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   The young patriarch of the fish clan returned to the beach quietly, as if nothing had happened. 

    And Chen Xi also slept dreamlessly until the next morning. When he woke up, he opened his eyes and saw a beautiful figure with blond hair hanging down like flowing water sitting by the bed. 

    A smile appeared on Chen Xi’s face, and he just woke up with a hint of softness in his voice, and said: “Morning.” 

    Jin Yi lowered his eyes, and watched Chen Xi’s eyes softly, and said: “Morning.” 

    Chen Xi just woke up, and felt that his hands and feet were soft and didn’t want to move, he was gently embraced by Jin Yi and changed his clothes in his arms. 

    And Chen Xi, who had already been changed, didn’t feel anything wrong at all except for occasionally raising his hands and feet to cooperate. 

    Well, of course, he didn’t fully cooperate. The feeling of Jin Yi’s smooth long hair occasionally slipping across his fingertips is really great, so Chen Xi kept Jin Yi busy while he couldn’t help but sneak up on him and touch his hair. 

    Jin Yi remained unmoved and continued to organize Chen Xi’s clothes until all the details of his clothes were arranged, and Chen Xi’s hands were completely buried in his blond hair, and the golden eyes stared at Chen Xi. 

    Suddenly being caught, Chen Xi paused for a while, and then said: “Your hair is so touchable.” 

    Hearing this, Jin Yi didn’t reveal the emotion in his eyes, but said: “Don’t play, it’s time to eat.” 

    “Oh.” Chen Xi responded, and took out his obedient hand from Jin Yi’s long hair. However, the next moment he stopped suddenly, his face was a bit strange, because at that moment, he felt hair strands wrap the palm of his hand and fingertips, and then retreated around it, the feeling was very weird, as if he had been touched very ambiguously. 

    “What’s the matter?” Jin Yi asked.

    Chen Xi raised his head to look at Jin Yi. Jin Yi’s face still had that indifferent expression, that kind of indifferent and inviolable look like a god. It seemed to be synonymous with dignity and credibility. It didn’t match with this kind of frivolous behavior, plus Chen Xi looked at the hand that he pulled out, naturally there was nothing but said: “No, nothing.” 

    It should’ve been his illusion just now, his hair is made up of countless nano-robots, so it has its own consciousness. Seeing something enter it, it subconsciously wraps it up and inspects it. Yeah, it might be like this. In short, it has nothing to do with Jin Yi’s consciousness.


    When Chen Xi walked out and had already thought out excuses for Jin Yi in his heart, Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi’s back, his brilliant golden eyes were a little deep, and his hands hanging beside him also rubbed together unconsciously. For a moment, it seemed like he was memorizing something. 


    After eating a hearty breakfast, Chen Xi continued to start a day of fun, and the successors of the royal families who were forced to sleep on the beach last night were once again called together to perform their accompaniment duties. 

    However, what surprised Chen Xi was that the young patriarch of the fish clan today was particularly enthusiastic about him, and took the initiative to come up to him to talk and introduce him to the main star of the fish clan many times.

    You must know that this young patriarch of the fish clan was very cold and indifferent. He didn’t get along with the other party much. There were few exceptions. Except for the previous time on the ocean planet when they first interacted, why the other party suddenly became enthusiastic today. Is it because he came to his house this time, so he wanted to do his best as a landlord? 

    But this is not right, because the other party was obviously not enthusiastic yesterday. 

    Chen Xi couldn’t understand this question, but it didn’t prevent him from feeling that Jin Yi around him became colder when the head of the fish clan approached. Combined with what Jin Yi said before, Chen Xi acted well-behaved with the fish clan. The patriarch kept a certain distance, maintaining a distance that was more polite than close. 

    In addition, the young patriarch of the fish clan has never been too close to Chen Xi. In addition to the lack of initiative of the young patriarch of the fish clan, the Zhizu’s consideration of the dangers of the fish clan is also an important reason. So today’s result is caused by the two-way choice of the two parties. 

    In the next two days, even if the patriarch of the fish clan worked very hard, he showed his favor to Chen Xi countless times and took the initiative to attract the weird eyes of countless other royal heirs, but the result that can be obtained is that he could say a few more words with Chen Xi before, but it was obviously impossible to get close to Chen Xi like the prince of the ear fox clan.

    The efforts and progress of the young patriarch of the fish tribe were seen by a pair of deep blue eyes. He sighed lightly, knowing that it would be impossible to count on his son. If he wanted to have a deeper connection with the Zhizu tribe. He had to do it himself. 

