watching a movie comfortably while still being able to communicate plots with people at any time, he said in his heart, whether the water fish tribe is as beautiful as the legendary mermaid, he doesn’t know why, but this robot is 10,000 times better than the legend. 

    In this way, Jin Yi accompanied Chen Xi to watch a movie and chat, and then left silently until he fell asleep. 


    Chen Xi stayed on this ocean planet for two more days, and after having had enough of it, the starship team set off again to visit the remaining attractions. After a while, all the sights to be visited have been finished. At this time, there is only the last item left on this trip, visiting the main star of the selected race. 

    And very coincidentally, following the route, the first main star the starship team went to was the main star of the Aquatic clan. 



    In an ordinary star ship in the star ship team, after knowing that the next stop of the Zhizu star ship is the main star of their own race, the young clan patriarch of the fish clan has been worried, and his eyebrows have hardly unfolded.

    “Don’t worry, there should be nothing wrong. This time the Zhizu tribe has no malice.” Seeing him like this, the prince of the Sangkuang clan he was acquainted with, couldn’t help but walked over and patted him on the shoulder to comfort him. 

    The young patriarch of the fish clan came back to his senses and smiled bitterly: “I know, I just…I’m afraid that my father, they don’t know the importance of Chen Xi, and they will cause trouble.”


    After hearing the words of the young patriarch of the fish tribe, the prince of the Sangkuang tribe also agreed with it, thinking about it: “This is true.” 

    When the races of the Star Beast Region encountered the Zhizu tribe, they were generally wary and fearful. Normally, this attitude is of course okay, but after deeply understanding the degree of protection of the Zhizu to Chen Xi, he knows that the attitude of vigilance and respect is far from enough. If they were not careful, it would attract the Zhizu’s anger, which leads to catastrophe. 

    Understanding the concerns of the young patriarch of the fish tribe, the prince of the Sangkuang clan didn’t know what to say, so he could only say: “When you see the king, you just try to find a chance to remind him.” 

    The young patriarch of the fish tribe said: “It can only be so.” 

    After the Sangkuang prince left, the young patriarch of the fish clan’s eyebrows were not less worried, because only he knew that he was worried not only about what he just said, but that golden eyed Intellectual noticed that day.

    After all, but once he thought about it in his heart, he didn’t say it, and didn’t show it. 

    This time the Zhizu tribe went to the main star of the fish clan, it didn’t have anything to do with what happened that day, right? 

    But he kept comforting himself in his heart like this, the young patriarch of the fish clan still felt overwhelmed by the inexplicable pressure. After all, his careless behavior could cause the fish clan to be annihilated. 

    Especially at the moment when this kind of intellectual starship army is about to go to the main star of the Aquatic clan. 

    What he had imagined that day was like a dangerous untimely bomb weighing on him. 



    Chen Xi naturally didn’t know how much psychological pressure was caused by one of his choices.

    But the starship team will not stop because of this psychological pressure, and will continue to approach the main star of the fish clan as planned.

    Previously, most of the scenic spots that Chen Xi visited were in the depths of the sphere of influence occupied by the intellectuals in the outer universe, which can be said to be in the heavily protected circle, but this time he went to the star field, the star field where many intelligent creatures from the outer universe gathered. The security must be strengthened again, so along the way, starship teams along the way continue to gather into the starship team where Chen Xi was, making this starship team even larger. Even in space, it forms a terrible threat because of its scale.

    But this terrible sight was not witnessed by many intelligent races in the outer universe, because in order to protect the large forces, the area where the starship team was advancing had been cleared early.

   Therefore, when the vast and unheard of starships suddenly descended on the sky of the main star of the Aquatic clan, the races on this ocean planet were completely caught off guard. 


    However, looking at the figures that continue to emerge from the sea and sink quickly, presumably the royal family of this race should be able to get news soon. 

    The fish tribe is a race with powerful individual strength, but it is the most powerful race, when faced with the starships of the Zhizu tribe. They did not dare to resist at all, let alone a starship team of this size. 

