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  Jin Yi urgently interrupted this accessory upgrade, and arrived at the scene where Chen Xi disappeared as quickly as possible. 

    At the same time, the reason for Chen Xi’s disappearance was also analyzed. It was spatial dislocation caused by spatial fluctuations. The instrument detection was spontaneous and accidental fluctuations in space, which happened to involve Chen Xi without any other people’s intervention. 

    Everyone was shocked when they saw this result, because space fluctuations, space cracks, etc., rarely happen in other places except in some special places with high energy. 


    Not to mention that this is not the first time Chen Xi has encountered a space crack. When they thought about how they discovered Chen Xi on Earth, it was because the space cracks in the outer universe involved several Star tribes and let those Star tribes to come. When the inner universe was heavily protected around the core of the earth, then those brave Stars not only sneaked into the earth, but also tried to steal things from the earth. In this way, they found Chen Xi in the liquid nitrogen tank on earth. 

    But they didn’t expect that Chen Xi would be able to encounter spatial fluctuations again after the already sporadic space crack event. 

    This probability is indeed a little unbelievably small. 

    However, thinking that Chen Xi is the only single seedling remaining, after humans choose to destroy themselves, this probability itself is very shocking, perhaps Chen Xi itself has some physiques that can encounter events with extremely small probability. 

    After the Zhizu Clan was shocked, they didn’t struggle with this probability for long. The most important question now is how to get Chen Xi back. 

    An Orange Eye Zhizu who specializes in positioning and tracking came out to report: “The protection ball used by Chen Xi is equipped with a high-precision positioning system, which will always transmit the signal of the location. In addition, Chen Xi has a translator, personal terminals, etc, are also equipped with positioning systems, but the problem now is that I don’t know where the spatial fluctuations have brought Chen Xi. If he is still in the universe where we are, then when we receive the signal the length of time is related to the distance between Chen Xi and us, but if Chen Xi is involved in other universes, then we may not be able to receive the positioning signal.” 

    After listening to this orange eye Intellectual, everyone’s expressions became even more heavy.

    The designer who was in charge of designing the protective ball used by Chen Xi also reported to Jin Yi: “The protective ball used by Chenxi uses AX-level safety materials. As long as it is below the G1 level of energy attack, absolute safety can be guaranteed. There is a perfect internal circulation system inside, which can ensure that the protection ball is suitable for human survival, and there is an automatic water collection system inside, which can collect clean drinking water directly from the air, but the protection ball does not have a function of directly synthesizing food. We have already determined that when Chen Xi disappeared, the food in the protective ball only had a few small snacks. The total grams does not exceed 500g. If he saves to eat, these foods can probably maintain the energy requirements for two days. “


    After hearing the designer’s words, the hearts of all the intellectuals who were present tremble, only the food weighing less than 500 grams, they don’t know when they will receive the positioning signal, if they will be able to rush over in time. Before that, is their Chen Xi baby going to starve?

    Bin Lan’s hand hanging by his side couldn’t help being clenched into a fist. For the first time, he felt such self-blame. Why couldn’t the snacks he prepared for Chen Xi’s protective ball be larger? No, he shouldn’t have left Chen Xi’s side, he should have followed him closely. 

    And because of the update of the main brain accessories, Jin Yi, who had heard such bad news, without Chen Xi, undoubtedly felt the most pain at this time. He closed his eyes tightly, and when he opened them again, he was filled with cold resolve, he said solemnly: “Internal and external universes have sufficient signal receivers, and dispatched starship teams to carry the signal receivers, in different directions, to advance to the deep space domain, and make every effort to receive positioning information as soon as possible.” 


    All the intellectual races here are all taking action. When the starship teams set sail at the fastest speed, on the other side, on the edge of the outer universe star beast region, in that barren star region, where all races live in the beastland, the man with long silver-gray hair has lived here for more than two months. 

    The journey to find a new home is long and painful. They didn’t know how many years they have been floating in the starry sky. They finally found a Livable Star to land. They didn’t have the courage to set off right away, and the man with long silver hair wanted to explore more, and take a look at this star field. After all, it’s hard to come by, so he didn’t leave immediately after hearing a few words from others.

     During this time when this planet was being repaired, the silver-gray long-haired man heard many instances of that intellectual race from the races in the Star Beast Domain. A cold-blooded, cruel and merciless race that could easily destroy them, and the race that was strong enough to be invincible, has been floating in that man’s heart.

    However, with the passage of time, as the time he spent on this planet extended, his sense of violation in his heart became heavier and heavier. 

    Nothing else, that is, aren’t these races on this planet too leisurely and relaxed? 

    Didn’t they come here to escape? 

    Isn’t the cold-blooded and invincible Zhizu tribe outside this star domain?

    Since there are such terrible enemies around, why do the races on this planet live so leisurely every day? 

    In addition to the planet, there is little fear. In the races living on the planet, he hardly saw the slightest anxiety or worry. It was completely different from the tribesmen in his hometown who panicked every day in order to avoid the red tide. 


    The silver-gray long-haired man did not doubt the races in the Star Beast Region, nor did he doubt the strength and cruelty of the Zhizu tribe from their words. The huge differences among the races, at first glance, will definitely not be born from the same planet. 

    So the existence of that intellectual race is absolutely beyond doubt. 

    Under this puzzlement, the best way is of course to ask directly. 

    So the man with long silver-gray hair went to find those people of the Star Beast Territory race who had established a spiritual link with him. 

    After this time of getting along, the silver-gray long-haired man has become very familiar with those people. They know that his race is Bone Race, and they also know that his name is Kas. As soon as they saw him, they warmly greeted: “Kas, come here, this is my new wine, come here and taste it.”

    Hearing the greeting, Kas walked over with a smile, tasted the fruit wine in a good manner, and after a lot of praise, he naturally moved the topic to his own doubts. As a strong bone clan, Kas was born with a kind of temperament of a leader who is not only powerful, but also the ability to communicate with others. At any time, he can get the information he wants to know while maintaining friendly communication with the other party. But this time, after hearing the answers from all the races in the Star Beast Region, the expression on his face couldn’t hold back. 

    Facing Kas’s doubts, the races of the Star Beast Region answered like this. 

    “Worry, why should we be worried? Didn’t we tell you that we are the same as the pebbles on the road in the eyes of the intellectuals? Since we are pebbles, who will go up and kick it purposely as long as they don’t get in the way?” 

    “Yes, as long as it doesn’t stand in the way of the intellectuals, the intellectuals don’t bother to look at us at all.” 

    “Humph, but even so, we will not live under the rule of the intellectuals, and we are not farm animals raised by the intellectuals. We are not allowed to do this or that. Even if we want to destroy the long-tail clan, that is, the soft-footed weaklings will still live under the rule of the Zhizu clan.” 


    “Yes, they have been brainwashed after staying for a long time. Some time ago, they also sent a message to let us go back, saying that the Zhizu tribe is not so cold-blooded now, and it has given the ear fox family benefits. They were simply raised into servility.”

    Kas who originally thought that he and the races of the Star Beast Territory had the same fate…well, he seemed to understand that the cold-blooded and cruel intellectuals in the Star Beast Domain races and the cruel red tides that they spoke of are not an enemy at all.

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