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    Immediately, a bright light burst into those golden eyes. 

    He bowed his head and looked at Chen Xi steadily. “Are you sure?” 

    Chen Xi curled his lips slightly and said: “I’m sure.” 

    Then Chen Xi saw that a big smile bloomed on Jin Yi’s face. It’s hard to describe that smile. Jin Yi usually smiles very rarely. He smiles often only when he is with Chen Xi, but most smiles are restrained. After all, the mastermind is the existence of noble restraint. But at this moment, Jin Yi’s smile can make people feel that he is smiling wholeheartedly, without restraining any of his happy feelings at all. 

    Chen Xi looked at him, and he couldn’t help but smile, he felt that Jin Yi was truly stunning in the world. When he laughed like this, he looked better than usual, and he couldn’t move his eyes away. Sure enough, he made the right decision. 


    He almost had a sleepless night last night, thinking about the Canaan woman, but he thought about it all night and finally figured out why he would feel so uncomfortable seeing that Canaan woman look at Jin Yi with that kind of look. Because he was jealous, he was nervous, he didn’t want anyone to look at Jin Yi with that kind of look, he wanted Jin Yi to belong to him only. 

    Therefore, he actually likes Jin Yi, not the kind of friends, but the kind of exclusivity. Since this is the case, then Jin Yi wants to be his companion robot, why should he refuse? Isn’t the binding relationship exactly what he couldn’t ask for? 

     Moreover, Jin Yi is so good-looking and is the mastermind. It is difficult to guarantee that no one in the Zhizu likes Jin Yi. If Jin Yi is discouraged from his refusal of being his companion robot, and decides to be with another Zhizu because of his refusal, then he would be jealous and go crazy.

    Just as Chen Xi was addicted to Jin Yi’s smile, and by the way, when he diverged from the journey of his heart last night, he did not notice that Jin Yi speeded up to change his clothes, and both hands changed Chen Xi quickly. Xi, gently smoothed every wrinkle, and then said softly, “Look here.” 

    Chen Xi, who was indulged in Jin Yi’s smile, subconsciously followed Jin Yi’s voice and looked in one direction. Then before he could react, he heard a snapping sound, and then a virtual screen appeared in front of him, and the half-length photo of the two who had just been photographed appeared on the virtual screen in front of him. 

    At this time Chen Xi finally recovered. He looked at the virtual screen in front of him and opened his eyes in surprise. “This is?” 

    Jin Yi smiled and said, “Partner certificate.” 

    After speaking, Jin Yi stretched out his finger first, and tapped on the virtual screen that said signed your name at the bottom of the virtual screen. 

    Chen Xi carefully looked at the content on the virtual screen. The screen was indeed a photo of the inside page of the certificate. The frame is laced with exquisite flowers and vines. The badge was printed on the left page. The upper half of the right page was a group photo of the two people, and the second half is about getting married, and then the two signature positions below. Jin Yi has just signed his name, and Chen Xi’s is still empty. 


    In addition, the background of this inner page is also printed with some dark stripes, there are signs of love, and images of holding hands… Chen Xi’s face suddenly burst red. Isn’t this… the marriage certificate? 

    Although his cheeks flushed, Chen Xi still signed his name in the empty space. 

    After Chen Xi signed his name, Jin Yi had already used his mastermind authority to pass the review in seconds, and the special effects of ribbons and flowers and the words “Congratulations to the two officially becoming partners” appeared on the light screen. 

    Chen Xi blinked, still feeling a little unreal, he just… has become certified. 

    “What’s the matter?” Jin Yi’s voice came from Chen Xi’s ear. 

    Chen Xi turned his head and looked at Jin Yi. He didn’t know why but looking at Jin Yi’s eyes, Chen Xi’s trance-stricken heart immediately settled down. He said, “It’s nothing.”

    With that said, Chen Xi couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and hugged Jin Yi’s waist. Um, they were all certified people, so he would hug him whenever he wanted. 

    And Jin Yi looked down at Chen Xi who was buried in his arms, and stretched out his hand to encircle him tightly.


    Chen Xi and Jin Yi have just received the certificate here, and they are still hugging each other. 

    The partner card that passed the review on the other side was synchronized to the star network for publicity at the same time, so the entire star network exploded. 

    After the disappearance of humans, there has never been a companion certificate between humans and intellectuals. After so many years, the publicity of humans and intellectuals as partners has once again appeared on the star network. The sensation caused can be imagined. Moreover, now there is a second person in the whole Zhizu next to Chen Xi?

    When they clicked on the announcement and saw the group photo of Jin Yi and Chen Xi on the partner card, their faces became even more black. 

    It’s the rotten egg mastermind! 


    So the intellectuals who were unwilling to accept the facts became enthusiastic. 

    [I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, it’s too shady! ] 

    [I don’t believe it either, Chen Xi, if you are threatened, you can just keep us up on the news, or let the Intellectuals around you send a message, and we’ll come to rescue you right away. 】

    【Although I don’t want to believe it, we can’t threaten mastermind. Have you forgotten? hateful! Chen Xi must have been deceived by the ** mastermind. 】

    【Ah! The ugly face of the mastermind. 】

    【Report the mastermind! report! 】

    【I have just reported the mastermind. I came here to show you guys. I replaced the mastermind photo with mine. Can you see if this is much better? 】

    This Zhizu’s reply was accompanied by a photo. If looked carefully, it was the photo of Chen Xi’s and Jin Yi’s partner in the public notice above. However, the original position of Jin Yi was replaced by a handsome Zhizu with short black hair. The dark red eyes and Chen Xi looked in the same direction, as if they were actually taking pictures together, and the original Jin Yi’s signature below was also changed to another name. The whole photo is seamless, if it weren’t for this one. There is no special verification mark on the photo, and it looks just like the real thing. 


    Many intellectuals’ eyes widened when they saw this photo and were also inspired. 

    [It can be like this! I am coming too! 】

    【I did it too, I did it too, look at mine! 】

    In this way, a large number of photos of magic-revised partners appeared in the comment area under the announcement in a short period of time. The people pictured next to Chen Xi turned into long-haired, short-haired, gentle, and handsome intellectuals. But this situation did not last long.

    After only a short period of time, all the published photos were all harmonized. When they click to open it, they can only see the words that the photo is suspected of violating rules, and those who posted the photos before all received a red card warning, and banned for a month on starnet.

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