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  With just a single shot, the number of red tide bugs that had been raging in the crowd was reduced by half. Those who were chased by red tide bugs, and almost buried in their bodies, couldn’t respond. What just happened? What are those rays that are falling from the sky? ! 

    There was no time for them to reflect. The situation on the scene has changed again. The dark shadows that were hidden above the clouds have shot down again, becoming larger and more suppressing. At the same time, countless small black spots fell like raindrops. Those black spots slowly grew bigger in the eyes of the races, and when they saw the shape clearly, they were all shocked and speechless. 


    Those little black spots are actually humanoid races, they jumped directly from the sky! Are they not afraid of falling to their deaths? ! 

    And under the unbelievable gazes of the races, those races just jumped down straight and without hesitation. After they softly landed, those races only slightly bent their knees and when they landed, and stood without struggle. 

    It was a very unfamiliar race, tall and slender, with a cold and beautiful face, and no aggressive features, such as sharp teeth or claws. However, an inexplicable shivering breath quietly arose from the hearts of all the races present, it was a kind of instinct that came from creatures to protect themselves in the face of powerful threats, letting them understand that the race in front of them was definitely an unprovoked existence. 

    In fact, it is true. 

    The previous round of ray shooting has directly reduced most of the red tide insects on the ground to ashes, but those insects exist alone or eat dead bodies that have no breath of life. It’s better to start with those, while the rest, entangled with alien races or even overlapping bodies, cannot be directly resolved with high-energy rays.

    These Zhizu’s that fell on the ground without a moment’s delay, and almost immediately moved as soon as they landed, rushing towards the red tide insects that were still entangled with others. 

    With a “bang”, a red tide bug that was pressing on the alien race was kicked away. It was still in mid-air and shot a dozen shots in a row. They shot at the joints of its spine, it lost its support, and when it landed, it had formed a posture that was extremely twisted and absolutely impossible to function normally.

    The red tide bug uttered a painful cry, and wanted to struggle on the ground because of excessive pain, but it had completely lost its supporting twisted body, making it unable to move at all, and could only shiver non-stop.

    The icy dark red eyes stared at the red tide bug that was screaming and trembling on the ground. When it had enough pain, he gave a cold snort and walked straight forward and stepped on its head with a pop, and the head was smashed open. It’s brain splashed all over, and finally died with so much pain that he could no longer die. 


    The alien races who witnessed these brutal acts all around trembled inexplicably. Although the red tide insects are their enemies, although they dream of killing the red tide insects, they have absolutely had no sympathy for the red tide insects, but seeing the actions of these unknown races descending from the sky with their own eyes, they still felt a bit of a chill inexplicably.

    They felt that these faces are cold, with indifferent dark red eyes that can’t reveal any emotions, and they are full of cold and inhumane aura, as if everything around them is a dead race, it really is a brutal and terrifying presence. 

    Fortunately, all their brutality was given to the red tide insects at this time. 

    Here the Zhizu troops are cleaning the battlefield, while the other side is floating in the air, the blond figure holding the transparent protective ball in both hands is watching the figure inside the ball deeply, and the voice of the opening is low and full of apologetics, “I’m sorry, I’m late.” 

    Chen Xi blankly looked at the figure outside the protective ball, looked at that handsome face, looked at the face that he was thinking about, his eyes turned red in an instant, “Jin Yi! ” 

    You finally found me! 

    Chen Xi wanted to pounce on Jin Yi, but the protection ball separated him and Jin Yi by a layer. Chen Xi opened the protection ball without hesitation and rushed directly into Jin Yi’s arms. 

    “Don’t…” The air is bad here. 

    But before he could finish his words, he stopped, and instead let Chen Xi plunge into his arms. Maybe he himself needed this hug too much now. 


    Jin Yi slowly tightened his arms around Chen Xi, feeling the warm temperature in his arms, only feeling that the hollow and cold heart during this period of time was filled. 

    With a click, the protection ball that lost the master’s control fell from the air and fell in front of Carlo. 

    But Carlo’s eyes didn’t blink, and he stared blankly at the little cutie who took off the protective shell in the air and threw himself into the arms of the blond figure. 

    Even if he was far away, he couldn’t mistake the happy smile on Little Cutie’s face and the hands of the other person holding the blond figure tightly. 

    After a while, Carlo moved away from the embracing figure in the air, staring blankly at the transparent protective shell that fell in front of him, his head seemed to be blank, and it took a few more seconds before he woke up. Oh, it turns out that this shell is not part of the little cutie’s body.

    Carlo used the greatest self-control of his life, and slowly gathered up his mood. 

    He said to himself that Little Cutie seemed to know this blond figure, no matter what, Little Cutie was fine, and things might not be what he thought. When Little Cutie comes down, everything will be clear. 

    As if in response to Carlo’s expectation, the two people who hugged each other in mid-air finally passed the most exciting period at the beginning. Chen Xi thought of his friends below, thinking that they were afraid of the Zhizu tribe that suddenly appeared, and quickly pulled Jin Yi’s clothes and descended from mid-air. 


    Chen Xi, who fell on the ground, looked around and quickly locked onto Carlo’s place, and then took Jin Yi’s hand and ran over here, “Carlo, don’t be afraid, let me introduce you to Jin Yi, my partner!” 

    Carlo, whose last fantasy was ruthlessly broken… He looked at the tall man next to Chen Xi, who had an amazing aura and a pair of indifferent eyes like the gods. 

    So, is this the clingy, coquettish, and gentle companion of the same race that Little Cutie said? ! 


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    The author has something to say:

Carlo: I suspect you are giving me false information.

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  1. Pft-!! I feel pity for Carlo, but what can Chen Xi do? Jing Yi is really clingy, coquettish, and gentle in front of Chen Xi. Behind his back? Nah. ╮(╯∀╰)╭

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