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  On the other hand, Gae naturally didn’t know that a woman was rushing over angrily. Even at this time, in order to make Chen Xi more satisfied, he also offered to propose that there is a famous chef in his prince’s mansion that would do several dishes that are very famous among Canaan people and are very delicious. 

    Sure enough, Chen Xi was very interested when he heard that, two of the handsome guys standing behind Chen Xi immediately walked out. 

    Gae knew Chen Xi’s rules. The food he ate was re-made after the intellectuals learned it. However, the famous chef in his mansion is really famous and naturally arrogant. If he rashly spread the word to let him teach his housekeeping skills to outsiders, It may not be so easy. After thinking about it, Gae stepped forward and said: “I will lead the way.” 

    He, the prince, said in person, the problem shouldn’t be big. 

    Chen Xi didn’t entangle these little details, but just nodded, and then Gae took the two handsome guys to find this famous chef. 

    Not long after Gae left, the angry woman had already arrived at the prince’s palace. 

    The guard of the prince’s mansion saw that the incoming person was naturally full of surprise, and was directly held by a large number of guards behind the woman, and then the maid leading the way, went straight to where the fox spirit was. 


    The woman is well versed in the current principle of catching the rape. The whole process is extremely fast, and she has not given the opportunity to let the news reach Gae’s ears. After all, if she was so slow. What should Gae do when he hears the news and hides the little nobleman?

    In this way, sitting in the garden pavilion of the Prince’s Mansion, Chen Xi, who was relaxing while holding his chin and waiting to taste the food with the breeze, saw a group of uninvited guests breaking into the garden. 

    The woman who rushed in with a group of guards also saw Chen Xi sitting in the pavilion, he was the only one wearing a noble outfit. 

    The woman’s eyes swept across Chen Xi’s white and tender face sharply, and the maid who was leading her nodded affirmatively, indicating that it was this person, and the dangerous aura immediately rose from the woman’s body. 

    But what the woman didn’t know was that almost the moment she stepped into this garden, above the garden, hidden in the clouds at a high altitude, all the countless starships and small combat spacecraft sounded cold warning sounds: “Discover abnormal movement, all guard.” 

    Almost at the same time, countless muzzles and laser weapon launch ports were precisely aimed at the group of people approaching Chen Xi. 

    The eldest daughter of the largest Canaan family who ran aggressively to catch the rape must not know that at this time, her forehead, heart, wrists, and all the joints were all spotted with a dense and invisible red color dots. 

    In the same way, the group of people who followed her received the same treatment. 

    As the saying goes, those who don’t know are fearless, and the woman who doesn’t know that she has been sifted by various weapons still strode towards Chen Xi.

    And Chen Xi, who had seen her early, also stared curiously at the person walking towards him, who was this? 

    Finally, after the woman’s distance from Chen Xi had reached the warning line of 30 meters, all the starships and combat spacecraft above the sky rang out with an icy voice, “Detecting the creatures close to the target have intense mood swings and a tendency to attack. It is recommended to be eliminated.” 


    Under this voice, all the weapons aimed at this group of people are ready to be launched, but after all, it is in front of Chen Xi. If it is too bloody, it will damage Chen Xi’s physical and mental health, so they are preparing to launch high-energy low-light waves first. The weapon can smash and solidify the brains and hearts of the group of people in an instant, but there is no injury from the outside, and it would look as if they suddenly fainted and fell asleep.

   Just when the eyes of all the Zhizu controlling the high-energy low-light wave weapons were cold, and their hands on the launch button were about to be pressed, a sound made them stop their movements abruptly. 

    “Who are you?” Chen Xi asked curiously, looking at the woman who was walking towards him. 

    Rong Kana, who didn’t even know that this question saved her life, became even more angry when she heard this question. She sneered, “You ask who I am? Why don’t you ask where you are now?” 

    Chen Xi blinked, he said doubtfully: “I’m at Gae’s house.” Chen Xi’s innocent relaxed face, with a look of what is wrong with this. 

    The woman was even more angry when she heard this answer. Her chest rose and fell violently, and said, “Gae is very kind of affectionate. Do you dare to seduce the man whom Rong Kana is fond of?!” 

    Then, the woman pulled out the whip on her waist, and slammed it on the ground, vowing to let this spirit fox have a good taste. 

    Rong Kana, with fierce eyebrows, did not notice that the eyes of everyone around Chen Xi became cold when she made this move. 

    Even in the starships above the sky, the intellectuals who control their weapons exude a strong aura of danger. How dare she, this Canaan? 

    They had thought that these ignorant primitive races might offend Chen Xi when disguising themselves as Canaan, but they didn’t expect them to offend to such an extent. She dared to put the word “seduce” on Chen Xi’s body, let alone seduce a Canaan, at this moment, they almost want to completely blast this Canaan below into a slag with a particle light cannon, not to mention that she had already threatened him with a whip.

