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  The terrible red worms unexpectedly lasted for so long. Chen Xi followed the other races for three days before finally seeing the worms stop. 

    Chen Xi didn’t know how these extraterrestrial races were, but watching them stop and set fire for the first time in so many days, he unconsciously relaxed. 

    After this period of great escape, Chen Xi had already mixed in the large forces of these races. 


    He knows that these alien races are exhausted after fleeing for their lives. In fact, these races are quite unique, also very mixed. They don’t have time to care about others, they simply stay in the big army all the time. He doesn’t want to be left alone to face the terrible insect tide because the others are far away and haven’t received any news.

    However, unlike other races, where people of the same race or relatives and friends gather together, Chen Xi was about ten meters away from everyone around him, and he looked rather pitiful alone. 

    Occasionally, he would receive some curious sights from the surroundings, but Chen Xi ignored them all. As long as he had a thick skin, he could get in. 

    However, he is really hungry. 

    As the camp was relaxed, and the many alien races throughout the camp took out food and started barbecues, Chen Xi unconsciously covered his abdomen. 

    The last piece of the snack in the protection ball was already eaten in the middle of the night yesterday, so he who fled for a whole day was also hungry for a whole day. He didn’t feel it during the stressful escape before. But now that he relaxed, he felt his hunger doubled all of a sudden. 

    Not to mention that when everyone is busy eating now, only he does not. Even if the protective ball seals off all the outside taste, it also makes him suddenly feel that he smells the aroma of food, and the stomach cramps seem to be more difficult to endure. 

    Before he knew it, Chen Xi stared at the food roasted on one of the campfires. 

    But the race by the campfire was obviously quite sharp. A man with long silver-gray hair seemed to feel his sight, and immediately turned his head, his sharp eyes pierced straight.

    Chen Xi stayed for a while, and then immediately lowered his position under the control of the protective ball, completely hiding behind the big rock he was leaning on. 

    “Carlo, what’s the matter?” the others at the campfire asked. 

    “Nothing.” The man with long silver-gray hair and a bony protrusion on his forehead replied, but thinking of the scene he had just seen, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up, “I saw a little cutie.” 

    “What little cutie? Is it the Cai Wing tribe?” The companion’s eyes immediately beamed, extremely excited. 



    Hearing this, the companion was obviously extremely disappointed. At the same time, the interest was greatly reduced. The Cai Wing tribe is mostly female. In addition to having gorgeous wings, they are also extremely beautiful, which is recognized by all races. In charge of beauty, since he was not from the Cai Wing clan, this companion instantly lost interest in the cutie that Carlo spoke of. After all, there are few cuties like them who throw themselves in their arms every day. 


    At the same time, Chen Xi, who was hiding behind the big rock, groaned in his heart, so stingy, they refused to let him look. 

    However, he is really hungry, just as Chen Xi planned to stop taking a rest tonight, and after a while sneaking to the edge of the large army to check it, and then using the scanning function to find if there is anything to eat, and get some food when you come back. 


  Carlo, who was sitting by the campfire, took the baked food and was about to eat, but suddenly he paused, thinking of the cutie with black hair and big eyes with a transparent protective shell that he had just seen. 

    It seems… he didn’t light a fire. 

    After a short pause, Carlo took a large clean leaf, wrapped up the food he was planning to eat, and walked to the big rock behind. 

    “Eh, where are you going?” His companions by the campfire asked in surprise. 

    Carlo didn’t turn his head or answer, but walked straight behind the big rock, and then he found the little cutie.

    Little cutie seemed to be surprised at his arrival, and looked at him in surprise with his mouth slightly open, and then the eyes full of spiritual energy became full of vigilance. 

    The cute little skin is soft and white, his lips were a beautiful pink, and his teeth are neatly arranged. He looked even cuter up close. 

    Chen Xi’s spirit was already at the extreme. He had an impression of the silver-gray haired guy in front of him, because he seemed to be a very combative existence among these alien races. He had seen him go fight by himself several times before on the way to escape, and fight the big bugs and rescue the people who are almost eaten from the bugs’. 

    He seems to be very prestigious among those alien races, and many alien races also listen to him very much. They acted as a certain organization coordinator inside. It’s over, he was just staring at other’s food, so he came over to deal with him? Or was it discovered by the other party that he was spying on them? Isn’t he going to be caught? 

    Under Chen Xi’s nervous sight, Carlo took out the roasted red root fruit wrapped in leaves, and said softly: “This is red root fruit, I will give it to you.” 


    As soon as Carlo words were heard in Chen Xi’s ears. It become a meaningless “#&&*…”. No way. Although the translator has been collecting language samples from people around them these days and trying to decipher it, the samples in just three days are still too few and not enough to decipher their language, Chen Xi had to wait a few more days if he wanted to understand the words of these alien races, but Kas friendly expression made Chen Xi relax a bit. 

    And when Carlo saw Chen Xi’s confused little eyes, he seemed to realize something. 

