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   Just as the relationship between Chen Xi and Jin Yi was moving steadily towards the next stage of partner obligations, something happened. 

    “What, you can’t show up these days?” 

    Jin Yi nodded helplessly. He reached out and touched Chen Xi’s soft black hair, and explained: “It’s a routine accessory upgrade for the main brain. I’m still at the base, but I just can’t show up in front of you, and can’t accompany you, I’m sorry.” 

    Jin Yi’s voice was full of apologetics. 

    Chen Xi looked disappointed when he heard what Jin Yi said, ah, it will take a few days to not see each other. He had secretly kissed Jin Yi’s abdominal muscles last time, and found a very useful restorative on the star network. The kind that can make the bruise disappear quickly, and he tried it on himself. It was really useful. He had already planned to plant strawberries on Jin Yi’s abdominal muscles next time. As a result, this time Jin Yi said that they would be unable to meet for a few days. 

    Chen Xi’s eyebrows tangled, his expression aggrieved, but he didn’t make any unreasonable troubles, he just made a small request, “It’s okay to not show up for a few days, but you have to make up for me when you come back. Well, I’ll punish you to sleep with me every night and make up for the vacancy during this time.” 


    Jin Yi’s eyes flashed at Chen Xi’s request, and naturally he agreed. 

    Chen Xi was very excited when he saw Jin Yi agree to it, and no longer felt at a loss in an instant. Before, he was afraid of arousing Jin Yi’s suspicion, and often pestered Jin Yi to sleep with him every one or two days. It was very hard to endure, but after this time, Jin Yi will accompany him to bed every day. Such a long-term business can be done only for a few days, and it is really not a loss at all. 

    Chen Xi was so happy in her heart that he was laughing, Chen Xi didn’t show this on his face. He still made the appearance that he was a little bit aggrieved, and reluctantly said to Jin Yi: “Then, then you go and come back early, ah.”

     Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi’s brightly excited eyes, but still reluctantly agreed. He couldn’t help showing a smile on the corner of his mouth. He stepped forward and kissed him. He didn’t know when he learned to be honest. After the kiss, Jin Yi held the breathless Chen Xi and gently said: “I’m leaving, wait for me to come back.” 

    After speaking, Jin Yi smiled at Chen Xi, turned around and left. 

    When Chen Xi recovered from Jin Yi’s gentle smile, only a small figure of Jin Yi was left in his sight. He stared at the small figure disappearing at the corner of the corridor and couldn’t help but quietly grabbed his clothes.

    What to do, Jin Yi just left, he missed him a little bit. 

    It seems… this price is not very cost-effective. 



    In a tightly guarded and heavily protected enclosed space in the space base, Jin Yi looked at the huge equipment in a spherical shape in front of him, stepped in, and as Jin Yi approached, the equipment lit up. Turning on the soft light and turning on and off the cards one by one, giving Jin Yi a way out, until Jin Yi walked into the most central position and sat down on a throne, all the cards were closed one by one, and Jin Yi was heavily wrapped in it. 


    The soft light lit up in the entire space, and the ethereal mechanical and electronic speakers sounded, “The 112587th upgrade of the main brain accessory is about to begin. Please choose the main body to upgrade.” 

    “Jin Yi.” Jin Yi said lightly. 

    “The main brain accessory to upgrade the main body has been changed to Jin Yi, please confirm.” 


    “The main brain Jin Yi, the 112587th main brain accessory upgrade has officially started, please be patient.” 

    With this ethereal electronic sound, the huge spherical equipment wrapped in Jin Yi seemed to be alive, and the brightness fluctuated like it was breathing, and those huge and complex equipment began to operate in an orderly manner. The degree of complexity and precision can bring normal biological heads down at a glance.

    If you zoom out, you will find that in this enclosed space, besides the huge spherical device that Jin Yi is running, there is another exactly the same device in parallel not far from Jin Yi, except at this moment. The device was clearly silent, and there was no sound. 

    The mastermind, in the intellectuals, not only means the highest authority, but also a huge amount of resources. 

    Each mastermind is piled up with massive resources. It is not too much to say that the mastermind consumes 20% of the huge energy obtained by the intellectuals. 

    Because of the particularity of the mastermind, the Zhizu will always have only one mastermind, and if there are more, it is really impossible to support it. 

    However, a mastermind is enough to manage all affairs of the Zhizu, allowing the Zhizu to develop rapidly on the right path. 

