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   Just when the complaints against the mastermind on the star network have risen to the highest level in history, on Canaan, the royal successors of various races are not idle. 

    Because Chen Xi didn’t take them out yesterday, and it was a day off for them, they finally had time and space so they naturally began playing quietly. 

    Although they are mostly under the supervision of the Zhizu tribe, they can’t go wherever they want. But they found that the Zhizu tribe had loose control over them. As long as they are not outside the Canaan palace, they will not be restricted from walking around, and doesn’t restrict others to contact them, just like with the Canaan prince Jiaye last time.

    This kind of condition, how can these royal successors still bear it, although they can’t get out, it does not prevent them from doing some small actions, especially when the  Canaan tribe is not an ocean planet like Aquastar, nor is it as cruel and exclusive as the fish tribe. Therefore, some neighboring races still have forces on the Canaan tribe.

    Immediately, some of the royal heirs who were influential and lurking in the Canaan tribe tried every means to contact the spies of their race on the Canaan tribe, and wanted to pass on the news that they were alive back to the tribe.

    But what these royal heirs didn’t expect was that the spies of their race came faster than they thought, and some even came before they sent the signal, which is really incredible. 

    Just as these royal heirs stared at the people who risked their deaths to sneak into the Canaan palace, with an unbelievable look on their faces. Gae on the other side had solved a series of bad things, and was a little tired and stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyebrows. 


    Suddenly, he thought of something, and he invited people to ask: “After I returned to the Canaan clan, I found that I had not seen a single ear fox clan. What’s the matter?” 

    In fact, when Gae was on the road before. He noticed this, but as the host, he had to be with Chen Xi to introduce the customs of the Canaan in place of his father, and he had to arrange various departments of the Canaan to cooperate with the people. But all kinds of things have happened before, and was so busy that his feet hardly touched the ground, and his body was tense at any moment, and didn’t relax until this time, and couldn’t find time to ask this question.

     The person Gae asked for was one of his confidants, responsible for all aspects of intelligence, and he reported very accurately: “ Your highness, all the ear fox people in Canaan were taken away by the Zhizu tribe two months ago. According to the investigation, this happened not only in our clan, but also in all the neighboring tribes. There is no longer any trace of the ear fox tribe in the neighboring tribes, as to where the taken away ear fox tribe is now, according to reliable sources, the ear fox tribe was found on several habitable stars that originally belonged to the Zhizu tribe in the direction of Red Cloud Star to the north. There are  traces of settlement, but those planets belong to the intellectual race, other races dare not set foot, and more detailed information can not be found.” 

    Upon hearing this news, Gae stood up in shock, his eyes were dark. Thousands of thoughts flashed in his mind, and he asked in a deep voice, “Is what said true?” 

    “Replying back to your Highness, It is confirm that it is true.”

     The abnormal attitude of the young patriarch of the fish clan. Before, he only thought that although the water fish clan was scared, and knew that the gap with the Zhizu clan was worlds apart. Therefore, after the Zhizu clan came to the water fish star, he had to protect himself. The attitude of the clan is so enthusiastic and accommodating, but now that he thought about it, there is something else hidden in it. 

    Thinking of the days when they were in the fish clan, there was a lot of singing and dancing in the fish clan. No one of the fish clan had leaked relevant information even when chatting, Gae couldn’t help but exhale deeply. The current king of the fish clan deserved his well-deserved reputation. This kind of control over the entire race, this kind of airtight ability to block news, is really terrifying. 

    Suddenly, Gae thought of something, his face changed, and he said anxiously: “Hurry up and send more people to seal the palace, and don’t let the idlers come near!”

      It’s a pity that Gae reacted too late. 

    At this time, in the palace, there were already agents of several races, kneeling in front of the palace of their own race, and telling the whole story of the Zhizu tribe taking away all the ear fox slaves from all races, and living in the habitable star that belong to the Zhizu tribe. And they also brought orders from the kings of their respective races to make friends with the Zhizu tribe at all costs, and to learn from the prince of the ear fox tribe.


    And these few royal heirs who received the news were naturally shocked for a long time. The ear fox tribe, the livable star… 

    The weak ear fox tribe got rid of their fate as slaves and lived with a few livable stars with abundant soil and water and a mild climate? This is nothing short of a fantasy, but after calming down and thinking about it carefully. This is indeed something that the Zhizu tribe can do easily.

    It’s just that they don’t know if the Zhizu would actually have a day of giving this to them. 

    They didn’t even think that when they were trapped in the Zhizu Clan and knew nothing about the outside world, the prince of the ear fox tribe they looked down upon would actually become the biggest winner with the favor of the Zhizu Clan! 



    When these royal heirs received the latest news, and many people were eagerly preparing to do their big plan, and expecting to start performing their accompaniment duties again with unprecedented expectations, Chen Xi didn’t want to go out at all. 

    First of all, because of this tour-style play, he was a little tired after the first fresh period, and he didn’t think it was fun. Secondly, it was the Canaanite woman that he still remembered. He took Jin Yi and the others to pretend to be another race. He would not do it anymore. Anyway, Jin Yi is super handsome no matter what race he pretends to be. This super handsome guy will definitely be coveted by all kinds of women and even men. Well, even now, even with the current appearance of Jin Yi, he doesn’t want to take him out and let people see him casually. In short, he just received the certificate and understands that he really likes Jin Yi, he is now possessive of Jin Yi. 

