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    Well, all those Zhizu are outstanding.

    Even if he is jealous, he can wait for a while to eat, but it is really not right to delay the baby Chen Xi’s dinner. 

    When Carlo heard Chen Xi’s words, his heart warmed. He knew that the little cutie was doing this for his own good, and he was proud of him in his heart, but he was still not ready to accept the gift of gratitude. However, when his lips were slightly opened, and wanted to refuse. Jin Yi’s noble and indifferent voice sounded, “To thank you I will completely eradicate the red tide bug.” 

    Carlo’s pupils suddenly contracted, and his mouth that had been slightly opened suddenly froze. 

    Jin Yi glanced at Carlo faintly, and was very satisfied with the response of the other party. He knew that for the people in this star field, no one could refuse this thank you gift. 

    In fact, after the large forces of the Zhizu came to this star field, they discovered the anomaly of this star field, a kind of tenacious vitality, extremely aggressive bugs almost all over the star field.


Those insects have a wide range of diets, and they seem to eat everything. Coupled with the ability to survive in space and have the ability to migrate from space, many ecologically suitable habitable stars that should have given birth to abundant life are all dead. 

    Although the Zhizu were surprised after seeing this situation, their top priority was to find Chen Xi, so they did not take care of it. Instead, they rushed to the planet where Chen Xi was located, and found that Chen Xi was also there. Being attacked by those worms, in a rage, the red tide worms on the entire planet were directly wiped out. 

    But to be honest, the red tide bugs on this planet are just a drop of water compared to the swarms of bugs spread across the entire star field. 

    Carlo’s voice was dry, and he said with difficulty: “So, you can really wipe out the red tide bug?” 

    Jin Yi’s lips lifted slightly, and he whispered: “You will know if you see it with your own eyes.” 

    Carlo carefully observed Jin Yi and found that although Jin Yi’s expression was flat, whether it was his expression, voice, and every detail of his body, there was a strong sense of self-confidence, as if what he said was just like a fact, and not a big deal at all. 

    Carlo couldn’t help but shift his gaze towards Little Cutie, only to see that Little Cutie nodded affirmatively to him. 

    Carlo’s Adam’s apple rolled in an instant. He thought of the rays that fell from the sky at the beginning, and thought of the fact that these races had solved all the remaining red tide bugs in the short time they landed, without causing any casualties at all. 

    Such terrible combat power…maybe it can be. 

    Even if the red tide worms all over the star field are impossible to eliminate, such a thought has long been ingrained in Carlo’s mind, but at this moment he still can’t find a trace of delusion in his heart. Maybe it is really possible. Well, maybe these little cute fellows can really do it? 

    It wasn’t that he couldn’t help but be tempted, but this is too important for this star domain and all races in this star domain.


    Carlo stared at Jin Yi closely and said, “When can I see this?”

    Jin Yi glanced at Carlo indifferently, “When the time comes, I will naturally let you see it with your own eyes.”

    After saying this, Jin Yi no longer paid attention to Carlo, but shifted his gaze to Chen Xi’s body. 

    Chen Xi, who has been quietly following the progress of the situation, immediately looked at Jin Yi, and gave Jin Yi a big mouthful of shrimp cakes, and he received Jin Yi’s smile as expected. 

    Jin Yi quietly watched Chen Xi eat for a while, until he saw that Chen Xi’s speed had slowed down, and he didn’t seem to want to continue eating, so he said, “Come back to the starship and rest with me.”

     Chen Xi hesitated for a moment after hearing Jin Yi’s words, but looking at the scene, all the red tide bugs had been resolved, and the remaining alien races who were still alive were looking at the Zhizu tremblingly, with a nervous expression on their faces. It looks like if they continue to stay here, it is of no use, but it makes people’s spirits tense in vain. 

    Moreover, Chen Xi hasn’t taken a bath for a long time since coming here. Although the protection ball is dust-free and provides a constant temperature environment, he still feels that his body is too dirty, so after feeling a little tangled, Chen Xi waved to Carlo. “I’ll leave for a while, and I’ll see you in two days.” 


    Chen Xi looked at Jin Yi, and saw that Jin Yi had no objection. He couldn’t help but feel happy. It seems that they won’t leave here so soon. Right now, Chen Xi no longer has a burden in his heart, after waving goodbye to Carlo, he followed Jin Yi away. 

    Some small aircraft descended from the air. Chen Xi followed Jin Yi in. The door of the small aircraft was closed, then it rose into the air, and soon disappeared into the clouds. 

    Carlo looked at the unknown artifact carrying Chen Xi disappearing into the clouds, feeling a little lost. 

    Even though he has accepted the fact that Little Cutie does not belong to him, but watching Little Cutie leave with his own eyes, he still feels extremely uncomfortable.

    When Carlo looked at the sky in a daze, the other Zhizu’s on this planet also took the aircraft to leave, or used other means to lift off. Soon, there were the only ones left on this planet. 

    And after those cold races with dark red eyes and ruthless methods left, the surviving races on this planet were greatly relieved, only feeling that the air became easier to breathe a lot.

    After all the Zhizu’s on this planet left, Fang finally reached Carlo’s side quietly. His expression was a little complicated and said: “Little cutie left with them?” 

    “Yeah.” Carlo’s tone was very low. 

    “Oh, big brother is gone too.” Fang sighed melancholy after watching the dark shadows in the sky slowly shrinking and becoming lighter, and the originally gloomy and depressing sky became clear. 

    Carlo was taken aback, brother? What big brother? 

