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   On the other hand, after Carlo caught up with Chen Xi, he quickly comforted him anxiously: “What fangs said tonight was too much, don’t be angry, I will scold him, I will let him apologize to you tomorrow.” 

    Chen Xi found a relatively quiet pile of rocks a little distance from all the bonfires, and jumped into the flat ground in the middle of the pile of rocks and said, “I’m not angry, his words suddenly remind me of my partner and people, so I’m a little uncomfortable. “


    Following Chen Xi’s side, Carlo who jumped into the rocky pile, his movements suddenly stopped. His expression was a little dazed. Does Little Cutie actually have a partner? !

    Because of the sudden silence around him, Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile after seeing it, “What is your expression? Surprised? I don’t seem to have told you before.” 

    “Yeah.” The soft and tender little Cutie actually has a partner, and Carlo is still struggling to digest. 

    After digesting the news that was devastating to him, Carlo was silent for a while, and suddenly said: “Can you tell me about your partner?” 

    Chen Xi gave Carlo a surprised look. He didn’t expect him to suddenly bring up this topic. 

    But after thinking about it, there seems to be nothing that can’t be said. 

    And Chen Xi has been thinking about it alone during this period of time. Today, he was suddenly aroused by Fang’s words. Now he is full of desire to talk. He thought for a while and said to Carlo: “Want to listen? Then I will be with you. Let’s talk about it.” 

    Carlo’s expression was immediately solemn. 

    “My partner’s name is Jin Yi. He is very clingy. When we are together, he can’t live without me for a moment, which makes me want to do something serious.” Chen Xi remembered his one hour of study every day. Jin Yi is often concerned about counseling him. 

    “He also likes to act like a baby very much. He asks me to kiss and hug him every day, and must give him a kiss every time he leaves. There is really no way to deal with him.” 

    “He looks very good-looking, in my heart. He is the best-looking person in the world.” 

    “He is also very gentle and considerate. When I am with him, every day is my happiest time. I often think the luckiest thing in my life is that I met him.” 

    Chen Xi’s tone was sweet, his expression was full of nostalgia, and he was clearly plunged into memories. 


    Carlo quietly listened to Chen Xi’s sweet descriptions, and his heart was full of sourness and jealousy, because from Chen Xi’s words, from the time Chen Xi talked about that person, his eyes were shining as if there he was looking at the appearance of the stars, he could hear that Chen Xi really liked his companion of the same race very much, and that he loved him deeply.

    However, as Little Cutie told him, he slowly became calm again, because in the information that the Little Cutie confided in him, he had slowly sketched the portrait of Little Cutie’s partner. 

    A sticky person, a gentle personality, a person who likes to be coquettish, combined with a good-looking appearance, is likely to be a female. 

    Although from the little cuties outlook, that same race partner does have various advantages, and there are enough reasons for people to like it. 

    However, these are not important. 

    Since it is from the little cuties clan, then that partner must be the same as the little cutie, there is no offensive power, he relied on the weak defensive power brought by a carapace, so the female must only be weaker. 

    Such a partner can’t protect anyone. 

    In this world where the red tide worms are constantly expanding and want to swallow everything, survival is the first and strength is the most important. 

    That clingy female can’t protect the little cutie. 

    But he can. 

    Only a strong fighter like him can provide adequate protection to Little Cutie. 

    Therefore, he is actually the one who is more suitable for the little cutie. 

    And not to mention that the partner of Little Cutie and those of the same clan have already separated from Little Cutie, and they may not meet again in this life, but if they happen to meet again, the other party will have to fight with him. 

    If that partner is more awake, he should know what is best for the little cutie. 


    After some thoughts, Carlo only felt that he was suddenly enlightened. He had already lost sight of knowing that Little Cutie already has feelings for his partner’s blow. 

    Even a slight smile appeared on his face. 

    Looking at the cute face thinking sweetly about that partner’s appearance, Carlo’s heart, except for a slight accident of vinegar, tolerated. 

    In the days to come, I will try to make you forget that person. 

    And let you know that a new partner will be better.


    At the same time, one of the starship teams carrying the signal receiver and heading to all directions in the deep-sky star field suddenly boiled, because their signal receiver had received positioning information. 

    In the space base, Jin Yi, who was sitting in the center of the town, suddenly opened his eyes, with a rare excitement and tremor in his almost dry voice, “Found it, let’s go!” 

