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    Chen Xi’s face turned red because of his suddenly approaching face and his magnetic and almost numbing voice, but as the person who is spoiled by Jin Yi every day, he still has a little resistance. After forcefully calming his mind, he told Jin Yi his bold idea. 

    Specifically, the idea is that when he wants to go out to play next time, they will not let the Canaan palace guards open the way, but directly pretend to be a Canaan person and go shopping. 

    Jin Yi heard this thought, but the first reaction was nothing else, but squinted dangerously, because he felt that Chen Xi must have been wronged by today’s things, so he was unwilling to go shopping with his original face, and wanted to pretend to be a Canaan, in order not appear hostile.

    Chen Xi rushed to say what she thought, and was about to ask if this is feasible. But he didn’t expect to see Jin Yi’s obviously angry expression when he looked up, and he couldn’t help being stupid. 

    Fortunately, Chen Xi soon understood that Jin Yi was not angry at him, but at the Canaan tribe. As for the reason for the anger, he thought that it was that he wanted to pretend to be a Canaan to go shopping because things were uncomfortable today, and avoid it. 

    Chen Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for a long time, and wanted to explain, before he convinced Jin Yi that he was not uncomfortable because of today’s events. As for pretending to be a Canaan, it was not to escape, but to get to wander around and want to go deeper, and experience the customs of the local race and add a touch of fun. 

    In the end, Jin Yi was finally reluctantly persuaded by Chen Xi and agreed to this idea. 

    “So, can we pretend to be like them?” At this point, Chen Xi’s eyes sparkled again. He has seen this kind of disguised change in some movies of the Zhizu, but the movie is a movie, and he doesn’t know how far the Zhizu technology can achieve in reality. 

    For this, Jin Yi just chuckled and said: “No problem, take a break today. You still need some equipment to pretend to be a Canaan. You can see it tomorrow.” 

    After hearing Jin Yi’s words, Chen Xi went to sleep with full expectation, and he woke up early the next morning. 

    And Jin Yi, who knew what Chen Xi was waiting for, did not delay. After watching Chen Xi eat breakfast, he let Bin Lan  and the others come in. Then a group of people surrounded Chen Xi, and some softly played with Chen Xi’s hair, holding Chen Xi’s hand, traced something carefully, but those who didn’t know thought it was the makeup scene of a big star. 

    When the details that were easy to be exposed were finished, someone presented a stack of beautifully made clothes made of the most comfortable material that the Canaan could find. Chen Xi changed into them happily, and Bin Lan stepped forward again, and put a shielding device disguised as an ornament on his clothes.


    Then after everyone had stepped back, Chen Xi appeared in front of a virtual screen that acted as a mirror. He was shocked when he looked at the people on the virtual screen. What he saw in the mirror was a Canaani aristocratic teenager. His hair has become completely blue, his eyes have also become blue, his skin color has become colder and whiter, the shape of his ears has changed, and the color of his nails has also changed, even on his fingers he saw some thin blue meridians. 

    Chen Xi curiously touched his  hair, and then touched his ears. He knew that his hair was dyed before, but his eyes, ears, and most of the skin on his body he remembered that they hadn’t touched before. He found that although the shape seen in the eyes had changed, the outline of the hand was still the same as before, and there was a great contrast between vision and touch. 

    Seeing Chen Xi’s surprise, Jin Yi explained: “This is a super projection technology that can deceive the sight.” 

    In fact, a prosthesis was installed on Chen Xi’s ears, so that the sense of touch can also be faked and real. It’s a piece of cake, but if you install the prosthesis, the person wearing it will definitely feel a little uncomfortable, so Jin Yi chose this technique that mostly deceives the vision, except for a few parts such as hair and frequent movements. A more detailed camouflage was made on his fingers. Anyway, Chen Xi must be under their heavy protection. Would there be any Canaan who could touch Chen Xi’s ears? 

    Chen Xi watched it novelly for a long time, and he quickly discovered the benefit of this disguise, that is, he now feels the same as he usually does, if he doesn’t look at the virtual screen, he won’t feel that he is now a different one, and he is overwhelmed with surprise. Then he looked at Jin Yi and the others, “What about you, do you also want to change clothes now?” 

    Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi quietly and said, “We don’t need it.” 

    Before the words fell, he saw Chen Xi’s sight. Jin Yi’s hair slowly changed from bright golden to watery blue, even his eyes. At the same time, all the Canaan characteristics on his body also changed. What surprised Chen Xi the most was, Even Jin Yi’s clothes automatically changed their styles and became Canaan styles. 

    This change caused Chen Xi to be silly, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a science fiction blockbuster.

