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    Because Jin Yi didn’t have much where he wanted to go, so in the end this journey was over. Chen Xi returned to the inner universe. The treasure of the entire Zhizu returned to the core of layered protection and was carefully hidden. 

    And after going out to play for a long time, he passed through the wormhole again, and returned to the inner universe. Chen Xi looked at the still huge and shocking space base, there was a touch of familiarity in his heart, even if he didn’t stay in this place. After a long time, he now had a feeling of coming back home. 

    When Chen Xi returned to his home in the space base again, he walked up and down with excitement, ah, his steel lair was really handsome.

     During his absence, his residence has not changed at all, because he found that the activity space attached to the steel lair has become larger, a lot of entertainment facilities have been added, a beautiful garden and forest have been carefully maintained in one direction, and an ecological lake has been built, which can be called a small park. There is really no way to be more thoughtful. 

    Looking at this small park, Chen Xi happily took a lot of photos and posted them on starnet, making no secret of his liking. 

    And seeing Chen Xi happy, Jin Yi and all the other intellectuals are naturally happy too. 

    The Zhizu who proposed the idea of ​​a garden lake was even more praised widely on the star network. 


    In the face of this kind of praise, the orange eyed Zhizu, who is full of design skills, calmly posted a dynamic on the star network- ‘I am willing to dedicate all my designs in this life to Chen Xi, and I hope everyone will vote for me in the list of candidates in the new partner bill, thank you.’

    As soon as this dynamic was released, the attitudes of the intellectuals who had originally admired the intellectual took a 180-degree turn, and they all said, pooh, love rivals! 

    The personal homepage of this designer Zhizu instantly lost millions of attention. What’s more, he was blocked directly on the star network. 


    These things that made a lot of noise on the star network, Chen Xi, who returned to the inner universe, knew nothing, because Jin Yi was in the first place when the new bill about companion robots just emerged, and blocked the relevant content from Chen Xi, so Chen Xi didn’t know about it from beginning to end. 

    Regarding this, Jin Yi said that there is no need to let Chen Xi know about these things that are impossible to succeed at all. 

    In fact, things have progressed just as Jin Yi had predicted.

    After Chen Xi returned to Inner Universe, although there was a lot of turmoil about the promotion of the new partner bill on the Star Network, the situation became more and more intense, but under the joint petition and promotion of many intellectuals, it was ultimately unsuccessful.

    The reason is that the previous marriage law was the supreme law of the intellectuals, and its status was equivalent to the human constitution, and it was not so easy to modify. 


    Secondly, it is because Jin Yi is the mastermind, and the mastermind disagrees with the bill, plus with supreme law, which is the most difficult to modify. How could it be so easy to modify? 

    Therefore, although many intellectuals have used all methods, they still did useless work in the end and failed to shake the partner bill that was extremely unreasonable in their eyes. 

    In this regard, the intellectuals said that they had made another note in the small book for the head of the boss who was blocking the way. 



    No matter what the star network says, Chen Xi, who is protected by Jin Yi, is still peaceful and happy in the inner universe. Enjoying all kinds of enjoyment of life every day, and studying one hour every day, and continuing to be sweet with Jin Yi. 

    After becoming partners with Jin Yi, Chen Xi found that the marriage he had heard is the tomb of love seemed to be inaccurate at all, because after becoming a partner with Jin Yi, he found that he still liked Jin Yi more than yesterday. His daily feelings are how Jin Yi can be so good, how Jin Yi can be so handsome… What is the post-marriage tiredness period, and as for discovering all kinds of problems and conflicts in the partner, there is no such thing. 

    But considering that Jin Yi is a robot, and that famous saying about marriage is aimed at the marriage of humans and humans, Chen Xi feels that everything is reasonable again. 

    Well, the 95% marriage rate of humans and robots in the interstellar era is really not a big deal. 

    The base time was 23:00 pm, it was time for Chen Xi to go to bed. Jin Yi helped Chen Xi tidy up the quilt, then leaned over and kissed Chen Xi’s forehead, adjusted the light in the bedroom to dim, and was about to turn around and leave. 


