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After that night, Carlo had a very obvious change, he became more attentive to Chen Xi, whether it was capturing more and more abundant food, or doing everything for Chen Xi by himself. 

    For several days in the campfire, everyone saw this sweet, but not easy-to-obtain gem fruit that Carlo picked from the campfire. Several of Carlo’s companions winked at each other, and they looked like they knew what was going on.

    Fang’s heart felt pained  when he saw this, Carlo was so obvious, how can no one can tell? If only he didn’t say the wrong sentence that night, and his head wouldn’t have been forcibly pressed down to apologize to the little cutie, which is also unfortunate. But forget it. Seeing that guy Carlo looks during this special period, he didn’t want to mess with him.

    When everyone was tacitly tasting, Chen Xi, who was at the center of the incident, felt that Carlo had become more enthusiastic again, but could not figure out why. 

    After all, he took Carlo to talk about his partner the other night, saying how much he missed him, how good his partner is, how much they love each other, who would’ve thought that Carlo’s brain circuit was unlike ordinary people, he not only ignores his partner magnanimously, but has even ambitiously wanting to replace it.

     In addition, Carlo has always been a helpful image in Chen Xi’s heart, so although it feels a little weird, he didn’t think much about it. Only when he opened up with Carlo and talked to himself for a night, Carlo and his relationship became closer. 

    Well, after Jin Yi finds him, he must thank Carlo. 


    After being thrown to this place by the spatial fluctuations, Chen Xi has slowly found the rhythm of life in this place after the initial discomfort. 


    In addition to the stressful escape in daily life, it is to eat and sleep as much as possible within the scope of his ability, and maintain sufficient energy to cope with emergencies. 

    Chen Xi has been doing very well in this regard, and with the help of Carlo, he even feels that he is living too well. 

    After spending days in this unfamiliar planet, Chen Xi became familiar with Carlo and Carlo’s companions, and also familiar with some other people. In short, he was completely integrated into this large multi-ethnic mixed group. 

    On the way to rest in another camp, an unexpected guest came by Carlo’s campfire. It was a teenager who looked like they carried a small baby on his back. 

    After scanning the crowd, the young man walked straight to Chen Xi, holding a bunch of things wrapped in leaves in his hand, and handing it to Chen Xi. 

    “You are…” Chen Xi was bewildered for a moment by the strange boy who suddenly appeared. It wasn’t until he saw the baby on the boy’s back that he suddenly remembered something, “We met before.” 

    “Well, thank you for helping me that day, this is for you.” The boy looked very calm before, but when he spoke to Chen Xi, blush rushed into his face. 

    Carlo, who was watching not far away, suddenly narrowed his eyes.

    “Ah, this, don’t use it, I already picked more that day.” Chen Xi quickly refused, and at the same time remembered the situation that day. He went to collect food that day, and because the presence of the scanner went smoothly he returned with a full load. On the way back, he saw a young boy with a baby on his back, frowning and searching for food. He watched the few small green fruits held in his hands and the baby on his back for a moment. He felt compassionate, so he divided some of the food he had picked. 

    Chen Xi had forgotten about this. Who knew that the young man actually remembered it, and he came to send him something to thank him. 

    Hearing Chen Xi’s refusal, the boy’s lips were stubbornly pursed, and he was unwilling to take back the things he handed out. When the scene was a little stalemate, the little baby behind the boy gave out a giggle, and at the same time his tender little hand happily reached towards Chen Xi’s direction. 

    Chen Xi was instantly attracted by the little baby. This is really a very cute baby, white and tender, with round and big eyes, not to mention the angelic smile on his face at this time, he tried her best to stretch his little hand. When he touched himself, Chen Xi was hit in an instant, “He is so cute!”

     Hearing the voice of the little baby behind him, the boy’s eyes softened immediately, and he realized something at the same time. His brother is a cute creature. The boy immediately turned sideways slightly so that Chen Xi could see him more clearly. The little baby on his back said: “This is my brother, his name is Martha, do you want to hug him?” 