    After Chen Xi returned to his senses, hemtook another look at the people around him and found that there was already a house full of “Canaan’s”. 

    However, after watching for awhile, Chen Xi couldn’t help but look at Jin Yi’s body, and sighed: “You are so handsome.” 

    Chen Xi’s words came from the heart, Jin Yi’s original appearance is like this. He was as perfect as a god and unattainable, but when the dazzling gold turned into blue like water, there was less noble and indifference, and more melancholy and coldness. 


    He was originally handsome, but now people didn’t dare to take a second look, he became a terribly handsome man, and he couldn’t help but explore and approach his mysterious atmosphere. 

    Chen Xi thought that Gae was very handsome before, but Gae’s handsome was not worth mentioning in front of Jin Yi, who was disguised as a Canaan. 

    Hearing Chen Xi’s praise, Jin Yi’s mouth pulled up a slight arc, and it seemed that he was in a pretty good mood. 

    In fact, it is not just Jin Yi, the Zhizu were all super handsome guys with perfect proportions. After disguising themselves as the Canaan in this room, there are many people who can kill Gae with their looks. Chen Xi couldn’t help thinking about it. He originally wanted to blend in, but does the idea of ​​becoming a Canaan to go shopping in a low-key way simply doesn’t exist? Just the people he brought can be regarded as the handsome Canaan Tiantuan. If you walk on the street, you really won’t be watched? 

(T/n: Tiantuan- I have no idea what this means, if anyone knows pls let me know in the comments below’)

    But no matter what, no matter how many concerns, it still matters to go shopping. 

    In this way, Chen Xi led a group of people straight to a market that he had planned to go shopping in two days. 

    When Chen Xi went out, the necessary security protection was indispensable. So this time, the Zhizu army still followed, but for Chen Xi’s desire to pretend to be a Canaan and go around the market, all followed Chen Xi’s side along with the Zhizu who appeared disguised as the Canaan, while the rest were hidden in the sky and everywhere, unnoticeable at all. 

    So from a distance, Chen Xi looked like an aristocratic boy who brought a group of people to the market. 

    There is a saying that after disguising as a Canaan, the shopping experience is really different.

    There was no longer anyone with a look of fear, or hands shaking like Parkinson’s, and those vendors were also strangely enthusiastic. 

    For example, Chen Xi is holding a Canaan beaded jewelry in his hand, and the stall owner who sells the jewelry has been boasting: “This young master is really insightful. We have been authentic for ten years. Look at the color, texture, and scent of beads made from the red jade wood. Wearing it on your body not only repels insects, but also refreshes your mind. There are many real benefits.” 

    Chen Xi listened with a smile and took the beads closer. After sniffing it, he did smell a woody fragrance. Let alone, it smelled good. This red jade wood should be a Canaan specialty. Chen Xi looked up and asked, “How much is it?” 

    The vendor’s eyes immediately burst out an astonishing light, and they forced their excitement down and said loudly, “Ten Canaan dollars.” 

    Chen Xi nodded when he heard the words, and did not say anything, but picked out the best among all the red jade wood beads on the stall in front of him. He looked at the two strings, then turned around and took Jin Yi’s hand, putting one string on Jin Yi’s wrist. 


    Not to mention, the color of red jade wood complements the complexion, especially when it is wrapped around Jin Yi’s perfect hand, it looks elegant and intellectual, and it has a seductive beauty that can almost make people unable to open their eyes. After watching for two seconds, he looked back.

     When the vendor saw Chen Xi put the red jade wood beads on other people’s wrists, and boasted: “Look at how good this is…” The latter words disappeared into the vendor’s throat, because the previous thoughts were all in Chen Xi. In this noble young master, he finally saw clearly what the person wearing the bead looks like, how could there be someone like this in the world, so… 

    Seeing the street vendor’s boss lose his voice because of Jin Yi, Chen Xi smiled, and his eyes were left on the stall. He hesitated on the red jade wood bead, but only put the remaining bead on his wrist, and then walked away leisurely. 

    Alas, although he really wants to buy the remaining beads and send one to Bin Lan and the others, he doesn’t dare. Why, because he really doesn’t want the rest of the day to be spent coaxing people, after all. Jin Yi, like an angel, is a real vinegar. 

    As Chen Xi left the booth, a person from the line behind walked out and put some Canadian dollars on the booth. 

    The sound of coins falling in front of the vendor finally awakened him. As soon as he saw the luster of Canadian coins, he picked them up and quickly counted them. No more, no more than twenty. This is really a profit. The boss smiled so wide that they couldn’t see his eyes and said: “Yes, right, just right, he…” The words afterwards disappeared under the eyes he saw when he lifted it up. 