    It was because Chen Xi asked this Canaan a question, that they spared her life in order to get her to answer, and they tolerated her to walk a few meters forward. As a result, who knew she was so reckless, the Zhizu tribe above the clouds didn’t plan to be patient anymore, and wanted to do it directly… 

    “Hahahaha!” Chen Xi, who was stunned for a second, couldn’t help laughing, with his waist bending down.

    The tense atmosphere that was on the verge of triggering stopped for a second because of Chen Xi’s laughter, and then a subtle change took place. Once again, the intellectuals in the starship stopped the hand that was about to press the button. The Intellectuals who looked at the Canaan woman coldly around Chen Xi also drew back their eyes and looked at Chen Xi. Meanwhile Rong Kana, who was originally angry, was stunned for a moment, and then looked at Chen Xi incomprehensibly, and said: “What are you laughing at?” 

    Chen Xi laughed so fiercely that he could hardly stand still, until a pair of familiar hands held him behind him, and he leaned against the person behind him. 


    After finally stopping his laughter, Chen Xi felt that his tears were almost bursting out. He looked up at the opposite side and walked a few steps closer. The Canaan woman who was already glaring at him, smiled and said: “So you are here to catch adultery? What do you think Gae and I have?” 

    “Otherwise?” Rong Kana looked at him with a neurotic expression. 

    “Don’t you see what everyone around me looks like? Do you think I need to seduce Gae?” Chen Xi said slowly. 

    Today, Rong Kana came to catch the scene of adultery. As soon as she entered the garden, she firmly locked Chen Xi, who was wearing a noble outfit. She hadn’t really paid attention to the other people around him. Now that she heard Chen Xi’s words, she subconsciously looked behind Chen Xi, and then she was shocked. Rong Kana had the largest power in the Canaan tribe, and she was considered to have seen the world. There were many beautiful men in the world, and among them, the noble and good-looking Gae was even more impressive. 

    But at this time, a circle of people standing beside the little nobleman said that Gae’s appearance was the bottom, and each of them surpassed all the beautiful men she had seen before.

     Rong Kana’s eyes flowed across everyone’s face, until she looked at one of them, and couldn’t move. She looked straight at the figure behind the little nobleman that reached out to support him. That person did not look at her, but only showed the side of his face with the head down slightly, the melancholy and cold temperament, and the grace of the whole body directly hit her, making her heart throb as never before, she hadn’t felt this feeling when she faced Gae before, she looked at him in a daze, and couldn’t recover for a long time. 

    The woman’s abnormality is so obvious. The look of love at first sight and being hit by the goddess of destiny made Chen Xi follow her gaze curiously. After he found out that he was looking at Jin Yi, Chen Xi’s face turned dark in an instant. 

    He didn’t know why, even Chen Xi, who was treated rudely by the woman before and was not angry at all, suddenly felt an uncomfortable feeling in his heart, and very uncomfortable. The woman looked at Jin Yi so directly. He even wanted to grow taller and completely cover Jin Yi. 

    Just when the scene froze, the other side that went to greet the famous chef in person, and Gae, who received the news a step late, finally hurried back. 

    He walked in a hurry, dignified, and fast, even his hair was a little messy. As soon as he entered the garden, he saw the extra group of people, and a gorgeously dressed woman headed by the group of people, and knew who this domineering woman was, his face is ugly to the extreme. 

    He wanted to be very careful and cautious, and for fear of causing dissatisfaction with the Zhizu who he was serving, so invited people into the house to entertain them personally.

    Holding a ten thousandth hope in heart, he looked at the Zhizu, and then he almost felt dizzy at this look. The cold expressions of the other Zhizus were colder than before he left. He didn’t know how many degrees. Chen Xi, who had always been good-tempered, didn’t even have a smile on his face, and even the expression on his face seemed a little unhappy. 

    How much trouble did Rong Kana cause? 

    Without thinking about it more, Gae, who had already ran to the front, spoke to the group of Rong Kana and asked: “Who let you in?” 


    Gae sternly asked Rong Kans who was in a trance. She was shocked, and when she heard this unceremonious accountability, her first reaction was to furrow her slender eyebrows, thinking about her identity, even if it was a bit unruly to break into here without permission, but Gae was just an unfavorable person. The prince who has no power, should never be so rude to her. 

    In addition, Rong Kana turned her head and glanced at Gae. Although Gae is still handsome, she has just received a beautification crit. It feels like this after looking at Gae the original tolerance for this handsome prince is naturally reduced. So she frowned, and said politely: “What’s the big deal if I come to the third prince’s mansion? Is it possible that you want me to plead guilty because I broke into your mansion?” 

    Rong Kana’s words are already considered extremely serious. Generally speaking, an influential prince like Gae who has no power, should retreat, but she did not expect that Gae’s attitude not only did not soften, but he also sneered: “What you have done is more than asking for sin, Do you know who is here?” 

    Gae’s reaction was beyond Rong Kana’s expectation. This answer made her a little bit astonished. She subconsciously asked, “Who are they?” 

