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   On the starship, Chen Xi was studying for one hour a day, staring at the relevant knowledge of cosmic string theory on the screen, frowning. 

    To say that everything is good in the future world, but it is a bit painful when learning knowledge. After all, knowledge is updated. Since you have to learn, naturally you have to learn the current knowledge. As for the old and eliminated knowledge before, there is no need to learn it again.

    So what Chen Xi learns every day can be said to be quite lofty. Except for the basic mathematics, physics and chemistry, the rest are related to the universe, such as the eight-dimensional universe, the utilization of cosmic light waves, quantum mechanics and space… and so on.

    At this time, Chen Xi is a little envious of Jin Yi and the others. After all, they are born with this knowledge. The chip directly instills knowledge and AI intelligence can integrate by just thinking about it. 

    Of course, Chen Xi didn’t feel particularly painful, because he chose to study for one hour a day, and if he’s tired of studying, he can change to art studies such as painting, music, and literature appreciation. In short, 95% every day. He is having fun all the time, this is just a way for him to adjust to the richness of his life. 

    Just as Chen Xi struggled to understand the knowledge on the light screen, there was a noise from the door of the room. Chen Xi did not look up or care, but thought it was Bin Lan who brought the dessert.

    Until a figure shrouded Chen Xi’s back, long hair like water slid over Chen Xi’s shoulders and arms, and fell on the back of Chen Xi’s hands. It was as cold as fine golden silk. Chen Xi’s hands trembled slightly. There was also a slight blush on his face, but he still looked at the text on the light screen calmly. 

    “What are you doing?” A deep voice came sounded in Chen Xi’s ear. 


    Smeared by the magnetic voice, Chen Xi’s ear tips were stained with red, and he replied, “I  am studying.”

     After finishing speaking, he seemed to feel that his dry answer was a little cold, and then deliberately explained: “What I learned today. It’s a bit difficult.” 

    “If it’s difficult…” The magnetic voice got a little closer, and the heat almost directly breathed into Chen Xi’s ears, “Then I’ll give you counseling.” 

    Counseling… Chen Xi tangled for a while.

    Without being embarrassed, he agreed. He pointed to a theorem he didn’t understand and asked Jin Yi, “What does this mean?” However, Jin Yi did not answer Chen Xi’s question right away. He was behind Chen Xi, and half-wrapped Chen Xi in his arms, and said to Chen Xi in this position: “Simple tutoring is a bit inefficient. In order to enhance memory and increase the joy of learning, shall we play a small game while we are learning? ” 

    “What game?” Chen Xi had a bad premonition in his heart. 

    “We will have a reward and punishment mechanism. After learning a knowledge point, I will ask you questions to check the effect of your learning. If you answer correctly, then I’ll reward you with a kiss. If you answer wrong, then you punish me with a kiss.” 

    After listening to Jin Yi’s reward and punishment mechanism, Chen Xi’s cheeks burst red. Sure enough, Jin Yi’s idea was this. Chen Xi didn’t know what to say for a while, and this reward and punishment. It’s too shameful. 

    Seeing that Chen Xi did not answer, Jin Yi leaned closer to Chen Xi’s face, and said in a soft voice:. “Shall we play this game? I want to play,” 

    Jin Yi’s voice is normally, abstinence cold, indifferent and had no emotions, this soft voice sounded like he was acting like a baby, coupled with the prosperous beauty of Jin Yi’s face up close, staring expectantly at Chen Xi with his golden eyes.

    Chen Xi quickly couldn’t stand it, and finally turned his head awkwardly, staring in one direction and said: “You, you are really clingy, forget it, since you want to play this game, let’s play it.” 

    Looking at Chen Xi talking with his head turned, but the tips of his ears were red, Jin Yi’s eyes couldn’t help but overflow with a smile. 


    He didn’t know when Bin Lan came in with the dessert and accidentally witnessed the whole process, but he sighed deeply in his heart. Since the mastermind successfully took the position and became Chen Xi’s companion robot, he has seen this more than once. 

    Faced with the approach of the mastermind, Chen Xi always proudly said that you are really clingy and don’t bother me. In fact, he likes the mastermind too much, and obedient to the mastermind, and can cause a critical hit to him almost every time. 