    The person who was staring at him intently, just nodded indifferently, and then turned around to follow the large group. 

    That stall owner waited until the man left, only to catch his breath and touch his chest, surprised and incomparable said: ” What day is it today? Why are they so handsome? With those looks the Archduchess will like it.” 

    On the one hand, seeing that Chen Xi bought the beads, and the most important thing was the process of paying back the money, the surrounding vendors became more excited, shouting more vigorously, and even took the initiative to persuade when Chen Xi and the others walked in front of them. 


    Actually speaking from the heart, Chen Xi’s current dress is also an aristocratic class that ordinary Canaan’s can’t afford to provoke. They usually pay attention to it when they see it, but they can’t help it when Chen Xi is honest about spending on shopping, and there is no bullying behavior. In this way, Chen Xi’s aristocratic clothes and accessories have become a synonym for being rich and outstanding, it’s no wonder that he is so popular. 

    And Chen Xi is also very happy to go shopping in the lively market. This is kind of lively and relaxing, but he can’t see it without pretending to be a Canaan, even among the fish people, the people of the fish people are not friendly. But they still smiled, but Chen Xi knew that their hearts were tense. For example, when buying things from the fish clan, all the things he saw would only be respectfully delivered by the fish clan, but no one would think about taking the money in his hands. 

    After strolling around for a long time, Chen Xi’s eyes were attracted by the snacks on the side of the road. It was a large and flat slate with firewood burning below and fried meat slices with oil flowers on top. When there was a lot of oil, they would put some unnamed white blocks one finger thick on the slate, fry them for a while and turn them over, and reveal the golden appearance of the other side that has been fried, and then sprinkle a handful of spices. The strong fragrance overflowed in an instant.

    Seeing Chen Xi’s intent, a light and graceful voice came from his ears: “Want to eat?” 

    Chen Xi immediately turned his head and looked at the melancholic beauty version of Jin Yi, nodded vigorously, and conveyed his own eager expression in his eyes. He wants to eat, he really wants to eat, although he knows that it must be classified as junk food. 

    After contacting Chen Xi’s sight, Jin Yi looked at the stone slab, and soon one of Zhizu walked out of their team and walked to the vendor to buy a portion of the stone slab food. 

    Just when Chen Xi was inexplicably surprised, the person who bought the food did not come back, but went straight to the secluded corner of the street, and then disappeared quickly. 

    Sure enough, he thought too much, Jin Yi would not let him eat street junk food directly. 

    Just when Chen Xi was slightly discouraged, Jin Yi’s nice voice comforted him: “Wait a little longer, it will be done soon.” 

    Chen Xi immediately cheered up, yes, soon.

    While Che Xi waited expectantly, about twenty minutes later, the person who had left before returned, holding a round dinner plate with a cover in his hand, and when he walked to Chen Xi’s side and opened it, the inside was the same food as the previous stone slab, and exudes exactly the same fragrance, but the container has changed from the original simple leaf to an exquisite dinner plate, and the meat inside has also changed from a messy and tangled appearance to a one piece. Yes, the color should be more golden and attractive, stretched and stacked together to form a flower shape, the palm of the palm is fried into an unknown white food with golden sides on both sides, and it is also neatly cut into small squares. A small silver fork is placed next to it for easy access. 

    Chen Xi, who had been waiting for a long time, brightened, and immediately drew a little bit with a silver fork to taste, and then nodded again and again. It was delicious. 

    Seeing Chen Xi eating happily, Jin Yi’s eyes overflowed with a smile, and from time to time he wiped the corners of his mouth with a silk cloth, while other people who followed Chen Xi , including the person holding the dinner plate, also kept their eyes on Chen Xi was eating, although they were still expressionless, it was inexplicable, but they were in a good mood. 


    Chen Xi and the Zhizu around him have long been accustomed to this scene, but some Canaan vendors on the street who have been paying attention to this place are utterly stupefied. Good deed, is this a nobleman?

    In fact, he was a part of the noble sect. If the heirs of all the royal families who have been severely subverted with their third view come over, they will surely tell them painfully that this is the intellectual sect. 

    Chen Xi naturally didn’t know that the crowds were secretly watching. After eating this remake of street food, he continued to go shopping and look at various interesting gadgets. As for the street food he wanted to eat. The delicacies are the same as before. Someone will come forward to buy them, and after 20 minutes and a half hour, he will be able to eat the delicacies with the same preparation method and taste them to the next level. 

    Chen Xi, who was shopping and eating food, had a great time, until he saw a crowd of people crowded in the road ahead. 

