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  The so-called gains is nothing more than that, even if Chen Xi’s heart is cunning, but in fact his momentum is completely overwhelmed. 

    He shrank in a corner of the bed shivering, with Jin Yi’s long hair wrapped around his wrists, like a flower picker who was captured on the spot and shackled. 

    The original “victim” slowly approached Chen Xi with a smile, and his naked body was full of traces of reverie. 

    When Chen Xi saw these beautiful scenery up close, his breath couldn’t help but stop, and at the same time he felt even more guilty. Was he so arrogant before? 


    Jin Yi put his face towards Chen Xi, and his voice stretched out cheerfully: “So my dear, you look forward to the next stage of your partner’s obligations, so why didn’t you tell me.” 

    No, I don’t! 

    “Since you are looking forward to it, my dear, then naturally I will try my best to satisfy you.” 

    No, I don’t want to! 

    And following Jin Yi’s words, his face touched Chen Xi’s face affectionately and then pulled away, and then approached Chen Xi with a smile again. This time, his goal was Chen Xi’s soft lips. 

    Chen Xi was initially panicked and only wanted to play dumb, but when Jin Yi approached him with a smile, especially when he approached him with the traces made by himself, he was bewitched. 

    The charm of the mastermind wasn’t something mortals could resist, let alone Chen Xi who liked Jin Yi. 


    The hormones all over his body, plus the traces he made by his own hands, are enough to make anyone lose their armor. 

    And the result after Chen Xi didn’t resist was that he was taken for granted. 



    The next day, Chen Xi should have gotten up early on weekdays. 

    Chen Xi opened his eyes in a daze, and he curled up into a ball, and was poor, weak, and helpless. This tireless electric motor was really terrible.

    Jin Yi seemed to perceive that the person beside him was curled up and wanted to move far away, an arm accurately placed on Chen Xi’s waist, and he hugged the person in his arms again. 

    Jin Yi’s eyes opened, his eyes were cleared, and smiled at Chen Xi: “Good morning!” 

    Chen Xi…male sex is a disaster for the country! 

    When Chen Xi woke up, he really felt the soreness and uncomfortable feeling all over his body. When he raised his arms to let Jin Yi put on clothes, his waist softened and fell to the side. Jin Yi quickly supported Chen Xi with his hands.

    However, Chen Xi, who was steadily guarded by Jin Yi, thought of last night, and felt more and more angry. He was so uncomfortable today because of the person holding him. When he said that he had enough last night, this electric motor kept moving constantly! The angry Chen Xi directly bit Jin Yi’s shoulder before he had time to put on any clothes. 

    After a while, Chen Xi, who was biting “viciously”, let go, revealing a shiny, barely visible small tooth mark. 

    Jin Yi looked at the little tooth mark and couldn’t help laughing. 

    Chen Xi became angry from embarrassment, “Don’t laugh! I’ll bite you if you laugh again!” 

    Okay, well, Jin Yi quickly gave in and finally coaxed Chen Xi. 


    After Chen Xi’s clothes were neatly dressed, Jin Yi finally took care of himself, and Chen Xi looked at the tragic traces all over Jin Yi’s body, and finally felt a little embarrassed. 

    When this electric motor started last night, he seemed to have scratched him. Jin Yi, together with the considerable number of strawberries he had planted before, looked like Jin Yi had been ruined. 

    Chen Xi finally remembered something, and quickly found the restorative that didn’t come in handy last night, and was about to spray Jin Yi on it, so that it would be better soon. 

    However, Jin Yi grabbed Chen Xi’s wrist, stopped his movements, and kissed his lips and said: “No, I like the traces you left on me.” 

    Bang! Chen Xi’s cheeks burst red.

    Because Jin Yi was unwilling, the restorative was useless in the end, but after Jin Yi got dressed, Chen Xi stepped back and checked carefully, then pulled Jin Yi’s neckline well and completely covered the hickey on his neck. 

    After looking at the results, Chen Xi nodded in satisfaction, “That’s it, I can’t see it at all.” 

    Jin Yi responded with a smile. 

    What Chen Xi didn’t know was that after saying goodbye to him, Jin Yi lowered his neckline when he went out, and then pressed against the hickey on his neck and collarbone, and walked over in front of other people like Bin Lan. 



    While Chen Xi and Jin Yi unlocked all their partner obligations, they mixed oil in their honey. 

    At the edge of the distant outer universe, a group of weary and unexpected visitors came. 

    They stayed in the translucent green matter like duckweed that they had never seen before in the Star Beast Domain, looking tiredly at the starry sky. 