    Thinking about it, a thoughtful look appeared in the eyes of the head of the fish clan. 

    Two days passed in a flash, and at this time, the traditional festival of the fish tribe, the Festival of Sacrifice to the Sea, was finally ready, grand and lively and held ahead of schedule. 

    The Festival of Sacrifice to the Sea is one of the most important festivals for the aquarium fish family every year. Although the time of this year has advanced, it does not prevent the fish family from sinking into the sea in ​​joy in this festival. There were too many things that Chen Xi saw, such as hunting competitions, sea sacrifice ceremonies and various projects. He just felt  that it was really worth waiting for this festival day.

    In addition to various songs, dances and ceremonies, festival celebrations generally also include grand banquets. This was no exception for the fish tribe. Therefore, Chen Xi participated in the celebration banquet of the fish tribe after visiting the various ceremonies. 


    The traditional celebration banquet of the water fish tribe is very large, and it is very special that this banquet is held on the seabed. At this time, Chen Xi’s whole person is wrapped in a large transparent bubble, and Chen Xi was free in the bubble. He breathed, and he couldn’t feel the pressure of the sea. His whole body felt like he was on land. As for this magical bubble, of course it was the technology of the Zhizu. 

    In addition to Chen Xi, those royal heirs other than the fish clan also wrapped a bubble and accompanied Chen Xi to participate in this sea sacrifice festival. 

    And every Zhizu’s body is also wrapped with this kind of bubbles, although Chen Xi seriously suspects that they don’t need it at all. This is just a disguise. Well, it’s like looking at the king wearing bronze everyday, Chen Xi was used to it.

    In this way, wrapped in bubbles that allow people to breathe freely, sitting at the banquet of the fish clan, and tasting a bite of food that is also wrapped in bubbles from time to time, Chen Xi had a great time and had fun.

   At this time, the beautiful and kingly patriarch of the fish clan was observing Chen Xi. Although the bubble that allowed the terrestrial race to breathe freely on the bottom of the Zhizu clan surprised him, he did not care about it at this time. Because he knew that after the Festival of Sacrifice Sea, Chen Xi and the intellectuals would leave, and he had no way to keep them. If he wanted to meet again, he didn’t know if that day would come. 

    More importantly, until now, the fish clan has not been able to have a deeper connection with the other party. Under his various temptations, the other party did not even look at the precious treasures among the fish clan. Chen Xi indeed, as his son said, had nothing missing at all, which made the fish clan chief feel powerful and helpless for the first time. 

    However, since the other party looked down on the treasure, the patriarch of the fish clan naturally could only change his mind. During this period, after his observation, he finally observed a clue that might be a breakthrough. The patriarch of the fish clan decided to give his plan a try during this festival. 

    At this moment, the original performance at the banquet was withdrawn. From far away, only a few soft light spots approached, and when they got close enough, they discovered that there were some beautiful aquatic beauties with orbs in their hands, and there were people behind them that lifted a huge clam shell. 

    They came to the front and back, and put the clam shell in the middle, and began a graceful dance around the clam shell. 

    The women of the fish tribe are naturally beautiful. This race seems to be born with racial advantages and can hardly find ugliness. Compared with the men, the women of the fish tribe are more delicate and soft, and their cold white skin is so fine that no pores can be found. Adding with the seaweed-like long hair, beautiful and sparkling fish tails, stretching out a variety of graceful gestures, it was simply a kind of enjoyment to watch. 

    Chen Xi immediately rejuvenated after the appearance of these fish beauties. Of course, he had no other ideas. He only talked about the reduction of mermaids. Of course, the female women were the highest. 

    What Chen Xi didn’t notice was that when he saw these fish beauties and was shocked, Jin Yi, who had always had no expression on his face, glanced sideways at him.

    When Chen Xi looked at the reaction of the beautiful fish clan, he was naturally seen by the fish clan chief who had been following him. A smile appeared on the clan chief’s face, and had more confidence in the gifts that would be sent later.


    To be honest, the dance of the fish people does not have a cool lighting stage or dynamic music. It is far from the audiovisual enjoyment of human singing and dancing, but the fish people have racial talents, only that of a mermaid. The cruising posture was enough to make Chen Xi calm down and watch. 

    Chen Xi saw from the beginning and to the end of the dance of the fish tribe, and even gave a face, and applauded at the end. 

