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   However, no matter how ugly Jiaye’s face was, no one at the scene paid him any attention. 

    On the other hand, Chen Xi and Jin Yi went to check and accept their residence in the Jiaye clan in the next few days. The room that has been transformed by the Zhizu clan was naturally comfortable and retains the unique characteristics of the Zhizu clan. 

    After taking a shower in the bathroom equipped with the future bathing facilities, Chen Xi leaped on the soft bed and rolled a few times, while Jin Yi, who came out from behind, covered Chen Xi’s head with a dry towel and helped him gently wipe his hair.

    Of course, the interstellar era towel is not a simple towel. It integrates automatic heating and constant temperature and super absorbent material. When it is covered on the head, it is not only warm and comfortable, but also very fast, in less than a minute it can wipe off the moisture completely. 

    Covered by a warm dry towel, Chen Xi obediently stopped his movements and asked Jin Yi to wipe his hair. After a couple of seconds, the towel was removed, and Chen Xi shook his head and felt that his dry hair was refresh. He couldn’t help but smile with satisfaction. 


    While Jin Yi stared at Chen Xi’s smiling face, a gentle smile could not help but also appeared in his cold eyes. 

    He stretched out his hand and carefully touched Chen Xi’s white and tender cheeks, then moved his fingers to the side and buried them in Chen Xi’s short black hair. The black hair was extremely soft, because it was carefully cared for, each one was unusually shiny, not to mention how comfortable it is. 

    He wanted to know if the scene in front of him was transmitted to the star network, it will inevitably cause another scream such as ” ** mastermind”. 

    Chen Xi squinted his eyes comfortably when Jin Yi touched his hair, and even took the initiative to nudge closer. Suddenly, he remembered something and softly demanded: “Tomorrow I want to go out to play, I’m going to visit the Canaan market.”


    “I have to buy things myself, and buy them back to make souvenirs.” 

    “Okay.” The deep response seemed to contain infinite tolerance and pampering. 


    The next day, after a night of rest, Chen Xi got up vigorously and started his journey to Canaan again. 

    Yesterday he was shown around by the Canaan king to stroll around the palace, Chen Xi simply took a look at some places he hadn’t seen before, and then happily took the Zhizu group out of the palace. 

    It is worth mentioning that the Canaan king is old after all, and he was out of breath after walking around in the palace, so Chen Xi did not let the Canaan king accompany him when he left the palace this time. All the things introduced on the road were left to Gae.


   Regarding this, the Canaan king also breathed a sigh of relief. After all, not to mention that his body can’t support a lot of activities, and that he doesn’t need to accompany those cold and dangerous intellectuals. He feels that he can live for another two years. 

    But after all, it was the Zhizu tribe. Even if he didn’t need to accompany him, the Canaan king didn’t dare to neglect them. He personally ordered people to go down and gave him great privileges. He must make sure that he can properly dispatch the people in various parts of the Canaan family to complete the task.


    Chen Xi, who walked out of the Canaan palace, was full of expectation, but after playing for a long time, he lacked a bit of interest, because wherever he went, the ordinary Canaan people fled in panic, even if there were any. The guards of the Canaan palace maintained order and could not conceal the panic of the people. There were many stalls in the market where he wanted to visit, and even the stall owners threw down the stalls and ran away. A few of the remaining ones trembled like they had Parkinson’s. their white faces made him worry about whether the other party would faint at any time.

    What’s more, when Chen Xi walked past a closed wooden door, he clearly heard an invisible sob from inside. 

    Chen Xi … 

    Gae’s face couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed, although he himself is a person with a deep mind, but it does not mean that his entire race can be like him. Even if he has tried his best to control it, he still can’t control the panic of ordinary Canaan people about the intellectuals. 

    Jin Yi’s face sank. Chen Xi was the treasure held by the entire Zhizu’s palm. He did not allow him to suffer any grievances, and all the dark red eyes of the Zhizu seemed to become even colder. 

