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 The performance of the patriarch of the fish clan was somewhat beyond Jin Yi’s expectations, but after raising his eyebrows slightly, he analyzed the reason for any abnormality of the fish clan. Obedient enough, since they can actively be obedient in this way, it is naturally the best. 

    So Jin Yi didn’t say much, and said indifferently with a jade-like voice: “We will take a tour on this planet, you go and prepare.” 

    Hearing this completely imperative cold voice, the patriarch of the fish clan. Not only did he not feel any irritation, but secretly suppressed excitement and joy, and said, “The fish tribe will do everything possible.” 

    Then the aircraft that was carrying the royal heirs were baffled, especially those who knew the fish tribe. They felt that it was more weird. Wasn’t the fish tribe a very tough race to the outside world? Why is the situation in front of them not the case, or is it that the fish tribe is just tough on the surface when confronted with a more powerful intelligence, and treated with a different attitude entirely?

    Those royal heirs of other races had weird looks on their faces, and the young patriarch of the fish tribe was even more shocked, because he knows that his father is not usually like this. His father is a great and stern king. Even if he is the next successor of the fish tribe, it was difficult to get a smile from his father, but he saw the scene in front of him with his own eyes, the smile that would not appear once a year on his indifferent father’s face, the young patriarch of the fish clan cognition has been shattered. 

    But… he still has a lot of confusion in his heart, because he couldn’t understand why this is the case. Although the Zhizu is so powerful that it is invincible, their fish tribe has always maintained an evasive attitude. They have never faced the Zhizu tribe, and never took the initiative to please the Zhizu tribe. He said that his father had always adhered to this policy before, but he suddenly changed without reason, or was he worried that he was still in the hands of the Zhizu tribe?

   No one knew the various conjectures in the head of the fish clan, but the purest thought present was Chen Xi, who knew nothing about everything. He just stayed next to Jin Yi and looked at the fish tribe’s beauty curiously. 


    And it seemed that Chen Xi’s sight was sensed, those deep and beautiful blue eyes looked over, and then showed him a more cordial and beautiful smile. 


    Everything after that was worthy of what the fish clan chief said to do his best, the fish clan directly took out the highest welcoming ceremony to greet them. Before this treatment, only the Sangkuang who had been friendly with the fish clan were treated like this.

    But now, this specification has been placed on welcoming Chen Xi and his party, and without discounting it, Chen Xi and the Zhizu tribe felt that it was okay, but the other royal heirs who followed this welcome ceremony only felt flattered. 

    And this level is obviously not the limit. In all subsequent trips, the fish tribe implements the highest standard to the end, and the whole process is enthusiastic to the extreme, so that many royal family heirs, under the impact of one round, can’t help but doubt that the rumors they heard before are false? Is the fish clan really such a warm and friendly race?

    However, under this treatment, Chen Xi had a very good time. The fish family not only provided good service, but also tried to satisfy all his curiosity. He also saw the scene of a group of mermaids swimming on the seabed that he most wanted to see. The most important thing is that the patriarch of the fish clan is really nice and gentle. 

    And the “good-looking and gentle” patriarch of the fish clan was working hard to get good impressions at this time. Not only did he mobilize the entire fish clan to cooperate with this tour, but he also accompanied him throughout the whole journey. With his extremely handsome and graceful face, while introducing the beauty of the fish clan, he smiled gently at Chen Xi at the right time. 

    However, in the next instant, his figure stiffened slightly, because he felt a cold and coercive line of sight falling on him. That line of sight came from Jin Yi, who was next to Chen Xi. 

    After hesitating for a while, the patriarch of the fish clan swam a little farther, and the stiffness on his body disappeared, but why did he still feel a bit cold? The patriarch of the fish clan, who was still smiling, raised his head and found countless dark red eyes staring at him coldly. Well, was he so disliked by the Zhizu clan?

   Although the road to making good friends with the Zhizu tribe is not entirely smooth, the overall situation is good. After all, no matter what race, it is the upper person who really has the right to decide. The Zhizu clan was unmoved, but the young Zhizu clan named Chen Xi was still pulled closer by him. 