    At this time, the patriarch of the fish clan smiled forward and said: “This is the sea dance of our fish clan. It has the effect of praying for blessings. In this special season, please let us the fish clan offer a gift to our distinguished guests. So, that the blessings of the Sea Festival can follow you.” 

    The beautiful eyes of the patriarch of the fish clan kept looking at Chen Xi. It goes without saying who he is talking to.

    The words of the patriarch of the fish clan also rarely aroused Chen Xi’s curiosity. In fact, when he saw this large clam shell before, he wondered if there was anything in it. After all, according to the choreography logic on earth, this clam shell should be opened at the climax of the dance, revealing the contents. 

    But until the entire dance was over, Chen Xi couldn’t see the clam shell open, thinking that he had guessed wrong, and thought that the big clam shell might really be a simple decorative prop in the water fish clan. 

    As a result, the patriarch of the fish clan told him that this was a gift to him, which really aroused Chen Xi’s interest. 

    The most important thing is to send this gift in this way. If the head of the fish clan just directly displays the things to be given, then no matter what the treasure, Chen Xi may not take a second look, but in this way, it has to be said that it has grasped Chen Xi’s attention.

    Chen Xi couldn’t help but turn his head and look at Jin Yi. 

    And Jin Yi’s gaze also looked at the closed large clam shell, with a glimmer of light flowing through the brilliant and cold golden eyes.

    The next moment, Jin Yi frowned slightly, the fluoroscopy failed, and he did not see what was inside. 

    This happens occasionally. This is because there are some substances that can be isolated for perspective in the scanned material. Obviously this clam shell contains this kind of material. This requires the use of more powerful perspective scanning equipment on the starship to solve. 

    But for now, it doesn’t have to be that troublesome. 

    Feeling Chen Xi’s expectant gaze, Jin Yi nodded slightly at Chen Xi. 

    After seeing Jin Yi nodding, Chen Xi immediately smiled happily, because it meant he could accept this gift.

    Infected by Chen Xi’s smile, Jin Yi also showed a slight smile on his face, and then motioned to the Zhizu with dark red eyes behind him to go up and open the clam shell to see what was inside. 

    The way to know what’s in the clam shell faster than calling the scanning equipment on the starship, of course, is to open it and take a look. 

    And there is no need to be afraid of what dangerous items are hidden inside. With the primitive technology of the fish tribe, they can still put nuclear bombs in the clam shell. As for other dangerous items below this level, they are not enough. consider. 

    However, Jin Yi’s confident look quickly disappeared. 

    Regarding the behavior of the Zhizu going forward to unpack and inspect the goods, the head of the fish clan didn’t panic at all, and he even kept smiling. After all, this was originally a “gift” he carefully prepared without any danger. 


    The huge clam shell slowly opened a crack under the force of several Zhizu. The first thing overflowed was a soft shimmer, which was similar to the light of the orb held in the hands of the female mermaid. At this time, Jin Yi’s face suddenly became very ugly. Many of the intellectuals who were present also stopped slightly, and the scene seemed to cause little commotion.

    Chen Xi obviously didn’t have the ability of Jin Yi and other Zhizu to know the whole picture by opening a gap, but soon, the clam shell was uncovered to the extent that it could be seen inside. 

    He saw that the soft shimmer was really emitted by the orbs, but this is not important. What is important is the soft body lying on the orbs in the shell of the clam. The body was curvy,  the long hair like seaweed spread out, and the wide fishtail was like sparkling lavender, which was very beautiful. It seemed to feel the line of sight on her body. The figure that was lying down slowly sat up, and lifted a delicate face rarely seen in the fish clan, and showed a sweet and confused smile in Chen Xi’s direction.

    That’s right, in this clam shell is a beautiful aquatic woman who is so stunning. 

    Chen Xi looked at the so-called “gift” inside, and he was shocked. 

    But Jin Yi’s expression at this time was hard to look at. 

    The patriarch of the fish clan, who had all his attention on Chen Xi, didn’t pay attention to anything else. He looked at the scene in front of him and smiled with satisfaction. That’s right, the gift he carefully prepared was exactly this. 

    From the previous observations and contacts with Chen Xi, he found that Chen Xi really does care about the fish clan, and he has not even the slightest demand for the fish clan, but how can it be done like this? He wanted to build a deeper relationship with them. But their relationship is obviously not enough. 

    Fortunately, he also discovered that although Chen Xi didn’t care about the treasures of the tribe, he would always look more at the fish tribe itself, especially the women of the fish tribe. 

