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  Chen Xi feels that something is wrong with Jin Yi recently, which is manifested in that he has become disliked to wear clothes in front of him, and likes to pull him to watch movies, especially some lingering romantic dramas. 

    For example, now, the male and female protagonists in the movie are hugging each other and kissing, the pictures are beautiful and delicate, and the music is melodious and sensational. 

    Chen Xi, who was watching the movie, suddenly felt a strong sense of being watched. He turned his head subconsciously, and saw Jin Yi staring at him. Those bright and beautiful golden eyes were full of concentration, and had a trace of heat. 


    He didn’t know why, Chen Xi suddenly felt a little nervous, and he couldn’t help but squirm and say something. “What, what’s the matter?” 

    Jin Yi first showed a smile at Chen Xi, the kind of smile that Chen Xi likes most. It’s dazzling enough to surprise anyone, and then said: “Shall we try?” 

    Try, try what? 

    Chen Xi, who was addicted to Jin Yi’s smile, didn’t react for awhile, the melodious BGM still rang, and the big screen beside him was the scene of the male and female protagonist kissing each other uncontrollably. Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but open wide, because he suddenly understood, what Jin Yi meant to try was to try kissing. 

    After realizing this, Chen Xi’s face quickly turned red. 

    Think of him as a teenager with a physical age of 18 and a mental age of 18. The life experience of the previous 18 years is even more incomparable. Because of his poor health, he has never thought about and has never been exposed to these things. Although he realized that he likes Jin Yi before, and obtained a certificate with Jin Yi, making Jin Yi his companion robot, he is more purely fond of Jin Yi and possessive of Jin Yi. Jin Yi was completely bound to himself, but other than that, he didn’t think much about it. But now it can be said that his innocence can no longer be innocent. 

    But now Jin Yi asked him whether he wanted to try kissing, and suddenly Chen Xi felt that the heat on his face was about to smoke. 

    Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi’s simple reaction, but his eyes darkened a bit, a pair of bottomless eyes stared as if he wanted to swallow the person in front of him completely.

    Jin Yi’s look changed, Chen Xi naturally saw this, and he couldn’t bear it any longer, ultimately dryly saying:. “I, I think I have things to do.” 

    Then he ran away directly. 

    While Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi’s back running away in a panic, couldn’t help but laugh, but a few seconds later, he stopped laughing in amazement, and looked at the direction of the bedroom door motionlessly. Sure enough, at the entrance of the empty bedroom, a small head hesitatingly appeared. The small head that emerged stiffened for a while when facing Jin Yi’s gaze, but in the end it seemed to be how big his determination was and came straight over. 


    Even though his face was red and smoking, Chen Xi still walked quickly to Jin Yi, then bowed his head, and directly grabbed Jin Yi face and pressed his own lips on Jin Yi’s.

    Just keeping his lips pressed against his lips for two seconds, before Chen Xi stood up, pretending to be indifferent and said: “Okay, I have tried it. I really have things to do, so I’ll leave.” 

    After that, Chen Xi turned around and left like the wind. The back was so similar to when he left for the first time, except that he couldn’t hide his bloody red ears. 

    And Jin Yi, who was always sitting in the position where Chen Xi watched the movie before, couldn’t help raising his hand to touch the lips that was kissed after Chen Xi left, aftertaste the soft feeling, he stroked the bionic heart that was beating twice as fast as usual, his smile couldn’t be concealed, and it was getting bigger and bigger. 

    It’s really cute. 

    Is this what it feels like to be a partner with humans? It is a hundred times better than originally imagined. 

    After smiling for a long time, Jin Yi stopped his smile and his face returned to his normal color. 

    A chill flashed in his eyes, because as the main brain, he was in control of a huge information empire all the time, and he discovered that there was new movement on the star network. There were actually more than hundreds of millions of intellectuals in a joint petition to restore the one human multi partner system, and the number of petitioners was expanding rapidly.

    The one-human multi-partner system is the marriage system between humans and robots during the time when humans existed. At that time, the law was still serving humans. Of course, humans and humans need one-to-one to become partners, but there are no such limitations to human beings and robots. A human can partner with only one robot or with multiple robots. As for the result, it depends on whether the human has such a deep affection for his companion robot.

     This unfair partner system was always implemented during the existence of mankind. It was not until mankind chose to die out and the remaining robots formed the current intellectual race that the former partner law was revised. The system of having multiple companion robots has changed to a bill that a human can only have one companion robot. 

    In fact, when this bill was revised, there were no human beings in the world. The revision of this bill had almost no practical significance. However, the bill was established in the first legislation of Zhizu with a 100% pass rate.


    The Zhizu seemed to want to use this almost futile move to make sure that they had obtained the rights they had always wanted. 