    More importantly, he, who is thoughtful, wouldn’t find out that although the golden-eyed wise tribe looks more like a leader, the eyes of all the Zhizu tribes are only on the peculiar Zhizu teenager. 


    What does this show? It shows that the young intellectual named Chen Xi may be the more important person. 

    The patriarch of the fish clan who had this idea in his mind later found out that the whole tour was to make Chen Xi happy, and he strengthened his own ideas even more. 

    So he was calm on his face, but took the initiative to hold a certain traditional festival of the fish tribe in advance, so that they can deeply appreciate the customs of the fish tribe. 

    If they want to hold a grand festival in advance, even if you make full preparations, it will take two days. This will undoubtedly increase the time of the Zhizu tribe staying in the fish clan. However, after proposing this, neither the Zhizu that looks like a god, and didn’t seem to like the fish tribe, or all the cold ordinary Zhizu opposed it, but directly agreed. 

    A smile appeared on the head of the fish clan. He thought that he had discovered the trick. In fact, as long as he pleases Chen Xi, it was equal to that of the Zhizu clan. 

    After that, the patriarch of the fish clan began to be more ecstatic to please, and from time to time he tried to catch up with Chen Xi. Of course, he did not dare to act excessively, because once he was too far away from Chen Xi. He could feel countless icy, guarded eyes when he got too close or talked for too long, and the golden eyed Zhizu beside Chen Xi, who could not be ignored, would also exude terrible pressure. 

    In this way, the beautiful and temperamental fish patriarch struggled to grasp a balance, trying to get close to the rare but absolutely noble intellectual guest in the cracks, but only one day later, he also sighs in his heart, this was really difficult.

   It wasn’t because of how difficult the guest named Chen Xi was, but the things he planned to please the other party, it was very difficult to send them directly to the other party, and he could even feel that he was disgusted by the Zhizu tribe all the time. 

    Just like this banquet held in order to welcome each other, the fish people offered a variety of special dishes, and among them were precious seabass. 

    This kind of fish has delicate meat, sweet taste, and is very nourishing. It can be described as a good ingredient, but because of its scarcity, it only exists in the deep sea of ​​this planet, and it is difficult to capture. It will die once it leaves the deep sea. It is a delicacy that can only be tasted on the main star of the fish tribe, and can only be enjoyed by people with sufficient money and status. 

    However, when he introduced this kind of fish to the Zhizu teenager named Chen Xi with a smile on his face, and personally served him, when he wanted to let him taste it, he was stopped by the Zhizu next to him, and the cold voice said: “Tell us the method and ingredients.” 

    He had an inexplicable expression on his face, but he asked the fish tribe responsible for the production to tell the other party about the production methods and ingredients. At that time, he didn’t quite understand what the other party wanted these for, but after a while, the other party served it. His face looked ugly for a moment when a plate of sea bass dishes that looked the same but were made more delicate, because he understood that this was a new seabass made by the Zhizu according to the recipe. 


    It’s not that they don’t eat it, but they look down on the food prepared by their fish clan, and would rather do it by themselves. This was despicable behavior. 

    As the overlord of the deep sea, the king of the fish clan who is powerful in the entire star beast domain, the fish clan had received such an insult. In the end, he didn’t know what kind of restraint and self-control was used to force him to endured it. 

    However, the smile that had always been on his face faded.

    Chen Xi didn’t notice the change in the expression of the head of the fish clan. When he saw the fragrant fried fish slices served up, his eyes couldn’t help but shine. This fish fillet is really delicious, crispy on the outside, sweet and tender on the inside, and it definitely ranks in the top three of the fried fish fillets he has eaten.

    There is something good, so he naturally wanted to share it with someone he liked. After Chen Xi took a few slices by himself, he also fed Jin Yi a bite. Seeing Jin Yi’s face relieved him a lot. He was so happy and smiled, but he felt that he seemed to have forgotten something. His eyes searched around the banquet. When he saw a small figure with a big furry tail, his eyes lit up, and he quickly waved at him.

   As soon as the ear fox prince who had been secretly watching Chen Xi was summoned, he immediately ran over on his short legs, and then he was taken into his arms by Chen Xi, and started to be fed the fried fish slices. 