    But the mastermind is not eternal, Jin Yi is now the 21st mastermind of the Zhizu. 

    Every mastermind is born with the responsibility of leading the intellectuals, and is responsible for handling massive management affairs of the entire intellectuals every day. Life is not only long but also huge, the life width of the mastermind is infinite. This kind of life is easily tiring.


    The main brain has its own consciousness. It is not a machine without feelings. It can also be tiring. Therefore, when the main brain is tired, it can also choose to dissipate its consciousness and let the intellectuals produce a new main brain. 

    Before Jin Yi, there were already twenty masterminds who chose to do this. 

    The Zhizu tribe has produced 21 masterminds in ten thousand years. On average, each mastermind has been in power for about a few hundred years. The duration of this consciousness is shorter than that of many ordinary Zhizu tribes. 

    But whoever allows the mastermind’s abilities and responsibilities can naturally make the mastermind live out the vicissitudes of ordinary creatures for thousands of years. Therefore, it is reasonable to get more and more tired later until you can’t bear it, and dissipate your consciousness.

    As for Jin Yi, he has been sitting in the position of the main brain for more than 600 years, and this number has been considered longer than the previous main brains. 

    So before Chen Xi appeared, without exception, Jin Yi also began to think about sleeping.

    It’s just that every main brain is piled up with massive resources. It’s not that easy to create a new one out of thin air for a while, so the conventional method is to upgrade the main brain accessories instead of upgrading to the current main brain, it would directly add the resources on the new main brain, so that after a period of accumulation, the new main brain can gather the latest resources and replace the previous main brain, and the previous main brain can completely shed its responsibilities and rest completely. 

    Jin Yi had done this several times before Chen Xi appeared. In the previous few upgrades of the main brain accessories, he did not upgrade himself, but chose to upgrade the new main brain. 

    But after Chen Xi appeared, especially since he now became Chen Xi’s companion robot, everything changed. 

    What exhaustion? What boredom? All of them don’t exist! The boring life of the mastermind, he can live another 10,000 years. 


    As for his stepping down as the mastermind and actively surrendering resources to allow a new mastermind to emerge, don’t even think about it! He knows that the new guy born will only rob Chen Xi from him.

    Fortunately, it was only a few accessory upgrades before, and it was too far for the new mastermind to replace him. The last accessory upgrade will also be his last upgrade to the new mastermind. 

    As long as Chen Xi have is still here, he will always be the mastermind of the Zhizu and will always be with him. 

    These thoughts flashed in his mind, Jin Yi closed his eyes and waited patiently for the completion of the accessory upgrade process. 

    A little bit of time passed, and when Jin Yi’s upgrade process was halfway through, the huge device not far away from Jin Yi suddenly flashed a faint light. The light was too weak and too short. The dim flash disappeared, and the brief moment was like it was an illusion. 

    At the same time, in Chen Xi’s steel lair’s residence, a sealed cabin suddenly flickered. After a while, the unsealing command for the cabin turned green, the lid of the cabin automatically opened, and the silent body inside shook. It sat up shaking, he stretched out his hand to support his forehead and slowly opened a pair of golden eyes. 

    These golden eyes looked around blankly. 

    Where? where is he?

    He raised his hand and tried to crawl out of the cabin. 

    It can be seen that he is very unskilled in manipulating the body. He almost fell when he first landed, but after a few staggering steps, he quickly mastered his balance. In just a few seconds, he started to learn how to walk like a toddler would, step-by-step, and transition to a calm pace. 

    Having mastered his body, he came to the indoor exit where the cabin was placed. The closed door did not open. He frowned, and the display device on the door began to flicker again, until a few seconds later, there was a soft beep. Then the door opened. 

    After the door was opened, looking at the passages extending in all directions from the outside, a trace of confusion appeared in his golden eyes again, where? Where is he? 

    Complicated data flashed in his eyes. A few seconds later, his eyes lit up and he found it. He was there! 


    At this time, Chen Xi was staying at his residence faintly. For these two days, because Jin Yi was not there, it seemed that everything he was doing became boring. 

    He can’t even play his favorite game.

    When studying, he would always think of Jin Yi trying to give him counseling. 

    Hey, Jin Yi, when are you coming back? 

    Chen Xi sighed heavily on the table. 


    Where Chen Xi hadn’t noticed, the doors close to him were being opened one by one, and a tall figure was approaching here quickly without taking any detours. 

    Until Chen Xi was in the room, there was a soft noise from the door, and then it was also opened. 