    At first, Chen Xi thought it was a lively event. He stretched his head to see with interest. Then he realized something was wrong, because there were many people wearing the same clothes and weapons on the periphery of the crowd in front of them. This lively street is out of place, and there seems to be a dignified smell in the air. 

    Chenxi’s eyes blinked in confusion. If he remembers correctly, were those clothes not the royal guards of the Canaan clan? 

    Because of curiosity, Chen Xi brought people closer there again. 

    At the same time, surrounded by layers of people, there is a hollow area inside. His Royal Highness Gae, the third prince of the Canaan tribe, with a group of vicious royal guards, stood in front of a stall without expression. His blue eyes were deep and no one knew what he was thinking.

    Facing this kind of posture, the vendor behind the stall was trembling at Gae’s stare, and soon couldn’t stand it. He slumped directly on the ground with soft legs, begging for mercy with trembling words: “Prince, the prince is forgiving.” 

    Seeing this situation, Gae sighed insignificantly, and said blankly, “Drag away.” 

    Two strong guards came out immediately from behind and forcibly took away the vendor who had collapsed on the ground. 

    However, Gae did not stop there, but went to the next stall. The vendor in that stall was a young man. He wanted to run when he saw that the situation was not right before, but he was controlled by the royal guards. He was unable to run away, and was pushed back here by the royal guard.

    Seeing the fate of the previous vendor, the young vendor’s heart also beat like a drum, not knowing what he is about to face, but when the prince walked in front of him, with the deep and bottomless sight, this young man vendor’s heart suddenly felt unconvinced, because he felt that he had done nothing wrong. Finally, he mustered up the courage and said: “His Royal Highness, this villain has not committed anything. I don’t know why your Highness is here.” 

    Facing these bold words, Gae still stared at him silently. 

    After dozens of seconds, after the young vendor stood calmly in the same place, Gae suddenly smiled and said, “Take him away.” 

    The guard walked out behind Gae, but there was also the same trace of smile as Gae’s on the guard’s face, and took away the confused young street vendor. 

    Chen Xi watched the whole process, with confusion written in his eyes. He didn’t know what Gae was doing, or why he took both of them away. 

    On the contrary, Jin Yi and the other intellectuals behind Chen Xi, eyes flashed slightly, obviously thinking of something. 

    He didn’t understand, so he asked directly, “What are you doing?” 

    A crisp voice with a youthful breath sounded. Gae, who was originally facing Chen Xi’s direction, stiffened. 

    This voice was … 

    Gae immediately turned around, but it was not the person he thought that was greeted by him, but a strange Canaan boy. 


    But the surrounding royal guards were not so familiar with Chen Xi’s voice. Seeing someone dared to speak to His Royal Highness in this way, someone immediately pointed their weapon at Chen Xi and shouted: “Don’t be rude to the Royal Highness.” 

     Although Gae saw an unfamiliar Canaan boy, for some reason there was always a familiar shadow on the boy’s face, until the surrounding royal guards pointed their weapons at the boy. Behind the youth came several beautiful people who didn’t seem to exist and had cold eyes.

    No, Gae’s heart shook suddenly. He quickly blocked the guards who raised their weapons and shouted: “Stop it!”

    When all the guards put away their weapons, Gae breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the boy again. His heart trembled even more because he saw more familiar shadows on the boy’s face when he looked at the boy again. Behind the young man, he found a melancholy beauty who was the most beautiful and looked at him lightly, and finally accepted his fate. 

    He couldn’t help but feel a little astringent in his heart. He felt that he was too naive. He just thought that Chen Xi didn’t want to come out to play today. He didn’t expect that he wanted to play something fresh, so he pretended to be a Canaan to come out to play. 

    After calming down, Gae stepped forward and whispered next to Chen Xi to clarify the purpose of his move. 

    After Chen Xi listened, his face was dumbfounded. It turned out to be a big circle, and what Gae was doing had something to do with him. What Gae did just now was just plain courage. Because when Chen Xi went shopping before, the Canaan vendors and the people performed poorly. Gae had no choice but to do this. He first stopped and scared the vendors, and finally divided the testers into two groups, the bold and the timid.

     Although the final result is to take away the timid, and take them to a different place, and explain to the courageous the situation a few days later, and let them perform well when the time comes, and those who perform well will be rewarded, while those who are timid will be directly replaced at that time. The ones that are taken away were replaced by the royal guards to sell goods.

    Listening to Gae’s words, Chen Xi was stunned, but finally said: “It was so that I would not have too much trouble, but I thought of a better way, ha ha, you see, now they will not be afraid of me.” 