    Well, he could go to places with less people to play in the future, some of the races are not very interesting in the first place, so let’s not go… 

    Chen Xi lay in the bathtub with his eyes closed, enjoying the water flow all over his body in a relaxed manner, thinking so in his heart. 


    At this moment, there was movement from the bathroom door, and then there was the sound of footsteps slowly approaching, Chen Xi’s mouth curled up with a smile, he opened his eyes and turned his head to share his thoughts with Jin Yi, but when he said ” Jin…” After turning his head, his eyes widened uncontrollably.

    He saw a perfect male body standing there in the misty bathroom, with wide shoulders and long legs, eight pack abs, long blond hair hanging down behind him, and a few strands of hair hanging down his shoulders, and then running down his jade like skin, onto his chest…

    Chen Xi was dumbfounded for two seconds, and then screamed “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” He was so shocked and didn’t know what to do, he slipped directly in the bathtub and almost went directly under the water. 

    “Be careful.” In the next moment, the perfect body appeared beside Chen Xi, and the two bare arms directly encircled Chen Xi and firmly supported him. 

    However, when Chen Xi felt the fleshy touch, the body exuded amazing heat around him, but his whole person felt bad. His face was flushed, his eyes were tightly closed, and his voice trembled. opening: “You, how do you not wear clothes when you come in?!” 

    Hearing Chen Xi’s question, Jin Yin innocently replied:. “Because I am your partner robot ah” 

    Before Jin Yi would help Chen Xi bathe, he would come in neatly dressed. After all, he is not a companion robot. It is not allowed to bathe humans without wearing clothes without a human order. That is sexual harassment, but now that he has become Chen Xi’s companion robot, there is no such restriction. 

    “Then, then you can’t come in without wearing clothes!” Chen Xi collapsed a bit, and at the same time, the picture that he had seen just now floated out of his mind. It was big.

    Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi’s reluctance to open his eyes, he couldn’t help but chuckle twice, and gently persuaded, “What’s the matter, don’t think so much I have watched you so many times, you only saw me once today. If you calculate this carefully, you’re at the disadvantage.”

    Hearing Jin Yi’s words, Chen Xi thought that this made sense. He doesn’t know how many times she has been seen by Jin Yi. Seeing Jin Yi today, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. All of the original nervousness and shyness was also gone. After a while, he opened his eyes tentatively and saw Jin Yi’s body like a mythical sculpture. 

    It’s just that Chen Xi moved his gaze from Jin Yi’s chest muscles to Jin Yi’s eyes that seemed sincere, but he did not hide his smile. How inexplicable, Chen Xi seemed to be at a loss. 


    Finally, under Chen Xi’s extreme reluctance, Jin Yi did not go out to put on clothes, and remained like this to help Chen Xi take a bath. After washing, Chen Xi felt that his body and mind were not pure anymore, and when he was finally princess carried out by Jin Yi, he felt unlovable.

    However, after being put on the bed, Chen Xi quickly resurrected, pulled the quilt around herself and rolled aside, asking Jin Yi to say, “You go and put on your clothes.” 

    Jin Yi raised his eyebrows and took up a bathrobe and draped it over himself and fastened his belt. 

    Upon seeing this, Chen Xi finally breathed a sigh of relief. 

    And Jin Yi, wearing a bathrobe, walked to Chen Xi again, holding a towel in his hand to support him and said: “Come, let’s wipe your hair.” 

    “Yeah.” Chen Xi obediently responded. 

    Then the next moment, Jin Yi sat down next to him. Because of this change in posture, the bathrobe slid directly down, exposing a large area of ​​his thighs. The covered place became more attractive. Chen Xi, who had lowered his head stared at him for two seconds before deciding to raise his head. When he raised his head, what he saw was the large pectoral muscles, and his collarbone of the open bathrobe. These two attractive points were clearly visible. Chen Xi…how did it feel like putting it on has made the clothes become more wrong after that? 

    Just when Chen Xi decided to endure for two minutes and wait for Jin Yi to help him wipe his hair, and then pulled a safe distance away, he heard footsteps coming from outside the bedroom door. 

    Chen Xi instantly took up another blanket on the bed and wrapped it around Jin Yi, subconsciously blocking Jin Yi. He acted fast before he could react


    The next moment, the bedroom door was pushed open, and Bin Lan, with the fruit plate in his hand, walked in. He stopped when he saw the strange situation on the bed in the room. 

    “Haha, it’s Bin Lan, you can put it there, I will eat it by myself.” Chen Xi looked at Bin Lan and said with a dry smile. 

    But Jin Yi, who is blocked by Chen Xi, is much taller than Chen Xi, how could it be completely covered? Not only was he not fully covered, but on the top of Chen Xi’s head, he could easily look at Bin Lan. He held the blanket carelessly covered by Chen Xi in his hand and looked at Bin Lan’s orange eyes, slowly revealing a smile.

    Bin Lan looked at the way Chen Xi was in front of Jin Yi, and looked at the blanket that Jin Yi had put on. It was obviously impossible that it was Jin Yi’s blanket. How could he not understand? There was a trace of bitterness in his eyes, and could only say: “Okay, please eat slowly.” 

    Then he opened the door and left the bedroom. 


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