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   The news of the mastermind’s invitation of being a companion robot for Chen Xi quickly spread the whole star network like a virus, and caused unprecedented dissatisfaction of all intellectuals. 

    In the face of such dissatisfaction and protest, Jin Yi did not respond, but his lack of response was also a reaction. He did not make any clarification, which just confirmed the truth of the news. For a while, the protests of the intellectuals became more intense. 

    However, Jin Yi at this time, just like the ancient monarch, turned a blind eye to the indignation that permeated the entire Zhizu tribe. 

    Of course, Jin Yi didn’t just do nothing. He blocked all the Zhizu’s protests on the Star Network for Chen Xi alone. After all, it is now an important period for Chen Xi to consider whether to accept him as a companion robot. He doesn’t want Chen Xi to be affected by any external information. 

    At this time, Chen Xi had already read the explanations on the companion robot on the star network. Then, apart from being shocked by the marriage rate between humans and humans in the interstellar era, he became even more autistic.


   The reason for autistic is still there. After all, the companion robot is completely equivalent to the marriage relationship in the human world makes him really unable to agree to it all at once, but if he refuses, Jin Yi will definitely be sad again, as long as he thinks that Jin Yi will be sad. Once he thinks of refusing, he doesn’t know why he can’t refuse, and can’t say anything.

    And… Why does Jin Yi want to be his companion robot? Could it be that Jin Yi likes him? 

    As long as he thinks of this possibility, Chen Xi couldn’t stop the rising heat from his face, and his heartbeat became a little faster. He always felt uncomfortable all over his body, and he wanted to do something to divert his attention. 

    In addition to this, Jin Yi is a male robot, and he is also a male. This makes him a little entangled, but thinking that they are different in species, human beings have already died out, it seems that there is no need to entangle with race, so this problem was quickly put down.

    So, whether or not to agree to be Jin Yi’s companion robot, Chen Xi found that he still couldn’t make up his mind, so he had no choice but to temporarily use the dragging technique, and the day when he wanted to make a final choice came a little later. 


    It is worth mentioning that since Chen Xi chased after Jin Yi and caught up with him on the starship last time, he has not returned to the main star of the fish clan. After that, he directly ended the trip of the fish clan, the starship team started up again, aside from leaving the young patriarch of the fish clan on the main star of the fish clan, the other royal heirs were still taken away and moved on to the next destination. 

    The reason for Chen Xi doing this was because he had already played enough on the main star of the fish clan, and there was no regret about leaving now. Secondly, the patriarch of the clan gave him a beauty from the fish clan. He also felt embarrassed. He didn’t know how to face them when he returned, so he just didn’t want to face it. As for the third reason, and the most important reason, that is to coax Jin Yi well so that Jin Yi is not angry anymore. If he were to return to the main star of the fish clan, wouldn’t that mean that he can’t forget about the beauty? Even if he doesn’t have that idea at all, Jin Yi won’t be angry, so Chenxi, who has a strong desire for survival, naturally chose the most trouble-free and most permanent path.

   Sure enough, after Chen Xi made this choice, Jin Yi’s mood has been visible to the naked eye these days. Even if he has been dragging and not answering Jin Yi’s question, Jin Yi is not impatient, but rather gentle towards him. 

    And while enjoying this kind of tenderness, Chen Xi silently thought in his heart, let this kind of patience last longer. 



    During lunch break on the starship, Chen Xi woke up full of energy. After checking the time, he found that he hadn’t slept for long today, but he was very energetic, which was strange. 

    At this time, Jin Yi is generally dealing with official affairs and can’t accompany him, and he has completed today’s one-hour study task in the morning, so what should he do in the meantime? 

    Well, let’s play the game. After all, he’s so energetic now, maybe he can hit the highest record today. 


    Chen Xi, who had decided so happily in his heart, habitually opened an interface, chose the snacks for his afternoon tea and the game, and then opened the game interface full of fighting spirit. 

    It was different when he woke up, Chen Xi was quickly invested in it, and the results were pretty good. 

    When the afternoon tea was delivered, it was when Chen Xi was fighting fiercely. The person who delivered the snacks and afternoon tea was Bin Lan. Chen Xi did not look up, and he could tell it was him from his clearer and more gentle voice. 

    When the fight was so intense, Chen Xi naturally had no time to raise his hand to eat snacks. Fortunately, Bin Lan understood him very well, and always delivered cakes or juice to him when he entered the next level, or when he was resurrected from death, and fed it to his mouth. 

    For a time, Chen Xi was both playing games and eating snacks, and he was extremely satisfied with Bin Lan. 

    But even if Chen Xi’s state was good today, the game was getting harder and harder after the game started. Finally, before the highest level Chen Xi rushed to before, Chen Xi could break through his highest record just a little bit. However, a small miscalculation made him fail again.

    Looking at the page that went ashes all at once, and the button of death and resurrection on it, Chen Xi was stunned, unable to recover for half a second. 

    But the game is often like this. If you lose, it will make people more and more courageous. So after Chen Xi suffered defeat, he soon started again, and just when he was about to break his highest record. He made that mistake again. 

    However, Chen Xi’s previous good results seem to be just a moment of luck today. He started again, but his condition was getting worse and worse, and his death was becoming more frequent. In the end, let alone challenge his highest record again, that performance was better than he usually plays at random, making him feel self-doubt, did I really have such a thing?

    Until he died not long after the start of the game again, Chen Xi was finally angry when he saw his unbearable results. In addition, Bin Lan was next to him, so he directly plugged the 2-in-1 tablet into Bin Lan’s hands, and said: “Bin Lan, you come to fight.” 

    The answer to Chen Xi was Bin Lan’s elegant voice with a smile, “Bin Lan obeys.” 


    Then, Chen Xi looked at his two-in-one tablet in Bin Lan’s hands, he still has the same character and the same level, but the originally clumsy character inside seems to have become a god for a time. It flipped and moved with ease in the game, making all kinds of cool actions. The sound of customs clearance came one after another. 

    The magical operation of the villain on the screen, and the elegant and flexible slender fingers outside the screen, compose a wonderful movement, which is pleasing to the eye when you look at it. 

    In such an eye-catching and pleasing picture, Chen Xi’s original anger quickly became calm. When Bin Lan returned the 2-in-1 tablet to him, he looked at the one played against the character with his ID. With the highest score, a smile appeared on his face. 

    At this moment, Bin Lan’s eyes reflected Chen Xi’s smiling face, and he suddenly said: “Chen Xi.” 

    Chen Xi looked up and saw Bin Lan approaching. Chen Xi subconsciously felt that his mouth was sticky. The cake cream was left, and sure enough, Bin Lan’s long and white hand rubbed gently against his mouth. 

    However, the next moment, he heard Bin Lan’s elegant and pleasant voice, “Chen Xi, do you like Bin Lan?” 

    Chen Xi was dumbfounded for a moment, but did not think much, and subconsciously replied: “Like it.” 

    Hearing Chen Xi’s answer, Bin Lan’s orange eyes darkened a bit for an instant, and then his voice became softer, as if mixed with a little temptation, “So… Can you let Bin Lan be your companion robot?” 

    Wait, what? 

    However, when Chen Xi was completely stunned, the bedroom door was opened, and a figure with fluttering golden hair walked in.

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