    Jin Yi took Chen Xi out of the starship in a flying vehicle, and then floated on the surface of the sea and waited. He was waiting for the royal family of the fish clan to come out. 

    After all, he brought Chen Xi to the fish clan for fun. Without the cooperation of the local races, the experience would naturally be much worse. 

    Chen Xi looked at this ocean planet curiously through the aircraft. He found that although it is also an ocean planet, the beauty of the seascape of this planet is much worse than that of the planet he had been on vacation before. The wind and waves and the climate were far less mild than that of the ocean planet, but Chen Xi was still excited when thinking that this was a planet with mermaids. 

    Around the Chen Xi flying machine, there were countless Intellectuals riding the aircraft closely guarding, and at the same time, the heirs of the royal families who originally stayed in the starship did not know when they were taken down, all gathered in a large spot on the aircraft.

    In that aircraft, the young patriarch of the fish clan had the most solemn expression. He stood at the forefront of all the royal heirs, staring at the sea nervously, and only waited for the person sent by the fish clan to show his attitude. The fish clan should not show hostility, it is best to be welcoming. 

    In the solemn eyes of the young patriarch of the fish tribe, a piece of the planet’s faint blue sea surface suddenly became a lot darker, each water flower was the fish family floating out of the sea.

    At the forefront of these elegant aquatic fish tribes is a beautiful and graceful aquatic fish tribe with long hair like seaweed. He has blue eyes with infinite wisdom, as perfect as marble and covered with water. It belongs to the temperament of the king alone, even if there are so many fish clan emerging at the same time, everyone’s eyes can’t help but gather on him. 

    Seeing that figure, the patriarch of the fish tribe couldn’t help but widen his eyes, father! 

    That’s right, the leading fish clan that emerged was the king of the fish clan, and the father of the young patriarch of the fish clan at the same time. 

    Seeing his father appear, the young patriarch of the fish clan inevitably has some surprises in his eyes, because he originally thought that the person who came out would be his brother or uncle, but he did not expect his father to appear directly. 

    However, in addition to being surprised and in disbelief, the young patriarch of the fish clan was more excited. After all, it was his father. When he was forced to be handed over, his father, who was always happy, angry, and indecent, also showed pain. He also thought that this trip was a farewell, but he did not expect that he actually came back alive and was unscathed. His father must have been very excited when he saw him coming back alive. His eyes couldn’t help being flushed. 


    The patriarch of the fish clan who emerged from the sea was very calm. He raised his head to look at the flying vehicles floating on the sea, and his gaze scanned each aircraft very carefully. At a certain moment, those deep blue eyes were deep. Confronted with the young patriarch of the fish clan standing in front of the many royal heirs. 

    At that moment, the patriarch of the fish clan was so excited that his father saw him! Father found out that he was still alive! Father must be super excited!

    However, his excited father still didn’t shout out in his throat, and the deep blue eyes moved away calmly. The pause time did not change from when he looked at other aircraft. 

    For a while, the young clan chief of the fish clan stayed there, and the stern look that had always come from him was a little confused. 

    Not only the young patriarch of the fish clan, but also the other royal heirs of a flying machine, looked a little weird for a while. They couldn’t help but look at the young patriarch of the fish clan openly or secretly. Is this guy not favored at all? 

    I am not! I didn’t! Don’t guess! ! 

    The young patriarch of the fish clan who looked at him with his eyes was extremely frustrated for a moment, but he couldn’t explain it at all. After all, the touching scene of father and son reuniting with each other did not happen at all. 

    When the heirs of the royal clan were guessing, the patriarch of the fish clan had already seen the numerous aircraft in a short period of time, and at the same time locked on a target, only to see him facing the protection center of the aircraft. Regardless of how his hair color or eye color were different from Jin Yi, and the Zhizu tribe. He burst into a beautiful and enthusiastic smile: “Welcome, everyone to the aquarium fish tribe.” 



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    The author has something to say:

The young patriarch of the fish tribe: My father must have been so excited when he saw me! 

     Patriarch of the fish clan: I haven’t got a planet, what’s the use of you.

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