    With this command, both the inner and outer universes suddenly moved. 

    The essence of the Zhizu is mechanical civilization, and the characteristic of mechanical civilization is efficient production efficiency. The capital accumulated every year increases by geometric multiples. 

    From the bottom of the structure, the intellectuals have a different way of thinking and computing from ordinary creatures, and their research and development speed has been increasing exponentially. 

    With the super-high level of technical iteration, high-efficiency production efficiency, and the existence of the main brain and the efficient operation of each Zhizu, coupled with the communication of the star network and the overall planning of big data, no one can know how terrifying the Zhizu tribe is, and how much net worth they have accumulated. 

    But this time the action is obviously a verification. 

    Countless starships gathered together to form a huge team that obscured the starry sky with almost no end in sight. 

    The space fortresses and deadly weapons that were far larger than starships were also transported out one by one from military bases and space warehouses, evenly distributed among the starships. 

    There are many other battle-shaped starships that are equipped with various weapons and are far more hideous than ordinary starships. Together, they form a force that allows ordinary creatures to take a glance and feel suffocated in their hearts.

      In addition to leaving the necessary weapons and personnel to guard the inner and outer universes, the rest of the people, including the mastermind, are all in that unprecedented team, going in the direction of the positioning signal. 


    When the Zhizu went out on this trip, of course, they were not silent, the huge starship team that almost obscured the starry sky, almost frightened all the races along the way. 

    The fish tribe sank to the bottom of the sea, and the Feather tribe fell to the ground. There was a race of star beasts, none of them dared to float in the starry sky. They were all quietly discussing who had the courage to provoke the Zhizu tribe? 

    And when the Zhizu captured their entire Star Beast Territory, it didn’t seem to be one-tenth of the exaggeration now, right? 

    With the starship team advancing at full speed, it quickly passed the starry sky where the races of the Star Beast Territory were located, and after a while, they came to the edge of the Star Beast Territory. 

    Because of the lack of resources and the chaotic environment here, after being assessed that the development cost was too high, the Zhizu only performed routine patrol inspections for a long time, and did not explore the star field in this direction. 

    But this time, the situation is obviously different. 

    The starship team that obscured the starry sky came straight here, and the environment was complicated. The meteorite turbulent flow before the two battlestars hit, the annihilation light waterfall directly poured down, annihilating all the meteorite turbulence ahead into a particle state, sweeping out a flat road. When encountering an obstructive planet, as long as it is detected that there is no trace of life on it, it will be cleaned up directly by blasting. 

    In short, it is not allowed to interfere with the navigation of the starship team ahead, and affect the existence of the starship team’s speed. 


    Originally in this barren land, the crowds of races living on a livable star suddenly exploded after they discovered the vast and terrifying starship team of the Zhizu, and they were helpless and at a loss. The one who was at a loss didn’t know how to hide. 

    “The Zhizu is here!” 

    “Why does the Zhizu come here?!” 

    And the bone clan Kas, who was still staying on this planet, immediately lit up when he heard the words Zhizu, “The Zhizu tribe is here?”

    Although all the races in the Star Beast Realm panic as if the world is at the end of the world are indeed scary, but thinking of what the races in the Star Beast Realm said, and the Zhizu tribe was still outside. Kas still gritted his teeth, he was different from the ones that wanted to hide in the underground caves. He directly moved his own green beast and rose to the sky. 


    When the green beast passed through the clouds and entered space, Kas finally got his wish and saw the Zhizu tribe he wanted to see. 

    Then, he was stunned. 

    His eyes almost lost the ability to turn, staring straight at the huge starship team that almost obscured the starry sky. 

    And this is not the most terrifying. 

    He watched the two huge steel beasts in front of the team pour out white light, evaporate the meteorite turbulence in front, and watched the planets in front of the team blow up and be cleaned up.

    The Zhizu starship team traveled very fast at full speed, even if it was a huge ship that seemed to never end, it still disappeared at the end of Kas’s sight in a short while, leaving only the long, completely violent empty road cleared out. 

    Kas felt a pain in his chest and coughed uncontrollably, only to realize that he had just forgotten to breathe, he was still shocked for a long time. 

    Is this the invincible Zhizu tribe that the races spoke about?

    Is this kicking away the stones blocking their road?

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