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   In fact, when Chen Xi woke up, Jin Yi was a little nervous at first. After all, the Zhizu’s standby looks like a human being in a deep sleep, but in fact it is completely different inside. This is a state that humans don’t have. 

    So seeing Chen Xi waking up unexpectedly while he was on standby for work, he wanted to wake up too and stop working. 

    But in the end Jin Yi still didn’t do this, because he was selfish. As Chen Xi’s companion robot, he hoped to get all of Chen Xi’s love, and also hoped that Chen Xi could accept him completely. 

    In this way, Jin Yi let Chen Xi look at himself curiously. 

    But after making this decision, Jin Yi was still nervous. He was always calm, he was the mastermind of strategizing, and rarely began to worry about gains and losses. 


    Will Chen Xi be unable to accept that he is on standby? Did Chen Xi realize that he was just a machine, a program because he saw him in the standby state, just like when humans and robots just started to have an intimate relationship, some humans who were originally in love would suddenly become cold when their companion robot is on standby for charging. After all, in the human world, only machines can stand by. 

    Even Jin Yi couldn’t help thinking whether he was inferior to an ordinary intellectual. After all, if he is not the mastermind, today’s technology can make ordinary intellectuals have no standby status, and it seems that they will be closer to humans. From this point of view, he is not even as good as Bin Lan and the others.

     However, when Jin Yi’s thoughts turn darker in his heart, Chen Xi, who is close to Jin Yi, first stroked Jin Yi’s hair, then reached out and touched Jin Yi’s face, and then couldn’t help but directly kiss Jin Yi’s face. Then his mouth, his eyebrows, eyes, nose, and lips were not spared. 

    Jin Yi, who had a dark cloud in his heart…all the haze was lost by the kiss. 

    Chen Xina had no grudges, only full of affectionate kisses, and gave Jin Yi the best answer. 

    Jin Yi’s mental wave uncontrollably rippled with joyful waves, which instantly spread throughout the star network. 

    All Zhizu connected to the satellite network’s intellectual family were washed by the joyful waves. They jumped like they were electrified, and cursed:. “** mastermind is going crazy again.”

    At the same time, Jin Yi did not have the time to care about the curses. He used dozens of sensors and cameras in the bedroom to watch Chen Xi deeply, using a long-distance macro, on various angles, the trembling of each of Chen Xi’s eyelashes the blush on his cheeks is so cute in his eyes. 

    He seemed to want to swallow such a lovely Chen Xi through those cameras. 

    Then he saw that the lovely Chen Xi, after blushing at him for a while, slowly stretched his hand into his clothes… 

    Jin Yi… 

    Jin Yi looked strangely at the picture coming back from the camera, and he suddenly wondered if these devices were broken, but dozens of sensors and cameras were at different angles, and obviously there was no possibility of them breaking. 


    Not to mention that Chen Xi stretched his hand into his clothes and groped, and said in a low voice, “Ah, this is what it feels like to touch his abdominal muscles, it’s so hard.” 

    Chen Xi couldn’t help himself after feeling it for a long time. He lifted his clothes up, looking at the white soft flesh on his stomach, he was a little dissatisfied: “Why don’t I have abdominal muscles? Well, I don’t know if the Zhizu has muscle beauty injections, the kind of muscles that can be produced after a single injection.” 

    Jin Yi’s eyes darken as he looked at Chen Xi’s soft waist and abdomen. 

    Chen Xi, who was lifting his clothes and looking down, suddenly seemed to feel a strong gaze. He couldn’t help but look up. The bedroom door was still closed, and Jin Yi, who was lying next to him, still had his eyes closed. Chen Xi couldn’t help but doubt himself.

    He breathed a sigh of relief and laughed: “I really have a guilty conscience.” But this was the first time doing this kind of thing, Chen Xi didn’t know when Jin Yi would wake up, so he touched Jin Yi’s abdominal muscles and chest muscles.

    Afterwards, Chen Xi reluctantly retracted his hand and rearranged Jin Yi’s somewhat messed up clothes. Even the hair that had been stroked by himself was combed carefully with his fingers, and then he lay back on his side, and covered himself with his quilt. He put his hand on Jin Yi’s waist, trying to restore everything to the way he was before waking up. 

    After arranging everything in this way, he closed his eyes and lay down for a while, Chen Xi finally felt sleepy again, couldn’t help but yawn, and went to sleep again. 

    What Chen Xi didn’t know was that after he was asleep, Jin Yi, who he had been on standby and had no perception of the outside world, opened his eyes and looked at him with deep eyes.

    The next day, Chen Xi slept comfortably until he woke up naturally and opened his eyes, and met a pair of golden eyes. 

    Chen Xi paused, and the memory of last night quickly returned. He endured the trace of guilty conscience in his heart, and smiled at Jin Yi: “Haha, morning! I slept so well last night, especially sweet, how about you?” 

    Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi for a while, and a smile slowly appeared on his face, “Yes, I slept well.” 


    Jin Yi decided that he wouldn’t tell Chen Xi that he knew of his secret last night. He had a hunch. This secret will become a shortcut for him to speed up the fulfillment of his partner’s obligations in the next stage. 

    This morning, Chen Xi was unusually obedient. Whether it was dressing or eating breakfast, he was very cooperative. When Jin Yi was about to leave, he stopped Jin Yi for an unprecedented time and printed a goodbye kiss on Jin Yi’s face. The kiss is an unprecedented treatment. 

    Jin Yi, who walked out of the room, couldn’t help but raise his hand to caress the place where he had just been kissed, and the corner of his mouth could not be restrained. What was this? Was this a compensation fee from last night?

    On this day, the most discussed topic of the Zhizu on the Star Network was what the joyful wave stream was last night. Many Zhizu wanted to know what happened, and even the Zhizu keenly knew that this full of joyful data has something to do with Chen Xi, something might have happened between Chen Xi and the mastermind that caused the main brain to suddenly experience such a big mood swing. 

    Many intellectuals guessed this, and couldn’t help being sour. The ** master brain dared to show off, and make them eat a mouthful full of dog food.

    Regarding the many voices on the star network, Jin Yi ignored them. The only thing he did was to block the relevant discussion from Chen Xi again, because he was afraid that Chen Xi would see the discussion on the star network and combine it with that point in time, he might guess something. 


    Two days later, Chen Xi repeated his old tricks, pestering Jin Yi to keep him from leaving before going to bed. 

    What can Jin Yi do about this, naturally he can only agree to stay. 

    Chen Xi was obviously a little excited when Jin Yi agreed again, but he was forced to hold back. 

    After both of them lay down on the bed and covered the quilt, Chen Xi lay down beside Jin Yi, closing his eyes and promised: “I will sleep well.” 

    Hearing Chen Xi’s assurance, Jin Yi’s mouth was slightly pulled. Forming an arc of a smile but not a smile, it is a pity that Chen Xi closed his eyes at this time, and did not see this playful smile. 


    Jin Yi noticed that Chen Xi did not put his hand on his waist tonight, and slept some distance away from him, and today Chen Xi wore a decorative smart wristband that he rarely wears. 

    Looking forward to your performance. 

    Jin Yi thought in a great mood. 

    The bedroom was quiet, and the two people lying on the bed seemed to have fallen asleep. About two hours later, a sensation of vibration came from Chen Xi’s wrist. Almost the moment the vibration appeared, Chen Xi opened his eyes, his eyes were bright, and there was no drowsiness at all.

    After waking up, Chen Xi slowly moved to Jin Yi’s side, and first touched Jin Yi’s hair tentatively. There was no response, and a big smile appeared on his face, yeah, success.

     As the so-called one-time, two-time ripening, compared with the last time he hesitated, Chen Xi’s movements are much more proficient this time. After a few mouthfuls of Jin Yi’s prosperous beauty, Chen Xi’s hand simply stretched out. After getting into Jin Yi’s clothes, even after touching for a long time, Chen Xi felt uncomfortable only to touch and couldn’t see, and there were clothes blocking it. In the end, he reached out and untied Jin Yi’s clothes and smiled as he unbuttoned them. He said: “Hee hee, who didn’t let you know.” 

    And Jin Yi, who was looking at Chen Xi in all directions with dozens of sensors and cameras, thought, yeah, he “didn’t know” anything. 

    This evening, Jin Yi took another big step from fulfilling the second stage of his partner obligations, and early the next morning, he harvested a strangely obedient Chen Xi. 

    Jin Yi put a piece of nutritious vegetable shrimp cake that Chen Xi didn’t like much on Chen Xi’s bowl. Looking at Chen Xi’s reluctant look but obedient eating, he couldn’t help smiling.

    This kind of partner is secretly working hard to get them into the second stage as soon as possible, while waking up in the morning and receiving “mental compensation” is really the most cost-effective thing he has ever done. 

    He believes that with their joint efforts, he will soon be able to truly fulfill his obligations as a partner in the next stage, and he will do his best to satisfy Chen Xi. 

    Chen Xi couldn’t help but raise his head intentionally,  but when he saw the smile on Jin Yi’s face, he couldn’t help but be alert, “Why are you smiling so strangely?” 

    The expression on Jin Yi’s face slowly calmed down, “I am?” 

    “Yes.” Chen Xi nodded affirmatively. 

    Jin Yi’s face returned to his usual look, took a sip of the coffee elegantly, and said, “You are wrong.” 

    Seeing Jin Yi’s calm expression, he looked affirmative.

    Chen Xi couldn’t help but become a little hesitant, is it…?

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