    The existence of the red tide destroyed the homes of too many races, and they had to mix together and flee in embarrassment. Before, he thought that the cute race was very strange and completely unseen. Looking at it now, the cuteness really comes from a comparison. Races that are far away, or isolated, can’t understand the connected language. 

    Carlo gaze swept across the transparent carapace that looked so hard and shrouded over Little Cutie’s body, and then looked at Little Cutie’s flat teeth without fangs, fingers without sharp claws, and skin soft enough to resist any resistance… as expected. It is a race that has no offensive power and puts all its talents on defense.

    Carlo couldn’t help feeling even more pity, and finally he gently placed the food wrapped in the leaves in front of Little Cutie, and said warmly: “This is for you to eat, don’t be afraid.” 

    After finishing speaking, Carlo was afraid that Little Cutie would be worried about himself. He didn’t dare to eat, and turned around and left. 

    Chen Xi still didn’t understand Carlo’s words, but he understood the intention of the other party’s series of actions. The other party seemed to have given himself the bag of things on the ground in front of him. 

    Chen Xi turned on a scan of the things on the ground wrapped in leaves, and the results quickly came out, a bunch of nutrients, no toxins, and edible. 

    Chen Xi’s eyes lit up immediately. It turned out that he was here to deliver food, good man! 

    Chen Xi, who was already hungry, immediately called out the manipulator at the bottom of the protective ball and grabbed the food wrapped in leaves. After disinfection in the transit warehouse, the food came to Chen Xi’s hands, and Chen Xi finally smelled the aroma. 


    The tentacles of the stuff wrapped in the leaves were still hot. Chen Xi opened the leaves and saw a mass of unknown skin that was roasted to black. It was soft by squeezing it with his hands, and it was opened carefully. The inside was dark red. The core exudes a sweet smell. He took a bite and tasted it, um, the taste is a bit like sweet potatoes, and a bit like potatoes, delicious!

    In fact, the taste of this thing is of course not that good. It is incomparable with the various exquisite dishes prepared by the Zhizu every day, but in front of Chen Xi who has been hungry for a whole day, no matter what food is given to him, it is delicious, his picky food problem is cured without medicine. 

    After taking two bites to relieve the initial hunger, Chen Xi felt that it was not very convenient to bite directly with his mouth, and it was easy to stick to his  face, so he put the food that looked like roasted sweet potatoes on the snack plate he had eaten before, and used a small spoon to dig and eat. 

    After eating a large “roasted sweet potato”, he took a glass of pure water extracted directly from the air in a delicate bone china cup and drank it. Chen Xi felt that he was finally alive. 

    Woo, I don’t know how I spent the previous three days. 

    Finally, Chen Xi looked around and saw that the alien races by the campfire didn’t pay attention to him, so he switched the protective shell to opaque mode, and then turned on the light screen. 

    It’s a pity that Chen Xi, who turned on the screen, found that there was still no network signal on the screen. The contact buttons that were on standby when they were clicked were grayed out. The only information and functions that can be used are those that are included in the protective ball system thing. 

    Chen Xi looked at the largest and most conspicuous gray button on the light screen, his expression was very uncomfortable for a moment, and he whispered: “Jin Yi…” 

    But after Chen Xi was uncomfortable for a long time by himself, his expression still became firm. He believes that Jin Yi will find himself, and all he has to do is to survive before Jin Yi finds him! 


    Chen Xi, who had made up his mind, set up the monitoring of the outside world. Once the surrounding decibels were higher than a certain level, or the infrared detection heat source decreased, it would wake him up, so he should hurry up and sleep, and it is best to wake up early tomorrow. Before the large army started to move, he went to the edge of the team to find something to eat. He was so lucky today. There is a kind person to send food to himself, but he will not have such good luck in the future. 



    “Jin Yi ……” 

    The originally closed golden eyes suddenly opened, attracting around hectic intellectual tribes ‘attention.

    Someone thought it was the master brain that had found him, and immediately asked: “Master brain, is there a signal?” 

    Jin Yi was silent for a moment, and replied: “No.” 

    Hearing this answer, all the Intellectuals around were disappointed, and the atmosphere instantly became heavier.

    Jin Yi said solemnly: “Continue to increase the number of receivers, and send starships to more directions.” 


    After giving instructions, Jin Yi continued to close his golden eyes, his consciousness sinking into the huge network, and went to each starship carrying a signal receiver, to sort out every piece of cosmic information received. 

    From afar, Jin Yi is sitting on the control seat in the center of the hall. Every golden hair was inserted into a sophisticated instrument, and the tiny currents flowed on the inextricably stranded hair. While moving, tens of thousands of light screens and star maps opened and closed in the surrounding void, and it was clear that the main brain had entered the highest-load working state. 

    But Jin Yi had only one thought at this moment, wait for me, Chen Xi. 



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WCBL: I just want to mention that Carlo and Kas are both from the Bone tribe, and are brothers. I wanted to clarify this because they both have silver hair and some type of horn on their head or something? So I am leaving this comment to avoid any confusion.

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