    These people should have been in the starry sky for a long time. They have long-term emptiness and numbness in a confined space, and everyone’s condition is not good.

    But in the depths of their hollow eyes, everyone has a trace of unquenchable attachments. It seems that they have a deep mission on their backs, a goal that must be accomplished. 

    For that mission, they wandered in the starry sky for an unknown period of time, and finally came to this place. 

    However, looking at this strange and barren star field in front of them, which is completely unsuitable for life, their eyes are almost filled with despair. 

    Still can’t, the end of the star field, it turned out to be like this. 


    There is no room for survival at all, and there is no home that they imagine. 

    But in the end, they forced down this despair, searched, and continued to search. They had gone so far, and they couldn’t give up. 

    Even if this star field is silent, there will always be one or two habitable planets in the middle.

    If it doesn’t work anymore, then they will go through this dead star field, and one day they will find a new home to live in. 



    The resources in the universe are not always even. There are always places where resources are barren and dangerous and chaotic. The edge of the huge star field dominated by the Zhizu tribe is such an area, It may also be for this reason that the edge of the expansion of the Zhizu tribe star domain has stopped here for a long time. For more time, the Zhizu people have been deeply plowing the occupied territories. 

    The basic conditions for carbon-based organisms to survive require light and heat, and this requires the presence of stars. Unfortunately, in this special area, the density of stars is much lower than the average value of other star regions. In this way, the probability of having a planet suitable for life around the star is even lower. 

    Coupled with the turbulent flow of meteorites in this star field, it is simply a barren land not suitable to live in. 

    But no matter how barren places, there will always be miracles of life. 

    “Wow.” In the turbid water, a powerful figure jumped out of the water and jumped into the sea a few meters away. After dozens of seconds, the figure finally emerged from the sea again, and the water followed. The wet seaweed-like hair flowed down, followed the superior chin, dripped onto the non-stranded chest, and slowly fell along the marble chest and abdominal muscles. 

    Behind this figure, a fish tail stretched out leisurely on the water, flapping waves. 

    Suddenly there was a scream in the sky, and the shadow with a pair of wings flicked low above the sea, just passing by the male aquatic clan who was leisurely on the sea savouring the sun. The wild-faced male aquatic clan was stunned. Suddenly, he furiously yelled into the sky: “How many times have I said that you are not allowed to fly over Lao Tzu’s head!” 

    Hearing this furious voice, the feather clan flying in the sky bowed his head and gave him a look of contempt, and continued to fly far without caring.

    And soaking in the sea water, the Aquafish tribe, who couldn’t catch up without wings, can only continue to be angry. He gritted his teeth and thought, if this was in their Aquarium star, this bird would dare to fly in the sky like this and would have been caught long ago and roasted. 

    But anger is useless, this fish clan also knows that they don’t want to live with the Yu clan, and the Yu clan does not want to live with them. 


    The reason is that there are too few habitable stars that can be found in this star field. Even this turbid sea planet is also a relic of the sea they found, and there are still many races living together. The ocean belongs to the aquatic race. The sky belongs to the feather race, and the land belongs to the terrestrial race. This small planet almost gathers most of the races who escaped from the star beast domain. The biological density alone is not low at all. 

    It was impossible for a race to monopolize a planet, or even a few planets, like they used to be in the Star Beast Territory. 

    Alas, I don’t know how spacious the days when another race stays on this planet? 

    He found thinking about the Aquatic Star again. This wild-faced Aquatic Clan was stunned, huh, why did I think of this again?

    No matter how good the Aquarium is, it cannot be as free as being here, and only the soft-footed weaklings in it will be willing to live under the rule of the Zhizu, and feel that such a life can be tolerated. 

    Those guys are really worthless. 

    It’s funny. Some time ago, the guys in the group actually sent someone to spread the news, saying that the Zhizu Clan is not as cold as before, and it has given the Ear Fox Clan a lot of benefits, and persuaded them to consider going back. 

    What a big joke. The soft-footed weaklings in it are themselves depraved and willing to live under the rule of the Zhizu tribe. After being ruled for a long time, they have been brainwashed. The Zhizu tribe gave them little face, and then thanked them, what kind of stuff the ear fox tribe is, when they escaped, they were not qualified to be taken with them. Now those guys inside have already fallen in envy of the ear fox tribe.

    In his heart, he was constantly complaining about his fellow clan who lived under the rule of the Zhizu clan. The aquatic fish clan rolled over on the sea leisurely, letting his slightly dry scales be soaked in the water. 