    Perceiving the changes in the surrounding atmosphere, Chen Xi quickly said: “We’re gone, let’s go ahead and take a look.” 

    Because of Chen Xi’s words, a possible crisis has finally disappeared, and Gae almost shed a cold sweat on the side. He couldn’t help but look at Chen Xi gratefully. 


    While Chen Xi strolled around the streetscape aimlessly, he couldn’t help but think about the situation of playing in the fish clan before. They all said that the fish clan’s folk customs are sturdy, and the current king of the fish clan is even more ruthless. He didn’t feel much, but after coming to Canaan in comparison, he felt a clear difference.

    You must know that he was warmly welcomed in the aquarium fish clan before. No matter where he played in the water fish clan, the local fish clan showed a friendly and welcoming attitude, even if some young fish clan were a little nervous when facing the Zhizu, but no one showed a panic and evasive appearance, and even a smile is always on their face, so that people who don’t know, think that fish tribe is a friendly and hospitable race

   Chen Xi didn’t think much before, because he was here to play, and he had traveled on the earth before, and he didn’t feel any strangeness. But now thinking about it, the attitude of the Canaan people towards the Zhizu tribe should be considered normal? 

    Alas, the king of the aquarium fish clan had a hard time. 

    By now, Chen Xi finally realized how much thought the king of the fish clan had spent when he was entertaining them. Well, thinking about that king who tried so hard, but in the end he gave a wrong gift, which led to Jin Yi being angry, and then all of them left without even saying good. It was really pitiful. 

    Chen Xi secretly decided that after a while, Jin Yi should no longer be angry about the fish tribe’s affairs. He would say two more good things to the fish tribe and give them a little benefit. 


    While Chen Xi was walking and pondering in the front, those royal heirs who followed behind also made new discoveries. The discovery was that they found that many Canaan people were evasive, and they couldn’t help but look at them frequently. To be precise, they looked at the prince of the ear fox clan. Some even exclaimed in whispers because they saw the prince of the ear fox clan. 

    The fuss was strange and it made the royal heirs speechless. What happened to these Canaan people? What is there to watch about the ear fox tribe, isn’t it the most humble and worst street existence? What catches your eyes? Some royal heirs couldn’t help but squint, and glanced at the small figure beside them. 

    Feeling these gazes, the ear fox prince’s body couldn’t help but shake, and then quietly moved away from them. 


    But there are also some careful royal heirs, and soon discovered that there did not seem to be any eared foxes on the street, and they couldn’t help feeling very strange. Speaking of which, they seemed to have never seen eared foxes in the fish tribe before. The figure of the fish tribe was originally active in the sea, and it makes sense not to use land races as slaves, but they have been walking for so long in the Canaan tribe, but none of the ear fox slaves were seen. It’s really strange.

    Those royal heirs who have discovered this suspicious point have this point in their minds, and plan to find an opportunity to figure out what is going on in the future. 


    On this day, Chen Xi finished playing earlier than originally planned. Bin Lan’s people who took care of Chen Xi closely implied worries, and Jin Yi’s eyes were also gloomy.

    For today’s affairs, Canaan was not held accountable because of Chen Xi, but his patience was not limitless. If the Canaan continued to let Chen Xi encounter today’s scene again, then he would not let the Canaan tribe go. 

    Jin Yi, whose eyes flashed coldly, suddenly felt that his sleeves were being affected. He lowered his eyes, his eyes had returned to calm, and asked Chen Xi in a soft voice: “What’s the matter?” 

      Chen Xi’s eyes flashed, “I suddenly have a bold idea.” 

    A smile appeared in Jin Yi’s eyes. He leaned down slightly, his slender and perfect hands supported Chen Xi’s shoulders, his perfect face was close to Chen Xi, and his voice was low and seductive: “I’ll satisfy any bold ideas for you.”

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