    This gave him an idea, and he quickly discovered that this might be a better way, after all, how could a dead thing compare to a living thing. 

    If you can like one thing, how much can it compare to living creatures?

    Isn’t the ear fox tribe a living example? 

    Moreover, the patriarch of the fish clan is an ambitious king. He not only wants to reproduce everything that the ear fox clan gets, but also hopes to go further.

    After all, no matter how you look at it, Chen Xi absolutely simply likes the cuteness of the ear fox prince, and because he likes it, he rubs and hugs from time to time, but he has absolutely no other thoughts. 

    But what if the fish family he sent out got more than that? 

    As we all know, the closer the races look, the stronger the mutual attraction. There are such examples of becoming partners or having relationships, and the similarity between the fish tribe and the Zhizu tribe has definitely reached the level of attraction. 

    Because of this, the patriarch of the fish clan spared no expense and singled out a beautiful woman from the fish clan who was amazing in appearance and icy and smart. 


    The only pity is that it is impossible to have children between different races, but this is an objective factor, and it is impossible to force it, but when the person he sends out in the future is really favored by Chen Xi, then he can try it. Try some methods that are rumored to increase the chances of a different race. 

    The patriarch of the fish clan directed his gaze towards Chen Xi, showing a friendly and kind, but ambitious smile on the surface. 

    However, just as the fish clan chief was imagining the future, there was a strange noise, and he turned his head in surprise, and saw that the golden eyed Zhizu who was sitting next to Chen Xi had left his seat with a cold face. 

    Although the golden eyed Zhizu has always looked indifferent, this time, the fish clan chief really felt the pressure, as if he had suddenly come to a deeper seabed.

    Chen Xi, who was looking at the beauty in the clam shell and was overwhelmed, also looked at Jin Yi because of the strange noise, but only heard Jin Yi leave a cold sentence, “I’ll go first.”

    Finishing this sentence Jin Yi turned around and strode away. This had never happened before, this clearly showed Jin Yi’s unhappiness, and the severity was unprecedented. 

    Chen Xi was dumbfounded at once, and was about to catch up subconsciously. 

    However, the patriarch of the fish clan who was full of ambition on the side was immediately anxious, and quickly reminded him: “Look at this…” 

    After the head of the fish clan reminded him, Chen Xi also remembered the fish tribe female who was still in the clam shell. He looked at that person, who blinked her beautiful eyes and smiled at him again. 

    Chen Xi’s face couldn’t help but redden, but of course Chen Xi would not accept this kind of a lively aquatic beauty being given as a gift, not to mention that Jin Yi just made it clear that it was unhappy. So Chen Xi hurriedly, but refused firmly enough. 

    The smile on the face of the fish clan chief could hardly be maintained. He said: “But you just accepted it.”

    “Ahaha…but  I didn’t know what was inside.” He said these few words, and Chen Xi saw that Jin Yi had already gone far, so he didn’t dare to delay anymore, and said quickly: “I have something to do, I’ll go now!” 

    After that, Chen Xi chased after Jin Yi, and as soon as Chen Xi left, the Zhizu tribe troops stationed here also followed, and the royal heirs were also taken along. 

    Soon, the seabed that was arranged as a banquet hall lost all the figures wrapped in bubbles, leaving only the people of the fish tribe, and it suddenly seemed a lot colder. 

    The patriarch of the fish clan who had always smiled kindly and tenderly had lost all smiles on his face, and all the fish clan with low air pressure were silent. 

    And the beauty of the fish clan who had been in the clam shell and smiled at Chen Xi before had already emerged from the clam shell, shivering on the sea mud. 



    On the other side, Chen Xi finally caught up with Jin Yi on the starship. 

    Chen Xi, who finally found Jin Yi with Bin Lan and the others, looked at the figure standing in front of the starscape wall with his back facing him. He took a breath and stepped forward and said, “What’s the matter with you?” 

    Hearing Chen Xi’s voice, Jin Yi didn’t say a word, let alone look back. 

    Faced with this situation, Chen Xi stepped forward and continued his efforts: “What’s the matter? Why did you suddenly get angry?” 

    After two seconds, Jin Yi said: “Why don’t you stay with the fish clan that they gave to you? ” 

    Chen Xi… 

    This familiar routine, this familiar taste. 


    Although he felt a bit complicated in his heart, the top priority now was to coax Jin Yi well, so Chen Xi immediately explained that he had rejected the “gift”. 