    Chen Xi, with his back to the door, was taken aback, because he remembered telling Bin Lan before that he didn’t want to be disturbed in the afternoon. It stands to reason that no one came here at this time. 

    Chen Xi turned around suspiciously and saw the tall figure standing at the entrance of the gate. 

    Sharp short black hair, an extremely handsome face and golden eyes, Chen Xi’s eyes almost immediately revealed his surprise, “Jin Yi, are you back?!”

    The happy Chen Xi was about to pounce on Jin Yi almost immediately, but after two steps, Chen Xi’s steps still slowed down, because he always felt that there was something wrong with Jin Yi in front of him. Didn’t Jin Yi say that it would take about four days to upgrade the accessories? Jin Yi’s concept of time is very accurate. He has never made a mistake. 

     Moreover, Jin Yi in front of him actually uses the black-haired Jin Yi’s body. You must know that Jin Yi eats his own jealousy is first-class. He usually coaxes him to switch back to the body of the black-haired Jin Yi. If he doesn’t pay attention to him, he will be asked if he loves the spare body more than himself. Every time Jin Yi appeared in front of him with a black-haired Jin Yi body, he exchanged a bunch of benefits. 

    But today Jin Yi didn’t have any greetings, and just appeared in front of him with the body of the black haired Jin Yi, which was really strange. 

    While thinking, Chen Xi’s steps slowly stopped. 

    But when Chen Xi stopped, the black-haired “Jin Yi” walked over without any pause, and firmly hugged Chen Xi. 


    At the same time, in the space base, the heavily protected main brain accessory upgrade place suddenly sounded a sharp siren, “Alert! Alarm! Found that the newly born main brain consciousness escaped.” 

    Jin Yi, who was in the upgraded device, suddenly opened his eyes. 



    This familiar body, familiar embrace, so that the doubts that Chen Xi had just born inexplicably in his heart, were quickly dispelled, missing Jin Yi and the joy of seeing Jin Yi quickly gained the upper hand, and he slightly complained: “Didn’t you say four days? Why did you come back in two days? Humph, I thought I would have to wait a long time.” 

   As soon as he said, Chen Xi rubbed his face in Jin Yi’s arms. 

    The intimacy and soft movement made “Jin Yi” unable to help but lower his head, looking at the strangely soft eyes of the person in his arms. 

    “Why don’t you talk?” Chen Xi said with some dissatisfaction. 

    “Jin Yi” was trying to open his mouth, and suddenly his whole body was shaken, and his gaze was immediately lost.


    “Oh! What’s the matter with you!” The person holding him suddenly collapsed, frightening Chen Xi, and hurriedly helped him sit down on the spot. 

    “Jin Yi, what’s wrong with you? Are you trying to scare me?!” Chen Xi said in a panic. 

    And “Jin Yi” lying in Chen Xi’s arms gave Chen Xi a look using all his strength, and then closed the golden eyes full of attachment weakly. 



    In the space where the main brain accessories were upgraded, Jin Yi looked at the virtual light screen in front of him and frowned: “It already produced consciousness” 

    And he also escaped to see Chen Xi, Jin Yi almost laughed angrily. It can be said that the mastermind of one generation is stronger than that of one generation. 

    As if responding to Jin Yi’s words, the light screen in front of Jin Yi was blurred, and then replaced by a pair of golden eyes. 

    Jin Yi looked at the golden eyes that appeared suddenly, and said lightly: “Unfortunately, you are still tender.” 

    Following Jin Yi’s words, the golden eyes on the screen seemed to realize something and immediately wanted to escape, but the space he was in was obviously blocked by Jin Yi, and those golden eyes stayed in the screen and couldn’t move. 

    “It’s not yet time for you to appear.” 

    Following Jin Yi’s words, the eyes on the screen were obviously subjected to some pressure, and they began to tremble rapidly, and the light screen was also very unstable. 

    Jin Yi quietly looked at the pair of golden eyes on the screen. One day in the future, he will become the true mastermind of the intellectuals, commanding the forces that can shake the cosmos, and become the true cosmic hegemon. 

    But now, he is the current mastermind who still exists, he is nothing! 

    Under Jin Yi’s cold expression, those golden eyes became weaker and weaker, as if being weighed by a thousand catties. 

    In the end, it was stubbornly fighting, and the light was getting weaker and weaker, and finally it had to close its eyes unwillingly. 



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    The author has something to say: Jin Yi, the ruthless man who took out his rival offline in one second.

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