    But obviously, some Zhizu have regretted it now. 

    The one-human one-companion robot system is a right that all intellectuals once dreamed of. But that depends on when, in the era when humans and robots coexist, there are not many humans. Accordingly, their probability of becoming companion robots is not low. Of course, this is the heartfelt wish of all robots. In the era of the complete demise of mankind, this bill is a dead letter, but it only satisfies their long-held wishes and fantasies. 

    But now humans have appeared again, and they are so rare that there is only one, and there is only one male human. In the context of the destruction of all egg banks, it is obviously impossible for the human race to thrive again, and all cloning of human cells is explicitly prohibited and written in their underlying programs.

    So mankind has and will only have this one in the present and in the future. 

    In this context, the bill that was passed 100% by all the intellectuals seemed a bit cheating. 

    Human beings are obviously so scarce, but there is only one companion robot. What’s more deceptive is that the candidate has been determined, that is, the one who abuses his power and relies on his identity as mastermind to approach Chen Xi first. 

    This is of course unacceptable to all intellectuals.

    But now things have become a foregone conclusion, the main brain has become Chen Xi’s legal companion robot, and is protected by the law of a human and a companion robot, all the intellectuals see that there is no chance anymore. 

    In this situation, many intellectuals want to change the status quo, it is right for them. 

    They thought that if there was no way to change the mastermind into becoming a companion robot, the one-human one-companion robot law could still be moved. 

    As long as that law is revised and returned to the traditional partnership law of the human period, wouldn’t they have another chance? 

    Even if the number of places increased at that time, compared with the huge base of the entire Zhizu, the competition is still fierce, and the hope is very slim, but it is better than the current situation, and there is no hope at all. 


    Therefore, many intellectuals are ambitious and are determined to promote the amendment of the partner law.

    Looking at the increasing number of petitioners, Jin Yi sneered. Don’t even think about modifying the partner law! 



    A few days later, the huge Zhizu starship team docked outside Canaan and set off again. Chen Xi left with all the Intellectuas and royal heirs, leaving behind only Gae, which originally belonged to Canaan. 

    Gae looked at the empty sky, seeming a little lost. 

    The reason why Gae is like this is also very simple. After he knew about the ear fox tribe, he has been looking forward to seeing Chen guys again. He can lead Chen Xi to play in the Canaan tribe and give Chen a treat. But he doesn’t know if the Canaan’s attraction to Chen Xi is too low. In the next few days, Chen Xi did not summon him once. He doesn’t know if he didn’t go out or pretended to go out and play secretly as before. Until today, the Zhizu fleet left, only tossing him down. 

    Gae couldn’t help sighing, and he must have never had such a good opportunity in the future. Thinking about it this way, he was a little envious of the royal heirs who were still in the Zhizu starship.

    After a long period of melancholy, Gae finally regained his mood. After all, what has been missed is missed. Now, more importantly, it is the Canaan tribe who can finally be included in the bag. 

    At the same time, those royal heirs who stayed in the starship had the same idea as Gae. Those royal heirs who knew about the ear fox family hadn’t seen Chen Xi again even though they had waited for a few days. Fortunately, they still have a chance. As for the somewhat unlucky Gae, It can only be said that he has no luck. 

    Many people have already thought about it with ambition. On the next journey, how to get closer to Chen Xi, and how to entertain him after they arrive on their planet… But these people have not been happy for long, because when they went to space. Less than a day later, except for the ear fox prince and a few others, everyone else was taken into a separate starship, and then the starship left the Zhizu tribe’s ship. 

    All the starship teams who stayed in that starship and watched the distance gradually widen up, and they were filled with disbelief. 


    Someone dared to rush to the Zhizu who gave them nutrients and asked, “Where are we going?” 

    The cold voice only answered, “Send you home.” 


    As for why this is the case, it is because Chen Xi has already shared his  thoughts with Jin Yi. Chen Xi, who has been tired of this travel mode, is no longer ready to explore every race, so only the ear fox prince and a few others are left. As for the other royal heirs, since they are useless, they are naturally sent back directly. 

    Even for the few races that remained, Chen Xi might not step on the land of that planet in person as before, but might just have a look on the starship. 

    As for why Chen Xi lost interest in these races so quickly, and even the rest of the game seemed a bit perfunctory, in addition to being really tired of playing, the most important thing is that he fell in love for the first time at the age of 18. Chen Xi, a legal partner, is now surrounded by pink bubbles every day.

    The thing Chen Xi has thought of most in his mind these days is Jin Yi’s lips, which are really soft, and then his cheeks burst red. As for the things that the royal heirs on Canaan had expected to go out to play with, they had long been thrown away. He has been on cloud nine, and can’t even remember a single word.

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