    Hearing this, Jin Yi’s expression eased a little. In fact, as the master, he already knew what happened to Chen Xi, and because of this, it was so easy for him to speak to Chen Xi now. 

    When Chen Xi saw Jin Yi’s expression, he immediately struck the iron while it was hot and coaxed him for a long time before Jin Yi’s expression became normal.

    However, after the crisis was lifted, Chen Xi’s curiosity spread again. After all, although Jin Yi is sometimes jealous, he is not a stingy person, and he does not restrict him from making friends with the heirs of the royal family. But it was Jin Yi who helped him find it. Except for occasionally getting angry because he publicly admitted that his favorite was the ear fox princes, other normal circumstances were ignored. 

    But today, the fish clan, although it is a bit exaggerated to say that they were given to themselves as a “gift”, they haven’t had any contact with them yet. Why is Jin Yi angry at this time? 

    Seeing that Jin Yi’s mood improved, Chen Xi couldn’t help asking him question in a low voice. 

    Faced with Chen Xi’s doubts, Jin Yi was silent for a while, and finally said with a cold face: “Don’t you like mermaids? Now there is a beauty of the aquatic clan, but you would not treat her as a friend in the future.”

    After listening to Jin Yi’s reasons, Chen Xi was stunned at first, and then a little bit dumbfounded: “Why did you think that? I like mermaids, but my love comes from fairy tales. I can distinguish fairy tales from reality. I am a different species from the fish clan, so how can we be together? Even if I don’t care about this, the fish clan and I don’t have a common language. Seriously, I rather be partners with you than be partners with the fish clan,”

    Chen Xi originally said this sentence casually, but for some reason, the atmosphere in the room changed subtly at the moment he said this. 

    At that moment, all the Zhizu in the room looked up and looked over. 

    Even Chen Xi immediately noticed such an overly obvious change. He couldn’t help but feel a little at a loss. What did he just say? He didn’t seem to say anything special. 

    However, when Chen Xi was still at a loss, something that caught him even more by surprise came, that is, Jin Yi stared at him and said with that deep and sweet voice, “Then let me be your companion robot, would you like that?” 


    Seeing Chen Xi’s still somewhat confused gaze, Jin Yi solemnly said: “As your companion robot, I will always be with you, be loyal to you, love you forever, meet all your needs, and keep you happy all the time, so that you won’t be alone.” 

    After saying this, Jin Yi held his breath, looking forward at at Chen Xi with some nervousness. As the mastermind who was born with strategizing, this is definitely the most anxious time for Jin Yi in his life. 

    However, in Jin Yi’s expectant and nervous sight, Chen Xi tilted his head, and said in confusion: “But haven’t you always been my companion robot?” 

    In Chen Xi’s heart, what Jin Yi just said, is exactly what he has been doing. 

    The moment Chen Xi said this, Chen Xi clearly heard the sound of a few things falling to the ground in the room, and Chen Xi couldn’t help looking in the direction of the other robots in the room.

    After Jin Yi was stunned for a while, he also understood that Chen Xi did not understand what he meant. He sighed helplessly, but patiently explained: “The companion robot requires two people to submit formal documents before they can be formed. I am not your companion robot yet. This is a legally recognized partnership. There was legislation in the human era, and it is protected by human laws, and the bill has continued to this day.” 

    Wait… Chen Xi’s face changed. It was a little weird, how come the more he listened, the more he felt that this companion robot seemed to be a marriage among humans. 


    Chen Xi’s heart suddenly became confused. After waking up, he found that he was a single dog in the universe, destined to be alone, and there was no possibility of being with another human in this life, so he never considered it from the bottom of his heart. The option related to marriage, but now, this may be a similar option suddenly in front of him, and more importantly, he is only eighteen years old! ! ! 

    Chen Xi’s heart thumped and his head was in a mess, but even at this moment, he still noticed Jin Yi staring at him, looking at the quiet and gentle golden color, an inexplicable thought came up. Chen Xi’s heart, if he refuses directly now, Jin Yi will be sad. 

    After all, Jin Yi was asking him so seriously just now. 

    But to let Chen Xi just agree to it so directly, Chen Xi couldn’t make this determination for a while, after all, he was confused now, and he didn’t even fully understand what the companion robot was. 

    Even if you die, you have to be a ghost. 

    After this thought came to mind, Chen Xi finally had an idea, so he took a deep breath and said to Jin Yi: “Let me consider it, can I reply to you later?” 

