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   At this time, the King of the Canaan naturally accompanied Chen Xi, so after Jiaye arrived in a hurry, seeing so many intellectuals around him, he calmed down again, and was stunned. 

    At this moment, Jiaye had already retreated in his heart, and felt that it was a bit unwise for him to rush in on such an impulse, after all, this was an indifferent and extremely dangerous intellectual. 

    However, just as Jiaye slipped away with cold sweat on his forehead against those dark red icy eyes who were looking over, a voice of speaking came from a distance, and a group of people walked over here.

     Jiaye subconsciously raised his head and looked over there, and then he was shocked. The first thing he saw was a golden-haired Zhizu with an indifferent and holy temperament with golden pupils, which directly broke through his cognition of the appearance of the Zhizu tribe all the time. 

    And it’s strange to say that the Zhizu tribe with golden eyes is clearly the appearance of the Zhizu tribe, but inexplicably reminds him of the statues of the gods in the Canaan tribe’s temple. So anyone can’t help but feel insignificant as dust in front of him.


    Jiaye settled down, and forcibly got rid of this feeling. Then, he noticed a smaller black-eyed Zhizu beside the golden-eyed Zhizu tribe, and thought that it was another unheard Zhizu.

    The appearance of this black-eyed Zhizu does not have the oppressive feeling of the golden-eyed Zhizu, and even has a non-threatening youth appearance, but what makes him pay attention to him is that this black-eyed wise Zhizu has always been walking side by side with the terrible golden eyed Zhizu. 

    But Jiaye didn’t have time to think more, because he quickly noticed that his father was accompanied between two Zhizu’s, and there was a group of people of different races behind his father. Among them, there were several royal heirs he knew well, and more importantly, Gae actually walked with them and chatted and laughed. 

    The scene in front of him was like a rush of heat directly rushing into Jiaye’s mind, and even instantly made him forget his fear and original plan, but walked straight forward.

    However, as Jiaye approached, the dark red eyes of all the Zhizu tribes around him firmly locked on him. After Jiaye walked close enough, Jin Yi also raised his eyes and looked at him coldly. 

    The sudden sense of crisis awakened Jiaye, who had been dazzled by anger, and his whole body was already in a cold sweat. He suddenly had an intuition that if he took a step forward, then death was waiting for him. 

    Fear of the Zhizu came to his heart again, but the great prince Jiaye had been doing this for so many years, maybe he was not very capable, but he still had a little cleverness and resilience. 

    So he immediately bowed to the group of people in front of him, then smiled, and said with enthusiasm: “I am the great prince of the Canaan family. I heard that a distinguished guest of the intellectual family came to meet us.”

    Jiaye was thinking very well that Gae, who was taken away by the Zhizu tribe before, was not dead, and be able to walk aside with ease, indicating that the Zhizu tribe did not come with the purpose of killing them casually, and such a tribe obviously is possible to communicate with, as long as he shows that he has no malice, then there is still a ray of life. 

    In fact, Jiaye made the right bet this time. Jin Yi listened indifferently, and then asked in a nonchalant voice: “Really?” 

    The Canaan king who was accompanied by him had already been scared enough. He didn’t understand how his son would come suddenly, after all, he didn’t call him over, but at this time he was most afraid of accidents with his heirs, so as soon as he heard Jin Yi’s question, he came out and promised again and again. The proof of his identity and he is definitely not a random person who broke in. 


    And Gae also came out in due course to confirm his father’s words and vouch for his elder brother’s identity. 

    With the words of these two people ahead, Jin Yi finally moved his gaze away from Jiaye’s body, and said lightly: “Get out of the way.” 

    Upon hearing these words, Jiaye hurriedly stepped aside. He heard a neat step beside him, even the sound of his footsteps was icy and unkind, and Jiaye was greatly relieved when the footsteps belonging to the Zhizu tribe were gone. At this time, he realized that his close-fitting clothes have been soaked in cold sweat, and his legs have become a little soft. 