    The patriarch of the fish clan who was trying to restrain his anger, when he saw the figure of the prince of the ear fox clan, his gaze condensed, and at the same time the anger that was full of anger in his heart disappeared. 

    He fixedly looked at the prince of the eared fox clan, especially when Chen Xi held him intimately in his arms and fed him sea fish slices. He obviously liked it very much. In his azure blue eyes, there was a little more thoughtfulness and concealed his excitement. 

    Sure enough, he was right! 

    He guessed right. He has always been too lazy to talk to the Zhizu tribes of all races, and suddenly and without warning, a few planets were given to the ear fox tribe. This was the reason! 

    Because the ear fox tribe sent the heir of their tribe to the Zhizu tribe, he was loved by the leader of the Zhizu tribe, and the leader of the Zhizu tribe was Chen Xi. 

    The scene before him is simply the most powerful evidence of the speculation in his heart. 

    Under this stimulus, the anger and the insults he felt before were all things that no longer existed. Even the patriarch of the fish clan saw that all the food that was eaten by Chen Xi was made by the intellectuals. When they made a copy, he still smiled, and took the initiative to find someone to provide recipes and practices. 

    For a while, the atmosphere of the entire banquet was simply harmonious. The only problem was that the young patriarch of the fish clan who was sitting at another dining table with other royal heirs found that his father was frequently looking at him. 

    The patriarch of the fish clan, who had been a little saddened by his father’s indifference before, was very excited for a while, and he said that his father cares about him, and he hasn’t looked at him much before. It’s definitely because he was worried that he was still in the hands of the Zhizu clan, and was afraid of attracting the attention of the Zhizu, and when no one paid attention to him at the banquet now, he looked at him frequently. 

    And his father’s attitude towards the Zhizu was so abnormal this time, and he was so enthusiastic throughout the whole process, and he had been with him all the time, so it must be because of him. The father wanted to do his best to meet the requirements of the Zhizu tribe, so that when the Zhizu tribe was happy, they might agree to let him go.


    It turned out that he was so important in his father’s heart. Just thinking about it, the young patriarch of the fish clan was overwhelmed. 

    Of course, what the young patriarch of the fish clan didn’t know was that when he saw his stupid son eating and drinking at the table all the time, he didn’t even look at Chen Xi at all, let alone do anything to the ear fox prince that was beloved by Chen Xi. The patriarch of the fish clan almost fainted, and even began to doubt his original vision, why he thought this son could become his successor. 

    However, no matter how angry he was, there was no other way. When he found that not only his stupid son did not move the whole time, even Chen Xi always focused on feeding the prince of ear fox clan with seabass flakes, and did not give other people much eyes. The patriarch of the fish clan was depressed, this situation definitely did not happen in a day. 

    He counted on his son to open up his body, but it was impossible to turn the tide. After all, he can only rely on himself if he wants to make good friends with the Zhizu tribe. 

    In this way, the patriarch of the fish clan lowered his beautiful blue eyes, and thousands of thoughts flashed in his heart. 

    The banquet was held on a delicate and white sandy beach. Similarly, this is also a main attraction on the main star of the fish clan. 

    When the banquet was over, the sky was getting dark, a bunch of bonfires rose on the beach, the sky was full of stars, plus with the sound of waves and the brackish sea breeze, Chen Xi suddenly rose, and decided to spend the night on this planet.

    Jin Yi originally planned to bring Chen Xi back to the starship when he went to bed at night, but since this was Chen Xi’s request, how could it not be met, so this beach was quickly set up as a temporary residence. 

    In fact, the fish tribe on this planet have palaces, but the palace is located on the bottom of the sea and it is not suitable for human living without any waterproof measures, and it also looked too simple in Jin Yi’s eyes. 

    This kind of simplicity is not only the exquisite and magnificent appearance that does not meet Jin Yi’s standards, but also the interior furnishings, as well as water, electricity and entertainment, temperature and humidity, and other aspects are far from passing. They just spent a few hours building a temporary residence. In terms of living experience, they are far away from the palace of the fish clan.