    Hearing Chen Xi’s words, Gae just smiled, but he only knew  whether he would stop this method directly. 

    “By the way, how did you recognize me so soon?” Chen Xi suddenly thought of it as he spoke. 

    Gae smiled bitterly. He glanced at the unusually handsome Canaan guy next to Chen Xi, and said, “I recognize your voice.” 

    “Oh.” Chen Xi suddenly realized, and nodded.

    After that, Gae didn’t care about what he was doing before, but followed Chen Xi directly. Chen Xi didn’t object to it, but after a few steps, he suddenly frowned and said, “You let your guards go, it’s too conspicuous.” 

    The group of royal guards next to Gae were too conspicuous, which made Chen Xi lose the joy of disguising. 

    When Gae heard his words, he hurriedly dispersed the people beside him, and Chen Xi nodded in satisfaction. 

    Before Chen Xi had too many royal heirs of various races, and because they were more different from the Canaan in appearance, it was not easy to disguise, so Chen Xi did not take them directly, but went out only with Jin Yi and Zhizu. 


    But now that he ran into the local guide, Gae, there is no need to rush back. He can just take him along, and can introduce some Canaan things when he is shopping.

    Before, Gae thought that Chen Xi and Zhizu were not interested in going out today, so he took this opportunity to make some arrangements for the follow-up itinerary, but he did not expect Chen Xi to go out pretending to be a Canaan, so naturally it is important to follow Chen Xi. 

    After all, Chen Xi disguised as the Canaan clan, what if he was provoked by someone who doesn’t have eyes? If that person caused trouble, his entire Canaan clan would be held responsible. 

    Therefore, following closely, when something happens, it is the best policy to stop or solve it as soon as possible. 

    In this way, Chen Xi continued to go shopping happily after adding Gae to his team. 

    Eating and shopping along the way, and Gae explained in a timely manner, not to mention how happy Chen Xi was playing. 

    After more than an hour, Jin Yi fed Chen Xi a mouthful of water, took a towel to wipe the fine sweat from Chen Xi’s forehead, and said: “You’re tired, it’s time to go back to rest.” 

    Chen Xi was a little unhappy, and aggrieved: “I still want to play.”

    Looking at this situation, the cold sweat on Gae’s forehead was almost gone. He knew that Jin Yi, who unconditionally indulged Chen Xi, would definitely follow Chen Xi’s wishes in the end, but those who are worried about Chen Xi’s body will be in a bad mood, and if their mood is not good. The Canaan tribe is the one who is under great pressure. If he had more bad luck, and Chen Xi is really tired, then the problem is really big. 

    Just when the two sides fell into a short silence because of disagreement, the stressed Gae suddenly thought, and said: “This is not far from my residence. It is better to come to my place for a rest and then continue to play. ” 

    Gae’s words caught the attention of Chen Xi and Jin Yi. After a brief consideration, both parties agreed, and everything was done. 

    Even Jin Yi, who had always been cold and seldom looked at others, gave Gae a slightly admiring look. 

    Gae… felt flattered. 


    Gae’s mansion is indeed not far from here. When Gae brought Chen Xi and his party back to the mansion, Gae, who knew that this was a little ancestor, was even more diligent and busy, lest he was not served well. 

    But what kind of identity Gae is, even if he is not the heir to the royal family like Jiaye, as the noble status of the prince, he does not need to be diligent to people except a few people. 

    So Gae’s abnormal behavior was seen by the servants in the entire Three Princes’ Mansion. 


    One of the maids was sure to watch Gae taking care of Chen Xi, and then glanced at Chen Xi’s white face, and quietly ran out from the back door of the mansion. 

    After a while, the sound of falling cups came from a magnificent mansion not far from the Three Princes’ Mansion. A sharp female voice was so angry that he said, “What? That guy from Gae brought a little nobleman back home? And he is so diligent and considerate?” 

    “Miss Hui, I saw it with my own eyes, the third prince, he helped the young man wipe the table and stool.” 

    Hearing this, the gorgeous woman was almost blackened with anger. This maid is a spy she put beside Gae by her own hand. She naturally believes what she said, not to mention that Gae, as the prince, actually wipes the table and stool with his own hands. If this is a normal relationship, who would believe it? 

    She thought that as the eldest daughter of the most powerful Canaan family, she has long since announced that the three prince is her favorite. On weekdays, other noble women evade the three prince and dare not get involved. She didn’t expect this little nobleman to come here, and dare to hook up with someone she likes. 

    Her chest rose and fell a few times, and the woman stood up and said angrily: “Go, let me see which fox really dare to seduce the man I’m fond of!”

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