    After that little episode, Chen Xi and his team continued to walk around the Canaan palace under the leadership of the Canaan king. Along the way, Chen Xi looked curiously at these exotic buildings and decorations from time to time. He bumped into a blue-haired waiter who quickly bowed his head and saluted, while the Canaan king and Gae introduced them in due course. 

    After shopping for a long time, Chen Xi yawned a little, Jin Yi stopped immediately, and said to him sideways: “Let’s go here first.” 

    Chen Xi didn’t actually feel tired. But he knew that Jin Yi was afraid that he would be tired, so he accepted this kindness and said obediently: “Okay.”

    The residence on the Canaan star, because the Canaan is a race on land after all, the buildings have been built to be beautiful and comfortable enough, so in order for Chen Xi to better experience the customs of the Canaan tribe, Jin Yi and the others disliked it directly, and rebuilt their own temporary residence, but directly encircled a range in the Canaan palace, and included the building inside as Chen Xi’s home base for the Canaan. 

    The Canaan king did not dare to resist this kind of overlord behavior of the Zhizu tribe. After receiving the news, he immediately cooperated with preparations. The main thing was to withdraw all Canaan people inside. As for the subsequent cleaning and reformation, it was directly taken over by the Zhizu. 


    The Zhizu’s reconstruction of the building was fast, so when Jin Yi accompanied Chen Xi, it is estimated that the results can be directly checked and accepted. 

    Although Chen Xi’s residence is there as a place specially prepared for Chen Xi, those royal heirs who were his playmates, did receive such treatment. Fortunately, the Canaan palace is large enough to enclose Chen Xi’s buildings. Outside the scope, there are still enough palaces arranged for them to live in, so the heirs of the royal family can finally not sleep on the ground this time.

    Afterwards, the King of the Canaan accompanied Jin Yi and Chen Xi with a large force of the Zhizu tribe to where they lived. 

    Gae stayed to arrange the royal heirs, but when they were talking in a low voice, a very abrupt voice came in, “Oh, your Royal Highness, Brother Kuang, Your Highness Yan, all the distinguished guests are here, it’s Jiaye fault for such bad hospitality.” 

    Hearing this voice, a group of royal heirs turned around, especially the three who were called out, and they were even more surprised. They didn’t expect Jiaye was still here.

    While Jiaye carefully looked at the few Zhizu tribes around, he approached cautiously, until he got close enough, he didn’t see those cold-faced Zhizu tribes blocking him, and he couldn’t help but relax greatly. He sighed, and then the smile on his face widened, and he said with a passionate expression to the heirs of the royal family he knew: “Are you going to stay overnight with my Canaan family? Don’t worry, Jiaye will make arrangements to make everyone feel at home.” 

    While speaking, Jia Ye had already assumed that he was the master of this room and had to entertain the distinguished guests, and even directly took away what Gae was doing.

    To be honest, Jiaye’s attitude at this time is not excessive. After all, as the heir of the Canaan clan, he used to be with the prince of the Sangkuang clan, the eldest son of the wild beast clan, and the prince of the Yan clan. They were know as brothers, and they participated in many royal family activities togethers, which is somewhat of a friendship. 


    However, at this time, these royal heirs who had previously called him brother, only stagnated for a second, and then they all turned to Gae as if they hadn’t seen him, and some of them said, “Brother Gae, it will be troublesome for you stay here for a while.” 

    Some put their hands on Gae’s shoulders, looking like good brothers, “Yes, It’s been hard work for you.” What’s 

    Then they said directly: “Brother Gae, just you wait. I will definitely come to the Canaan family to visit you when I have a chance.” 

    As for the other royal heirs, they didn’t even acknowledge Jiaye at all. They just looked Jiaye up and down and looked away indifferently. As for the allocation of residence, of course they followed Gae. 

    For a moment, Jiaye, who was completely ignored, looked ugly to the extreme.

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