    However, because the night had arrived, they were afraid that the residence would not be completely built yet, and Chen Xi was already sleepy. The temporary residence built for Chen Xi this time is also unprecedentedly small due to time constraints. Of course, the lobby bedroom study room for Chen Xi, and dining room and entertainment room are fully equipped, and every detail inside is very intimate, but it can only be used for Chen Xi and Jin Yi, as well as the Zhizu people who take care of Chen Xi like Bin Lan. The other Zhizu have no space. As for those Royal heirs, they had no land.


    So these royal family heirs finally experienced the taste of ‘Xintiandi’ for the first time after being kidnapped by the Zhi family and enjoying all kinds of extravagant life beyond their understanding.

(T/n: Xintiandi= New Heaven and Earth, I have no idea if this was what they were trying to say.)

    Of course, they couldn’t be dissatisfied. After all, those intellectuals have no bed to sleep. Compared with those intellectuals who guarded all night, they can still sleep as long as they want, and the treatment is already pretty good. 

    In the middle of the night, Chen Xi had already fallen asleep, and the entire camp was completely quiet as Chen Xi fell asleep. The waves rushed to the beach layer by layer, and then quickly receded. The stars in the sky flashed and shone on the island. 

    The intellectuals on the island are closely guarding the building located in the center. No creatures are allowed to approach. On the edge away from the protection center, there are some dark shadows lying on the beach, which was the royal heirs that were forced to rest there tonight. 

    The intellectuals, who were closely guarding the buildings in the central area, obviously don’t care so much about the successors of the royal family. Only the peripheral patrol teams pass by from time to time. 

    When another group of intellectuals walked away, the dark clouds in the sky covered the moonlight, and there was a sound wave in the waves that ordinary creatures could not hear. A figure lying on the outermost periphery moved slightly, and waited until another wave of waves came. When there was almost no movement, the figure disappeared there with the waves. 

    Everything was seamless, calling with sound waves that other creatures can’t perceive. The disappearing moonlight brings a dark and insignificant environment, concealing and silently sweeping along the sea, but what that disappearing figure didn’t know. After he disappeared, from far away the eyes of the Intellectuals glanced there almost without a trace at the same time.

    After all, the so-called seamless clothing is only seamless for the races of the Star Beast Territory, and their understanding of the Zhizu tribe is really too little. They think that only the fish tribe can hear the sound waves, but also decipher the meaning of them. The perfect environment that the fish tribe thinks is dark and invisible for the intellectuals, was clear and bare. 

    However, these intellectuals did not take any special actions. After all, it was late at night, it would be easy to make too much noise for Chen Xi. The most important thing was that this was Chen Xi’s last stop with the fish tribe. Chen Xi originally planned to come here. Even if the young patriarch of the fish clan has returned home, it’s just that no intellectual has told the fish clan about this. So at this time, the young patriarch of the fish clan’s entry into the sea late at night is not considered a violation of their regulations. 

    At this time, under the sea, the patriarch of the fish clan went deep as soon as he entered the sea, until following the guidance of the sound waves, he came to a place deep enough and far enough, where he saw the road facing him. The figure with unparalleled temperament suddenly shouted with excitement: “Father.” 

    With this shout, the figure turned around and looked at him faintly with its deep eyes. 

    As soon as he reached his father’s sight, the young patriarch of the fish clan tensed subconsciously. He swam closer and stopped honestly, his whole body covered with the word “behaved”. 

    When the patriarch of the fish clan saw him coming, without wasting time, and directly asked: “What have you encountered since you arrived in the Zhizu clan? Tell me about the important things.” 

    As soon as the patriarch of the fish clan heard this from his father. He didn’t dare to delay and started reporting immediately. However, after listening for a while, the patriarch of the fish clan interrupted: “Stop, let’s talk about the ear fox clan first. I see that Chen Xi likes that ear fox prince.” 


    The young patriarch of the fish tribe wondered why his father was interested in this question, but due to his father’s authority, he answered honestly. 

    The patriarch of the fish clan couldn’t help his eyes flickering after listening. Sure enough, the eared fox clan had to be liked by Chen Xi first, and he was always close to Chen Xi afterwards.