    However, facing Rong Kana’s question, Gae paused suddenly, because he thought that Chen Xi and the others traveled in disguise, and didn’t want others to know that they are intellectuals, so whether they can tell their identities is not his decision.

    Rong Kana also looked at Chen Xi and his party suspiciously. They were very strange and she did not know him at all. It stands to reason that she could recognize a Canaan with a high enough status, but Chen Xi’s appearance was completely unfamiliar. The aristocratic problem shouldn’t be big, but she is not a fool, neither Gae’s attitude nor the handsome and excessive followers around him can’t be possessed by an ordinary little nobleman. Thinking of this, Rong Kana couldn’t help but look at the figure behind the little nobleman again.

    And Chen Xi had already endured Rong Kana’s gaze at Jin Yi to the limit. At this time, when he saw Gae’s inquiring sight, he naturally said without hesitation: “Want to know who we are? Then let you see with your own eyes!” 

    Following Chen Xi’s words, as if giving some order, everyone around Chen Xi has undergone a wonderful change. Their original Canaan characteristics retreated little by little. The original azure hair color gradually changed to black or gold, and the blue eyes also turned into dangerous dark red and indifferent and noble gold. In just a few seconds, Chen Xi was surrounded by them. The beautiful Canaanite men have all become intellectuals who can make all races have nightmares. 

    And Rong Kana, who has witnessed all these changes with her own eyes, feels no different from seeing a group of people turning into ghosts in broad daylight, not to mention that there is still her heart-pounding existence in it, and finally, she was too irritated. She rolled her eyes and fainted. 

    To make matters worse, all the people around her were frightened and stupefied. There were many people who wanted to faint, so no one could even care to help her, and no one dared to support her, and the only one who was calm and composed was Gae, he didn’t want to help at all, so Rong Kana fainted and fell directly on the ground. 


    After Rong Kana fainted, Gae called the guards to get the fainted Rong Kana and her group of subordinates out. Seeing that Chen Xi had no objection, he couldn’t help quietly letting out a sigh of relief. 

    After the irrelevant people in the garden were cleaned up, Gae tried his best to restore the original pleasant atmosphere. He said: “Those delicacies should be ready soon. After a while, you can taste the delicacies. “

    However, after Rong Kana’s affairs, Chen Xi’s original mood of being relaxed and happy is completely gone, and for those Canaan cuisines that he was very interested in, he has also lost interest. Now he just wanted to go home, so Jin Yi took him home. 

    In this way, Chen Xi, who was determined, only briefly said goodbye to Gae, and left with everyone. 

    Gae’s mansion quickly returned to the cold, and the face of the left Gae also sank. The woman Rong Kana had entangled with him before, and he was worried about her family power and kept holding back. But who knows that the woman actually dared to break into his house today and caused such a big disaster. 

    Does she know that what she did today, one can’t afford it, not only is he going to be buried with her, but maybe even the entire Canaan tribe will be buried with her. 

    This hidden danger can’t be left. He used to worry about Jiaye and needed to hide his power before he could not bear it. But this time, when he came back, his father let him be solely responsible for the affairs of the intellectuals and gave him many rights to let him dispatched all parties, and his strength has expanded again, and now he doesn’t need to endure anymore. 

    He decided to wait for the right time to solve Rong Kana and her family’s affairs. Of course, Jiaye’s affairs can also be solved together. 

    But now the most important thing is another thing, Gae’s eyes become fierce. 

    Under Gae’s terrifying look, two guards walked to Gae’s face holding one person. Taking a closer look, the shivering maid was the one who had previously informed Rong Kana and gave her the way. 



    On the other hand, after Chen Xi went back, he was abnormally silent. Even when he was watching movies and playing games, he seemed a little absent-minded, as if he was thinking about something. 


    Finally, after one night passed, a blond figure walked over to Chen Xi’s bed. As soon as he approached Chen Xi, he opened his eyes. His two big eyes were piercing, and it didn’t look like he had just woken up. 

    Jin Yi was a little surprised, what’s wrong, why did he wake up so early?

    Chen Xi’s sober, unspeakable eyes also fixedly looked at Jin Yi, and said, “Should it not be Bin Lan to wake me up today?” 

    Faced with this question, Jin Yi said without changing his face: ” I asked Bin Lan to do other things.” He didn’t shy away from taking advantage of the mastermind authority to order Bin Lan away. 

    Hearing Jin Yi’s answer, Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh, and then he lay on the bed and opened his hands to Jin Yi. 

    Jin Yi leaned over knowingly and hugged Chen Xi, let him lean in his arms, and started to change his clothes. 

    This way of changing clothes made the two of them extremely intimate. Chen Xi’s head rested on Jin Yi’s shoulders. Jin Yi leaned forward slightly to change his clothes, so that Chen Xi’s lips almost made zero contact with his ears. But then he heard Chen Xi’s soft and warm voice in his ear, “I think it’s fine, Jin Yi, I want you to be my companion robot.” 

    Jin Yi’s movements suddenly stopped there.

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