    How come the good Chen Xi has the mastermind as his companion robot?

    Bin Lan silently decided in his heart that he had to work harder to change the companion robot bill that he recently participated in. Even if the changed bill cannot change the fact that the main brain is Chen Xi’s companion robot, it is good to add a few more positions.

    At that time, if he can enjoy Chen Xi’s arrogant responsiveness, he may be able to have him to himself. 

    As he was thinking these beautiful thoughts in his mind. Bin Lan suddenly felt a cold gaze on his body. When he raised his head, he saw a pair of golden eyes looking at him coldly. The corner of Bin Lan’s lips twitched, put down the dessert wittily, and left. 

    After Bin Lan left, Jin Yi’s study and counseling officially began. 

    At the beginning of the learning content, everything was normal. The knowledge points explained by Jin Yi were concise and easy to understand. Until entering the questioning session, Jin Yi asked: “What is the biggest asymmetry in the physics world?” 

    Chen Xi thought for a while and replied: “It’s the spin of fermions and bosons.” 

    “What about it?” 

    “Hmm…” Chen Xi frowned, “Fermions need to spin… to spin… I can’t remember.”

    “Fermions need to spin two circles to see the original scene, while bosons only need to spin one circle.” After stating the correct answer again, Jin Yi smiled and looked at Chen Xi and said: “You didn’t answer correctly, I’m going to punish you.” 


    After speaking, Jin Yi kissed Chen Xi with a smile, and lingered for more than ten seconds. When Jin Yi moved away, Chen Xi’s face blushed to a new level, and his closed lips became ruddy. 

    After another lesson, they began to enter the second Q & A session, Jin Yi asked: “what is the supersymmetric theory of N= 8” 

    “Ah, if bosons can be replaced fermions, fermions can also be converted into bosons” 

    “How does the boson change into a fermion?” 

    Chen Xi was speechless, he only vaguely remembered what was four-dimensional and eight-dimensional. 

    “Matter can be transferred from four-dimensional space to fermions to live in eight-dimensional space through spin, and from eight-dimensional space back to four-dimensional.” 

    After giving the correct answer, Jin Yi smiled and covered Chen Xi again, “I want to kiss you. ” 

    This time, Jin Yi kissed for an exceptionally long time. After Jin Yi left reluctantly, Chen Xi was already a little out of breath. 

    Seeing Jin Yi’s moody and anxious appearance, Chen Xi understood that Jin Yi didn’t care about the things he got right or wrong, he just wanted to kiss him. 

    However, Chen Xi, who answered incorrectly twice in a row, was breathless again, and decided that the next knowledge point must be more diligent, and at any rate he would win it back once. 

    With Chen Xi’s concentration on the third knowledge point, he answered the question smoothly as expected, facing Chen Xi’s answer, Jin Yi didn’t rush, and said: “That’s right, now receive your reward.”

     With that said, Jin Yi smiled and put his face in front of Chen Xi. He didn’t know when he untied his neckline. His collarbone under the neckline looked extremely attractive. 

    Chen Xi looked at Jin Yi as expected, and doubted himself for a second. Why did he try so hard to win? 


    Well, it’s because it’s too embarrassing to be able to answer, and he’s going to get back at Jin Yi now for making him out of breath. 

    Yes, he will get him back with a kiss. 

   Convincing himself with thi, Chen Xi unceremoniously kissed Jin Yi’s lips, and tried his best to kiss Jin Yi for a longer period of time than Jin Yi had just made, making Jin Yi breathe harder than himself. 

    After more than a minute, Chen Xi slipped into Jin Yi’s arms without strength, and was held in consideration by Jin Yi’s hand. 

    Jin Yi, with his usual expression, looked at Chen Xi who was gasping with concern and said, “My dear, you don’t have to work too hard, I’m already very happy.” 

    Chen Xi, who was too tired to speak… felt ridiculed. 

    So in the face of being hung up all over, even breathing is just a disguised intellectual. How can he really want to compete with each other in endurance? 



    During this time, the journey passed quickly like this. The starship team visited the planets of the heirs of the royal family that Chen Xi left behind. However, he just sat on the aircraft to look at the planets from above, and put those royal heirs back, so the whole journey was very fast. 