    Watching that young man shamelessly begin to take advantage of his brother, Carlo couldn’t bear to watch them anymore, and sneered. 

    Regarding the young man’s proposal, Chen Xi still did not agree after struggling for a long time. After all, he has not come out of the protective ball since he came here, and the mechanical arm of the protective ball obviously cannot hold a delicate baby. 

    But that’s the case, Chen Xi also stayed beside the young man and teased little Martha for a while. Seeing Masha’s giggles, he couldn’t help laughing for a long time. 

    In the end, Chen Xi accepted the boy’s thank you gift, but he also took a few roasted, sweet and glutinous fruits suitable for babies from his own food to the boy, saying it was for Martha. 

    In this regard, the boy did not refuse. 

    Seeing the young boy leaving happily, Fang rubbed against Carlo, winking his eyebrows and said: “It looks like your little cutie is liked by a lot of people.” 

    Carlo snorted coldly, “You mean him? It’s only because his hair hasn’t even grown.”

    Seeing that Carlo did not look furious, Fang was a little disappointed, but after thinking about it, Carlo is the top powerhouse of the younger generation of Bone Race, and also one of the strongest fighters in their group of escaped troops. That boy was just a nobody. They were so far apart from each other that they were not comparable, and it was no wonder that Carlo didn’t care at all. 

    The Fang who was thinking this way saw Carlo walk away. 

    Carlo walked straight to Chen Xi’s side. At this time, Chen Xi was opening the leaf package that the boy had sent, looking at the red fruit inside. 

    Carlo looked at the fruit and said to Chen Xi: “This is red grapefruit, which is relatively sour. It doesn’t taste very good when you eat it directly. I’ll use it to season it.”

    Chen Xi, who heard Carlo’s words, immediately put away his original thoughts about whether to taste or not. In addition, he has been getting richer in supplies recently. He is indeed full today and is not hungry at all, so he immediately put a bag of fruit in Carlos’ hand. 


    After Carlo took the bag of fruits, he took it to the campfire and poured it into the soup pot that was making the soup. After a few strokes with the stone spoon, he distributed the pot of soup to the several big stomach kings in the team. In less than two minutes, there was not even a peel left of the red grape fruit that represented the young man’s heart. 

    Fangs who watched the whole process…God’s fucking red grape fruit is very sour and tastes bad. 

    If he hadn’t eaten it, he would almost believe it. 



    Behind is the rumbling smoke and dust, and in front are the screaming creatures fleeing, another great escape without end. 

    They didn’t know why this time the red tide bugs were going crazy, they chased them very tightly, and they hadn’t stopped entrenching them for a few days. The fleeing troops haven’t been able to stop, except for a few short stops and a few mouthfuls of dry food these days.

    Under this kind of frantic pursuit, the large army that had originally fled was reduced by a bit, and many of them were killed directly because of lack of physical strength or weak racial strength.

    Chen Xi has been thankful for countless times that his protective ball is also a means of transportation, and he doesn’t need to rely on his own real running, otherwise, with the weak physical strength of the people on earth, he would definitely be the first to be eaten by the bugs. 

    But with the means of transportation, Chen Xi’s small face has been haggard a lot in the past few days, for no reason, he has hardly slept in the past few days under the continuous hunting of red tide bugs. 

    When Carlo saw Chen Xi’s small face lingering in the protective shell, a trace of distress flashed in his heart, and he went up to comfort Chen Xi: “Keep holding on, the red tide bug will not keep chasing like this.” 

    But after speaking, Carlo found that his voice was strangely hoarse, it was a kind of exhausted hoarseness. 

    Chen Xi silently sent Carlo a glass of water with his robotic arm. 

    “Thank you.” Carlo felt warm in his heart, and drank it after taking it. 

    This is a rare time to rest and eat in the past few days. Others are hurrying to eat dry food. While Carlos handed the dry food to Chen Xi, he couldn’t stop feeling distressed. 

