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    Chen Xi didn’t understand why Carlo looked at him with an expression that was indescribable. Was there anything wrong with what he just said? 

    After thinking about it for a while, he still didn’t understand, but there’s are more important things right now, Chen Xi temporarily put this doubt behind his mind, and continued to say to Carlo: “These are my kinsmen, they found me, you don’t have to worry about the red tide bugs, they are no longer a threat.” 

    Having said that, Chen Xi looked towards Martha and saw that the little baby on the boy’s back was still biting his fingers innocently, and the surrounding red tide bugs were also being cleaned up, he immediately let go of this in his heart. He patted his chest. Fortunately, Jin Yi and the others came in time, otherwise he would have blocked the attack and could not stop the other red tide insects.


     Carlo followed Chen Xi’s confident words and looked towards the battlefield, and found that the battlefield was indeed as Chen Xi said, from the original hell of red tide insects, except for the many red tide insects that were turned into ashes by the rays falling from the sky at the beginning, the remaining red tide bugs are struggling painfully under Chen Xi’s comrades with dark red eyes. 

    It can even be said that if it weren’t for those from Chen Xi’s clan who didn’t want the remaining red tide insects to die too easily, there would have been no living red tide insects on the scene. 

    Carlo’s gaze stopped on one of the figures who used harsh methods to torture the red tide bug, paused, and couldn’t help but look at the little cutie again. 

    Really, although those figures and the little cutie are exactly the same except for their hair color and eye color, the other racial characteristics are exactly the same, but the breath they exude is completely different. 

    Those figures with dark red eyes reveal a cold to chilling aura from their bones, and when people see it, they will give rise to a deep sense of fear from the bottom of their hearts, so they are full of guard and dare not relax for a moment. 

    As for the little cutie, he only had a soft feeling when he saw him, and he didn’t feel any threat at all. 

    Are people with such a big breath difference really of the same race? 

    Forcibly suppressing the inexplicable thought in his heart, Carlo thanked Little Cutie: “Thank you, Little Cutie.” 

    “Huh?” A pair of golden eyes narrowed slightly, and a terrifying and coercive sight suddenly surrounded Carlo’s body. 


    At that moment, Carlo experienced the sensation of cardiac arrest. At the same time, he also realized that the red-eyed kinsman of Little Cutie was not the most terrifying. The most terrifying thing was actually the golden eyed figure beside Little Cutie. 

    When Chen Xi saw Jin Yi’s appearance, he suddenly realized that Jin Yi’s vinegar jar was overturned. When he and Jin Yi reunited, he had already shared the data of this period of time in the protection ball, including the translation system. So Jin Yi could understand what Carlo said. 

    Therefore, Jin Yi, who usually eats the vinegar of his spare body, now sees someone calling himself little cutie in front of him? !

    Chen Xi shivered, hugged Jin Yi’s arm, and explained: “It’s all because I’ve been in the protective ball since I got here. I bounced around with the ball every day. It looks cute, plus the translation system did not collect enough data at the beginning, so the language is not clear, and they don’t know what my name is, so they just call me cutie and have no other meaning.” 

    Jin Yi listened to Chen Xi’s explanation, but continued to stare at the alien named Carlo. 

    And even though Carlo was startled by Jin Yi’s sudden and huge threat at first, under the sight of his rival, as a male, how could he be scared, so except after feeling his heartbeat almost stopped for a moment, his face was looked ugly from under the pressure, but he directly meets Jin Yi’s line of sight, and calmly looked at him. 

    In the atmosphere of inexplicable competition, Chen Xi’s explanation has actually become unimportant. Males always have their own instincts and can accurately target potential rivals.

    Jin Yi has already determined that the alien named Carlo, who dared to call Chen Xi little cute, is not so innocent, but as a qualified partner, Jin Yi still respects Chen Xi’s views, and since Chen Xi treats the other as a friend, so naturally it is impossible for him to treat each other in a simple and rude way in front of Chen Xi. 


    The approach of breaking the rival in front of your partner is something only brainless people do.

    Thinking of this, Jin Yi even smiled slightly at Carlo. 

    But when Carlo came into contact with Jin Yi’s polite and very polite smile, Carlo suddenly felt a chill for no reason. 

    Seeing that the situation had stabilized for the time being, Chen Xi was greatly relieved, but maybe he was little bit uneasy from the bottom of his heart, plus now that there is indeed time, Chen Xi and Jin Yi talked in detail about what happened during this time, and how he live well until now. 

    Speaking of Chen Xi’s life after being thrown here by the spatial fluctuations, Carlo was naturally one of them. 

    Chen Xi finished eating food. When he was hungry, Carlo would give him food. Later, when Chen Xi could find the food by himself, and it was not cooked well at all, Carlo took over all the chores and ensured that Chen Xi had food for every meal. While narrating the number of times Carlo helped him, Jin Yi’s gaze towards Carlo has become a lot gentler. 

    In the end he even said to Carlo sternly: “My family Chen Xi won’t do those things, thank you very much for your help during this period.” 

    In Jin Yi’s heart, love rivals are hateful, but nothing can be more important than Chen Xi’s safety. 

    During the time when they were unable to reach Chen Xi, Carlo provided what Chen Xi needed most, whether it was a full meal or daily protection, so that Chen Xi could wait for them to arrive in good health. It also made Chen Xi not suffer from the pain, that they could almost not breathe as long as they thought about it. For this, Jin Yi was very grateful to Carlo. 

    It can even be said that the credit for what Carlo has done during this period can completely offset the offense caused by his hidden thoughts, and even get rewards.

    Jin Yi’s hostility towards Carlo finally dissipated for the time being. 


    At this moment, a team of intellectuals came to Chen Xi’s side. Like other intellectuals, this team of intellectuals have a tall figure, beautiful appearance, and elegant manners. The only special thing is that they all have orange eyes. 

    Bin Lan looked at the figure that he was thinking about that day and night, and finally appeared in front of his eyes again. The eyes that should have been cast from ice were almost filled with enthusiasm, and countless days and nights of torment in his heart finally ended. 


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