    In fact, when Fang fought with the red tide insects before, the situation was already extremely dangerous. Not only was he besieged by two red tide insects, but also entangled by one of them. Just when he thought his life was going to be lost here, the sky was covered with countless rays of light that suddenly fell in the middle, turning the red tide bug beside him with an open mouth that was about to bite him into ashes. Fangs were completely stunned at that moment. But before he could figure out what was going on, he felt that the clothes behind his neck were suddenly grabbed. For a while, he only had time to see the shadow of a long, straight leg. The red tide insect that had originally entangled him was kicked out, and he was still on the ground with his collar held. He was saved.


    The gray-headed fangs laying on the ground clearly saw the person who saved him. It was a tall, somewhat unfamiliar race. He had dark red eyes and was cold and cool. After saving him, he didn’t look at him much. At a glance, he concentrated on concocting the red tide bug after he was rescued.

      It made people tremble when looking at it, but the fangs are not scared by his cruel method. After all, as a soldier who faces red tide bugs all the year round, he has seen more blood than others, not to mention that the red tide bug almost ate him just now. 

    Fang not only was not scared, but also developed gratitude and admiration for the person who had just saved him. Now, seeing the face torturing the red tide bug expressionlessly, even though he kept screaming in his heart. But inexplicably, he felt that the other person’s cold, white and handsome face stained with blood beads looked good, and that the other person’s long, straight legs, stepping on the ground made his heart stop, and the other person icy dark red eyes exuding a dangerous aura.  If such a pair of eyes looked at others, it would definitely make people stand on edge, and feel their souls tremble.

    In short, at that moment, Fang decided that this person would be his elder brother in the future. 

    In such troubled times, meeting the strong and following the strong is the most common thing. Even if this elder brother is not willing to recognize himself as a little brother, as long as he runs errands diligently and tries to prove that he is easy to use, the elder brother will one day accept him. 

    After the red tide insect was tortured and turned into a pool of rotten meat, Fang tentatively approached the big brother, trying to let the big brother accept him, but the big brother just gave him a cold look, and did not pay attention to him, directly jumped out from out of the pile of rocks. 

    Fang hurriedly chased after him, but after leaving the pile of rocks and looking at his surroundings, Fang suddenly discovered that there were “big brothers” all over the battlefield! 

    This situation left Fang Fang very confused for a moment, and after this short delay, he no longer knew where his elder brother had gone to. He was among the many “big brothers” on the battlefield who were as cold as their eldest brothers and generally cool. After searching for a long time, he didn’t find his elder brother. Finally, he was desperate and came over to Carlo. 


    Who knew that when he walked over to Carlo’s side, he was shocked because there was a group of “big brothers” surrounding him. 

    Taking a closer look, the figure who is being surrounded and taken care of by a group of “big brothers”, and the familiar black eyes and hair, was it not Carlo’s little cutie? ! Except for the shell, it’s exactly the same!

    Fang quickly found the lone shell around, and immediately determined that it was Carlo’s cutie. 

    At the same time, Fang also discovered a great secret, that is, the cuties race, which seems to be exactly the same as the “big brother”! ! ! 

    This discovery simply shattered the three views of the fang mind. The little cutie is soft and can’t even break the badan fruit, but the “big brothers” are extremely powerful, cruel, and exude a strong sense danger, because of this, when he saw his eldest brother before, he did not recognize that his eldest brother was actually a race he had seen before. It wasn’t until this time that he saw the little cutie and the “big brothers” standing together, he suddenly realized that the racial characteristics of the little cutie were exactly the same as the “big brothers”. 

    Therefore, the reason why the “big brothers” appear here is for the little cutie! 

    Fang watched the circle of “big brothers” inside, feeding little cutie meticulously, and those “big brothers” around him were also peeking at little cutie intentionally or unintentionally, whenever the line of sight touched little cutie, the “big brothers” with cold dark red eyes, showed a hint of tenderness, as if ice had melted. 

    The more fangs looked, the more he felt coldness in his heart. He silently shrank back a little, hiding themselves in the crowd, quiet as a chicken, trying to reduce the sense of existence. 

    After all, these “big brothers” are here for the little cutie, it seems that the little cutie status is not simple in the “big brother”. 

    And what he did to Little Cutie during this time, he knew in his heart that if he let the “big brothers” know that he laughed at Little Cutie every day, and said that Little Cutie speaks big words, he would definitely be wiped out. 

    After all, if you look at the fate of the red tide bugs, you know that the “big brothers” have a bad temper. 

    In this way, Fang has been clamoring until now, until the little cutie and all the “big brothers” have left, did they dare to come out. 


    But looking at the shadows disappearing in the sky, thinking of his elder brother, Fang felt a little lost and anxious in his heart.

    After listening to Fang’s story about his eldest brother, Carlo was silent for a while, and decided not to express his opinion. Moreover, the words he just heard from little cutie’s partner still made his heart go up and down, and he couldn’t settle down.

    Finally, Carlo couldn’t help but say to Fang: “Fang, let me ask you a question, do you think the little cuties clan can completely wipe out the red tide bugs?” 

    After hearing Carlo’s question, Fang understood after a few seconds, and then opened his eyes incredibly, and relentlessly laughed: “Impossible, what are you kidding? The red tide bugs in the star field are endless, how can they be killed!” 

    Yes, red tide The insects are endless, and no race can completely wipe out the red tide insects, not even the “big brothers”! Fang firmly believed this in his heart. 



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