    Jin Yi heard Chen Xi’s answer. His eyes stared at Chen Xi, and after a while, he nodded slowly. 

    In this way, this matter just passed. 

    As soon as Chen Xi waited for Jin Yi to leave, he immediately went back to his bedroom and opened the star network to start inquiring about relevant information.

    Keywords, companion robot.

    The result that was finally found out really matched his guess. The companion robot is a marriage relationship among human beings. It is protected by law and is a certified marriage relationship! ! ! 

    Chen Xi was frantic for a while. 

    But when he was going mad, some other information he found attracted his attention. 

    —— Since the passage of the Robot Companion Act, the proportion of humans and robots becoming partners has exceeded 80% for a long time. In addition, 14.2% of humans are unmarried, and the proportion of humans choosing marriages of the same type is only 5.8% according to statistics, and more than half will divorce within five years, more than two percent will divorce within ten years …… ” 

   Looking at this information, let Chen Xi forget to go crazy, go into an immersed shock. 

    He couldn’t help but mutter: “Is there such a discrepancy between humans? ” 

    Here, Chen Xi checked the relevant information about humans and robots forming partners. When reshaping his Three Views, the star network on the other side also exploded. 


    At the beginning of the incident, the Zhizu family broke the news on the star network today. At the banquet, the fish tribe tried to give Chen Xi a beauty from the fish tribe. 

    As soon as this incident happened, it was not surprising that it caused a lot of dissatisfaction. As super intellectual brains, all the intellectuals have analyzed the fish tribe’s intentions, the possible consequences of this incident, and an analysis of Chen Xi’s preferences, all concluded that the incident itself is extremely harmful. Just when everyone was debating the fish tribe, and was unprecedentedly displeased, suddenly an account coldly replied: Are you still paying attention to this little thing? There is going to be a fire in the backyard, don’t you know? 

If this account was an ordinary account, this reply would of been drowned in tens of millions of relevant discussions every day

    However, this account is not an ordinary account. Soon, Zhizu found that the home page of this account has orange authentication, which shows that the owner of the account is orange eye Zhizu.

    In the world of the Zhizu, the account authentication on Starnet is 100% authentic and impossible to forge. However, the orange eye Zhizu, the scientific research personnel of these Zhizu, in addition to enjoying more resource tilt, their own numbers are in the wisdom. Only a small part of the total number of clans, each is a real elite, and they never talk nonsense. 

    More importantly, all the intellectuals clearly remember that among the robots selected to take care of Chen Xi personally, there were a total of ten orange-eyed Intellectual! 

    This incident also caused a lot of dissatisfaction among ordinary intellectuals at the beginning, questioning whether the orange eye intellectuals were given privileges. 

    And now seeing the speech of this orange eye Zhizu account, for a while, many people subconsciously made some kind of association, connecting it with the ten lucky guys who were able to get in close contact with Chen Xi. 

    For a time, many people tentatively posted messages below in reply. 

    【What do you mean? 】

    【Speak clearly if you have something to say, don’t speak yin and yang. 】

    【Are you one of the chosen ones? Is there any inside story? 】

    【What’s the fire in the backyard, can you tell me clearly? 】

    【What the hell is going on, can you talk about it? 】


    Finally after a while, these long replies increased, the account owner of the orange eye Zhizu didn’t know if he had been following here, or if he just didn’t want to say anything, he finally appeared to reply again. 


    [Oh, you are still paying attention to the things of the fish tribe, **The main brain has directly asked Chen Xi to be his companion robot, do you know? 】

    As soon as this reply came out, the lively discussion area that originally commented on seemed to stagnate for a while. 

    Then the next moment, a huge amount of replies like a mountain whistling a tsunami suddenly emerged. 

    [Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ! **Mastermind, I **you**] 

    [Report! Be sure to report the mastermind! ! 】

    [It is heinous, using power for personal gain, what kind of world do we live in under the rule of the mastermind? 】

    【It turns out that there is such a privilege to be the mastermind, haha, report it! 】

    【**The mastermind is simply not a human being! 】

    【Upstairs, he is not a human being. ] 

    [Did Chen Xi agree? Don’t, don’t! 】

    【I said it a long time ago, the mastermind has too much power, and sooner or later it will do something against the intellectuals. You didn’t believe me before. 】

    【Brother, I was wrong, I confessed, ooh, I will start reporting the boss every day. 】



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