    Seeing that Chen Xi was already gnawing on the dry food, Carlo himself picked up a piece of dry food and gobbled it up. Adding a piece of dry food to his stomach, plus the glass of water just now, the exhausted Carlo finally cheered up a little, and felt his brain was sober. 


    Seeing that there is still a little time left, Carlo seized the time to observe the surrounding environment and study the route map for an escape. 

    But after drawing a few strokes with branches on the ground, his brows wrinkled and he muttered: “No, it’s not right.” 

    Fang heard Carlo’s muttering, and looked over, “What’s the matter? What’s not right?” 

    Carlo raised his head and looked at Fang Fang solemnly, “Do you think that the red tide is driving us in this direction?” 

    Hearing Carlo’s words, Fang’s heart slammed, the red tide bug actually had wisdom, even if it is a very low-level wisdom, it is enough to hunt for prey. Countless ancestors in the confrontation with red tide insects have long discovered that red tide will consciously introduce prey into traps, or lead them to a dead end, and then enjoy a meal when the prey has nowhere to escape.

    And this kind of situation usually happens when the red tide wants to completely swallow the prey in front of them, and does not intend to chase them anymore. 

    Fangs looked a little pale, but looking at the road map drawn by Carlo, he was stubborn or unwilling to admit it, and said: “It should not. The escape route ahead was explored by us, it’s not a dead end,” 

    While listening to Fang’s words, Carlo was also silent for a moment. Yes, the escape route in front was carefully explored by them. It is not a dead end. There are at least a few directions to escape. The red tide bug is difficult to completely blockade, maybe he was thinking too much.

    But for some reason, the faint sense of anxiety still lingered in his heart, and Carlo finally could only say : “Anyway, be careful.”

     “Yeah.” This time, Fang didn’t say anything, just nodded heavily. 

    After thinking about it, Carlo came to Chen Xi’s side and said to the little cutie in the protective shell: “Wait for a while and follow me on the road, no matter what happens, don’t leave me.” 


    Although Chen Xi didn’t understand what happened. Carlo looked serious, so he nodded obediently. 

    And seeing the little cutie in the protective shell looking at him obediently, Carlo’s heart suddenly fell into a mess. No matter what, I will protect you. 


    After that, the large troops set off again. This time, among the chaotic and fleeing large troops, Carlo, as he said, always guarded Chen Xi tightly. Occasionally, after the situation was resolved quickly, he used the fastest speed ​​back. 

    Everything went smoothly, but for some reason, Carlo’s faint anxiety not only didn’t dissipate, but worsened. 

    After a long-distance raid, they ran out of the semi-forest and semi-shrub environment that they had been in for this period of time. The front was a vast stony ground. This kind of geology was a bit troublesome because there was no grass growing on it and the materials were scarce, but when they were in the forest, they had already picked a lot of food and made it into dry food, so it was not a big problem to survive in this area safely.

    Carlo thought calmly, and the entire fleeing army quickly migrated from the originally moist grass to the hard stone surface, and moved forward with fast steps.

    Coming to the open area, the original soft wind suddenly became strong, and it blew on people’s faces, and occasionally some weird, screaming noises from strong winds could be heard. 

   Wait ! Where did these sounds come from? !

    Carlo’s gaze searched around subconsciously. Suddenly, his gaze froze on an impenetrable crack on the ground, and his pupils suddenly shrank! 

    In that crack, the whistling wind was blowing out, just like that screaming sound. 

    This underground is hollow! 

    Carlo’s voice suddenly became dry and tight, and he yelled: “Go back! Go back to the forest!” 

    However, it was too late. At the moment Carlo gave the warning, the seemingly safe ground was insignificant. The crack exploded suddenly, and the red tide insects, like a tide, gushed out from the cracks that exploded, and rushed straight to the unsuspecting crowd. The crowd that had originally fled suddenly turned into a hell on earth. 


    Carlo tightly guarded Chen Xi’s side, with sharp bone spurs growing on his wrists and arms, and the knife dropped in his hand, cutting all the red tide bugs that were leaping onto his little cutie into several pieces. 