    But Jin Yi, who turned around, did not move. He looked down and saw a slender and soft hand grasping his hand. Chen Xi, who had closed his eyes before, didn’t know when he opened his eyes, asked: “Do you have to move around when you are working at night?”

    “No.” Jin Yi replied, after a pause, he asked: “What’s the matter?” 

    Chen Xi blushed slightly, and shrank slightly into the quilt, and said: “Then can you stay here when you are working at night? And not leave and stay with me.” 

    Jin Yi spends several hours a day dedicated to handling the various affairs of the entire Zhizu. In order to maximize efficiency, he has been in a standby state for these few hours. Jin Yi has always been a little concerned about the traits that are different from human beings, so every time he waits to deal with affairs, he will deliberately leave Chen Xi’s side. 

    It’s better to say before, because Jin Yi chose to deal with affairs at night, and Chen Xi was away for a few hours when he was sleeping at night, which would not affect anything at all. However, after he became Chen Xi’s companion robot, Chen Xi now wants to stay with Jin Yi at every moment. Even the few hours that Jin Yi leaves every night is a bit unbearable for him, so today, he finally couldn’t help but say it to Jin Yi. 

    Facing Chen Xi’s request, Jin Yi’s eyes flickered and hesitated, “This…” 

    It’s a pity that Chen Xi has been thinking about this for a long time, so he didn’t give Jin Yi a chance at all, and then asked: “If I talk in my sleep at night, or accidentally bump into you when I turn over, will it affect you?” 

    “This, it won’t…” 

    “Then I don’t care, I want you to sleep with me.” After saying that, Chen Xi opened the quilt directly, jumped over and hugged Jin Yi’s waist, not giving him a chance to leave at all. 

    Seeing Chen Xi’s movements, Jin Yi quickly reached out to support him, and put the quilt on Chen Xi’s for fear that he would be cold, even though the room was actually at a constant temperature. 

    Perceiving Jin Yi’s movements, the corner of Chen Xi’s mouth burying his  head on Jin Yi’s waist revealed a triumphant smile. 

    Sure enough, after a while, Jin Yi compromised, and he agreed to stay in Chen Xi at night. 

    In response to this, Chen Xi yelled in excitement, and pulled Jin Yi onto the bed without any delay.


    In the face of Chen Xi’s extremely enthusiastic actions, Jin Yi’s eyes dimmed, and there was a touch of hoarseness in his voice: “So passionate? Will I be able to fulfill the next stage of partner duties tonight?” 

    Hearing Jin Yi’s words Chen Xi froze in an instant, and then rolled to the other side of the bed wrapped in a quilt, a little further away from Jin Yi, and said vigilantly: “Don’t think too much about it, we just sleep tonight, you just sleep with me. ” 

    Hearing Chen Xi’s words, Jin Yi signs with a trace of regret in his voice. 

    Seeing this, Chen Xi hugged his little quilt tighter. 

    However, Chen Xi’s state of being far away from Jin Yi did not last long, but after a minute or two, he slid back to Jin Yi again, and half of his quilt was divided over Jin Yi’s body. 

    With satin-like blond hair beside his cheeks and a solid and warm chest beside him, Chen Xi couldn’t help showing a smile at the corner of his mouth. He stretched out his hand and hugged Jin Yi’s waist happily, and whispered: “Can I hold you to sleep?”


    Chen Xi heard this, obediently closed his eyes, and said:.” I’ll sleep, I won’t do bother you, ” 

    After Chen Xi really did as he said, eyes closed trying to sleep, and didn’t even move his posture. 

    Jin Yi watched Chen Xi quietly for dozens of minutes, until he detected that Chen Xi was sleeping, then he closed his eyes and entered the standby state. 

    The night was getting deeper and deeper. About two hours later, Chen Xi’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and he slowly opened his eyes. 


    He yawned a little, maintained his waking posture for a while, then glanced sideways at the time displayed in the room, and then his eyes widened uncontrollably. 

    Wait, he only slept for two hours? 