    Until Chen Xi came to the last destination, Ear Fox Star.

    Facing this long-awaited planet, Chen Xi finally did not sit on the aircraft. After Canaan, he personally set foot on the land of this planet and fulfilled his long-cherished wish. On the green grassland, On a sunny afternoon, he was surrounded by a group of furry-eared fox cubs. 

    While he was lying on the grass, the eared fox cubs played beside him, some leaned on him to sleep, and some boldly climbed onto his chest and slept in his arms.

    When he got up, he could even hold three eared fox cubs side by side with both hands in a circle. Those who were not hugged, surrounded him, hurriedly pulling at the hem of his clothes, it was like heaven.

    Chen Xi stayed here very happily for a few days, until he had enough of the ear fox cubs before he left. 


    Unlike other royal heirs who were relieved or a little unwilling when he left, the prince of the ear fox clan knew that he was leaving, so he pulled at the hem of his clothes, almost crying with tears in his eyes. 

    Chen Xi hugged him up, and said: “What’s the matter?” 

    “I, I don’t want you to leave.” 

    “What’s the reluctance of this, it’s not that I will never see each other, maybe I will come here to play in the future, and If you have something in the future, you can also contact me with the Zhizu you met.” 

    Chen Xi comforted for a long time, and finally coaxed the ear fox prince who was about to transform into a crying bag. Of course, Jin Yi was getting colder and colder by the side. The look in the eyes also played a role. 

    Feeling the colder and colder gaze on his body, the ear fox prince knew that he should get out of Chen Xi’s arms, but when he thought of when they would meet again. He continued under the pressure. He stayed in Chen Xi’s arms, he raised his big watery eyes and looked at Chen Xi seriously and said: “Thank you, thank you for everything you have done for the ear fox clan, I will always remember you.” 

    Chen Xi laughed, “I am not the only one you have to thank.” 

    Hearing Chen Xi’s words, the prince of the ear fox family turned to thank Jin Yi, but before he could speak, Jin Yi, who had already endured to the limit, reached out and held his hand directly down. 

    “Okay, let’s go.”

    After saying this, Jin Yi looked at the ear fox prince coldly, and took Chen Xi’s hand and turned and left. The ear foxes should be thankful for their small size, and the adult ear foxes can’t reach the height of human thighs. If the ear fox tribe is a foot taller, Jin Yi, who has become more possessive after becoming a companion robot, how can he tolerate adult male creatures being held in Chen Xi’s arms? At that time, not to mention the current treatment of the ear fox tribe, it is possible to become the first race to be directly annihilated under the rule of the Zhizu tribe. 


    After boarding the starship, the starship team slowly left Earfox star. Since then, Chen Xi’s trip to outer space is all over, but because Chen Xi has no intention of playing later, he cut down many attractions, so the time is longer than before. The planned travel itinerary takes a lot of time for Chen Xi. 

    Seeing the extra time, Chen Xi thought for a while, and came to Jin Yi’s side, asking him, “Do you have a place you want to go?” 

    Jin Yi shook his head. 

    Chen Xi seemed a little unwilling, “Really not? A place you were interested in before, but no time to go?” 

    Jin Yi felt that Chen Xi’s attitude was a bit strange, and asked suspiciously: “What’s wrong?” 

    “Nothing, cough. …” It was unknown what he was thinking, Chen Xi’s face was flushed a bit, and he slowly said, “Isn’t it a custom to have a honeymoon after marriage? I think we did nothing after we got the certificate, so If you have any place you want to go, I will accompany you to go with you, it will be our… honeymoon.” 

    As soon as Chen Xi’s words fell, the intellectuals in all directions in the starship raised their heads at the same time and looked towards Jin Yi’s direction, if you want to describe their eyes specifically, it would be bitterness.

    Ah ah ah! Chen Xi is a matter of spoiling his mad demon partner, is a real hammer. 

    After understanding Chen Xi’s meaning, Jin Yi’s mouth couldn’t stop bending, and a happy smile appeared on his face naturally, and the golden eyes seemed to become a little brighter. 

    He approached Chen Xi, and held Chen Xi who was still blushing, in his arms, staring at him with golden eyes, and said with a slightly dumb voice: “Wherever you are, is where I want to go.”

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