    At this time, a sharp, penetrating roar suddenly came from the sky, and the fish tribe who had been lying leisurely on the sea couldn’t help but look immediately, there were enemies! 

    Several figures flew quickly in the sky, and the wings were fanned by a strong wind. One of them was the Yu clan who had just flown past the head of the water fish clan. Upon a startling glance, the expression on his face was also extremely serious. 

    This water fish clan took a deep breath and dived into the water, turning into a shadow under the sea surface, following the direction where the Yu clan flew. 


    Many races on this planet escaped from the Star Beast Territory at the beginning. This place where the birds don’t shit, except for those of the same race who still remain in the Star Beast Territory, will not know how many years they will communicate with them.

    However, in order to guard against the Zhizu tribe, these races still maintained a high level of vigilance, and their defenses outside the planet were extremely tight, so once an abnormality was discovered, the alarm would immediately sound. 

    Almost instantly, the numerous races of the three factions of sea, land and air were dispatched instantly. 

    But the final result was not the same as everyone imagined. The person who came was not the intellectual who made them extremely jealous, but something that didn’t know what it was. 


    Everyone looked at the translucent green floating in the starry sky, what is it? Is it alive? Does a Star beast look like this? 

    But the group of people in the green translucent substance saw this planet and the races that appeared on it, but their faces were full of surprises! They found it!

    The first contact between the two sides is obviously not very smooth. First of all, both sides are completely unfamiliar to the other side. The Star Beast Territory Alliance didn’t ignore the fact that the piece of green matter is obviously not alone. There are all kinds of races, and the leading one is a slender figure with a small bony protrusion on the forehead. 

   If you don’t pay attention to it, you would think that it is a human being. He has long silver gray hair and eyes, which gives people a very cool feeling. In short, his appearance is in line with the aesthetics of many races in the star beast domain.

   The leader with long silver-gray hair and eyes looked very graceful and tried his best to release a friendly atmosphere. He took out a small box with a green substance inside, and smiled hard at the Star Beast Territory, and gestured for something. 

    However, the people gathered here in the Star Beast Territory are all a group of people. They are all violent tempers with powerful races, and no one wanted to accept them. They were made a false alarm by this group of uninvited guests who appeared suddenly. What are you here for? Let’s have a fight. 

    Then the two sides fought. 

    The number of uninvited guests is not large. This group that was outnumbered and looked weak ended up in the group fight, but at this time, they fully demonstrated their strengths, especially the leading silver-gray long-haired person. This person was not at a loss when he went against three, and still took the time to help his companions. Even at this time, they can see that he is trying to control his strength. He doesn’t hurt the people who fight with him at all, which perfectly shows his attitude.

    This kind of combat power simply astounded the people in the Star Beast Territory. As the saying goes, if you don’t fight, you don’t know each other. After fighting for a while, they fully realize that this group of people are strong, and feel the fullness of their release. When this group of manpower was exhausted, the onlookers did not continue to take action. Instead, they sent a representative and smiled and said to them: “We welcome you, guests from afar.” 

    After that, the two sides officially communicated on track.

    Because of the language barrier, it took a bit of effort at first, but after using the green substance in the small box that the long-haired man with silver hair took out, the people in the Star Beast Domain found that they had established a spiritual link with the other party, and were able to understand the meaning of the other party’s words without barriers, and they couldn’t help being extremely surprised. 

    These strange visitors are really interesting. 

    After being able to formally communicate, the silver-gray long-haired man quickly explained their origins. They came from the other side of the star field, but they had undergone tremendous changes in their hometown, and there was a huge threat that prevented them from living there anymore. So they came to the distant star field, wanting to find a new home.


    In this deadly star field, they are very happy to see this planet and other races, but their hometown has a very large number of kinsmen and they need a lot of habitable stars to be placed, so they want to ask someone who is more familiar with this place. How long does it take for the native race to pass through this dead star field, and after passing through this barren star field, can they find enough habitable stars? 

    After listening to this silver-gray long-haired man, the Yu clan who communicated with him started laughing, not only him, but also the other star beasts that had also established spiritual links. 

    The man with long silver-gray hair looked at them with bewilderment, wondering what they meant? 

    After laughing for a long time, the Yu clan finally stopped laughing and said to him: “A huge threat? What a threat? Do you know why we are here? We escaped from there.” 

    Then, the Yu clan said. Pointing to the direction the silver-gray long-haired man wants to go. 

    The man with long silver-gray hair couldn’t help but stand still at once.

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