    Seeing the scene of purgatory everywhere, he felt sad. He knew it, everything was over, and their escaped team would be wiped out. 

    However, looking at the pale face of Little Cutie in the protective shell that was frightened by the surrounding scene, his expression became firm. No matter what, he wanted to protect Little Cutie and he wanted to let the Little Cutie escape. 

    Carlo guarded Chen Xi tightly, leading Little Cutie in one direction; he wanted to make a bloody path for Little Cutie. 

    There were roars everywhere, bloody mouths covered with blood everywhere, screams and calls for help were everywhere, but in the end they all turned into desperate and painful wailing. 

    Chen Xi looked at the surrounding scene, and hated his protection ball for the ten thousandth time for its pure protection function and lack of any attack ability. At this time, even if he was given a laser gun, the situation would be different. 

    He wanted to save them, but he could do nothing.

    According to what Carlo said, Chen Xi followed Carlo closely, because he knew this was the right thing, but he stared at the surrounding scene nervously, but then he saw a familiar figure. It was the teenager with the baby on his back. 

    The boy’s luck was very bad, and a red tide bug stared at him. 

    However, although the young man was young, his skills were not bad. Holding a knife in his hand, he cut and chopped directly at the red tide insect. A wound was cut out on the red tide insect, and he was a little afraid for a while. In a stalemate with the young man, no one took the first shot. 

    However, the young man who was engrossed in confronting the red tide insect in front of him did not notice. Not far behind him, after a red tide insect had eaten, also stared at him. The red tide insect’s greedy eyes glanced at the boy and then stared tightly at the little baby behind the boy, with it’s big mouth full of sharp teeth, it’s body was ready to pounce.

    After seeing this scene, Chen Xi’s head was blank for a moment. He was very familiar with the posture of the red tide bug. The next moment the red tide bug would eject like a cannonball, and directly bite the prey it wanted. Chen Xi had seen it before. Red tide bugs have shredded many alien races like this, but is it Martha’s turn now? 


    Is that innocent and cute little baby who giggled at him like an angel, too, turned into a mass of ground meat in the huge toothed mouth of the red tide bug? 

    Almost the instant the red tide bug ejected, Chen Xi also moved, and his protection ball led him to hit the red tide bug at the fastest speed. 

    The moment Chen Xi rushed out, Carlo, who was guarding him, found out. When he found that his cutie rushed towards a red tide bug, Carlo was almost distraught, but it was too late. He was fighting with the red tide insects, and he couldn’t get away at all. 

    As Chen Xi watched the ferocious bug getting closer, he felt stunned, but he remembered that although his protection ball was purely a protection facility for his adventure and entertainment, there were no attack weapons, but when he used the super strong protective material that can resist the nuclear bomb, it should be able to resist the worm’s teeth. 

    With this belief, Chen Xi’s protection ball slammed straight into the red tide bug’s head, and the original target was the one eyeing the baby. When he felt something attacking nearby, he twisted flexibly in the air. A huge mouth full of sharp teeth, bit the thing that hit it fiercely and ruthlessly. 

    At that moment, Carlo’s heart almost stopped. 

    He watched the red tide bug’s sharp teeth fiercely biting his cutie a few times, and his eyes were almost bloody. 

    But the scene that was about to become a nightmare in his life did not happen. When the shining teeth of the red tide insect were about to touch the little lovely protective shell, a light shot down from the sky and shrouded the red tide insect. The red tide insect stiffened and turned into ashes.

    What’s the situation? ! 

    Carlo was stunned.

    When he came back to his senses he hurriedly looked at Little Cutie. He did not know when a golden figure appeared beside Little Cutie. 

    At the same time, the originally clear, suddenly darkened, and dark shadows one after another pressed down as if giants were about to emerge from the clouds, giving people a sense of suffocation that the sky was about to collapse.

    At the same time, in this scene like the end of the world, one after another beams shot down from the dim and suppressed air, accurately enveloping the red tide insects raging in the crowd, and the countless red tide insects were too late to react. They turned stiff and twisted into ashes in extreme pain.

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