    Chen Xi himself was stunned, he couldn’t help but think deeply, so did he sleep too much during the day yesterday? Why did he wake up so soon?

    Feeling a little unbelievable, Chen Xi tilted his head, and then stopped, because he saw Jin Yi lying beside him, and realized that he woke up after only two or three hours of sleep, so Jin Yi now is probably still in the standby state. 

    So curious, seeing Jin Yi on standby. 

    Holding his breath, Chen Xi quietly approached Jin Yi and found that Jin Yi was just as asleep, no different than usual. 

    It wasn’t until Chen Xi couldn’t help but touch Jin Yi’s hair that he opened her eyes strangely, and he felt that Jin Yi was currently on standby. 

    Because in the past Chen Xi , as long as he accidentally touched Jin Yi’s hair, those hair strands would be self-consciously entangled around Chen Xi, and would not loosen easily. Even the strands of hair would really bully him, but now when he just touched Jin Yi’s hair, those strands were lying there quietly without any response. 

    So, Jin Yi in the standby state has no perception of the outside world? ! 

    This speculation made Chen Xi a little excited, with no movement of hair, and Jin Yi had not opened his eyes to look at him for so long, which made him more sure of this speculation. You should know that Jin Yi had taken a nap with him before, no matter when he woke up, Jin Yi would open his eyes immediately. 

    Knowing that Jin Yi, who was on standby, had no response to the outside world, Chen Xi’s courage immediately grew. He first touched two of Jin Yi’s silky hair, addictively, he was in a great mood and thought, Hmph, let you bother me before, but now it’s not obediently being touched by me. 

    He went closer to see Jin Yi again, and the more he looked, the more he realized how Jin Yi could be so handsome and beautiful, he couldn’t help touching him with my hand, and went up to kiss him again. 


    Suddenly, Chen Xi felt as if he had become a scholar, taking advantage of his drunkenness when the beauty was unaware, and his behavior was as bad as Yin Zhiping, who had defiled the little dragon girl. However, he and Jin Yi were legal partners. Jin Yi also said that he must fulfill his obligations as a partner in the next stage. 

    Thinking of his partner’s obligations at the next stage, Chen Xi’s face couldn’t help but flushed. What could be the next stage of kissing?

    As a young man not long in adulthood, Chen Xi is at a stage of being guilty and courageous. In addition to Jin Yi’s non-physical nature, the kiss can catch him out of breath. Thinking of the next stage, Chen Xi feels It’s really a bit embarrassing. 

    After all, not everyone has the courage to face the tireless electric motor. 

    But now Jin Yi is in a state of unawareness on standby, Chen Xi looks at Jin Yi who is like a sleeping beauty, and can’t help but feel excited again, or else, he will explore first? 

    Speaking of it, it seems that he hasn’t touched Jin Yi’s abdominal muscles yet. 

    Although Jin Yi, who loves to undress in front of him everyday, is willing to let him touch it. But when Jin Yi is awake, he is afraid that touching it will actually directly enter the second stage of the partner’s obligation, so he has not acted. 

    But now Jin Yi is on standby. He doesn’t know what’s happening, so he can touch Jin Yi’s abdominal muscles without any risk at all. 

    Looking at the sleeping beauty lying on the bed, Chen Xi’s eyes were getting brighter and brighter, and finally slowly stretched out his little sinful hand. 

    What Chen Xi didn’t know was that Jin Yi, who was on standby, had stopped a lot of physical functions, allowing him to handle many affairs of the intellectuals at the highest efficiency, but at this time, Jin Yi at this time also has the strongest control over the Zhizu. At this time, he is omniscient as long as there is a network or equipment.

    So staying in the Zhizu’s space base, Chen Xi, who had all kinds of Zhizu entertainment or other smart devices in the room. From the moment Jin Yi sensed that he was awake, watched him in all directions through dozens of sensors and cameras, large and small, scattered throughout the room. 

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WCBL: Yin Zhiping insulted the little dragon girl is from a story called “Legend of Condor Heroes”- Here’s a link -

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