    However, the young patriarch of the fish tribe looked at his father after answering this irrelevant question, and he looked thoughtful and a little unhappy. He came all the way, always thinking that his father was nervous about himself, and the result was this. His father didn’t even care about his condition. Instead, he was so concerned about the prince of the ear fox clan. In addition to his contempt for the prince of the ear fox clan, he added subconsciously with disdain: “That eared fox prince is really spineless, he only flatters and pleases him every day. He should at least act like a crown prince, but he allows himself to be kneaded in his arms everyday, which really loses the faces of all the royal families.”

    But when the young patriarch of the fish clan said this with arrogance, a cold wind blew, and with a “slap”, his face was turned away from the slap. 

    The young patriarch of the fish clan froze, he turned his head back, his eyes were filled with disbelief, until the numbness on his face dissipated and turned into a fine pain, he had a little sense of reality in his heart. He was just slapped by his father… 

    But why? 

    Seeing his son’s eyes full of perplexity and grievance, the patriarch of the fish clan took a deep breath before restraining his anger, and said solemnly: “He lost the face of the royal family? Do you know what he has won for the ear fox tribe as the crown prince of the ear fox clan?”


    “A livable star! For a few livable stars, the Zhizu tribe sent a starship to pick up all the ear fox tribes living in other races, and then sent a few livable stars to place them. Now, the territory and wealth of the ear fox tribe is comparable to that of the Sangkuang tribe. You know why the Zhizu tribe gave these to the ear fox tribe? Do you think the crown prince of the ear fox tribe is unqualified?” 

    If the young patriarch of the fish clan was just at a loss and puzzled before, then now he really doubts whether there was a problem with his hearing. After a long while, he asked: “The Zhizu really gave so many livable stars to the eared fox tribe? Because of the ear fox prince?” 

    “Would I lie to you?” 

    The young patriarch of the fish clan was confused for a while before finally accepting this fact. After all, it is unbelievable, and as his father said, his father can’t lie to him.

    But a livable, that was a livable star. It was also at this time that he suddenly understood why his father just couldn’t help but slap him after hearing what he said. His family has worked hard for several generations, but it may not be possible to produce an extra livable star. 

    When the young patriarch of the fish clan was still immersed in the shock, the patriarch of the fish clan had already packed his mood, and continued: “This news seems to be unknown to you. After you go back, you will continue to keep it secret and don’t mention it to other races. “


    The young patriarch of the fish tribe quickly responded, after all, he is not a fool. No matter which race he knows, they would be crazy about this matter. Of course, the less they know, the better. Only in this way can they seize the opportunity. 

    Later, the head of the fish clan rushed to ask the young patriarch of the fish clan what Chen Xi likes, but this question really troubled the young patriarch of the fish clan. After all, as far as he knew, Chen Xi had no shortage of anything, and the Zhizu would hold and send anything he wanted. Their daily life is even more luxurious and extravagant than they can imagine. 

    Regarding this, the patriarch of the fish clan frowned after learning about the situation, and did not say anything, but said to the young patriarch: “Okay, you go back first, you should know what to do these days, don’t hold that stupid idea before, you will learn more from the ear fox prince from tomorrow.” 

    The young patriarch of the fish tribe nodded quickly, and then swam back according to his father’s words, but on the way back. He couldn’t help thinking, learn more from the prince of ear fox clan, how to learn? What to learn? 

    Thinking of how the prince of the ear fox clan gets along with Chen Xi on a daily basis, he could not help but imagine himself dragging his fishtail and lying in Chen Xi’s arms. He shuddered and immediately drove the scene out of his mind. 

    However, thinking of the few habitable stars given by the Zhizu to the Ear Foxes, he couldn’t help but think of the ocean planet they had visited with Chen Xi before. That planet is really beautiful and the water is clear. It was extremely comfortable, and was better than their main star of the Aquatic clan by several levels in all aspects. If he was the same as the prince of the ear fox clan, Chen Xi could give him that planet… he then found himself shamelessly shaken.

    In the end, the young patriarch of the fish clan suppressed this idea forcibly, and decided to conceal the fact that he had been to such an ocean planet from his father. Otherwise, if his father knew that there was another ocean planet in the world, he had no doubts that his father would definitely give him to Chen Xi without hesitation. 



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